Fuck Me to Death!


He had me pinned against the wall, his chest pressed tightly against mine, his hands seizing my ribs to either side of my breasts, holding my body in place. Again and again and again, he rose up into me, forcefully, possessively, rapidly in and slowly out, hard enough that I winced a little with each powerful thrust, each lunge causing him to brush against my cervix and keep me on the tips of my toes. Yet I was enjoying it – I needed it, I craved it, I lived for it, and I definitely did not want it to stop.

It was not just the act itself which enthralled me. It was not just the person: the boy-next-door who had moved to the neighborhood in third grade and was immediately an inseparable friend, inseparable to the point that we traveled across the country together to attend the same university and finally consummate our ever-growing love. It was not just the fullness, the feeling of being rendered complete, whole, every time he embedded himself deep inside me, sheathing himself, surrounding himself with my love and my desire and my lust for him. It was not just the hot love seeping from my torso and running down my legs and dripping upon the hardwood floor, adding a scent of the forbidden to the darkened illegal bahis living room.

Just as fiercely as he plundered my body, I clutched at his naked, powerful shoulders, my fingernails burrowing into his well-tanned skin with the intensity of a dog wanting to rapidly bury a bone. That thought seemed particularly apt to me at the moment, as he was repeatedly burying a bone of a very different nature deep within my body.

His face pressed into my neck, his breaths were hot, hard, heavy, just like his sex. He had always been extremely quiet during sex, whether we were enjoying a slow, passionate lovemaking or a hard, rough, violent fuck. Always, the only sounds he made were those of his breathing, and perhaps – just perhaps – a soft groan as his love erupted either into me or upon me.

Myself, I has always been a screamer. Essentially, I had no inhibitions. I could let myself go, not feel hindered by what society said was polite or dainty or dignified for a woman to do or say or wear or hear or see. But that night, knowing what was ahead, knowing what was coming, knowing what we were powerless to stop, I was trying desperately to remain as silent as possible, for it was barely illegal bahis siteleri 3AM, and we both knew that it was best to let the ignorant mundane people enjoy their last few minutes of peace and quiet. Still, barely-restrained whimpers and moans escaped my lips between my own heavy, labored breaths, although hopefully not loud enough to be heard by the neighbors in the apartment complex… and beyond.

It was too much for me to take. The love, the hard sex pressing me into the wall, the hard sex repeatedly filling me, the future that he and I could both unwantedly see… It was simply too much to bear…

I cried. The tears began to come unabated, and I just let them fall. I did not care. It was too late to care. There was so much I had wanted to do with my life, but it was too damn late.

“Fuck me to death!” I pleaded between sobs, no longer caring if the ignorant mundane people living around us could hear me.

In an instant, my entire being was consumed by what was without question the best, most powerful climax of my life. No longer was I silent: I screamed, loud and long, wailing and sobbing without shame, my body basking in the ultimate feminine pleasure yet pleading canlı bahis siteleri for more like a the longtime addict I had become. And, perhaps because he knew no one would truly care about hearing him, he roared with each forceful thrust into my body, even as he moved even faster up into me, no longer merely brushing into my cervix.

We sang a raucous, primal duet until, suddenly, he stilled himself, pressed snugly against my cervix, trembling violently as he swelled within me.

As his love exploded within my body, as our voices continued to sing, I happened to open my unfocused eyes and look out the window across the darkened living room. For barely half a heartbeat, I saw the blinding white light in the distance rushing toward us, then I saw nothing at all as my eyes burned painfully, yet before I could scream from the pain, I felt him literally melt into me, completely fusing with me, so that for another half a heartbeat, we were one single solid entity, just before our world was ripped apart, atom by atom.

Thinking back on it now, it was a good life overall, a life ended prematurely because idiotic politicians who knew nothing of military concerns and listened to only their closest yes men had given in to their impulses and wiped out much of the planet. It was such a beautiful life, a glorious life, which the human race will likely not see for several more centuries… assuming the planet can regenerate itself that quickly.

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