Fun With Old Guy at Gloryhole


Fun With Old Guy at GloryholeSitting at home getting a good buzz as usual my dick getting hard and I feeling freaky. So need a little fun with someone.  Get dressed in my baggy shorts and oversized t shirt and no underwear as usual. I go to my happy place the Glory Hole. I Take another shot before going in like always I still get nervous when I enter .I pay and they buzz me in. I go back take a look and many door are closed. It seemed to be a large number for that time n the morning about 3:00am. Then I remember open 24hrs on the weekend during the summer. So I look for an empty booth. I go down the corridor and see a couple of booth open . The first booth a guy was standing in  the door just watching movies. I walked by to the next booth he turned and said” hi “. I spoke” hello” and stood in the door to my booth checking out the movies that were playing also. The guy looked old from what  could see of him but I am not to judge anyone fun is fun no matter what. The he asked me do all the booths karşıyaka escort play same movies. I said no they have a wide variety and different channels .This must be your first time here and we giggled. “Yes it is” he said “and I nervous horny and pretty tipsy”. He asked me to show him how to change the channels on his screen.” No problem” I said I stepped in his booth he stood behind me while I was showing  him and while I showing how to change the channels on his screen he brushed his hand on my ass. It caught me off guard at first but the booths are only so big so it may have  been accidentally so I let it go.” Now you got it ” I asked him. He said “I think so” and then put his hand on my ass and started rubbing.  I was thinking what hell old nice horny guy might as well have fun with it. So I bent over this time changing the  channels asking him” which one”. Then he closed the door and locked it and got behind me squeezing my as ass with both ass.  He had escort karşıyaka some strong hands.” Whatever you choose as long as its nasty” he said.  Then he starts grinding on me and holding on my hips like he is fucking. That was feeling really hot and intense. He sits down pulls pants down and underwear down around his ankles and starts jerking off. He is having a little trouble getting it up. He want me to sit in his lap so I do but I still have shorts on.( I have never taken it in the ass from another man) So I sit on him and grind him. Its like I am giving a lap dance.  He is enjoying so much he is pinching my nipples under my shirt then I start getting overly turned on. His hands are all over me. His hands are in my shorts playing with my dick and balls.  I was loosing control. Then I felt his dick . I got up  my shorts are half off in the back and my dick is out in the front. my shirt is on one arm.  I finished getting my shirt off and shorts off. I am karşıyaka escort bayan thinking I am about to let this old white guy fuck my ass. He was jerking off watching me undress. I never thought he could get up but he did and it was a thick 7 or 8 inches very nice. As I got took suck him he had huge balls. REALLY HUGE. So sniff and kiss his dick I start licking on his balls . He start quivering saying yes yes  and telling me don’t stop So I start sucking on his balls. Then he starts taking deep breathes I am gonna cum. So I try to get rush and get it before he started cumming to get that first blast but I missed. So I started sucking his dick to get the rest. He was cumming and cumming and cumming. My mouth was full I could not take it all. He gave me a helluva facial and came on my nipples. Then rubbed his dick on my nipples the put it back in my mouth so I sucked him more until his legs shook and could not take it anymore. I was a mess but it felt so nasty and good.I wiped off as best as I could. Making sure it was off my face. When I left he was still there getting dressed. My ass did not get fucked but it was very close and I was so tempted to let him. That guy was incredible for his age. I turned him on we had fun and cum for days. I soon go back gets freakier and I like it.

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