Gametime Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Gametime. While this is a stand alone story it probably is best if you first read Gametime. This is a gay male themed series, there are however, various hetero parts including a significant portion of this chapter. The story line will return to fully male/male interaction in the next chapter.


It is now several weeks from my introduction to Brian or as I now know him, Master, and to the world of male/male domination. It has been quite an awakening.

First of all I did not realize just how deep my desire to submit and serve went. And I also now realize all of my past dalliances with Dommes were just that – dalliances. I was now in a real D/s relationship and was just coming to grip with all of the consequences. Secondly I had not realized that I was actually bi. This has come as a bit of a surprise at this point of my life and I am still struggling a bit with my feelings regarding this new revelation.

It also turned out my new Master and instructor lives just close enough to me that it will be possible to meet him relatively frequently but also far enough away that this cannot become a live in type lifestyle. I am not yet certain whether that distance is good or bad. I guess only time will answer that question.

Thus far we have continued contact after our first meeting only via internet chats. The chats have covered just about all of my sexual history and fantasies as well as my deep seated desires to submit – whether it be sexually or otherwise. Master has set out strict rules for all of our online meetings – the primary ones being my camera is always to be on and I am always to be naked when chatting. The camera is always to be in a position to show my face as well as my cock. Any exceptions to that are with Master’s permission only.

Also, even when at home alone and not chatting my camera must be on and pointing towards the main body of the house so that Master can see me as I move about. I must be naked at all times(with common sense exceptions), and I must send Master a message indicating that I am home even though I might be attending to chores away from my camera.

We chat at least once everyday – sometimes for just minutes other times for hours. The chats tend to be sexual in nature. For example, I must have relived my initial meeting with Master four or five times, giving him in as much detail as I could remember. He seemed to take joy in seeing my hard cock as I related my service to him on that night. With his prodding I was careful to include as much detail has possible about his cock ‘breaking my oral cherry. I go into great detail how his hard cock felt on my tongue. How strong and powerful it felt and how I was compelled to worship it. I have to admit I think I get as much pleasure recounting this experience as he did. The thoughts always cause my cock to harden to the point of discomfort. Fortunately on at least two occasions Master allowed me to masturbate as I retold my first experience with his cock.

One evening as we were chatting Master sent me a side note via email telling me that he was sending me a package and that I was not to open it until I was on camera with him. He did not give a clue as to the content of the package but I suspected it would be all about pleasing him and probably something less than that for me. In any event the package arrived two days later. The box was about the size of a shoe box. Of course I shook it a few times out of curiosity. I heard no sounds of consequence and did not seriously entertain actually opening it prematurely, fearing the consequences.

That evening I sent a message to Master saying I was online and that the package had arrived. He responded within a few minutes with instructions for me to sit in front of the camera with the package in my lap. I did as instructed and waited.

It was not long before I heard “Good evening boy. Glad to see my gift arrived and is unopened. You may now open the box and remove all of the packing materials.”

I opened the box and took all of the packing paper out and set them aside. I could now easily see the box contents: One butt plug, a bottle of lubricant, another smaller box and an envelope. Having not been told how to proceed I sit and wait. My mind does wander a bit though. It is pretty obvious what the butt plug and lubricant are for – the only question regarding them is when. As to the smaller inner box I can only wonder about its contents.

“Well step one is over. Since you now know the first two parts of your gift why don’t we proceed to let you play with them?” Master says with the hint of a laugh. “You are going to get well acquainted with your new toy. In fact why don’t we see if you can put it to good use before we proceed to the second box. Go ahead and put some lube on the plug. Since you have previously indicated you are unfamiliar with this type of toy I would strongly recommend you use too much lube as opposed to to little. Now begin!”

I do not hesitate. I remove the lube and plug and set the box aside. I then remove casino oyna the cap from the lube and begin applying it to the plug. I have seen butt plugs before in various porn shops and thankfully can see that this one is relatively small. But small, is in fact, very relative. As I stare at it it starts to look larger and larger and I am getting quite nervous about its effects. I do apply the lube quite liberally to the plug, all under the watchful eye of my Master.

“That appears to be enough lube boy. I believe you can figure out the next step. Probably be easiest if you sit and spread and lift your legs and then insert your new toy. The other advantage of doing it this way is it will be right in front of your camera so I will have a very good view. And that will make me happy and a happy Master is much better for you then an unhappy Master. Just be aware. The plug is going in. If it does not happen to night it will happen later when we are together and I would suggest you will be much happier if it goes in tonight. Whether it goes in tonight by your hand or later by mine is up to you. Now either insert your new friend or set it aside for now. Just remember the consequences of delaying this event.”

I know the correct action to take so I raise my legs and bring the tip of the plug to my anus. I push a small amount and I can actually feel it going in a small amount but even though I am pushing and also trying to relax my muscles it does not seem to be proceeding to quickly.

“Keep pushing boy. This will not be too painful and the quicker it goes in the quicker the pain will end.”

I do keep pushing and after what seems like hours it finally just pops in. A little painful on the way in(though I do confess to being a whimp about pain) but once in place the pain quickly goes away and left me with a strange feeling of fullness. Or something like that. I am really at a loss to explain exactly what the feeling was. Certainly not pain. Certainly like my bowel was full. And also a certain sexiness. I started wondering what a larger plug would feel like and then my mind drifted to what my Master’s cock would feel like. And then an odd feeling started. It was like I felt unfulfilled sexually and what I wanted most of all was a hard cock in my mouth. I had never felt anything quite like this. My ass was alive and tingling in a good way but all I really wanted was to be on my knees with my Master standing over me and presenting me his hard shaft.

My life seems to be spinning out of control.

“Very good sub. Now get used to it. That plug needs to be in place at all times when you are home. Do not forget that. Now onto the second box.”

I start to open the second box with no idea what to expect inside. I open the box and am a bit surprised to see a cock cage. I had seen these in porn stores before but never paid to much attention to them, in fact I had really had never even contemplated the effect they would have. I picked it up and examined it. This one has a ring at its base and then number of ribs on a downward curved spine The ribs are then rounded together at the tip. Not a ring type like I had mostly seen but it looks like it would function exactly the same. There was also a small unlocked padlock in the box sans key.

“Well boy, the perfect new toy with which you can please your Master. By being a good boy and wearing this toy you will be able to restrain yourself from masturbating without permission. This one even comes with the benefit of restricting your erections. Every time you get sexually aroused without your Master’s permission to remove the cage it will actually be a bit painful – and, I might add, impossible to actually do.”

I can hear my Master’s laughter after that statement.

“You will please me greatly by wearing this gift. It will show your total commitment to me. It will also have the extra benefit of deepening your desire to serve me – knowing that proper service to your Master may result in being allowed to remove the cage for a period of time and amuse me by extolling about your joy in serving me and my cock while I allow you to play with your little appendage and maybe even allow you to cum occasionally. Now lets see if you can get this new toy in place.”

And not surprisingly there is a major problem in getting this new toy in place. The first part – the ring that goes behind my balls and secures the cage is not a problem however the cage is made to restrict erections and will not go into place with my cock at full attention. There is just no way to proceed with a full erection. Given that my Master is viewing all of this on my camera he is obviously aware of the problem.

“Well boy I may have a solution to your problem. Go get a bowl with a few ice cubes. I think an application of a nice cold shock will solve your problem.”

I go retrieve a small bowl of ice and return to my seat. I do not wait for instructions. I take a couple of ice cubes in each hand and take a hold of my penis and balls. The effect is nearly immediate. I do not even think about slot oyna delaying. I take the cage and put my now soft cock inside and fasten the pins to the ring. I put the lock into place and snap it shut. Done. And then the reality of the situation just hits me. I have just locked my cock into a contraption that totally restricts me from even having an erection and with zero chance of cumming. A real sense of fear just grabs me but then Master speaks.

“Very good boy. You have made me very happy by not questioning me about locking the cage. It shows a real desire to please. And just to let you know the envelope in the box that we have not yet addressed contains an emergency key to the lock. The envelope is securely sealed so I will know if you open it and try to reseal it but the key is there in case of an emergency – and only an emergency.”

“Now that you have opened and played with your gifts I believe a thank you is in order. Do you not agree boy?”

I instantly reply, “Yes Master these are very nice gifts and I will play with them very carefully and hope you get great pleasure every time you see me using them. I can tell already that the butt plug will help me learn better how to serve you. I am certain when you choose to take my cherry ass will have been well prepared to accept and pleasure your cock. And my new cock cage will help to make sure all of my thoughts and sexual energy are directed towards serving and pleasing you Master.”

“Well said boy, now I have even better news. My job will require me to be in your area a week from Monday. I intend to come into town on Friday afternoon and will have the entire weekend free for you to show me your great appreciation for what I have already taught you. So that means you will have nine days to spend anticipating my arrival. And if you do properly please me it will also mean nine days until you can have your next erection. I will give you my hotel name once arrangements have been made. For now I must go and leave you to your thoughts. Remember the rules: the butt plug is to always be in place when you are at home and of course I am the only one that will remove the cock cage. We might have a small celebration when that happens because it will mean you have learned the first lessons on how to serve me. I will not be online as much over the next week but will check in from time to time to see how you are doing. Do not forget to have your camera on at all times. Also I want you to visit .com every day and send me a link from at least one story you have read and enjoyed. I want to know that your cock cage has been put to good use. I would also like to hear about every time you feel an erection start and how it feels to have it suppressed. And by the way when that happens always think of me and how this sacrifice will help you learn to serve me better.”

I sit back and digest this new situation and exactly what it means. First of all it is impossible to ignore the butt plug. It seems to be constantly saying “I am just training for the real thing, get ready.” And the cock cage is just now starting to have its first effect. Just thinking about the pending meeting is getting me aroused and I start to have an erection – and that is as far as it gets. My cock starts to swell and then it gets painful and the erection just goes away. But not the thoughts that caused the erection. This got very frustrating very fast. One thing the cage did allow was the tip of my small finger to get through the bars and touch my cock. I am not certain if that was good or bad. I could not resist touching it but at the same time it just raised the frustration level.

The next nine days cannot go fast enough. I see Master on line only a few times during that period and the conversations tend to be short. I do remember to send him an email every day with a link to a different story. Being required to read at least one story a day – I actually do several because I wanted to find what I think he will enjoy – coupled with not being able to even have an erection has pushed me to the edge of hornieness. I cannot concentrate on anything other then my groin and the discomfort (pain?) it is bringing me. I am actually getting fearful that when I do finally see Master again I will be so horny I will not be able to properly serve him. The butt plug is now starting to feel like a part of me. I have gotten very good about being able to reinsert it when needed. In fact I now insert it very slowly so I can feel the full effect of it entering me. And I am constantly remembering what that this is really just a prep for future activities.

At last the day has arrived. I leave work early and come home and shower and shave and then sit in front of my camera when I hear Master’s voice over the speaker.

“Good afternoon boy. Nice to see you home early. You look all prepped for the weekend activities. To start off with I am having another gift delivered to you yet this afternoon. It is scheduled to arrive at 5:00PM. I would like you to be wearing a robe and only a robe when the gift arrives canlı casino siteleri and then follow all pertinent instructions. I am at my hotel and will be awaiting your reaction to your new gift so make certain that once the gift is delivered you remain in front of the camera.”

I have not a clue what my new gift will be but somehow I suspect it will pleasure my Master more than me. At precisely 5:00 I have a knock on my door. I walk to the door, clothed, as directed, only in my robe, and open it. There is a very attractive young woman standing there. She is not holding a package.

“Hello. My name is Casey. I am instructed to come into your house and present your gift to you in front of your camera. And I understand you have already been instructed that you are to obey all of my commands.”

She enters without another word and walks directly to my PC and stands in front of it obviously waiting for me to follow her. I move to the couch in front of the camera and sit and wait.

“If you have not yet guessed I am in fact your gift. Your Master thought this would be the perfect beginning for what he said will be a long weekend. Your first order is to remove your robe.”

I stand and remove my robe exposing my cage clad cock and then sit back down. As soon as I sit down Casey begins to remove her clothes. Somehow I am not surprised. She is in no hurry but even doing her own version of a strip tease it is only moments until she is completely naked. She is a very attractive young woman and has all of the appropriate body parts to please any man or woman. I can see that her nicely rounded breasts are dotted with nipples that are already hard. She has a narrow line of pubs that seem to serve as an arrow pointing to her full pussy lips. As soon as she is naked she kneels on the carpet in front of me and starts to play with my constricted cock and balls. Her fingers are smaller then mine and can fit through the cages openings so as to caress my throbbing – but very soft – cock.

“This is very new to me. I have stroked many a cock but never a caged one. I am guessing this might be just a bit frustrating.” she said softly while smiling at her own joke. “And if that stroking was frustrating I wonder what this will do.”

She moved closer and brought her mouth to my steel pen and used her tongue to lightly tickle my aching cock. Between this activity and her hand on my thighs and balls I could hardly breath. But I also could not get hard, a fact that just about had me over the top. I actually started thinking about where the emergency key was. This was fast becoming a true emergency.

Casey continued this treatment of gently massaging my balls and working her tongue between the bars of my cage. Because the cage is mostly bars and not rings she is able to run her tongue almost the full length of my cock, or at least the shaft portion of it. My cock is straining on the bars to get hard but it just cannot happen. It definitely has gotten fuller but once it attains partial erection the constraints come into play and it becomes to painful causing my cock to deflate. \

I knew Master was watching me and I was wondering how he liked this heaven and hell he was putting me through but that thought did not last long as Casey’s tongue had found the tip of my cock and was really going to town on it. I really was wondering if this action alone and a soft penis would end up with me cumming. It really was starting to feel like that might be the case.

After a period of this teasing Casey stood up with a big smile on her face(she obviously knew exactly the effect she was having) and said “Now it is your turn for a while. Your Master wants to see you work on my nipples for a bit and then have you go a bit lower. I think he wants to see how good of tongue action you are capable of but he did warn me not for to long. He said something about not wanting your tongue worn out for later.”

She moved forward and offered her left breast to me. I nearly attacked it. My frustration level needed some relieve and I was hoping this would be it. I sucked first her left and then right nipple into my mouth. At this stage I know my technique was not good – I was not even remotely considering how I might make this nice for Casey. This was all about me. Anything to get my mind off of my cock. I was moving back and forth between her left and right tit with my gusto not subsiding one bit. I felt like I had hardly started when she pushed me downward. Me sitting and her standing was not the optimal position but I slid down a bit and was able to make good contact with her very wet cunt. As with her breasts I attacked with not so much as a thought about her. This was, and was going to remain all about me. I was savoring the moment, the feel, the aroma, the taste. As I continued to minister to Casey the actions seemed to both heighten my excitement and somewhat calm my frustration. After a few moments I could feel her pressing her sex harder on my mouth and start a rhythmic motion with her hips. I fed off of that movement and quickened my pace. Now changing from trying to satisfy myself to trying to satisfy her. Really wanting and trying to get her to cum on my tongue. And based on her movements and the amount of juices that were flowing she had to be close. And then it happened.

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