Gay Debate


I’m gay…Yes, I Julio West am GAY. There I said it. At the age of 28 it was good to finally know what I was in the world. I’ve always been confused. In high school, I went out with a girl, but we didn’t do anything because she was too modest. Gym was horrible. I hated gym for obvious reasons. I always seemed to become erect around the other guys in the shower room. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was in bad denial. I remember late at night I used to jack off thinking about my neighbor, Ricardo, and me. In my dreams he fucked and sucked me with pleasure. I used to feel terrible afterwards thinking something was really wrong with me. However, I kept doing it. I even snuck into his house and stole his briefs so I could maybe smell his manly juices. It was sad and I was really appalled at myself, but I couldn’t stop. I told myself that this oddity about myself would stop when I left for college.

However, college was even more awkward. I went to an all boys’ school and that didn’t help much. I could have gotten into Yale, but I don’t know why I choose this less than Yale-like school. I ended up in a four-person dorm and all three of my roommates were hot as hell. I fantasized about them hoping that one would hit on me and we would fuck. Right in the middle of that fantasy I would get angry with myself and assured myself that I wasn’t gay. So I buried myself in my studies and became the head of my class. That’s how I got this great job at one of the best trade show companies around.

I woke up thinking it would be like any other normal Wednesday at the office. I got up, showered, brushed my teeth, and stopped at my closet with built in mirrors. I dropped my towel fully exposing myself. I’m not going to lie to you. I was pretty damn good looking. I was 5 foot 10 inches with a remarkable six-pack. I made sure to work out for an hour everyday after I came home from work to maintain my chiseled physique. I took some gel and spiked my dark black hair, winked at myself after looking at my limp 9-inch dick. My brown eyes always looked as though they wanted to stare at it, but I’d be late for work.

I arrived at work thirty minutes early so I might be able to finish a design and relax for the remainder of the week. My boss loved it when I was early, but I had just remembered that he wasn’t going to be in this month due to a tradeshow in Japan. It was for Nintendo. Thanks to my hard work on the design I got a hefty Christmas bonuses three weeks ago. I was a bit nervous meeting my new boss knowing that I’d be the only one in this early. I put my hand on the doorknob and hoped that I wouldn’t be attracted to him so things wouldn’t get awkward between us. I opened the door.

”Hi, my names Patrick Gomez and I’ll be your temporary boss for about a month. Please, just call me Patrick,” he said after I walked through the hallway.

I stood there in front of him flabbergasted! This man was a Roman God. His gorgeous wavy short black hair, emerald green eyes, and devilish smile made me want get on my knees and suck his dick no matter what the size. I quickly gave myself a mental slap in the face and remind myself that I was not gay.

”You must be Julio,” he said, “your boss told my what an early bird you were.” He extended his hand and I shook it. He had a strong grip and I returned a weak one still in shock.

”Hello,” I said. I finally spoke regaining my confidence. We began to talk for a while about where we grew up. I only nodded staring into his deep green eyes only catching that he was raised in Brazil. Other than that I nodded and smiled sheepishly staring at his beautiful face. Time went by fast and when Brenda, his secretary arrived, I thought it was my cue to finish my design.

I didn’t get much done. I found myself lying back in my chair stroking my cock, dreaming of Patrick. I would have jacked off if I hadn’t been in a cubicle. Once again I became scared when I realized what I was doing. I quickly stopped thinking of Patrick and was concentrated concentrating so intently on my design that I almost didn’t hear Patrick coming into my office.

”Whoa, Julio, pace yourself! You need a break, man. You’re working way to hard on this thing,” he joked. “Why don’t you and I have lunch so you can relax a little? You can show me a good place to get some grub. My treat.”

I agreed and we went. We went to a fancy dinner where they served the best Chicken Parmesan around. It is my favorite dish. It was the perfect romantic ambiance and I wished it were a date. We sat and talked about stupid stuff. Champagne arrived and I almost wet myself. Could he be interested in me? I never got champagne when I went out with my other boss here. I was trying not to stare deep in his luscious green eyes, but his whole face was just so mesmerizing. I was completely swept off my feet and acted like I was so interesting in his stories from when he was a paper pusher. I just looked deep in his eyes until my chicken arrived. I don’t remember much from that point on, but I realized what I was doing. I was falling in love with this man! I quickly let him continue to control the conversation and let him talk. I had finished rather quickly, casino siteleri as did he. While waiting for the check I felt something start to stroke my leg. I gave a sheepish smile and took deep breaths. He got his credit card back, left and I stood up quickly realizing once again that I was letting this guy try to give me a boner. I looked down at my crotch area and I had the hardest boner ever. I couldn’t wait to go home.

I worked like a horse on the design again because I wanted to finish it today. However, I received e-mail from Nintendo stating that some changes needed to be made. I decided to pull an all nighter so I could relax tomorrow. I thought everyone was gone. I loosened my tie a bit and took a quick breather when I was almost done. It was one in the morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about Lunch with Patrick. Once again I became aroused and thought about the possibility of me being gay. I debated for a while and dismissed my worries. I was strait. I got back to work and was almost finished when I became curious about Patrick. I decided to go to go into his office and take a look around. Maybe something in there could tell me if he was strait or gay.

I walked over to his office feeling a rush of energy. I was sneaking into Patrick’s office that gave me the hardest boner since I saw Antonio Sabato in an underwear ad. I mean I just wanted to know if he was hitting on me or not. It was a harmless search and I knew that there were no cameras in the building. I opened the door and it was unlocked! I peered through a small opening to see that no one was there. I was so happy, nervous, and excited that I started to shake. I opened his file cabinets and found countless legal and company files. I then moved to his desk. There was a photo of him and his parents on his neat desk. I sat in his leather massage chair and stared at him in the photograph. I thought about taking it, but it would be a very noticeable item missing. I opened his top draw to find…Office supplies. I searched through the second draw and found more papers. I started to become discouraged. I half-heartedly opened the last draw to find four or five Play Girl magazines! I looked on the cover at the nearly nude hot man. I opened the first one and started to beat off at the centerfold. His dick was so big. I neared my climax when I stopped! I realized that I was beating off to a man! Once again I debated in my head what was wrong with me and quickly put the magazine back in place. I didn’t feel like working so I headed home for a few hours of sleep.

I reached home and I had a new message. It was from Patrick! I listened acutely to what he said. He told me to take tomorrow off with him. He wanted to take me to play golf at his country club, swim, and have dinner. He’d pick me up at 3. Now knowing that Patrick was gay, I felt as though I wanted to go. I told myself that I could prove that I wasn’t gay by not being interested in him. Nothing would happen I assured myself. I gave him a call and left a message saying we were on!

I didn’t sleep or masturbate for once. I just couldn’t bring myself to it. I did it every night and blamed it on helping me get to sleep, but somewhere inside me I told myself that I should save myself for Patrick, just in case. I finally fell asleep and had a dream of the dinner we had only we had kissed leaving the restaurant. Nothing more. Just a simple kiss made the dream perfect for me.

I woke up at noon after the long night and did my daily routine. I watched a soap opera, which was weird because I never had watched one before. I found it strangely entertaining, but quickly changed it to Sports Center, saying that soap operas were for women and queers. I never liked sports, but throughout my life I forced myself to become a sports fanatic against my own will.

His car pulled in my driveway. His silver Mercedes shinned in the sunlight. I could see his dazzling face through my window. Then the doorbell rang and I jumped a little. This was it, judgment time. Now I would finally know if I was gay or strait. I stared through the key hole for a few seconds and stared once again getting an eyeful then opened the door.

”Hey Julio,” he said giving me a firm handshake, “thanks for taking the day off. I’m sure we’ll have a great day off and don’t worry about your design, Marry will finish it for you.”

”Thanks, Patrick. I can’t wait to tee off!” I replied and that’s when I noticed it. His button down golf shirt showed hair! I was in love with hairy men. My favorite type of male porno was ones with bears and watched them more than the others! When an awkward silence came during the car ride I imagined that we were doing the stuff on the videos I owned at home and was interrupted by myself. I hollered at myself in my head saying that I wasn’t gay, but whom was I kidding. If this man turned me on and I thought of us having sex then…

”So, you have a girlfriend?” he interrupted my thoughts. I obviously didn’t have time to argue with myself again.

”No,” I said shyly.

”So, your single?” he ventured.

”Yeah. I have to admit I haven’t had a date since college,” I murmured. “How about you?”

”Well, slot oyna I just ended a year long relationship a month ago,” he stated. “I didn’t feel that I could commit like they wanted.” I thought as an awkward silence came over us. He didn’t say guy or girl. Was he hiding his sexuality from me? I was so confused. I decided not to think about it for the car ride and see how things played out. We talked about the office until we pulled in the parking lot. He was a perfect gentleman. He opened the door for me, got my clubs out, and even offered to pay for the game because I was a visitor and their wasn’t a discount for friends. I promised myself I wouldn’t think about either of us being gay or strait today and just have a great time.

We teed off at 4, but I wasn’t playing so very well. Patrick on the other hand was playing outstanding. I was having trouble with my swing and he offered to help. I agreed and he stood in back of me real close. He took my hands with his and practiced my swing. I was in heaven. Then he let go and I hit the ball right next to the cup on the par three course. He felt proud of himself and gave him a good friendly hug. I gave a hard squeeze and was finally becoming comfortable and daring around Patrick. I liked the new me.

The game was finished. I had beaten him by one point. It appears that his pointers really helped me. He was a bit sore, but was a good sport about it. We went into the locker room and I got changed. Flashbacks from high school shot back into my head, but I told myself not to look at him nude. I put my stuff in the locker and closed it.

”What are you waiting for, slowpoke. Let’s GO!” he joked. “I’ll meet you there!”

I quickly went to the giant poolroom. He was in the water doing laps. His giant muscular arms rippled in the water. I jumped in and did laps next to him so I didn’t look like a little schoolgirl staring at her crush in front of him. I secretly hoped I could really look at him for a while. I was pooped after 30 laps and got out. He finished his fiftieth and joined me on a pool chair 10 minutes later. We were the only ones there because the lifeguard was off duty. I then became dazed as he stood in front of me with is powerful arms, distinguished hairy legs, six pack, beautiful face with sparkling green eyes, and extremely hairy chest. My eyes started at his hair wanting to know every one that was attached to his body and he just looked back at me. I had a giant boner again and it was really showing. I hoped he didn’t notice, but I’m sure he did.

”How often do you work out a week, Julio?” he asked.

”About every day for about an hour,” I answered. ”You must work out a lot to get that incredible build!”

”I do!” He replied. ”I come here everyday after work and workout and swim for three hours with my personal trainer.” His stomach then grumbled. “How about I drive you home so you can change into something more appropriate for dinner?”

”Sure!” I exclaimed still hard on and looking at his amazing hairy chest.

He drove me home and I got into my dinner clothes and waited for him to return form his place because he had to change too. I sat and waited and thought about him and me together having sex in the pool. This time I didn’t try to stop myself. I was really happy and was enjoying this fantasy a lot. The doorbell rang and I jumped up to greet Patrick. I gave him a big hug and we walked down to his car. The hug took him by surprise, but a dumb ass smirk appeared across his face. We talked about work again on the drive to The Elegance. It was a very nice restaurant and very romantically set. That didn’t mean two friends couldn’t go there and have a good time though.

We both ordered the steak. He ordered a very fancy French wine that I can’t pronounce. We got the wine and Patrick poured me a glass. He proposed a toast.

”I toast towards our new found relationship together and endless possibilities,” he said. I wasn’t really paying attention, but when after I clinked glasses and started to drink I realized what he said and almost gagged. ENDLESS POSIBILITIES, RELATIONSHIP, what was he talking about! I was a little freaked out, but this is what I wanted, I think. Our meal came and I pondered what he meant. He could have said friendship, but didn’t and the part about endless possibilities was weird. I just dismissed it and we talked about what we planned to do when we grew older.

The check came within an hour and we left The Elegance. I got in the car and I was heading home. It was an awesome date, trip, or whatever and I had a lot of fun. I was glad I was able to not think about being or not being gay for an evening and was ready to turn in. I wanted to mow the grass tomorrow. Then he started to speak.

”You know, it’s only 10. Would you like to come up to my apartment?” He asked.

”Sure, why not!” I surprisingly blurted out without thinking.

He parked in his driveway and we got out. I was a little nervous, but I had some wine to make me a little bit more stable and less nervous. It really does the trick for me. We walked up to his nicely furnished beautiful apartment. It looked like one of the few good Trading canlı casino siteleri Spaces designs. He told me to sit on the couch and I took the beer he offered me. We joked about gossip, work, and then he put his arm around me.

”You know…” he said staring at my in my eyes, becoming serious. “I love you…” I didn’t know what to say.

”Umm…Wow…” I finally stammered. I was so confused that I didn’t notice him coming closer to kiss me. He moved in slow and planted one on my lips. I’m not going to lie now, but it was amazing! I never felt this with any of the girls I dated. He withdrew.

”I’m sorry…” he murmured.

Before he could continue, I plunged back into his face surprising him. He quickly regained his senses. It was heaven on earth. Of course I hadn’t been in the dating scene for a long time, but I knew that something between us clicked. His warm tongue entered my mouth and our tongues flickered together in their cocoon of love. He takes me by surprise as he leaves my mouth and stands up. He then beckons me to come into his bedroom. He kissed my (me) hard on the lips and hugged my tight. His strength only turned me on more. We took turns letting the other’s tongues explore our mouths.

He wasted no time after that. Started to kiss all around my neck driving me crazy. I undid my tie while he started unbuttoning my shirt. Every time a button was undone, I received a kiss in that area. As soon as I took it off he stood back briefly and admired my build. He licked his lips and admired my six-pack. It looked better than his at the pool because his hair was in the way, I remember. He then gets on his knees and licks the hair leading down to my pubes.

”It’s like a road to tell me where to go,” he tells me. I return a small laugh as he unbuttons my pants. The zipper then went down and my pants fell to my ankles. Patrick started to nibble on my dick through by black briefs, teasing me and driving me wild. He nipped for a while, making sure my dick was so hard that it could rip through my black briefs it was so hard on. He decided the time was right and pulled down my briefs unveiling my nine inch cock.

He started with my balls and licked my hairy sack letting them go in and out of his mouth. My dick was bobbing like up and down yearning to get sucked. Patrick quickly replaced his mouth with his hands and cupped my hairy sack. His mouth moved onto my large shaft. He began to flick his tongue flickered over my head making tiny little circles on it. Patrick then engulfed some of my dick making little figure eights on the bottom of my dick. He licked my shaft up and down to get it all lubed up and then he started to swallow it. Inch by inch he swallowed more and more flicking his tongue around inside. I was in total ecstasy. He had half in and I wondered if he could take any more in him, but he somehow he managed to do so. My whole dick became rapped in his warm, steamy mouth. Patrick then started to let my shaft slide in and out of his mouth. The pace quickened as the blowjob went on. It felt as though I had reached heaven on earth. My balls grew closer to my shaft indicated to us that I would soon climax. I felt as though I there was a fire lit underneath my balls. I let a giant load of cum into his mouth. Patrick struggled to keep all of it in his mouth. I shot so much that I almost collapsed on the floor of exhaustion. Patrick kept sucking all of my juiced out of my body until I grew limp. After taking his last suck he moved up and gave me a snowball! I’d never tasted cum before and mine tasted better than anything I’d ever had before. After recovering to my new favorite juice I began to take off his shirt to reveal his amazing hairy chest. I laid him on the bed and kissed him all over his hunky, hairy body. Starting from his mouth all the way down to his belly button.

Patrick took off the rest of his clothes revealing his almost identical 9-inch cock. I got up to suck it, but was pushed back down onto the bed. While he stood over me I could tell he was stiff as a board. Patrick straddled my stomach. He bent down to kiss me and slowly slid down in between my somewhat less hairy legs. Patrick then placed them on his shoulders and probed my asshole with his juicy tongue. After it was lubed enough, he got up on his knees to test how flexible I was. Patrick then started to put his dick up my asshole. The head of his cock came in first and I began to wince in pain. Over time I began to lose sense of what was happening and only experience pure pleasure. Without me noticing, I started to breath more and more deeply and louder. I cried out for more now groaning very loudly. I realized that half is in! He takes a giant stab into me forcing his entire dick in and I scream bloody murder. He begins to pump in and out at a slow pace, quickening after each in and out. I feel his balls slap my ass as he is pounding with full strength. I’m moaning and groaning louder and louder. He starts to grunt very loud, like a boar, and then…then…AHHHHHH! Patrick shoots his large load into my shit crack and it burns like fire. He hollered also, but not as loud. We rest with is cock still deep in my asshole. After a good five minutes, our breath had become regular and cum started to trickle out of my ass onto the bed sheets after he took his limp cock out. He then crawled over to me and passionately kissed me. The felt as though the night lasted forever!

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