Gavin and the Three Blondes


Another story that illustrates my own sexual attraction to my mother, this one deals with a teenage male, his mature female teacher, and her preteen daughters. Enjoy.

17 year old Gavin Ambrose struggled to keep quiet as he tightened his grip around his erect cock. The High School bathroom had become a recurring stage for his quick masturbatory sessions. Every Monday before 2nd period, every Wednesday before 4th period, and every Friday before last period. These were the best times to relieve his tension, because these were the times before English class- before he’d see Ms. Reed. Gavin found concentration nearly impossible in this blonde goddess’ classroom. Pre-class masturbation was the only way he could function in her presence. With thoughts of Ms. Reed’s short 5’2″ stocky frame and enormous natural 38g breasts, Gavin viciously pumps his hard cock. He imagines being inside her wet pussy, wondering if it’s shaved or not. Before his fantasies and wonderings can continue, a thick stream of semen lands on the toilet bowl in front of him as he reaches his orgasm. He bites his lip as he continues to spill more seed. He reaches for the toilet paper and tears off a few squares to clean himself up. He puts his spent limp cock away and slings his bookbag over his shoulder- Off to English class on a Friday afternoon.

40 year old Alice Reed sat quietly, watching as her students filed in for their final period of the week. She loved the way her male students drank her in every time they saw her. It wasn’t at all uncommon for her to notice a few strained erections pushing on the front of their pants. She adjusted her black framed glasses as Gavin walked in, looking flushed with a few beads of lingering sweat on his brow. He smiled at her coyly before taking his usual seat up front. Alice had been watching him for weeks now, and only recently worked out his routine. The thought of this sexy young man jerking off was intoxicating. The boy himself was tall and slender, with dark scraggly hair that hung to his shoulders. Alice wasn’t so much attracted to the boy, but to the idea of a willing cock to fuck. Since her divorce the previous year, Alice had been feeling very deprived and frustrated lately. Gavin would at least provide some relief.

The class progressed as usual: Girls gossiping and passing notes, boys making lewd comments when they think Ms. Reed can’t hear them, and the inevitable return of Gavin’s erection. Ms. Reed found herself fantasizing about Gavin, her panties collecting her resulting moisture. She made a conscious decision at that moment that she would keep Gavin after class.
As the students read silently from their text books, Ms. Reed sat and graded a recent stack of turned in assignments. Once finished, she took the papers up into a bundle, holding them tight to her large breasts, and stood up, making the rounds and returning the papers to their authors.
“Everyone, I’m handing back yesterday’s papers. Overall, I’m very impressed. You’ve all shown steady improvement throughout this unit. Keep it up.” She praised them as her stack of papers grew thinner.
She stopped next to Gavin’s desk, smiling as she waited for him to look up at her. His eyes lingered on her tits a moment before making eye contact. He swallowed hard as she passed him his paper.
“Well done, Gavin.” She winked as he took the paper from her well manicured fingers.
She walked back to her desk, sat down, and watched intently at Gavin’s expression as he read her comments. She grinned in anticipation. His eyes widened as he read and re-read the brief phrase below the large bold ‘A’.
‘Come fuck me after class.’
Gavin looked up into the devilish eyes of his teacher and saw that it was no joke. His cock seemed to harden more than it ever had before, forcing him to casually adjust his seating position. He looked at the clock: 3 minutes until the bell would chime in the end of the school week. It was the longest, most unbearable 3 minutes of Gavin’s young life, and when the bell finally sounded, he almost cheered his relief.
“See you Monday, everyone. Remember to read through chapters 4 to 6 in your textbooks as there will be a quiz first thing.” Ms. Reed raised her voice over the cacaphony of shuffling feet, gleeful voices and creaking chair legs.
When the classroom was at last empty, save Ms. Reed and Gavin, they sat in silence a moment. Alice soon stood up and closed the door. Without a word, she sat up on her desk, lifting her khaki skirt and spreading her legs, dangling them over either side of the desk corner. Then, pulling her soaking panties to one side, she started to gently rub her swollen clit in tight circles. Gavin’s eyes locked on the beautiful sight. He stood up out of his desk and drifted toward the glistening slit, accented by a perfectly maintained patch of thinly distributed blonde pubic hair.
“Pull out your cock, Gavin…” Alice ordered as she buried a few digits up into herself. Her juices slicked up her fingers and the top of the desk as she watched him clumsily rush to free his throbbing erection. It sprang to glorious life as it finally touched the open air, met by a smile and a gasp from Ms. Reed, who licked her lips at the surprisingly thick 7 or so inches approaching her. Gavin instinctively ran his palms over the veiny shaft and smooth head. When he walked close enough, Alice leaned forward and reached for his slightly curved dick, sliding her hand along the shaft to firmly grip the base. She gently pulled, encouraging Gavin to walk the rest of the way.
“Am I sexy, Gavin?” Ms. Reed asked as she teased his balls with her fingertips.
“Yes. You’re so hot, Ms. Reed…” Gavin answered through an increasing frequency of breaths.
“What do you before you come to my class, Gavin?” She started softly jerking and squeezing his thick cock.
Gavin blushed when he realized what she was alluding to. However, it obviously didn’t matter what she knew.
“I… I jerk myself off.” He stammered, watching her fingers toy with his cock.
“And what is it you think about while you jerk yourself off, my dear boy?” Alice smiled.
“You, Ms. Reed. I think about your tits, your pussy, and your ass. I think about fucking you.” He confessed quickly, overcome with lust. Alice felt the same lust at hearing his hungry words. She grinned as she guided his hard dick to her dripping wet pussy. He leaned towards her, pressing against her massive chest as he slid up into her. They gasped in unison as their eyes locked. He buried himself inside her up to his balls, holding his breath.
“Go ahead Gavin. Fuck me.” Alice whispered. Her breathy tone excited him to no end as he began a steady rhythm of pumps into her. She moaned softly as he penetrated her, slowly at first, but he picked up speed soon enough, grunting as he watched her take every inch. She was about to speak, when he izmir escort bayan suddenly groaned deeply, his legs shuddering as he filled her cunt with a thick load of cum. He squeezed her about the waist as he finished inside her. Miles away from orgasm, alice couldn’t help but feel disappointed. He pulled out, gasping at the waning sensations. His cum leaked out onto the desk from his teacher’s hungry cunt.
Gavin backed off, sitting on top of the nearest students’ desk, putting his now limp cock away. He watched Ms. Reed as she hopped down to the floor, bending over to lick up the cum that had only until recently been in her pussy. She then reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a pen and scrap of paper. After scratching something brief onto the paper, she handed it to Gavin. He looked at her, puzzled, after he read it.
“8:00 tonight. Don’t be late.” She said. Gavin turned to leave, glancing down at the note again before leaving. It was her home address.
Gavin was barely out the door when Alice reached up her skirt to fingerfuck her still soaking pussy. She was desperate to reach orgasm, and rushed her masturbation to its very wet end.
Gavin checked his watch under the light outside his horny teacher’s door. 7:55 pm. The past 4 hours of waiting had been torture, and he found himself unable to resist masturbating several times. Now, it was time, and with a dry mouth and shaking knees, he knocked on the door. After a few moments, the door eased halfway open, and the face of a pretty young blonde girl appeared.
“Yes?” She said with a hopeful grin. Gavin immediately thought that he had the wrong house.
“I’m sorry, I’m looking for 136 Norton…” He started, reading off the scrap of paper he’d received from Ms. Reed.
“That’s here. Gavin, right? My mom said you’d be coming.” She opened the door the rest of the way, keeping herself behind it as he walked in.
Of course, he thought. Ms. Reed had mentioned that she had kids, but they weren’t yet in High School.
“So… Where’s Ms. Reed?” He asked, ignoring the girl as she closed the door behind him. He peered about the visible areas of the house, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of his teacher. When the young girl didn’t answer, he was about to turn around, instead finding that she was pressing herself up against his back, her hands reaching around his waist to rub the front of his jeans. Gavin froze as he looked back over his shoulder. The girl was a good head shorter than him.
“I’m Emily.” She said as she started grinding her pelvis into the back of his thigh.
Despite having a hundred immediate questions, Gavin couldn’t say a word. He merely watched as she circled him as he stood there. He was shocked to see that she was completely naked. He stared at her hairless tight pussy and tiny, budding breasts. Her angelic face smiled up at him as she opened his jeans, reaching down to grip the thickening dick within.
“But… Ms. Reed… I`m supposed to…” He struggled with every syllable.
“Fuck my mom, I know…” Emily began as she pulled his cock out, stroking it gently. “… Wow, she said you were thick, but… Oh, wow! Mmmm…” She smiled to herself as he hardened in her grip. “Mom wants to make sure you last a long time with her tonight, so we’re supposed to make you cum a few times first.”
“But… How old… Wait. We?” He asked, wondering how is night could possibly get any stranger… Or beter. Emily just smiled as she stepped aside in the foyer of the house. Behind her, also naked, was a much younger girl with a flat chest and long, blonde curls. The little girl smiled excitedly with an almost silly grin.
“This is Abby. And to answer your question: I’m 12 and she’s 7.” Emily said matter-of-factly, as though it was the most common thing in the world to have a 3some with a pair of preteen sisters. “Come here, Abby.” She invited her young sibling over as she held Gavin’s cock and stepped aside. Without hands, Abby leaned over and took the cock into her small, young mouth. She moaned around his cock as her sister pushed her head further down. “Good girl, Abby.” Emily encouraged.
Gavin gave in, with Emily helping him disrobe around the vigorous blowjob. He was surprised that a 7 year old could suck cock so well. The movements of her tongue and lips, along with the applied pressure in all the right spots drove him wild. Emily soon knelt down to lick Gavin’s hanging balls, exchanging brief giggled filled kisses with her cute sister. Gavin put a hand behind each of the girls’ heads, nudging them forward. He watched intently, struggling in his own mind about how something like this was even real. He noticed Emily’s left hand reach between Abby’s legs, hearing a squishing noise as she finger-fucked the tiny slit. Abby moaned her approval.
“I’m getting her wet little cunt ready for you, Gavin. You’re gonna fuck my 7 year old sister’s cunt.” Emily said, enjoying Gavin’s obvious arousal at the suggestion. After a few moments, Abby stood up and threw her arms over Gavin’s shoulders. He instinctively picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. The young face seemed to plead with him. Her gaze begged for it, and then so did her voice:
“Please fuck my pussy. I want your cock inside my little pussy.” She softly whispered. Her request was swiftly answered when Emily grabbed hold of Gavin’s spit-soaked shaft, and guided it upwards, pushing the bulbous tip up past her baby sisters’ pussy lips. Abby quivered and moaned as she eased her body downwards onto it, feeling her tiny hole get stretched further with every thick inch. Emily stayed on the floor behind Abby, alternating licking her asshole and pussy, as well as the cock that penetrated it.
Abby pressed her little body tightly to Gavin’s as he fucked her, crying and reeling as she braced herself for every thrust. She was clearly uncomfortable, and most likely in pain, although she insisted on his continuing when he brought it up. Her tight cunt squeezed his cock with incredible force, which made going slow his only initial option.
“Yeah, Gavin, fuck her! Fuck my little sister! Slide your thick cock into her little 7 year old pussy!” Emily almost screamed. Her own excitement was steadily rising as she was now fingering both her own asshole, and that of her little sister. Gavin couldn’t help but comply as he started thrusting faster and deeper up into the eager little preteen slut. Her young, deliciously scented juices coated and ran down the pumping shaft, only to be quickly lapped up by the waiting tongue of her equally slutty big sister. It became apparent, however unbelievable, that Abby was not a virgin. She had definitely been fucked before. Gavin found himself wondering when she first had cock, or if she’d just had various large objects inserted into her by her mother and sister. He very much enjoyed the thought of the wondrous lesbian incest that undoubtedly buca escort takes place in this house.
With Abby clinging firmly to his chest, Gavin walked a short distance to the living room, followed closely by Emily. Once he arrived at the couch, he peeled the small girl off of himself and dropped her on the seat. She looked up him, grinning with anticipation of his next move. He turned to Emily, pushing her onto the couch next to her sister. The girls giggled together as they kissed and teased each other, with Gavin just standing back a moment to watch, reflexively stroking his hard cock. Emily leaned over to eat Abby’s freshly fucked cunt, licking and nibbling at it hungrily. Abby giggled and writhed, grinding her soft wet mound into Emily’s face. Gavin decided quickly that watching wasn’t enough, and crouched behind Emily, who lifted her ass in anticipation. He was surprised at how easily he was able to push into her pussy. As tight as it was, it seemed to want him inside, opening itself just enough to allow a perfect fit. After only a few thrusts, Emily looked over her shoulder at Gavin.
“No, I want your dick in my ass, Gavin.” She said with a droplet of Abby’s moisture dangling from her bottom lip.
Gavin paused a moment. He’d never even considered something like that before.
“Don’t worry, I’m clean. We both are.” She added, her little sister nodding her reinforcement.
“But… Won’t that hurt?” Gavin asked, still uneasy with the idea.
“Only if you do it right.” Emily giggled, echoed immediately by Abby.
“Come on, Gavin. Do it, fuck her asshole!” Abby’s cute little voice urged with an impatient tone.
His cock thoroughly slicked up from both girls’ pussies, Gavin pushed the head of his cock against Emily’s puckered asshole. It didn’t seem likely to him that such a small hole could accommodate him. Emily’s hands squeezed the couch cushions as she readied herself. Abby crawled over her sister, straddling the small of her back. She pulled Emily’s buttocks apart as she watched intently. Gavin loved how slutty these two little girls were. Abby’s tongue licked the tight asshole, as well as the hard cock now almost halfway inside of it. Gavin groaned deeply, amazed at the sensation. Abby goaded him on further as she held his veiny shaft, pulling him forward. Emily let out a series of stuttered screams, broken up by the occasional gasp or other exclamation of pleasure. Gavin soon found himself pumping her asshole steadily. It was slow but very effective. He felt his orgasm approach, fucking her ass faster to bring it on.
“He’s gonna cum soon, Em.” Abby said as she easily read the signs.
“Jerk him off and eat it, Abby.” Emily responded with excitement.
Emily leaned forward, leaving Gavin’s wet cock in Abby’s little hands. She jerked him fast as she looked up into his eyes. Her smile was barely visible as she held her mouth open in front of his enflamed cock. Gavin gripped a clump of the tiny girl’s hair and watched as he decorated her adorable face with several broken lines of white cum. Some of it landed on her outstretched tongue, which she gladly swallowed. More still adorned Emily’s raised ass, where a small pool had collected in her gaping hole. The girls giggled happily before exchanging deep passionate kisses, sharing Gavin’s seed.
“I see my girls are treating you well, Gavin.” A familiar voice said from behind Gavin.
Startled, he got up quickly, backing away from the preteen whores as though Ms. Reed wouldn’t have approved. When he turned to see her, he was floored at the perfection her naked body offered. Her enormous tits hung down to her navel, while still holding their beautiful, full rounded shape. All she wore was a garter belt and black fishnet stockings. Alice walked right by him to see her daughters. She licked the cum from Emily’s asshole, and then off of Abby’s face. Then all 3 of them kissed and exchanged the warm treat until finally, they each swallowed their own share. Alice sat on the end of the couch and opened her legs. As if on cue, both her young daughters knelt on the floor between her legs, licking, eating, and sucking together. Gavin sat next to her to watch the feast.
“So you like my little girls, Gavin?” Ms. Reed teasingly asked, already knowing the answer.
“They’re fucking amazing.” He said. The girls giggled happily at his comment as they continued to eat their mother’s cunt.
“Mmmm… Yes they are…” She put a hand on each of her girls’ heads lovingly, closing her eyes and smiling while they pleasured her.
Gavin was surprised how attractive he found them all to be, despite the contrasts in age and body type. Ms. Reed could be described as ‘pleasantly plump’. Her perfect, exaggerated 40 year old curves were an instant turn-on for Gavin, as were the incredibly large tits he was now squeezing and groping. 12 year old Emily was the picture of pre-adolescent beauty. Her body just budding into what would soon become that of a young woman. Her barely there tits and naked pussy, coupled with her thin body, was a different kind of sexy altogether than her mother. Then there was little Abby. At a mere 7 years old, she perhaps held the most immediate power over Gavin’s senses. Her tiny body, curveless and eager, was an unexpected physical draw. The sight and scent of her youthful, hairless cunt was hypnotic, almost orgasm-inducing. Gavin’s gaze returned to Alice, the beautiful reason these 2 little whores in training exist. He felt the need to thank her, and since his erection had returned, he did the only thing that he knew she’d appreciate.
Reaching across Alice’s body, Gavin grabbed her about the waist, pulling her towards him into a horizontal position. She yelped at the sudden pull, grinning at his new forceful behavior.
“Wanna get fucked, Ms. Reed?” He asked, already pushing into her.
“Mmmm… Yes, Gavin. Fuck me good…” She opened her legs further as Gavin buried his dick in her dripping wet cunt.
Emily and Abby leaned over their mother’s naked body, continuing to lick and and suckle at her pussy as Gavin pushed his full length inside her. Alice moaned softly, and reached behind herself to finger-fuck her own asshole.
“Fuck… You’re all so fucking hot…” Gavin panted as his balls slapped Alice’s fingers as they fucked her asshole. “I can’t believe this is happening…”
“Believe it. You’re fucking my pussy. You fucked my little girls.” Alice moaned back.
Her daughters’ excitement seemed to instantly increase, as they became more vigorous while enjoying their mother’s flavor. Gavin increased his pace accordingly, pumping his teacher’s pussy faster and much harder. Alice’s giant tits bounced and jiggled with each thrust he made. She moaned and squealed with delight. She loved being the center of attention. Abby started rubbing her mother’s clit in tight, fast circles, with Emily pulling the pussy lips farther izmir escort apart. Alice fucked her asshole faster and deeper, feeling herself reaching the point if no return. Gavin steadied the huge tits, gripping and fondling them, using them to pull himself forward into her slutty, delicious cunt. Alice arched her back an tensed her whole body as she felt the rush of orgasm. She held her breath, gritting her teeth as the waves washed through her. Gavin continued fucking her, even as her pussy contracted around his cock, trying to force him out.
As Gavin eased out of Ms. Reed’s pussy, a small rush of liquid followed him, running down onto her thighs and asshole. The girls quickly moved to lick it all up. While still writhing from post-orgasmic ecstasy, Gavin pushed his cock up into her asshole, which still housed Alice’s own fingers. His encouragement made her continue finger-fucking herself, with Gavin enjoying the feeling of his thick shaft rubbing against her thrusting knuckles. Emily and Abby looked at other, surprised at Gavin’s aggression and newfound initiative. They started rubbing themselves and each other as they watched.
Alice screamed, digging the nails of her free hand into the couch. Her entire body wriggled and shook with every deep thrust into her gaping asshole.
“You like that? You like it when I shove my dick up your ass? You’re daughter enjoyed it. She liked it in her asshole too.” Gavin goaded his teacher.
“Ohhhh… Fuck yes! Fuck my asshole, baby! I’m your dirty old whore!” She yelped and gasped in response.
“Your daughters are my whores too, aren’t they, bitch?” Gavin said, not so much as asked.
“Oh… Fuck… Yes, we’re such dirty fucking whores!” Abby interjected as she finger-fucked herself fast and hard.
With that, Gavin suddenly pulled out, quickly grabbing Abby by the arm and pulling her towards him. He forced her mouth down around his cock.
“Taste your mothers’ ass, you little slut!” Gavin said, pushing his cock into her mouth as far as he could. She gagged, but happily sucked as her little hands worked the length of his shaft. “Emily, lick your mothers’ asshole.” He ordered. With a hungry grin, she leaned in to do as instructed, pushing her tongue deep into Alice’s ass, who responded with a very happy giggle, followed by deep, intense moans. Emily climbed on top of her, into the 69 position.
“Oh, mom, your ass tastes so good…” Emily panted. Alice put her hands onto her daughter’s ass, pulling her pelvis down to eat her pussy.
Abby looked up at Gavin as his cock disappeared past her lips. She was clearly enjoying the mixed taste of his cock with her mother’s asshole.
“You’re a dirty little slut, Abby…. Fuck you’re such a nasty whore, just like your mom and your sister…” Gavin groaned. Abby responded with impassioned muffled tones around his hard cock.
Closing his eyes briefly, Gavin let the sounds around him sink in: The little girl whimpering as she coated his dick with her saliva. The mature woman and her young daughter next to him moaning into each others’ pussies. Suddenly, he reached down, grabbing Abby by the hair and gently pulling her to her feet. She smiled at him as he pulled her into his lap. He watched her expression as he teased her tiny clit with the head of his cock. As he’d push ever so slightly, she’d start to slide down his shaft, but every time he’d quickly pull away, denying her.
“Beg me for it, little girl. Beg me to fuck your pussy.” Gavin said as he held her in place with his hands on her thighs.
“Please, Gavin… Put your big cock into my tiny 7 year old cunt. Fuck me please…” Abby swooned, desperate to feel him inside her.
“You want my cock in your cunt, bitch?” He asked in a breathy whisper.
“Oh, yes please… Please fuck it…” She looked in his eyes as she spoke this time, making an expression of undeniable lust and desperation.
Gavin pulled her forward to whisper softly to her:
“Too bad.” He said as he quickly redirected his dick up into her puckered little asshole. She let out a cry of pain as he forced his way further into her, pulling her downwards by her shapeless hips. Gavin smiled, enjoying her struggle. She made no effort to stifle her cries this time, freely screaming and crying. Every additional inch brought new definitions of both pain and pleasure. Her tears flowed down to her half-smiling lips. Looking to their right, Gavin saw that Emily and Alice had taken notice, and the former was now sitting in her mother’s lap as they enjoyed the show. Gavin looked straight into his teacher’s eyes, smiling as he started to lift Abby off of his cock, only to pull her down more forcefully. Ms. Reed bit her lip as she returned his smile.
Again focusing on Abby, Gavin couldn’t help but feel some discomfort at the tightness of her asshole. It seemed as though had he not been holding onto her, she would have shot right off of him and hit the ceiling. Abby’s fingernails dug into his shoulders as she tried to brace herself. She uttered a series of whimpers and yelps, her tone changing in pitch and frequency constantly.
Gavin must have been fucking her asshole for 10 minutes before he felt himself ready to cum. Along the way, Abby herself had suffered 3 consecutive orgasms, and by this time, her juices had made quite a mess. Gavin buried his full length into her asshole, staring her in the eye as he exploded. She groaned as the blast of warm cum filled her. They cried out together as he pumped more and more of his semen into her stretched asshole. Once he’d finished, he let go of her and leaned back into his seat. Abby shuddered as she climbed off, cum freely dripping out of her newly gaped hole. She smiled as she let it dribble down onto the softening cock and surrounding area. When Gavin opened his lazy eyes, he saw all 3 girls leaning over him, licking up his cum and again exchanging it through passionate kisses with each other.
Gavin woke on the floor, next to the couch. Alice was at his right, on her side facing him with her right arm across his chest. Emily was between his legs, her head resting next to his cock. Abby, however, was nowhere to be seen. He sat up, and looked around the room, coming to focus on Abby,laying on her stomach on the floor behind her sleeping mother, watching Saturday morning cartoons, as he assumed, most 7 year olds did. The previous night had seemed a dream at this point, as Gavin found it nearly impossible to believe its events. As he rubbed his eyes, Alice awoke, leaning in to hug him lovingly. He put his arm around her in kind.
“Morning, handsome.” She said lazily, her eyes still closed.
Gavin said nothing, opting instead to kiss her forehead and give her a bit of a squeeze, to which she responded with a girlish giggle, not unlike that of her young daughters’.
“So…” Emily said suddenly. Gavin looked down his body to see that the 12 year old had also awakened. “Ready for more?” She grinned devilishly before unleashing her tongue on Gavin, licking between his balls and thigh…

The End

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