It was the lure of excitement and adventure, as well as a very generous scholarship, that led me to attend college in Alaska. I wanted to get as far away from my hometown in the South as possible, and far away I got. But what I didn’t count on, what no one had remembered to mention to me, was that men outnumber women in Alaska. There are an average of 106 men for every 100 women throughout the entire State, with the numbers even worse in certain areas.

I’m a reasonably good-looking guy, almost six feet tall, with light brown hair, brown eyes, and a wiry build, and I never had a problem getting girls interested in me back home. But now I was horny as Hell and I hadn’t gotten a chick in months. Worse yet, my 19th birthday was coming up. I’d lost my virginity on my 18th birthday courtesy of a neighbor who wanted to help me come of age (heh, heh) and had been looking forward to my 19th. I didn’t exactly know what I expected to happen, but I was sure it had to be at least as good as the year before. Now all I saw was the Alaskan tundra putting my dreams and my sexual needs on ice. Deep ice.

My roommate, Reed, was a year older than me and felt my pain. However, he also said he’d found other ways to release his pent-up sexual tension. I was dubious, but when he invited me to come with him to his buddies’ place on the night of my birthday, a Saturday, I accepted. I figured that while the night wouldn’t even come close to what I’d hoped for, at least it would be better than sulking in an empty dorm room.

Reed’s buddies rented a rustic-looking cabin on the fringes of town, and they looked completely in place living there. Kevin and Joe were both 22 and although neither was much over six feet tall, they looked much larger because of their girth. They were built like lumberjacks, with huge muscles and barrel chests. An entire room of the cabin was exclusively devoted to their gym, and now I knew how Reed kept himself so fit, though he wasn’t as big as these guys. Reed was about my height and build, with blond hair and hazel eyes. Kevin was light-skinned and had flaming red hair and blue eyes; Joe was half-Eskimo and had darker skin, black hair, and very dark brown eyes.

Two very large dogs that looked like they hadn’t missed many meals had the run of the cabin, and I played with them while Reed, Kevin, and Joe caught up on things. After a few minutes, Kevin approached me. “Hey there, birthday boy,” he said, giving me a quick slap on the ass.

I’d never had another guy touch my butt before and it kind of startled me, but Joe and Reed were looking on and didn’t seem like they thought anything of it, so I played it cool. “So what’s going on tonight?”

“Well, Reed told us about your problem and all of us have been there, buddy. We can’t even get women for ourselves, so we couldn’t get you casino oyna one. But we did think you’d like watching some of these.” He led me into the living area and pointed to a stack of porno videos sitting on a rack.

I smiled. We didn’t have a VCR in our dorm and I hadn’t seen a good sex flick in awhile. Plus, Kevin and Joe had a great set-up, a big-screen stereo television connected to top-of-the line speakers. They must have spent thousands of dollars on their entertainment center, I thought. Then it made sense to me: What the Hell else was there to do in the middle of Alaska except watch television and videos? “Thanks, guys.”

I sat down on the couch, while Reed and Joe took the loveseat. Kevin popped the tape in, then joined me on the couch. He sat very close to me, another odd thing, but then again Reed and Joe were sitting really close together, too. Maybe everyone is just really friendly here, I thought. The movie started and two guys and a hot-looking blonde appeared on-screen. I could hardly wait until the sex started, leaning forward expectantly. What surprised me was that when the clothes started to come off, I felt just as turned on seeing the guys as I did seeing the girl. I wrote it off as me putting myself in the guys’ place. The guys and the chick started banging and I sat back, trying to relax so that I didn’t get a massive hard-on in front of my friends.

It didn’t work. My dick started saluting and it wouldn’t stand down. I was too embarrassed to look around and see what the other guys were doing, but I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned towards it out of instinct. My jaw dropped. Reed had unzipped his pants and pulled out a big boner, stroking it in full view of the rest of us. More shocking, Joe was watching him with more than just a little interest. The next thing I knew, Joe had his cock out and he and Reed were beating each other off. I had stopped watching the movie. I was completely focused on Reed and Joe, and I couldn’t believe what was happening to my heart rate. I felt every beat of my pulse as it pushed blood through my body. I reached for my crotch and caressed the hard bump showing through my jeans.

Joe stood up and I refused to believe what was happening until he kneeled down in front of Reed and took my roommate’s cock into his mouth, engulfing it to the balls as Reed sighed contentedly. Suddenly, I felt a hand that wasn’t my own on my crotch. I whirled around to find Kevin, pants at his ankles, with one hand on his engorged shaft and the other between my legs.

“What the…” I started to say, though I did nothing to remove the hand from my crotch.

“There’s hardly any women up here,” Kevin explained, “so we had to find other ways to get satisfied.”

“But I’m not gay!”

“Neither were we, until we came up here slot oyna and found out about ‘frosting.'”

“Found out about what?”

“Frosting,” Kevin repeated. “That’s what we call it up here when straight guys have sex with each other because there aren’t any women around.” He motioned with his head to Reed and Joe, then started undoing my pants. I didn’t stop him. “You like watching them do that, right? It looks like it feels real good, right? If it feels good, who cares if it’s a man or a woman doing it?” I whimpered but didn’t move a muscle as Kevin pulled down my jeans and shorts, then kneeled in front of me. I felt his warm, wet mouth enclose my dick and I let out a satisfied moan. My dick hadn’t been sucked in months and I’d almost forgotten how good it really felt.

Kevin released my dick and started in on my balls, licking them all around, then gently taking the nuts in his mouth and suckling them. I had my eyes closed, but opened them in surprise when I felt a second mouth on my cock. I saw Reed’s head moving up and down on my shaft, moaning and hungrily sucking me as he knelt on all fours on the couch while Joe knelt behind him, his face buried in Reed’s ass cheeks. I tried valiantly to hold back, but it had been too long since I’d been laid. With a groan, I came in Reed’s mouth. To my surprise, he swallowed as much as he could, then licked up the rest from my dick until it was clean, with Kevin catching the few drops that escaped to the base of my organ. “Happy birthday,” Reed whispered, then groaned as he pushed his ass into Joe’s face.

My friends’ cocks were looking good to me, really good. I wondered how it felt to suck a cock. I’d never cared for eating pussy, I hated the taste, but a cock looked a lot better. We all got down on the floor, me on all fours. Kevin got in front of me and I took my first taste of a man. God, it was so much better than pussy! Kevin was a big guy and it took me a few minutes to take the entire piece of meat in all the way, so that the head hit the back of my throat and made Kevin moan with delight. Meanwhile, Reed took his place behind me and parted my ass cheeks. I wasn’t sure about being fucked in the ass, but that wasn’t Reed’s idea, not yet. Instead I felt his tongue touch the puckered skin that guarded the entrance to my asshole.

I had no idea that having my asshole licked could feel that fucking good. Now I knew why Reed’s face had been contorted in ecstasy when Joe was rimming him. After a few minutes of lubing me, Reed took one finger and slowly probed my hole, gently slipping it in and out and driving me to new heights of pleasure, which got even more intense when a second finger joined the first. I could feel my cock getting hard again and Reed reached around to jerk it while he finger-fucked my ass and Joe, behind him, stroked canlı casino siteleri his cock.

I felt Kevin’s cock twitch and knew he was about to let loose. Since he had eaten some of my cum, I figured I’d better return the favor. Kevin moaned and I tasted something like warm saltwater, only much more pleasant. I did my best to swallow all of it, but some dribbled down my face. Joe had emerged from the end of our daisy chain and he bent down to lick the cum off my chin before kissing me and turning to Kevin. Kevin got down on all fours and Joe took a few minutes to lube him up with a rim job before plunging his cock into Kevin’s waiting asshole. Kevin cried out, but it definitely wasn’t in pain, and the men humped like rabbits before my eyes.

My apprehensions about anal sex melted away; I was pushing my ass against Reed’s face. Reed pulled his head up from between my buns and mounted me. He teased the entrance of my asshole with the head of his dick before slowly pushing it in. I felt a sharp pain; a cock was a lot bigger than two fingers! Reed let his dick head sit there for a few moments so I could get used to it, then pushed the rest of his shaft in. My face contorted in pain, but I said nothing. Still, Reed must have sensed my discomfort because he took slow, short thrusts at first. Soon the pain melted away, to be replaced by a wonderful feeling of fullness as Reed popped my anal cherry, and soon I was bucking against him the same way Kevin bucked against Joe. Reed kept groaning about how tight I was, and he soon came, hard, spurting load after load of hot liquid into my chute. I could see that Joe was cumming, too, filling Kevin with his jizz. But Kevin and I were hard again from our fucking.

No problem. Reed laid down on the couch and I gave him a quick rim job, using the techniques he’d used on my asshole to get him nice and lubed. Then I entered him, rather clumsily I thought but Reed seemed to enjoy it. I did, too, because the warm tightness of an asshole is far superior to any pussy. After my dick was firmly implanted in Reed’s ass and moving back and forth in a steady rhythm, Kevin climbed atop me and pushed his cock into my hole, well-lubed from Reed’s cum. Our fuck-chain felt incredible. I couldn’t believe I had my dick in someone’s ass while my own ass was being pumped. Since Kevin and I had cum before, we lasted longer, and about 3/4 of the way through it Joe stood beside us, stroking his brand-new erection with fervor. I felt my nuts tighten and my cock spasm, spewing its contents into Reed’s ass. Kevin came a few moments later, thoroughly drenching my already-cum-soaked love tunnel. As the three of us lay still, exhausted and satisfied, Joe finished jerking off and made sure that each of us got some of his cum on our faces.

Reed was right; frosting was a great way to release pent-up sexual tension. In fact, I enjoyed our frosting session so much that after that night I found myself a lot more attracted to men than women. Maybe living in a state where males outnumber females isn’t such a bad thing after all!

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