Friends Visit the Double C Resort


This story is a follow up to “Welcome to the Double C Resort” which should be read first to give you a background for this story. You can read this as a stand alone though.

This story has male to male contact. All characters were previously tested for any STD and HIV and were certified healthy.


The day was finally here. My good friends, Anne and Ray were finally visiting me and Lisa at the Double C Resort.

I made all the arrangements for them to stay at one of our private villas. It was going to be great seeing them again.

I hadn’t seen them in almost ten years since they moved to the UK.

If I remember correctly, they just got into nudism before they left and Ray told me that they were looking forward to seeing me again and visiting the resort.

I was going to be able to entertain my friends by myself as Jessie was scheduled to be traveling around to other nudist resorts to see what they were like.

Lisa had already made arrangements to visit friends for a few days but was going to try get back before Anne and Ray leave.

I drove out to the airport to pick up my friends and, believe it or not, their plane was on time.

It took awhile but they finally got to the gate after going through customs.

As soon as I saw them I ran to them and hugged them and welcomed them to Florida.

We got their luggage and went to the car and loaded it up and headed to the resort.

On the way to the resort, we talked about what they have been up to and how things were going for them.

They said they travel a lot and are full fledged nudists and over the last few years, have gotten into some swinging. Ray asked if that shocked me and I told him no.

I then explained to them about Lisa’s career in porno and her relationship with Andre and that he paid her a fortune to be with him.

I continued by telling them that was how we bought the Double C Resort.

Anne, usually the quiet one as I remembered, told me that they have seen Lisa in her porno movies and was excited about meeting her.

After more than an hour in the car, we arrived at the resort. I took them to their private villa and brought their luggage in and got them settled.

I told them to give me a call when they were ready and I would give them a tour of the resort.

I gave Anne a kiss and gave my good friend Ray a hug.

I went back to the house and got undressed and stopped by the reception area to see how things were going.

Diane, the new receptionist, told me that the resort was going to be filled this week and all the villas and rooms are just about rented out.

I told her I would be busy with my friends and only contact me if there was an emergency.

As I was doing some paperwork, Ray called and I told him I would be right over to give them a tour.

As I approached their villa, I saw Anne and Ray standing outside in the nude.

I never saw them nude and they both made an impression on me.

Anne, although in her early 60’s, was stunning. She had to be 5’9″, about 135, and 36c tits that sagged a bit. Her nipples were semi erect and as round as dimes. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with grey hairs.

Ray stood 6’4″, about 205 and had a nice cock and balls which were very closely trimmed.

The three of us took a stroll and I pointed illegal bahis out the various buildings that were used by guests for sex.

We passed the dining hall and game rooms as well.

I even pointed out the one building that we just renovated so Lisa and other women could milk their men.

I then took them on the trails. Anne walked in between me and Ray. I told them that we had four trails that were pretty private. Just as I said that, we saw a young woman giving a guy a blow job. We watched for a couple of minutes then continued our walk.

Anne asked if that was permitted. I told her that we allow any sexual activity as long as it is consensual.

We continued our walk and stopped at a bench that overlooked a lake. We sat and just took in the beauty of nature.

As we were just taking everything in, I felt Anne’s hand on my knee. I looked at Anne, then Ray who just smiled at me.

Soon, Anne had her hand on my cock. I spread my legs a bit and Ray got up and Anne moved over on the bench and I wound up in the middle.

Anne’s hand moved down to my balls and then Ray moved his mouth down to my cock. In a second my good friend was sucking my cock as his wife played with my balls.

I started sucking Anne’s nipples as she was feeling me up. Ray just kept on sucking my cock.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple watching us but I didn’t say anything to stop our activities.

I told Ray I was going to cum. Anne then started kissing me, our tongues meeting.

With one loud moan, I shot my cum in Ray’s mouth as he swallowed every drop.

My cock went limp and Anne bent over and gave my spent cock a kiss.

After a few minutes I asked what that was all about. Ray said they saw me in a gay porno movie and he just had an impulse to suck my cock. He then asked if it was ok.

I smiled and told him it was ok. In fact I told him that, outside of the movie role, he was the first real guy to suck my cock and it felt good.

Anne then asked if I would like to join them for dinner and back to their place afterwards. I told them I would be happy to join them.

We continued our walk along the trails and saw some wonderful sights of people enjoying themselves, naturally.

At 7:00 p.m. we went to the dining hall and I had arranged a special dinner for my friends. The food was great as was the bottle of wine.

Without realizing it, we spent two hours having dinner and pleasant conversation.

By 9:30 p.m. we headed back to their villa for more wine and conversation.

Anne and Ray undressed and I joined them. Anne took the wine and three glasses and headed to the hot tub. It didn’t take us long to slip into the warm water to relax.

Anne sat on one side of me and Ray the other.

As we enjoyed the wine and warm water, my hand wandered over to Ray’s soft cock. I wrapped my hand around it and looked at him. Ray just smiled and gave me a nod of approval.

My hand moved up and down his shaft as I felt it getting swollen. Anne moved in front of us to get a better view.

I started playing with his big balls and he started feeling mine. My cock immediately grew from his touch.

Ray suggested we get out of the hot tub and dry off and head to the bed.

Without hesitation, the three of us got out, dried off and headed to illegal bahis siteleri the bedroom. Ray and I got on the bed and Anne watched from a chair.

Our cocks were nice and hard and Ray started sucking my cock. Anne yelled out for us to do 69.

I moved into position and in a few seconds we were each sucking cock and balls.

Anne got up and moved closer to us, touching us as we played. It didn’t take long before I told Ray I was going to cum. I sucked his cock harder and faster and he said he was going to cum.

In an instant, we both shot our loads down each other’s throats. Even as we still had cum in our mouths, Anne came over and licked whatever cum left in our mouths into her mouth.

Ray asked me how it felt. I told him I enjoyed it and it was better than doing it in the movie.

That night the three of us had some great sex.

The next day the three of us spent the day together and having some laughs.

As we were talking, I got a call from Lisa. She said that she will be home as soon as possible and should be home in two days. I told her to hurry home as I missed her and that I wanted her to meet Anne and Ray.

The rest of the day was spent at the pool and mingling with the guests.

That night I continued my sexploits with Ray and really enjoyed myself, something that I never dreamt of.

Anne encouraged us and took some pictures and video to show Lisa.

The next day I had to do some work and I left Ray and Anne on their own.

I finished up my work and called Ray and told him I wanted to take them out to a fancy restaurant and then we could go back to my house for some wine. Ray said that sounded great.

At 7:00 p.m. we went out to a nice Italian restaurant and enjoyed a great dinner.

After a wonderful meal we left the restaurant and went to my house to relax.

I told Ray and Anne that they could undress and join me in getting comfortable as I was undressing.

It was refreshing to sit naked and chat with old friends.

Anne asked if she could see my gay porno movie. I told her I would put it on and we could watch it together.

I loaded up the dvd and started to watch the movie.

I moved over closer to my friends and as they watched my movie, I buried my face in Ray’s cock and balls.

Ray spread his legs which gave me complete access to his hard cock and balls.

I started sucking his cock and got lost in deep throating him and ball surfing.

I never heard the door open and then I heard, “John, it seems I missed out on a good time with you and your friends.”

I turned around and there was Lisa. She came home early and wanted to surprise me, which she did.

I got up and introduced her to Ray and Anne. I told Lisa that they wanted me to show them some scenes from my gay porno movie.

“Sure” she said, “It seems my hubby likes cock just as much as he likes pussy.”

Lisa just looked at me and shook her head and headed to our bedroom with her suitcase.

A few minutes later, Lisa came out naked and joined us. I shut the movie off as we talked.

Anne told Lisa that her and Ray saw her movies and loved them as well as John’s gay movie.

Ray told her I was just showing him some techniques from making the movie.

Without saying a word, Lisa got up, walked over to Ray canlı bahis siteleri and sat besides him. Without even looking at Anne, Lisa started kissing Ray. Then she moved her face to his cock and slipped his manhood in her mouth.

We watched as she sucked his cock and his balls together as she seemed to swallow them up. It didn’t take long before Ray said he was cumming. A few more hard and rapid sucks and Ray shot his cum into Lisa’s mouth, some of which spilled out onto her tits.

After she was finished, she got up and said, “Now, that is how you suck cock.”

I looked at her as she walked out to the kitchen to get some wine.

When she came back, she brought four glasses of wine and sat down.

I brought her up to date on all our activities, sexual and other, and told her that things just happened.

Then Lisa said, “John, would you do me a favor? I want to watch you and Ray have sex together. Will you do that for me?”

I looked at her and Ray and he nodded his ok and I told her I would for her.

With that said, Ray and I went and got on the bed. Lisa and Anne sat together on the love seat and watched. Anne had her cell phone camera ready.

As Ray and I got in position for some 69, I could see Lisa and Anne playing with each other’s tits.

Ray and I started sucking each other’s cocks and balls.

Then Lisa said, “I want to see John’s cock in your ass Ray and your cock in his ass.”

Ray got on all fours and I lined up my cock to his asshole. I put some lube on my cock and started to slowly slide my cock in. I could feel his tightness but I kept pushing my cock in. Ray started pushing his ass back and soon my cock was completely in his ass.

I rested a bit, then started slowly fucking Ray’s ass. Ray tried to get in synch with my thrusts and soon we had a rhythm going.

After a few minutes, I told Ray I was going to cum.

Lisa told me to cum in his ass. Anne said the same thing.

I started ramming my cock harder and faster, then shot my load deep into Ray’s ass as I held on to his hips.

My cock went limp and I fell to the side as my cock was still spurting out a little cum.

The women told Ray to fuck my ass and within minutes, I was on all fours with Ray’s big cock looking for its mark.

Ray lubed my ass and his cock and I spread my cheeks to give him complete access.

I could feel him pushing his cock head in my tight ass. He pushed his cock in ever so slowly and it seemed like a lifetime before his cock was fully seated in me.

He then started pumping his cock in my ass. I just let him fuck my ass. I could see Ann taking video as Lisa was sucking Anne’s nipples but watching us.

Anne told her husband to cum in my ass when he was ready.

Ray said he was ready now and he fucked my ass harder and faster. Soon, I felt his cun shooting into my ass. Even before he pulled out, his cum was oozing out my hole.

We both fell on the bed exhausted.

Anne and Lisa started clapping and told us we put on a nice show.

As Ray and I rested, the two women got into 69 and started eating each other.

It didn’t take them long before they each had an orgasm.

When they were finished, Lisa got up and went over to Ray and formally introduced herself to him then to Anne.

I thought that was funny, considering.

Well, the next two days were more of the same.

Lisa became good friends with Anne and Ray and invited them back again for a possible longer stay.

It was sad to see my friends leave but it sure was nice seeing them again.

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