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I sat in the backseat of the car as miss drove through the rain covered streets of our fair city. I wasnt quite sure why but it wasnt for me to question Miss. I trusted her completely. We drove for quite a while it seemed when Miss pulled up in front of a lovely stone bricked home. A tall african american male god stood on the porch. He took as minute then walked towards the car. He stopped at Miss’s window to which she rolled down. He leaned in and gave her a kiss, then excused himself and proceeded to open the back door and get inside on the other side opposite of me.

Just as Miss began to pull away from the curb, he reached over and grabbed me. He pulled me closer rather forcefully. He began kissing me hard. He held my head in place with one of his hands while undoing his belt with the other. I instantly knew what I was there for. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth, and he sucked on my tongue like he was sucking my cock to which I couldnt really casino oyna wait to suck his.

He undid my pants and reached down inside. He began fondling my dick as though it was something he might have actually wanted. And yes, my dick did react to his touch.I could feel my dick growing bigger and bulging against the zipper in my jeans and yet he would not allow me to release my tiny little beast, he just kept rubbing and tugging on it, just the same as he was touching himself. Miss barely glancing to the back seat from her driving mirror, with a perfect smile on her face.

He quickly in the blink of an eye pulled me onto his lap. We began furiously kissing with me dry grinding myself onto him. My cock was begging to be let out and from what I could feel, his was too. Miss just kept smiling quietly while driving. Her smile indicated to me that some sort of devilish act was about to take place.

He quickly unzipped his pants and his hardened slot oyna cock emerged. I slid back, stretching myself across the seat as much as I could and began sucking on his cock like a hungry baby to a tit. From his moans I could calculate that I was doing a good job. But just the second I thought he would cum in my mouth he spoke for the first time and told me to come there, signaling his lap. I quickly obliged and he had me pull my pants down. No underwear to fool with as I was forbidden to wear any outside of the house. I wasnt instructed to wear any panties underneath my jeans either. What A true slut I am I thought to myself.

He pushed his hard cock into my tight little boi cunt and began furiously thrusting his hips. I slightly tried to facilitate this by bouncing up and down but given my height it wasnt easy, but I wanted that cock right there so bad so I made do. It didnt take long but he soon came inside me and it felt wonderful. Once he had canlı casino siteleri stopped all sexual activity with me, he just pushed me aside. Miss tossed a towel in the backseat landing right in my lap. I scrambled to pull my pants up and put the towel under me so that I wouldnt ruin Miss’s seats. I could feel his cum starting to leak out inside my jeans. It was a cool sticky reminder of how much I love to service and be of great use to a superior cock.

The man just sat there for a moment with his dick still out of his pants. He motioned for me to come over to which I did. He lifted his cock to my mouth and I began to lick it clean. It was the only right thing to do since I had helped create such a mess in the first place. I felt like such a slut at that point. I was so deliriously happy.

Miss pulled the car over and the gentleman got out. He went to her window again and handed her something that I couldnt make out. I couldnt hear them either but it seemed like he was asking for a return “trip” in the near future. He kissed her on the cheek and Miss pulled away from the curb…but going towards where? Home? Another Encounter? Only my Miss knew the answer and I trusted her implicitly.

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