Gardening Delights Ch. 01


Tony was an enigma to most people. Tony was universally popular, working for himself as a landscape gardener, creating stylish gardens for many of the townspeople. At 24 he was set up for life. His work was lucrative. He had a smart home, fully paid off, which he had inherited from his parents. Tony was good looking, a fit muscular body from the physical side of his work, standing a good 6 foot tall. He was quiet, but friendly. He worked hard and did a good job. People described him as a good catch – most young women would go for him, they said. And there had been girl friends, and he had been kind to them, a gentleman. None of them had worked out – but when he was a teenager relationships were never expected to last.

But he was still an enigma. He wasn’t someone to mix socially. He seemed to keep himself to himself. Some said it wasn’t healthy that he was rarely seen in the social centres – the bars, the restaurants. It wasn’t natural for a young good-looking man like him to avoid relationships, when he could have almost any girl he wanted. Some of his friends had even tried match-making, but it wasn’t for Tony – he ran a mile. No-one thought he was gay – but somehow he just seemed very private, happy with his own company. Even Tony’s sister Ruby tried to get him to go out more, and was puzzled by his attitude, but couldn’t succeed. He would go to Ruby’s home on a Sunday and have lunch with her, her husband and children – children who adored Tony. Then it was home again to his privacy.

Some had worked it out a bit. Truth be told he hadn’t always been so private – when a teenager he had been “out there” enjoying himself, and as a student he had been the same. He was different when he came back to the town.

It was no surprise – he came back when his parents had both been killed in a horrific car accident. Killed instantly. The family had been close – a good family, and the death of both parents in that instant had been a dagger through Tony’s heart, a dagger even two years later that was killing him – he still couldn’t get away from their death, still a black cloud blotting out all the light in his life. It was simply his inabilty to escape that dreadful day that locked Tony up. Tony desperately wanted to break out, but always the cloud, always the chains…………

For Tony weekends were either a time for being alone, coping with the grief he couldn’t shake off, or time for meeting potential clients, giving quotes for work, drawing up designs. When it was the former he felt guilty he was still in mourning; when it was the latter he wished he could be left alone……

This May Saturday morning was a time for meeting clients. It was just about 10.00am when he knocked on the door of the detached house, surrounded by what looked like an acre of grass. It was a great house, and a dull boring garden but a garden with potential……

Tony assumed it was Tom Fletcher who opened the door – that was the name of the person who had phoned him. Tom was perhaps in his mid forties. He was a tall slim man. Although he was wearing shorts, You could guess that Tom would be much more at home in a suit at work. Tom introduced himself, cracked a few jokes, led Tony into the kitchen in the house, offered him coffee, which Tom was happy to take. Tony was aware it could be a couple of hours talking gardens, and he needed the caffeine boost to keep him going.

A few moments later a lady appeared – Tom introduced her as Amy, his wife. Amy was the same sort of age as Tom, tall, slim and attractive. Again she was wearing shorts – the weather was warm, and had short dark hair, round features, a ready smile.

Over the next couple of hours they talked gardens. Tony learnt that their two daughters were away at college, that Tom was something in banking, Amy an administrator in a local school. They were a couple who laughed a lot, were good company. Tony was impressed by their friendliness, as much as they were impressed by his garden design skills. Tony measured the garden, took photos and promised that by the following Saturday he would bring them some draft designs and costings. They clearly had the potential to be good customers, but just one thing made Tony jump. It was odd.

They shook hands, and Amy said, as she did: “This job could be casino siteleri good fun, you might find it good fun working here.” It was the emphasis on the “good fun” and the hint of a wink that went with it. Was she flirting…………….?

The following Saturday Tony took the plans around, had displayed them. Tom and Amy were impressed. They talked details, maintenance of the garden, water features, and agreed the contract and price – a very good price – for the work. But Tony left feeling slightly uneasily……………

It wasn’t that they hadn’t been friendly, they had been delightful. It wasn’t that they had been difficult customers, quite the opposite. What jarred, he decided as he drove home, was the flirting. It had been faintly ludicrous – it wasn’t just Amy, it was Tom as well! It seemed they were both flirting with him when the other left the room. Amy, leaning forward, giving Tom a glimpse down the front of her blouse. Tom gripping his biceps, saying that he loved good muscles. Amy saying that it would be good to have a real man working on their garden. Tom saying he didn’t like hard work – he would feel stiff just watching Tom, with a hint of emphasis on the word stiff.

All morning it went on, the flirting. Tony was not going to turn down the job – it was too good, but somehow he felt it wasn’t going to be as simple as he first thought.

The first day – the following Monday – he worked hard, moving all the soil he wouldn’t need, and was still working hard when Amy returned home from work. She offered him a long stiff drink; commenting that she loved to see a man working in shorts, showing off his body, and then with a smirk said, “And with less………….” Later, when Tom came home he asked to see the progress. Again the innuendo in a comment: he was looking at the hole Tony had dug for the pond, and commented that Tom must be good at “working in holes”. Said with a wink.

Through the week the comments continued when Amy, then Tom came home from work. At first, Tony was wary, but started to like it – it felt like flattery. Did he mind that Amy was flirting? He liked it – sometimes dreamt of her as he masturbated. Did he mind Tom flirting? Tony surprised himself – he thought he should mind, but found something in him aroused……..

Tony worked hard all week, and planned to work over the weekend as well. He arrived early on the Saturday, clearly before Tom and Amy were out of bed, and sat on the decking outside the kitchen window. It was Tony’s practice to spend the first half hour of each day looking at the work he had done, the work to be done – it inspired him and gave him a sense of what had to be done next. As he sat there, he heard voices from the kitchen. After a couple of minutes he tuned into the voices – Tom and Amy chatting.

“Tony is planning to be here all today……….” It was Tom’s voice. “We’ll be able to watch him all day…….. do you think by tomorrow one of us will win?”

Tony kept listening – he wasn’t sure what they meant.

“Well,” it was Amy’s voice. “I’m going to win, he’ll do me first…………”

“Nonsense,” Tom replied. “Nonsense – by tomorrow I’ll have his mouth on my cock. I’lll have his mouth on my cock before you have his mouth on your pussy. Remember, we’ve got 5 dollars on it…………”

Tony was stunned. So that was it. All the flirting. All the admiration. It was just a silly competition. They were playing with him, to see which could seduce him first. Tony was furious. He was just a toy in their game. A toy in their game……….Tony quietly got to his feet and started work. He would not be treated as a toy. For a couple to fight over. Part of Tony thought he would enjoy………………. but not as a toy. Yes he was furious, but there was part of him flattered. And the anger had awakened in him something he had avoided for two years……….

By the end of the morning his rage was subsiding. It was odd. Until this moment Tony had been lost in his grief, could not escape the sorrow from the death of his parents. But in this one moment something new had been sparked in him. Through this friendly couple, a couple he liked, but a couple who had been playing games with him, this couple of swingers, something new had been sparked into life. Whether slot oyna it was lust, or anger, or humiliation Tony couldn’t decide. Or all of them together. Tony parked his attempts to analyse, thinking, if they want to play games, they would play on his terms. He would take them…………… And yes, he knew he could swing both ways…………. And if it was Sunday they wanted, then Sunday it would be………….

Tony worked hard all the Saturday, while in his mind he planned how Sunday might go. He finished work at about 8.30pm as it went dark, then drank a beer or two at home as he worked out in his mind how it would happen………

Tony was at work by 8.00am, and again worked hard all morning, till he ate his sandwiches for lunch, sat on the Patio he had built earlier in the week. As he sat, Tom and Amy came and sat with him, with drinks for themselves, a beer for Tony.

“I’d better get on,” said Tony. “By the way, Tom, can I show you something in the garden, down here……………..need to show you the summer house…………” Tony pointed at the summer house he had built the day before.

Amy said she needed to wash some dishes, so Tom went with Tony, they went into the summer house. “What is it you want to show me?” Tom asked.

Tony paused. “Tom, you’ve been good to me for this job, paid well, supported the work. I want to show you my appreciation.” Tony smiled a suggestive smile. It took Tom a moment to realise what Tony was saying. Tony continued. “You’ve, um, been flirting with me all week. Would you like me to…………….” Tony nodded his head towards Tom’s crotch, then licked his tongue around his lips.

Tom needed no second invitation. His cock was instantly hard. “Would love that……………”

Tony moved closer to Tom, kissed him softly on the lips, then stood back and removed Tom’s shirt. He knelt in front of Tom, undid the waistband of his short and pulled them, along with Tom’s underpants to the floor, and slipped them out from under Tom’s feet. Tom’s cock was inches away from Tony’s face, as hard as Tom could remember, standing six inches straight up .

Tony kissed the tip of Tom’s cock, then stood up quickly. Tom was startled. Tony spoke. “I think you are stuck in here – can see lots of children playing in gardens. I’ll be back.” He had grabbed Tom’s clothes, left before Tom could react. Tom felt stupid – trapped in the new summerhouse, naked…………..

Tom took the clothes to the house, put them on a chair on the patio. He knocked on the door and Amy appeared.

“Sorry – just to give you a message – Tom said he would be back in half an hour or so. Neighbour asked him to help with a job.” Amy wasn’t surprised – Tom would often disappear helping neighbours, particularly Mike a couple of houses down.

“Thanks” said Amy, suddenly feeling embarrassed as Tony took a step backwards, and looked her up and down. She was wearing a blue summer dress, the sort which hid everything, but hinted at treasures underneath. Amy stood rooted to the spot – was Tony about the make a move on her? She had been flirting for the last week – surely she had given him enough signs………….

Tony looked at her for several seconds, then moved behind her, standing close. Amy’s blood was already pumping in her body. She knew she was already damp……… Suddenly she felt him bend down, grip the hem of her skirt, pull her skirt to her waist, then link his fingers in the top of her panties. Without her moving, he had pulled the panties to the ground, and lifted her out of them. Amy was impressed by his strength as his arms went around her waist and lifted her out of her panties. He was still behind her with his arms around her waist, and was pulling Amy to her. Amy felt him pressed against her, felt his erection pressed into her ass.

One arm held Amy to him – his other arm was moving up her body, cupping her breast, suddenly squeezing, pinching her nipple through the dress. Her nipple was instantly hard. She also knew that this young man was much bigger than her husband………

Amy felt his hand moving down her body, past her waist, hitching up the front of her dress. His fingers were moving up her thighs as he lifted the dress. In seconds she suddenly squealed as his finger canlı casino siteleri pushed between her legs, seeking her clit. She was moaning softly in seconds as his finger rubbed her clit, her legs parting, her body moving to his rhythm……………

Suddenly Tony removed his finger, suddenly Amy found herself thrown over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift, being carried out into the garden. She was stunned at first, she faintly struggled, but was still too turned on by this muscular young man. Tony carried her the short distance to the summer house, opened the door, looked at Tom who was still stood naked in the room. “Don’t move,” he said to him in a kindly but firm voice.

With Amy still over his shoulder, held there with one hand, Tony undid his shorts, dropped them and his underpants to the floor. He slid Amy off his shoulder, but without letting her touch the floor, he held her around him with his hands under her ass. He manoeuvred her dress around her waist, then lowered her onto his cock. Amy felt the lips of her pussy being touched by his cock, gently being spread, then his cock slipping inside her. She heard him order her to wrap her legs around him. She did instantly. She felt herself being lowered further and further onto Tom’s cock until he was completely buried in her – at least two inches more than her husband…..

Tom had simply watched, His cock was throbbing as he watched his wife wrapped obscenely around the powerful young man.

Tony put his hands around Amy’s ass, the tip of a finger pushing softly at her asshole. He simply lifted her up and down on his cock. She was wet, moaning gently, soon helping by pulling herself up and down with her arms around his neck.

Amy was fucking faster and faster, moaning out loud, then suddenly screaming as her orgasm overwhelmed her, her body shaking, the walls of her pussy pulsating on the giant cock in her. It was too much for Tony – he grunted, thrust hard into her, was filling her with his cum. Then flowing outside the side, dripping to the floor.

At last, Tony and Amy had come down from their high, and Tony lifted Amy off his cock, let her stand on the floor. She stood, but her legs were wobbly – she had never cum like that before…….. Tom had been transfixed, watching his wife being fucked by this muscular man, who he would like to be fucked by as well………………

Tony seemed to have gained confidence. “Okay,” he commanded. “Both of you – on your knees. Lick me clean, make me hard again………….” It was Amy who dropped to her knees first, then Tom. Both together, licking the mixture of Tony’s cum and Amy’s juices from Tony’s cock. Quickly Tony became hard again. Tony pulled them both to their feet.

“Well, I believe you owe me ten dollars – five dollars each.” Tony Smiled. At first Tom and Amy were confused. “Well, I believe the bet was that the one who was sucked first won…… As I’ve been sucked first, then I think I win…… Tom, bend over that table……..” Tom bent over. Tony spoke to Amy gently. “Amy, if you don’t want to watch me fuck your husband, then……………..”

“No, no, I’ll stay. ……………………” Tony turned back to Tom and put his cock to Tom’s ass. He pushed strongly and steadily, and his cock disappeared further and further into Tom’s asshole. Tom struggled to relax as he felt himself owned and taken by this young man. He had never felt anything better, and when Tony’s hand reached around gripped his cock, began to stroke, Tom thought he had gone to heaven……………

Half an hour later the three were dressed, sat on the patio. It was almost as if nothing had happened. Tony was talking gardens, explaining what he had left to do, that it would take another three or four days. He was amazed that Tom and Amy were like adoring children, listening to every word. He wouldn’t disappoint them – he would give them the best garden ever.

Over the next three days Tony did produce the best garden ever. Tom and Amy were delighted. On the Thursday they met to pay Tony the remainder of the bill. It was Amy who spoke. “Tony, um, we loved your work on Sunday. If you want us again, then please come and visit us. “

For Tony, this couple seemed to have broken through the darkness. The dark cloud felt as if it had gone. Tony smiled. “Of course I’ll be visiting again. I believe your daughters are home this weekend – I’ll be here on Saturday to take all four of you……..”

Amy paused. “Please be gentle with them………………”

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