From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 05


As the third month of the gym’s existence came to an end, I was proudly putting up a sign that showed all clients’ total weight loss which equaled 447 pounds. Lori, for example, went from her 5’5″, 164 pounds and 36-32-41 to 135 pounds, 33-28-36 which was by far the best result out of everyone. She worked her ass off for it and I asked her to write a testimonial. I wanted people to (1) know what was possible and (2) that it isn’t easy.

One of the male clients actually lost 41 pounds in 10 weeks. There were a few that didn’t bother being measured or weighted and a few others just maintained their weights but I was more than proud of what we accomplished collectively.

By month four, the income stream was insane. The food sales alone brought in an average of $800 per day and with about 60 yoga clients per day, we brought in an extra $900 per day on that end. My private lessons were adding another $600 and through the membership fees, another $150 were accounted for.

All of the sudden, a $1,000,000 first year goal didn’t seem unrealistic. I didn’t know how much to pay myself and just let the money accumulate in the business bank account. I was living off of my online business and the $180,000 I got at the beginning so when the gym’s account balance hit $150,000, I asked to sit down with Don and Teresa. They transferred exactly 25% to their LLC and had their accountant go through all of the numbers to make sure we were in line with our taxes and book-keeping.

I didn’t really ask if the $112,000 were mine to keep since that seemed to be the obvious conclusion I paid myself $100,000 and left the rest in place. With over $200,000 in my bank account, I made my way to the dealership on Sunday and not liking the hassle of negotiating with car salesmen, I was happy to buy a brand new Tesla at their set price. It was the first time I bought a new car in four years and as soon as I drove off I wondered if everything had become way too good way too fast. I was burned out and knew that if I kept going at the same pace, my bank account would keep expanding but my body would fail me at some point.

I was working seven days a week and since the money for private sessions was so attractive, I put in another 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday compared to the beginning. I kept good track of my time spent on work and the tipping point came when I realized I just worked 400 hours in the last 31 days. During that same time, I remember fucking Heather twice and I didn’t remember if Jessica came upstairs once or twice. Needless to say, I needed a break.

With no steady relationship in place, Heather was the one who offered to go on vacation with me and was even willing to pay for everything since she just closed on a $1,000,000 home. As great as the thought of an all-paid-for vacation was, I couldn’t imagine being gone for more than a day. Even Jessica and Teresa put in a ton of hours and none of us were dispensable. I knew I had to hire some people fast and since Teresa mentioned that she would go on another vacation soon, I knew I had to find someone that could cover the health bar. I was just about to place an ad on Craigslist when a better idea came to mind.

I went to the nearby Starbucks and the friendliest and prettiest barista Meghan was working. Meghan and I have exchanged a few flirts the past few years and even though she had graduated from the university last summer, she was still working at Starbucks. She looked as delicious as the mochas that she made me and there was never a time she didn’t smile and offer the best possible service to customers.

“The regular?” the brunette beauty asked for a sincere smile?

“Yep,” I said shyly at first and paid with my phone. “I have a proposal for you,” I said after building up the courage.

“Uhm. I’m not sure what you mean,” she said confused.

“When is your shift over? I’d like to run something by you,” I said trying to sound as passive as possible. I was really afraid by her response but as soon as I finished my question, she lid up even more and simply said: “In twenty minutes.”

I decided to wait and simply observe her while reading some articles on my phone. Each chance she had, she glanced over at me and smiled. When she finally clocked out, she disappeared in the back and I could tell that she reapplied some makeup and fixed her hair when she returned. Without the apron, her amazing petite body was more exposed. Her tight black pants drew a lot of my attention towards her bottom half before she sat down and then I just had the pleasure to gaze at her eyes closer than ever before.

“So what’s your proposal? If you want to take me for a drive in your Tesla, I am game,” she joked.

“That can be arranged. In all seriousness, do you know what I do for a living?” I started the conversation.

“You are a personal trainer, right?” she asked.

“Well, kind of. I own the gym that is three buildings down.”

“That’s great. So what’s the proposal?”

“I stop by twice a day here to get the much needed caffeine and to be blessed by your great anadolu yakası escort customer service,” I said.

She blushed a little.

“You know that you are beautiful but I want you to know that you are by far the friendliest barista I have ever run into.”

“Well, thanks,” she said.

“I don’t know how much you get paid here but I am hiring at my gym and really need someone like you to help us run it.”

“I don’t know what to say. Is it like full-time?”

“Yes, it would be.”

“I really like it here and the benefits are great and I love the people I work with,” she resisted.

“I’ll be honest. I didn’t think about hiring you until this morning so my presentation sucks, I know. But whatever you get paid here, I will pay you 50% more and the benefits we will get taken care of as well. I really believe you are a great fit and the fact that you have been at this job for so long tells me that you will be loyal to us as well.”

“It sounds really flattering and I trust you but this is a little weird. I thought you were going to invite me to a drink or something,” she said almost disappointed. “Even if you paid me $20 an hour, I would feel bad for leaving this place.”

“Ok, first off, let me take you out to dinner tonight please. My last appointment is done at 8 so if you don’t mind, we could grab a late bite to eat. Second, what if we make it an even $30 per hour to start?”

I definitely caught her off guard a little.

“Let’s start with the dinner tonight and you can tell me more then. I really need to think about it, please don’t ask anyone else yet, ok?”

“Ok. Would you like me to pick you up? Where would you like to go?” I asked.

“You pick the place. Just tell me if I need to dress up,” she responded.

“Would you rather be casual or more formal?” I asked wanting to make it as comfortable for her as possible.

“It looks like you can afford a nice night out so let’s make it a formal affair,” she responded with confidence.

I ended up giving her a big hug before we broke off and wasn’t sure if I was more excited for the date or the possibility to hire her.

Eight o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. My last appointment was with an obnoxious and lazy tech guy who felt it was more important to brag about him getting laid after clubbing last night than focus on the workout. Since I charged 25% extra for weekend sessions, I was willing to put up with it.

To save each minute, I brought my change of clothes to the gym and got ready within a few minutes. Meghan lived only blocks away and she was already waiting outside when I drove up to the apartment building.

She looked amazing in her white dress and heels. Her wavy brown hair turned out to be able to reach past her shoulder blades and she didn’t hold back the application of makeup and perfume.

“You look incredible,” I said.

“Thank you sir. Where are we off to?” she asked flirtatiously.

“Just wait,” I responded.

After a quick drive, I handed the keys to the valet driver and escorted my date inside the steakhouse.

Once we were seated, we looked over the menu. She almost spit up when and started giggling.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“$85 for a steak? What the hell?” she said surprised.

“You said you wanted formal,” I responded.

“Don’t get me wrong. I am sure it’s going to be amazing, but I have never been to a place like this.”

“My name is Jennifer and I will be your server tonight. Care for a glass of wine?” asked the waitress who just walked up to us.

“Do you like wine?” I asked looking at Meghan.

“Sure, I am afraid to even try to sound like I know what I like,” she responded.

“Red, white, sparkling wine?” I tried to help.

“Champagne would be lovely,” she responded.

“How about a 2004 Dom Perignon?” I said looking at the waitress who also took our order of crab cakes.

When Meghan scanned over the wine list, her eyes opened widely probably because she saw the price of a bottle of the champagne.

I ended up getting a New York steak and was surprised when Meghan got the same. We small talked all the way until the last bite of the steak.

“Dessert?” I asked looking at her dazed eyes. She definitely wasn’t drunk but she started to blush through the makeup.

“I may need a few minutes,” she explained.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jessica Alba?” I said finally realizing who I was thinking of when I looked at her.

“Yep. Heard that one a few times before,” she confirmed and played with her hair. I think I knew how to read women and the way the evening was going, I felt a great chemistry between us.

“We still have business to discuss. If you want, we can get dessert to go and head back to my place,” I suggested putting her on the spot more than she might have been ready to.

“Sure, I definitely had a chance to think about your offer and I think I would be stupid if I didn’t take it,” she responded.

Twenty ataşehir escort minutes later we arrived at my place with a piece of cheesecake and Meghan offered to make a mocha for us to share with my espresso machine. I just stared at the back of her legs and her ass as she was preparing the drink. We actually did speak more about business and agreed on 3 weeks paid vacation, $30 an hour and some health benefits.

I smiled when she only brought one cup for us to share and one spoon for us to eat the cake with.

“So. A good looking guy, with lots of money and I am sure you are not gay, so how come you don’t have a girlfriend or are married at this point?”

I ended up telling her most of my life story the next ten minutes and I learned that she had no time for a relationship since high school. Without saying a word, both of our hormonal driven bodies decided that we needed to take care of each other. She was the first one to make a move and climbed right on top of me.

“What is your manual for sexual harassment at your company?” she asked before starting to kiss my neck.

“We might need to get everything out before you sign any paperwork,” I responded.

“If you are talking about your cum, I am looking forward to it,” she said.

Minutes later, she was still dressed in her white cocktail dress and was kneeling in front of me ready to expose my cock. When she pulled down off the pants, she immediately gasped when she saw the head of my cock lifting the hem of my boxers. She grabbed me through the fabric and let out a quiet “holy shit” before she pulled down my boxers as well.

She licked me from base to tip over and over. Every once in a while, some precum would appear which she quickly sucked up. After making out with my dick for a few minutes, she had yet to suck me deep but it was an amazing sensation nonetheless. As we got more comfortable with each other she got to the point where I was allowed to penetrate the top of her throat. She kept licking my shaft for another few minutes and I was surprised she wasn’t changing it up.

“Do you want me to return the favor?” I offered.

She stood up and nervously unzipped the back of dress before it fell to the ground exposing her white lace bra and white thong. There was nothing for her to be nervous about. She was drop dead gorgeous. She didn’t waste any time and removed her bra and thong as well. Her tits perked up nicely and her dark brown nipples were pointing straight at me as she leaned forward to step out of the underwear.

“You are beautiful,” I simply said.

“And fucking nervous,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“This morning I was praying someone would find the courage to ask me out and now I am here with you.”

“So why does that make you nervous?”

“I know that I need to meet your expectations and give you amazing sex so I don’t want to let you down.”

“Why do you think you have something to prove? If anything, I don’t want to mess this up for you,” I countered.

“I am going to be working for you. And I shaved my pussy for the first time in the last two years or so today. I spent more time and money on getting ready for dinner tonight than I did for prom. And then you have to be this huge guy that is probably amazing in bed and I don’t know if I will keep up with you,” she explained in length.

I simply kissed her on her lips gently at first and then picked her up to carry her to the bedroom. I kissed her from head to toe spending an excruciating amount of time on her tits without ever touching her nipple. I did the same when it came to her inner thighs and waited a while before approaching her clit. Once I did, she came within minutes and pulled me in closer during her climax by grabbing my shot hair.

I was so eager to put a condom on and fuck the little vixen that I had a hard time opening the package. Meghan actually managed to laugh at me a little during my embarrassing episode.

“Be careful who you are laughing at,” I teased with a smile.

“Bring it,” she said and without hesitation I penetrated her balls deep.

“Fuck yes. Holy shit,” she cursed as I started to stroke her pussy with my member.

We remained in the missionary position until I was close to cumming and decided to pull out.

“Doggiestyle?” she simply asked.

“How about you ride me first?” I asked.

She slowly descended onto my awaiting cock and I just tilted my head back and against the wall and let her ride me slowly.

“Like this?” she asked me as she was slowly grinding me.

“However you would like,” I just said and started playing with her tits that were almost as firm as her ass.

After just a few minutes she started to complain that it was hurting too much.

“Just give me a minute or two from behind and I will cum in no time. There is some lube in the drawer.” She climbed off of me and leaned towards the nightstand showing me her hairless pussy from behind. She handed me the bottle and put her head down away from me while ümraniye escort sticking her ass in the air. I poured the lube right onto her crack and let it run down towards her pussy.

She didn’t seem to mind the liquid running over her anus and started rubbing it into her sex. After a few drops collected on my cock, I slowly penetrated her. She immediately grabbed the bed sheets with her fists and after the lube was worked in well, I started to pick up the pace.

My hips were slapping against her ass as I watched my throbbing cock disappear inside her tight body. I was glad to sense my orgasm approaching knowing that she was in discomfort. With my explosion near, I pulled out and pulled off the condom and stroked my cock towards the goal line. Thick globs of cum literally dripped down straight onto her ass first before my convulsions sprayed her back with my intimate liquid. Some of it landed on her hair which I knew would probably gross her out.

As I was cumming, I realized that the two weeks of abstinence have been pure torture. I stroked my deflating cock one more time before squeezing out the last drop which landed on the already soiled crack of Meghan’s.

“Oh my god. That is so much cum,” she announced after I came down from my zenith.

“You ok?” I asked to make sure.

“Yes. Definitely. That was great. I hope you had fun too,” she said.

“I think your back speaks for itself,” I responded and kissed a small area of her back that wasn’t soiled.

She went into the shower and ended up washing her hair as well. When she walked out and still saw me in bed naked, she didn’t know what to do.

“You look just as beautiful without the makeup,” I admitted.

“Thank you. So, are you taking me home, or what’s the plan?” she asked awkwardly.

“I can take you now or at 5 in the morning,” I offered.

Since it was close to 11 pm and she was still wide awake, she decided to go home. She kissed me passionately before she climbed out of the car and I decided to walk her to the door. Another make-out session followed and watching her walk off in her sexy dress and heels had my engines revved up again. When I got back to my place around 11:30 I couldn’t get that woman off my mind and ended up masturbating as I was replaying the scene from an hour ago.

Monday morning

I woke up to my cell phone ringing.

“Don, it’s 6:10 and your client Clark is waiting,” Teresa told me.

With everything that happened the night before, I completely forgot to set my alarm. I rushed downstairs and ended up offering the remaining 40 minutes for free to a seemingly upset and snobby executive. It was a horrible first impression since he just signed up after having been on the 6 am waiting list for over a month. I kept reassuring him that it wouldn’t happen again and I think towards the end he actually began to believe me.

Teresa, Jessica and I didn’t get a chance to talk without interruption until 3 o’clock when one of my clients was running late.

“I hired someone to take Teresa’s spot for when she is on vacation and to give you more freedom with your schedule. I am sure you didn’t sign up for a 45 hour work week when you helped me start this,” I explained.

“You know I love this. It’s either that or I sit bored at home or spend superficial time with some trophy wives,” she explained. Both Jessica and I chuckled when we were wondering if she knew that she was a trophy wife.

“So that will allow for Teresa to help out Jessica with the yoga a little bit. She knows nothing about fitness but has worked as a barista for five years. She will learn quick and I actually have hope to have her completely take over the front desk duties including billing and scheduling. So she will prepare the food during the peak hours and do the rest in between,” I explained.

“That takes care of us a little bit, what about you?” Teresa asked me.

“We need to hire an additional personal trainer, I know. We could actually run two appointments at the same time without any issues and allow me to work a little less. I don’t want to spend a ton on payroll without increasing revenue,” I said.

“The guys at the local gym make between $20 and $45 an hour depending on who you are speaking to. How much do you want to pay someone?” asked Jessica. “The ones on the higher end have the same kind of certifications like you and some of them even more probably.”

We ended up discussing some specific details because my appointment never showed up. Jessica would reach out to some of the guys she knew that were on the upper end of the pay scale and tell them that we had an opening for a $50 an hour personal trainer position and had some bonus options available when bringing in his own clients. It only took a few days to find someone and we realized in the end that despite a front desk person and the extra trainer, we were still understaffed.

All of us asked and looked around and we even posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a female personal trainer and fitness instructor hybrid. We wanted it to be that specific because we needed someone to teach the yoga classes at times and also start a Zumba and other cardio classes. The perfect fit would be someone that had experience as a personal trainer as well since there have been a few women who inquired about it but insisted on working with a female.

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