Gay Boy’s Bath House Adventure

Big Tits

All participants are over the age of 18, all sex is consensual, there is no violence or abuse.


You can call me Donnie, most of the guys do. My real name shouldn’t interest you. I have a right to some privacy. The reason I use an alias is because of my sexual needs. Sometimes it’s play for pay and sometimes it is free. Depends on my mood and if the rent is due. If I’m a bit behind I’m up for sale. Ha, Ha, that is my behind is up for sale. But if today is Monday, for fee or free, you can be sure I’ll be fucked before Tuesday arrives.

I’m 22, but I look younger. I’m about 5’10”, well I say I am, I’m really 5’9 1/2″, the 10 just sounds better. This business is all about appearances. I have natural sky blue eyes, they almost look fake, but they are not. Some clients ask for me as Donny Blue Eyes. That’s ok with me. Sometimes when I’m sucking dick they raise up my head and look into my eyes and I’ll feel their love and deep pleasure as they fill my mouth with their sweet spunk. Sometimes guys gaze into my eyes and tell me they can see into another world, more BS. When it gets to sex, guys will lie about anything. Tell that to your younger sisters. I guess deep down you’ve got to love cock to make sex a business and a passion and I do.

I’m a slender white boy with a natural bubble butt that I’ve enhance with a few years of gym membership, but I prefer to look more like a dancer than a muscle man so I’m not into muscle building workouts. Some escorts fuck or get fucked for money but most of the time for me it’s the excitement, the rush of real sex that is the payoff. Money is just a necessary extra.

I have blond straight hair, to be truthful it’s medium blond, but I drop it few grades so I can pass as a surfer dude. Believe me, that look gets the middle age guy’s rocks off. Freud might suggest they are attracted to me because they fantasize about fucking their own sons. I don’t know but I’ve run into some weird shit. I do have full cupid lips, really too fem for a boy. If you look closely you’ll realize they are the perfect lips for a cock sucker.

I come from Utah, born into a Mormon family, probably of Scott-Irish heritage if you trace back far enough. In the outback of Utah there still exists the old religions penchant for having multiple wives, believe me it still goes on. Since there are 8, 9 or 10 wives to each man, the young guys are cast off as they are too much competition for the older guys who are not willing to share their pussy.

When I hit the usual age of departure, I had two strikes against me. I was cute and the girls liked me. On the plus side, only a few knew I was really gay. My mom gave me a $67 and a jar of quarters. The jar weighed too much so I cashed them in first chance I got. I forget how many coins were in there, I think about $42. My dad dressed in his old fashioned garb wearing his black hat, walked me out with a firm hand on my shoulder to his horse and buggy. He was making sure I left. He dropped me off at the bus stop and waited there till I was seated on the night bus and it had pulled away. And you ask if I felt welcome at home? That’s the last I’ve seen of any of them in years.

Of course being gay I got a ticket to Hollywood and I’ve never looked back. Happy to be out of Utah, as you might have guessed, being gay has no protected status in a bible thumping community. But sex rears its ugly head even there. I was abused on more than one occasion by a handful of those righteous older men who’d grope, grab and ask for blow jobs, but I’d rather not talk about it.

When I climbed into the bus I walked to the back I sat down next to an empty seat. It didn’t take long for some older guy with gaydar to spot me and come sit next to me. It also didn’t take him long to place a small blanket over my lap. Soon his hand was underneath the blanket, so busy I thought that he was examining my balls for a hernia.

All of this took place without a word being spoken. Yes, what you might be imagining took place, right there in the darkness. As I shot my load into his palm I thought, “Hollywood here I cum.”

In a way that was my baptism prior to entering my new life. The ever growing wet spot on the blanket went unnoticed. I fell asleep afterwards and the older guy must have gotten off during the night. He did leave a twenty dollar bill on his seat inside a matchbook with a phone number written on it.

Of course when the bus finally arrived in Hollywood there were so many pimps waiting around you might have thought it was a slave auction. A young muscular black pimp with a Borsalino wearing a white wife beater undershirt hat took me by the arm and pulled me along to a fried chicken place. Of course I was hungry, so I ate. I ended up after dinner sitting there in the corner of the restaurant waiting for the pimp to bring in his clients that I had to blow in the restroom, I did what he said, this guy was dangerous.

After I sucked off the forth guy I asked the pimp for some of the money. That earned me slap in the face. A cop casino siteleri entering the restaurant saw that and intervened. He knew the pimp and what his modus operandi was. When the cop collared the pimp I made a run for it and didn’t stop running till I got almost all the way to West Hollywood.

A mile or so away on Santa Monica Boulevard I met a gay boy, named James. Of course I spilled the beans, seeing what a mess I was, he invited me to crash at his apartment. It was very tiny but only a block away from Santa Monica Boulevard which was the prime meat market for gay and tranny hookers. I stayed with James for three weeks.

Of course being a natural bottom made it easy for me return the favor. James was an aggressive top. He must have fucked me a hundred times in those few weeks; on the bed, on the sofa, even over the kitchen table. He taught me the ropes.

James had a girlfriend who was a well known escort hooker. Between the two of them I learned how to douche, to lay off food for a few hours before practicing anal sex and subtle sexual moves to enhance the clients experience. Also to make sure I made the other guys wear a condom; no exceptions!

I have to admit they taught me welI. On a few occasions his girlfriend brought back one of her clients to the apartment and I went to work on them. We split the fee. She reviewed the encounter afterward telling me what I should have done and making suggestions. To her it was more than a business, it was a real art form. I learned a lot.

Meanwhile I had found a fast food job and by the end of the month, between my paycheck and tips, I had saved enough to rent a tiny apartment a few blocks away. My first few months were the hardest and I am not referring to my erections. James always said my dick never got harder then when he was plowing his good sized cock into my ass.

I was tempted to give up my day job at a Johnny Rocket food place but I figured I’d hang on a little longer before changing my method of earning. It was a 1950s style soda and hamburger place, sort of a luncheonette or dinner. The burgers were thin, crisp and well seasoned, the fries crispy and I got plenty of dates with other young gays who’d wait for me until my shift was over. Then we would go o the club route. I quickly learned all the in places, where to go and what to do.

I went dancing numerous times. The “Revolver” in Weho (West Hollywood) was my favorite club but there were plenty of others clubs further up town where drugs and weed were available, even blow. I even met at the Viper club a few weeks before he overdosed. I felt very bad about that and it was a warning to go easy on drugs.

If I went to the Revolver Club alone, guys who picked up upstairs would take to the bathroom stalls downstairs for blowjobs. It was nice when guys handed me money afterwards but I never asked. Asking for money could get you arrested. At the worst you were giving it up for free and I really didn’t mind.

James had told me not to ask for cash as the young guys on the vice squad went to the clubs for entrapment and if you mentioned money, they’d fuck you and then arrest you. I guess that was a vice squad perk? The free fuck, I mean.

A few months later no I registered with an escort service that would send me to appointments at with celebrity clients who usually booked rooms at that large famous hotel on Wilshire Blvd, it’s the one owned or was owned by the TV personality who died several years back. Yeah, the same guy who was having sex with the male interns at the TV station if you recall. That fucker never came out of the closet till he was in his coffin. Then others did it for him.

Sometimes I have to Uber or taxi to those huge 20 million dollar Bel Air mansions way back in the hills above Sunset Blvd. Of course the client pays for transport. Most of those calls came in when the wife was off in France or where ever and hubby hoists a flag of is true colors. I ended up being turned over by quite a few movie stars or producers I’m sure you would recognize, but I won’t tell..

I’d take those escort jobs as they came. But going into strange places is always a risk. It might be a cop set up for entrapment or just a crazy whom the escort service mistakenly thought was ok. For money you risk life and limb but I’ve been lucky. Most of the clients are happy to see me and treat me very nicely. I’ve met some real cool people that have requested me to return multiple times and the evening were enjoyable.

Escorting sure is safer than working on the street. That’s where guys like me disappear. I had a few friends from my early days that never returned from the mean streets. Where are they? Who knows? It seems every few years the bodies are found buried under some psycho’s house.At the beginning I’d work the less dangerous streets in Hollywood. The downtown areas were too scary. One famous comic, picked me up one night in a rare occasion when I was in drag. He massaged and admired my feet but never fucked me.

Now, I am not a tranny, slot oyna but sometimes if I’ll have to escort as a girl in order to meet a wealthy client’s wishes. For those occasions I have few nice fem dress in the closet, some different colored wigs and a real expensive padded bra. If was a real tranny I’d have sky high tits, but the bra will give me that look, unless I have to take it off. I’m content with who I am and tit surgery is not an option.

What are my sexual preferences? I’m strictly gay. Guys are my idea of ideal sex partners. I love cock, anywhere you stick it. Generally I am the bottom, but if you want a top, I’ve got a strong seven inch cock, ( well 6 1/2 inch, everyone exaggerates) that can fuck the night away. Maybe I can go a long time because I really don’t get off on fucking guys. But I haven’t had any cock fucking complaints so far.

You are probably curious if I’ve ever been with a woman? Well, if you can fuck a man in the ass you sure as hell can fuck his wife’s pussy. I’ve had that threesome request a few times and with luck I was able to get through it without vomiting, but I really am no fan of pussy. Guys, be advised your daughters and wives are safe with me.

When I’m not under money pressure I like to go for relaxation and fun fucking in the gay bath houses or sex clubs here in Los Angeles. There are a few different clubs or bath houses but I limit myself to two of them. One is fancy and the other is a bit of a slum. The fancy place is where you find guys with attitude looking for gay perfucktion. Believe me I can make the grade. The other bath house is a bit of a slum but it has its good points.

Most of the time the guys who frequent gay bath houses are tops looking for bottoms. I can happily accommodate them. But sexual preferences are not always what you might expect. Some of the really biggest tough guys will surprise you when they ask you to fuck them. I can’t blame them, being fucked is a unique pleasure, and you can do it a lot of times in one afternoon, whereas fucking, maybe once or twice and then you need time to recharge the old cum sack unless you fake orgasm.

As I was saying, of the two clubs I frequent, the slummy downtown club caters to poor guys, no pretense there. But it’s like speed dating, you can get fucked five times in an hour. It’s just cock in ass and “thank you ma’am.” The fancy place is low key, if you are lucky you may get fucked once in an hour, but it might be nice and sweet and a loving fuck. The sauna and pool are always clear and clean. Kind of like a country club with no cunts, just puckered ass holes and viagra dick erections sunbathing round the pool. It makes you want to laugh when you see all those swollen erections.

At the fancy place, the guy you had sex with might ask for your phone number or invite you out to dinner. I usually say, “I’ll find you here” and I don’t give out my number. Of course there are some exceptions. Most of the time I never see them again or maybe months later they show up and make a beeline to me. It’s not always a good idea to have sex with regulars, strangers are preferred.

Many of the clientele at the slummy bath house are Latinos and Asians and often they don’t even speak English. But Mexies often have big cocks and sometime I’m a size queen. Likewise there are a lot of gay Asians, they might surprise you with a big dick but even if you let a guy with a small cock fuck you they work very hard to satisfy. Also Asians are usually clean, no odor. When a big guy fucks you fast and hard, sometimes the sexual pheromones can make you dizzy.

If the slummy club is not too busy, and I’ve been fucked a few times and I want to get off I might accept an invitation to fuck a guy, it puts off the blue balls you get after being fucked if you didn’t get off. I have to be pretty relaxed and excited to cum with some guy’s cock fucking my ass, but when it does happen it is just a fantastic climax. Oh yeah! When a stiff cock is banging your prostate you can really let go. I mean the climax can leave you speechless.

So let me tell you about a recent experience. I went down to the slummy club let’s just call it that, no disrespect intended. I was wanting to get butt fucked, at least once. I lay in the Jacuzzi with two Mexican guys. They were obviously friends and as it turned out they were looking for a threesome. One of the guys, named Martine, who was wearing a yellow undershirt with a star on it, worked his way over to me in the small shallow pool and started playing with my cock. Next thing I knew he’d stuck his finger in my ass, thumb nail and all.

“Whoa,” I said. But it was obvious by the attention my ass was getting, this guy was into fucking me.

He took me by the hand and walked me into the shower area. He was nude except for the yellow undershirt he hung on a peg. We were followed by his friend Jose. They both soaped me up to get rid of the Jacuzzi pool water smell and spent a good bit of the time grabbing my cock and pinching my ass. We were all having a good time. Of course canlı casino siteleri I did some cock grabbing of my own. Erection was not a problem. Their cocks we hot, firm and ready.

I was getting a bit excited and they seemed like nice guys. Once we were dried off I waved my room key and let them follow me back to my room. They didn’t seem to speak much English but I knew enough Spanish to get by. They looked like they were too poor to have rented a room. I figured they probably had lockers, those are cheaper. If you want to fuck there are always asses to accommodate you. You don’t need a room. But if you want to get fucked, I mean to have a cock in your ass, you need a place to work out of, you’ve got to rent a room.

When I get to my room I lay out my butt plugs, dildos and creams and of course the platinum lube or one of the thicker KY gel lubes or Astroglide (Obviously it is Ass-glide). Sometimes I prefer the gel, even if it gets a little messy. That way when I guy comes into my room they know I’m there to get fucked. When these two guys came into my room they were ready. After a few brief kisses, they passed me back and forth. Jose, the shorter of the two, threw his yellow undershirt on the side of the bed, got on his knees and started rimming my ass. Sure, it felt good! A tongue provides a sensation that a finger cannot match.

Before we got started I sat down on the bed and put my arms around both of them. They moved closer so their cocks were in my face. The bigger guy, Marti, was a little taller than me, probably in his mid thirties, had a bit of a belly and a lot of pubic hair. Thick hairy legs. His cock was a normal 6 incher but very thick.

I began by licking it and pushing back the foreskin. Once I was able to roll the foreskin back I could see that his cock’s head was very pretty, a real mushroom shape and very red. I worked it deeper and deeper into my throat until his balls were within licking distance and them I gave them a few licks. This guy was ready. I let him ease out of my mouth, sucking tightly with my lips. That move, the tongue to the balls while their cock is in my mouth always surprises them.

The first guy stepped back and pushed his friend Jose into my face. This guy was probably 28 years old, had a little less pubic hair, maybe he’d trimmed it. His cock was thinner and an easy suck, but once it got in my mouth it grew. It went a bit farther down my throat then is usual. It was what I’d call a snake cock. The circumference of the head was the same as the shaft, and that works well when a guy is circumcised. As I sucked him he caressed my head, running his thin fingers through my hair.

I sucked him till I could taste his precum. I though both guys were hot and ready to spurt. I held each cock in each hand and pressed the together, licking and sucking both at the same time. It was obvious that I was going to have sex with both of them. The two erect cocks together were too big to take deeper than in the front of my mouth but it was exciting to get the two dicks in my mouth at the same time. Two in my ass at the same time wasn’t going to happen, not this afternoon.

Of course there are always condoms in bowls at the club. I always take a bunch. They are offered for free and I make it clear that anyone I have sex with better wear one. Having made sure both guys were well excited I ripped open a condom and put it in my mouth and rolled it over Marti’s cock. Then I did the same with Jose, who was smaller in stature but obviously had the longer cock His cock was actually longer than the unrolled condom but it seemed to fit ok. It’s easier to roll a condom from your mouth then by hand and it doesn’t draw negative attention.

What surprised me was the size of the Jose’s balls, they were firm and the size of a pair of jumbo eggs, really pretty. I like big balls so I spent some time holding them and when I finished sucking his long cock I finished by mouthing his big warm balls. I could only get one at a time into my mouth. They were warm and firm. My prepping finished, having gotten them this far, I turned away and got on all fours, my ass on the edge of the bed so they could fuck me standing up. That position makes for easy penetration and usually makes the fuck last longer.

One of them must have taken the lube tube and squirted it into my ass. Next thing I knew he was sticking a finger in my clean tight ass hole to help lubing me up. I waited in that position to see what they would do next. I could feel one of the guys cocks hovering over my ass, I reached back and felt his thick rigid cock, still in a condom. From the width I could tell it was Marti. If a cock isn’t rigid when you start it’s best to call it off. A soft cock doesn’t fuck anyone. And it is good to check for the condom, some guys will pull it off, especially the married guys who are used to fucking their wives without using one.

I pulled his cock into position, expecting him to enter slowly but no, he rammed the whole big banana right inside me and started hard fucking me. Jose had moved in front of me, dangling his swollen cock was in my face. The thick dicked guy was busy fucking me. I had a few pangs of pain but didn’t let on and he went to town, slapping my ass repeatedly as he fucked me.

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