Fuck me daddy


Fuck me daddySo I was around the age of 24 when I started dating Jayne who was around 20. She was my brothers next door neighbour who had asked my brother many times to “put in a good word for her” as she really liked me but I was seeing a long term girlfriend at the time.The long term relationship was fizzling out and as it was quite a distance relationship I took advantage and asked Jayne out for a no strings drink. She jumped at the chance. The usual few drinks followed by some food and a few more drinks led to the inevitable pairing off back at my apartment. Now Jayne was nowhere near as good looking as my estranged girlfriend, but she had a fabulous body and she reminded me somewhat of Jamie Lee Curtis (great fit body, boyish haircut, tall) and just something really sexy about her although she didn’t really dress or act sexily.What did surprise me was her passion once we got back to my apartment. She almost tore at my clothes to get them off the moment we got indoors. I happily helped her undress me and presented her with a ¾ hard cock which she gratefully took straight into her mouth. Fuck, this girl knew how to suck a cock, such a non plain no so sexy thing could suck a cock like a fucking porn queen.After a couple of minutes illegal bahis I stood her up and got down to stripping her off. As expected her body was fabulous, tits were a heavy 34D with normal sized pink nipples on a small waste of 24 inches and slim hips. Her skin was very white, there had been no summer bikini wearing going on here. I laid her on the bed and went to work with my tongue. Her pussy hair was beautifully trimmed very short with her slit totally shaven clean and smelling powder puff gorgeous. She eagerly pulled my head into her pussy and moaned loudly as I tongued her fast hardening clit.Now here is the rub. In the moments of passion and moaning and her talking very dirty to me, pulling at my hair to get me to lick her soaking wet pussy harder she called me DAD!! Now did I hear this correct or was it just my hearing being obscured between her thighs.Anyway, a bit spurred on by the mishearing I got on with the job in hand and slipped my cock right inside her soaking wet pussy. There was no argument about condoms or the pill, she was just so happy to be mounted, as was I to be the guy doing it. As we progressed she started again with the dirty talk and some quite heavy finger nail digging into my back. I had never illegal bahis siteleri had this previously so it was a bit of a novelty to hear the likes of “bang my cunt hard,” “go on and fuck me in my wet pussy.” So I tried to oblige her. I was at the point of shooting my load so I asked her what to do. The words were do you want it on your belly or in your pussy? “Give me it all in my cunt daddy,” came the reply. Fuck me I exploded inside her, she grabbed my butt and pulled me in as deep as possible, moaning with each twitch of my rock hard cock.I rolled off her onto my back to be greeted by her going down and licking the head of my wet softening manhood. That did the trick to get it back up to full power immediately. Fuck this girl was ace at fucking, she knew exactly what a guy wanted and liked. We fucked, licked and sucked away the whole night.Next morning I was more than happy to agree to a second date night. All that day the daddy thing kept popping up in my mind. I had been turned on by it but it was a strange thing to say, even in the throws of passion. I vowed to ask her about this later. The evening came, we ended up getting some drinks and heading back to my apartment, we both knew what we wanted.The customary canlı bahis siteleri porn queen style blowjob and my fancy pussy licking led us to a bout of doggy style fucking where she demanded “stick your cock in asshole.” Again the words were a real buzz but totally unexpected. I obliged, teasing by swollen head into her well pussy juiced lubed up asshole. Within seconds I was balls deep inside her asshole. “You like it in my asshole daddy,” came the response. Again I was spurred on to empty my load inside her asshole.I had to know, what all this daddy stuff was about. Once we were fucked to soreness and laid there chatting, I asked. After a long pause she said I had to promise never to repeat what she was going to tell me. Of course I wouldn’t, things just got serious.She started talking in a quiet gentle voice. Her father had fucked her and her younger sister going back many years. She went on that her father was caught and jailed for 10 years after her mother found video tapes he had hidden in the attic. He was now free from prison after serving half the allotted time (UK law). Strangely she was still in contact with her father and asked if I would be happy to meet him. I declined the invite on the grounds that we were not yet a fully fledged item and would wait until we were.Jayne and I continued to fuck each other manically for a few more weeks until it met a natural end. Never did meet the man behind her training, got to say though, he did a fucking good job.

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