Gabriella’s Story Ch. 01


“Gosh Gabi, is this such a good idea?” I think. But it’s already too late, my mind is made up and there is nothing left inside of me that can change it or, for that matter, even remotely wants to. I have avoided this close contact for weeks. We’re co-workers, so there is nothing good that can come out of it. ….Well, that’s a lie, there’s PLENTY of good that can come out of it, and knowing that makes it impossible to stop what I’m planning. As soon as that thought entered my mind, there was no getting it out.

Besides, who am I kidding? As many free periods as I can, I make my way down to the gym just to steal brief moments in Clarissa’s Phys. Ed. classes. And, of course, every day at noon, I draw the blind over my classroom door and then close and lock it when Mrs. D’Entrement comes by. I told myself at first that it was just important we not be distracted, but I have gradually become wise to the fact that Clarissa means far more to me than just my directing partner in the school play.

Right now, Clarissa’s back is to me and she is bent over the desk flipping through our script. “I don’t know if I like our re-write from yesterday,” she says. “Truth be told, I really blame your use of words like ‘thus’ and ‘pertinent’. We’ll have to hand out dictionaries at the door.”

Looking back over her shoulder at me and smiling, she sets me alight yet again. “God I’m such a sucker for a killer smile,” I think. Whether it be her face, or that tush that I’m getting such a clear picture of right now, there is only one word that comes to my mind when I see her…

Simple concept, right? But I really think that’s an overused word. A lot of people are beautiful or gorgeous, but sexy is a whole other category with me. When I look at someone and think “beautiful”, I hope I get to know them and find out what makes them sexy. When I look at someone and think “sexy”, chances are I’ll be thinking of them next time Trixie, my toy rabbit, shows me a good time. Clarissa has been the star of my fantasies for nearly 2 months now. Her body isn’t everyone’s ideal, but that’s part of the attraction. If she lost 15 or 20 pounds, she’d be well on her way to becoming one of those bone racks I hate with no butt and her ribs sticking out! She is just perfect the way she is. Her butt and breasts are supple and firm and supply her with curves that only seem possible in theoretical physics. Her tight, chestnut brown curls perfectly frame her slim face and high cheekbones. Her arms, legs and back are muscled but feminine from her years of soccer, and her skin is flawless to the eye.

But is it flawless to the touch? Tearing my eyes away from her ass for once in my life, I can’t help but notice that her blouse has pulled up and revealed the golden brown of her lower back. As she reads, her hips are swaying back and forth to the music constantly playing in my room at this hour. Wow, I wish I was causing her to make that wiggle! “I hadn’t pegged you for a Fiona Apple fan,” I manage, as the chorus of “O, Sailor” wafts through the room.

“Yeah well, I’m waaaaay younger than you so I’m still hip,” comes the reply. This time she doesn’t turn, but I can tell she’s smiling, the vixen!

“Since when did 25 become waaaaay younger than 29 you little bitch!”, I laugh, biting my tongue a little. God, this always happens! Clarissa goes into her sex kitten mode, digging at me and I want to go all flirty but hold back instead.

As attractive as I find her, I gave up on sending obvious signals to her a week into our work together on the play. Clarissa is married with a 7-month old at home and I had been very up front with her about my sexuality right away. I don’t make it a habit to blurt out “I’m a raving lesbian” to everyone I meet, but you spend time alone with anyone and eventually you get to relationships. The dear took that revelation in stride and has been making cracks about catching me looking at her “tits” ever since.

“You got quiet, you thinking about my tits again?” Wow, nice timing! God, why does she go and push my buttons like that? I’m always forced to hit back.

“No, just daydreaming about going down on Barbara Bush again,” I smirk, knowing how much I gross her out when I joke about such things.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Clarissa and I have been flirting, setting the stage for a post-school afternoon delight. But I’ve been shaking my head at the thought for weeks. “Hey, this is you Gabriella, don’t be so foolish.” There’s absolutely NO contest, Gabriella Cavalcanti has absolutely THE worst gaydar in the history of lesbians. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been absolutely certain I was getting signals from a woman at the bar, in class at university, etc. and been dead wrong. But for some reason, I’m thinking this is different. And it’s none of the old cliche reasons.

She’s never said, “gosh, my husband doesn’t give me what I need anymore”. And she hasn’t been obvious about it: nothing like “geez, casino siteleri I wish there was a 29 year old, black haired, Italian lesbian around to lick my pussy!” (Sigh, if only it were that easy).

No, it’s just simply a feeling I’ve had the last few meetings. The gaydar is unreliable like I said, but once I spend a lot of time with someone, I can usually sense when I’m being sized up. And somewhere beneath that confident facade is……something. And when I got up this morning, I decided that I’d find out what it is. I’m pretty sure I could fall in love with Clarissa if I let myself, so I owe myself at least the attempt. And it’s SOOOO not like me to think something like that. I guess if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just finally bite the bullet and give in to that huge-boobed blonde at my gym that always manages to find herself in the shower right across from me, smiling and staring at my ass while forever “borrowing” my shampoo. She’s completely stunned, but I’m already in lust with her, and sometimes that’s good enough. Anyway, back to what’s at hand….


“Hey!” Clarissa jumps as my hand contacts that beautiful round tushy. Gathering her composure like she always seems to do, and despite the obvious blushing going on, she plays right along. “Well I’ve been a REALLY bad girl,” she giggles, sticking her ass toward me again, “and you’re going to have to give me a better spanking than that!”

Ahhh, this is a perfect opportunity to test the waters. “Well not here in the school,” I say, in full mocking-mode, “it’s so public!”

“Oh please,” Clarissa says, “I know you’ve thought this out. I see you lock that door and draw that blind every day. I know what you’re thinking.”

She’s smiling, but I can tell she’s wondering if there’s any kind of truth in that statement. I’m standing, grinning, and making a point of it not to deny her entirely accurate accusation. She’s not moving. She’s frozen. I let the silence linger. It’s exciting, but it frightens her. Now that what’s obviously been on her mind is now being presented to her, she doesn’t quite know what the next move is.

“Wow, Miss D’Entrement, have I made you speechless?” I ask. “Let me know how I did it and I’ll make mental notes for next time.” Playfully, I reach out with my right hand and lightly brush her cheek. A rush of air escapes her lips and I realize that she’s been holding her breath. This seems to snap her out of her daze and she turns back to my desk.

“Ummmm……so….I was thinking we could fix all your screw-ups pretty easily here…”, she starts, trying to summon up that fake-bitchy tone, but her throat is dry and her voice cracks. There’s that golden brown skin again, and this time, it shines with the glow of perspiration.

My hand is shaking as I reach for her lower back. I know it’s going to happen and now I’m the one scared to death. Suddenly I’m conscious of just how exciting this is for me too. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve made love to anyone but myself, and I’m thinking, “Gaby, just don’t screw this up!”

Hoping to turn up the pressure a little, I allow my fingers to sneak just below her belt line. I can almost feel the swell of her ass with my pinkie. “Sweetie are you ok? Do you have a fever? You feel like you’re on fire.”

I don’t think she gets that I’m teasing her. “N…no, it’s just that it’s a warm day……and we’re standing s…so close.”

Edging ever closer, I reply, “Really? We’ve stood this close plenty of times before. What’s different now?”

The slightly mocking tone I’m using finally sinks in with her. For the first time, it’s completely obvious what the both of us are feeling. “Gaby, this isn’t funny, this is serious, and I don’t think that you completely understand why! It’s more complicated than just my marriage or that little peanut of mine at home, or our being co-workers. It’s….it’s…” She frowning, straining to explain herself.

“Clarissa, shhhhh,” I whisper, rubbing her back lightly to soothe her. I move my lips just inches from her ear. “I understand what you’re going through. We’re friends, but I can’t deny how I feel about you. All you need to do is just tell me what it is YOU want.”

She’s still staring straight ahead. “Gaby, it isn’t that simple. If what I want was the problem, there wouldn’t BE a problem. The trouble comes when there’s something I NEED.” Steadying herself, she turns to me. My left hand slides across her damp skin, around to her hip, while hers caresses my cheek. This time it’s her lips near my ear. “And what I need, is your lips….”, she pauses to run her fingers over them; “…and your tongue….”, her index finger slips into my mouth and instinctively I suck on it; “….and your fingers….,” with her other hand she takes mine and guides it to her inner thighs; “…everywhere I need them to be.”

“It’s got nothing to do with gay or straight,” she continues, her breath so hot on my skin and the heat from her pussy giving me burns on slot oyna my hand as I rub her through her skirt. “It’s got nothing to do with what my husband doesn’t do or not loving him anymore or wanting to experiment. It’s basic. It’s carnal. I can feel you next to me when I’m alone. I can smell you hours after we’ve seen each other. I’ve never been with a woman, but I know how you’ll taste when I finally have you.” She grabs my ass with both hands and stares straight at me. “I CRAVE you.”

The clock reads 12:13. I cradle her face in my hands and press my forehead to hers before grabbing her in return and drawing her close. “Oh my ‘Issa, I don’t know what to say. No one’s ever said anything so fucking sexy to me in my life!” I’m so excited I can barely get the words out. “Dammit! We’ve only got 2 minutes until the bell, don’t tell me that you have to play desperate housewife tonight.”

She looks positively wounded. “Gaby are you kidding me?!” she starts. “Jeff owes me about 10 nights out, but what are we going to do about THIS…right NOW!” Again she takes my hand. She hikes up her skirt with her free hand and presses mine against the front of her red cotton thong. “Oh God ‘Issa, I…,” I begin, and then stop. I want to say the most passionate words imaginable. There are few things sexier in this world to me than the feeling of stroking another woman’s pussy through a soft, sexy pair of panties.

The heat, the suppleness, and particularly in Clarissa’s case, the wetness. I look her straight in her eyes but still I can’t get the words out. A wide smile comes across her face. “Hungry?” she asks. I open my mouth to tell her, yet again, that she’s read my mind, but the bell cuts me off.

I want to turn the lights off, leave the door locked, ignore my students and melt into Clarissa, but who am I kidding? As I walk to the door, I say back over my shoulder, “Sweetie, listen, do you want to meet me here after last period? Or do you need to head home first and then come over?” As soon as I unlock the door, any potential response is cut off by my 4th period class pretty much storming inside. Gathering her things, Clarissa brushes past me and winks.

When she gets to the door, she turns and addresses the girl in row A seat A, my best student and a member of our cast. “Stephanie, we’re having a couple of problems with the play. Ms. Cavalcanti is going to meet me down in the gym in 5 minutes and she’s going to need you to run the show up here for most of the period, ok?” Then Clarissa glares at me and smirks as if to say, “Dismiss me will ya’? I’m not being put off until later!”

That little bitch, she did it again! What does she think she’s doing? Geez, at least she gave me a few minutes to come up with something for my students to do. “Ok guys and girls, sorry to just dump this on you, but you’re my veteran class and you should be ok to leave alone for a little while. Now, I’m going to be warning the office and Mrs. Gregg next door and if there’s a problem, then WE’RE going to have a problem, understood?”

After hearing enough “Yes ma’ams” to put me at ease, I give them a lengthy reading assignment and almost fly out the door.

The gym is on the other side of the school, so it’s a long enough walk as it is, but under these circumstances? By the time I get to her office, I feel like cursing her out for making me jump through all of these hoops. Then she dares to answer, “Who is it?” when I finally come knocking.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me ‘Issa! I’m about ready to….HEY!” Mid-sentence the door has opened and she’s pulled me inside and thrown me into her beanbag chair in the corner.

I’d complain, but as soon as I look up I realize I’d be crazy to. She often wears one of her old soccer jerseys when she’s teaching gym, but, outside of my fantasies, I’d never seen her wearing ONLY a jersey. “You’re nuts, ” I say, but the smile on my face betrays the fact that I’m only sore that I didn’t think of it first.

“I’m sorry Coach Cavalcanti,” she starts, in her best faux-schoolgirl voice, “I seem to have lost my uniform shorts. Do I get to…errr…HAVE to, stay after school?”

“Well”, I reply, “if you’re a good girl, coach might get you off….errr….LET you off with a warning.” Squirming, she bites her lower lip and leans back against the closed office door, running the bottom of her left foot up against it until she can grab her knee and pull it against her chest. The whole length of her gorgeous leg and her waist are bare.

“Gosh dear, did you lose your underwear too?” We’re being playful, but there’s no smiling anymore. No amused looks on our faces, it’s all intensity.

“Yes ma’am,” Issa replies, “can I borrow a pair of yours?” Wordlessly, I stand up, reach around the back of my skirt, pull my thong down past my butt and shake and shimmy until it drops down to my ankles. I lift my left leg up and out of it, allowing one of my heels to drop to the floor.

Hooking the thong with my other foot, I kick canlı casino siteleri them to her, asking “Will those do my dear?”

“Of course Ms. C!”, exclaims Clarissa, nabbing them out of the air, that wicked grin I love so much plastered on her face, “You’ve always been my favorite teacher.”

“Now before I let you wear those sweetie, I want to be sure I get them back clean.” Putting on my sexiest walk, I slink toward her.

“But Ms. C, I just took a shower,” Clarissa replies, not sure where I’m going with this, but eager to play along.

“Sure Issa, but you young girls, I don’t know if I can trust you to clean where it’s most important. So, I’m going to have to play a game with you ok?”

Clarissa is trembling now, knowing it’s only a matter of time now. “O…o..ok,” she manages, “w…what’s the game?”

“It’s called cat and kitten,” I reply. Finally I’ve reached her, and we’re eye-to-eye, our lips an inch away. “You know what cats do with their kittens when they want to make sure they’re nice and clean?” I practically hiss.

Issa’s eyes are closed, she’s rubbing her thighs together, licking her lips and barely able to get a word out. “I think so,” she says in the strongest voice she can manage. “They l…lick them clean.”

I press my body tightly against her, and pin her against the door. “Gooooooood kitty,” I purr. I bend down, pressing my nails firmly against the back of her knees, my mouth positioned just where her cleavage emerges from her shirt.

Straightening up, I run my nails sharply up the back of her legs, pulling her slightly away from the door and ultimately cupping her bare backside for the first time. Meanwhile, my tongue has made its way from her chest to her shoulder, then neck, and finally to her lips.

It’s been my strongest wish all along to start us off by giving her the best first kiss of her entire life. Carefully, but urgently I ease my tongue between her lips and work just the tip of it around as my hands knead her tight, round ass, pulling her red hot pussy to my thigh which she can grind against and gain those initial hints of release. Teasingly, I work my tongue in bit by bit, slowing working my lips toward hers.

Without warning though, she grabs my head with 2 hands and pulls us together, sucking hard on my tongue. “Uggghhhhh!” She moans loudly into my mouth. It’s a gutteral, passionate, animalistic sound that radiates from my lips to my inner thighs, leaving me weak-kneed and positively dripping. The next 2 or 3 minutes are possibly the most passionate of my life. If there was any doubt for either of us about what we were doing, the almost desperate nature with which our hands are pawing at each other and our tongues explore one another’s mouths makes it obvious that this is more serious than we even realized.

Finally, we pry ourselves apart. Breathless, I manage a big smile. “Ok, Miss D’Entrement, time to make sure my little kitty is spotless.” Clarissa throws her arms up above her head. If I’d handed her a white flag, she would have waived it.

“Oh God Gaby, please! Enough with the kitty stuff. Just get me fucking off, will you!?” I drop to my knees and lift up the bottom of her shirt so I can peek my head up inside. I suddenly feel as if I’m worshiping at the feet of some piece of ancient art, a personification of beauty….wait, who just thought that? Gosh, the cheesy things this girl makes me think!

My immediate temptation is to attack her breathtaking pussy. It’s perfectly shaped with an impeccably manicured runway of hair above her lips that glistens with the wetness that has surely been present most of the morning. This shirt must be almost a large men’s because it suddenly occurs to me I can probably stand up and fit inside it comfortably. Well, 3 quarters of the way up, it begins to get tight, but that’s plenty. “Mind if I poke around in here?” I ask, allowing my hands to roam freely over her tummy and hips.

Outside of my tight space, I can hear Clarissa giggling at my silliness. Soon she’ll change her tune though. As I begin to trace soft kisses between, and on the undersides of her breasts, she lets out a soft moan. “Ohhhhh, Gabi, that’s lovely.”

My right hand still has a firm hold on her ass, but my left is in a little more playful mood. As my tongue traces circles between her belly button and her breasts, it lightly grasps onto one of them. My eyes shoot open. “Issa, your nipples, my God!” I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I always knew her breasts would be perfect, but these nipples are something really special. They look and feel like large thimbles. Huge, long, hard and, judging by her reaction, amazingly sensitive.

With my first light squeeze of “lefty”, Clarissa nearly jumps straight up into the air. “Shit Gaby, please don’t tease me! If you’re going to play with them, play rough!” A big part of me wants to laugh that off and torture her until she begs but that will just have to wait. I’m sorry, but those nipples! God, they just can’t be ignored! Plus, I am positively DYING to see what happens when I make her cum. All of a sudden, I’m keenly aware of how risky it is to be doing this so close to classrooms and the gym.

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