Gay top in Oklahoma?


Gay top in Oklahoma?This is the story of an effeminate bottom in Oklahoma. It’s a single person’s story right now. Would you like to help make it a couples story? Are you from Oklahoma or willing to help an Oklahoman relocate?Are you exclusively gay?Are you attracted to fems, sissies, twinks, cross-dressers, non-op transgirls?Would you be willing to fuck a blind person? A person blind from birth but self employed, living alone and independent?Would you like to help me transition into a passable female? Helping me apply makeup and cosmetics?Would you be willing to invest the time to tailor the girl of your dreams to your specifications, your desires, your preferences?Would you be willing to build a real, long term, out and public relationship with a person who’s never had a man inside me but ready for the feel of bareback lovemaking, the feel of being cum inside? Would you be happy with a five feet, 1.5 inch tall, 130 pound, 52 year old total bottom who hungers for a man who’ll let me fall asleep in his arms, our bodies wrapped together, legs in-tangled, my arms wrapped around you, my head resting between your shoulder and neck? Would you enjoy making love missionary style?Would you enjoy batheing together, rolling together in the night under the stars in a sleeping bag for one?Would you like a genuine lover you could share life with and also stream that life via video feeds?An exclusive lover to create porn with?Would you like to be with a bottom who wants it hard, rough, brutal, lasting for long durations, one in which people comment about how I scream like a girl? How fucking me is like fucking a girl?Do you want a girlfriend in a effeminate male bottom’s body?If so, this story could be about us.If you like what you read, text me at 4056583585., How hung are you? Could I feel the tip of your cock inside my sigmoid colon?Are you hiv negative, disease free, experienced as a top, bareback only, looking for a real long term relationship with an effeminate bottom?Are you a porn star who’s actually ready to settle down with one person and fall in love?Are you a porn star looking for that special femboy, sissy, twink, cross-dresser who will be proud to be outed in a public video showing us kissing, necking, cuddling, you rimming me, me gobbling you, you taking my virginity in missionary style?Are you looking for someone who’ll let you take me to work where I’ll get comfortable on padding inside the footwell of your desk so I can give you head all day long as clients hear the sound of lip farts, the sound of me swallowing, gagging a little, moaning with pleasure, the hiss of nose breathing, the wet plop of my wet lips sealing around your shaft, the quiet sffft sound of your cum streaming down my throat, the sound of water being poured into a bag as I drink your piss?Are you looking for someone who’ll let you pick out what I wear and when I buy things I will only buy what you choose?Are bursa escort you looking for someone you can take to pride events and hold hands with? Kiss in the crowd? Are you looking for someone you can out on Facebook by tagging me in a dating status update?Are you looking for someone who’ll be thrilled to have our entire first date streamed live over the web?I’d love to greet you at my front door? You with camera or phone camera in hand videoing me as I open my door and, with arms open I’ll let you pull me into your embrace. I’ll lift my mouth, part my hot pink lipsticked lips and shudder with pleasure as your lips meet mine.I’ll let you kiss me there in my open door, even pulling me through it and onto the balcony where others can see.I’ll let you lift me in your arms, our mouths locked together as I wrap my legs around your waist and lock my ankles together. You’ll make a seat for my bottom with your hands and carry me into my apartment. You’ll masculinely kick the door shut but not lock it.First you’ll carry me to the couch where you’ll lie me on my back and then lower your weight fully on top of me.There we’ll kiss and you’ll suck my neck until I’m black and blue with hickies from ear to ear. When you’re ready to take things to the next level you’ll say “Lezlie! I want you to be my girlfriend. I’m going to send you a friend request on Facebook and I want you to accept it. Then … that way … in the morning when I have you in my bed, I’m gonna tag you in a relationship status and … if you accept it, then … well … you won’t be coming back here.””Oh BayBeeeeeee,” I’ll say, my voice cracking as tears stream from my eyes. “Otay otay but … wight now I want you to take me in my bed so the neighbors will know the girlie screams are coming from me. Can you PuhPuh-omiss to stop after you cum inside me the first time so we can leave here and get to your place before things get so ouq out of hand that the neighbors call the cops?””No baby doll I can’t but what I will do is let you suck my cock while I eat your pussy. You did promise me chocolate. If I put my tongue in that sweet little pussy I’ve seen on video and through pictures, will it —“””It’ll taste just like kisses,” I’ll say as I grab my phone which is in my little pink purse.”I like the little pink purse,” you say as I lift it from the small table to the right of the couch.”It has my perfume, lipstick, maxi pads, 4 more pair of panties, some hot wax I want you to use on me, some zip ties to make a sex sling out of, duct tape, douche, laxatives and a cd of romantic love songs? Can we listen to them all night as we make love?””Oh baby girl we can do whatever you want as long as you promise me that tomorrow morning you’re coming out, moving in with me and being my girlfriend, very future fiance and if things work out like I think they-will, my wife on February 15, 2019.”I’ll cry then, sobbing hysterically’ bursa escort bayan clinging-to you and pressing the flesh of my neck into your mouth.”Suck it huge boyfriend. Suck it so big people can see it from a dozen or more feet away because I want to have you take me to the local Walmart right now. I’ll give you head later. Right now let me wear my little pink dress, pink tights, black bra, pink panties and pink running shoes out of this apartment, down the stairs, to your truck, to Walmart, to the girl’s section, to the jewelry section and then the checkout line with the most people?Will you pay to have my ears pierced and get me some inexpensive ear rings to wear? Will you buy me a dress that you particularly like, some panties you want me to wear for you, the bra you want me to wear, the tights, the color of lipstick, the perfume that will make you find a secluded place down by Purcell Lake and take me there?””Oh fuck yeah baby doll!” you say as you pull me to my feet.”Get everything you want from this place baby love because you won’t ever be back here.”I grab my purse, phone and charger.”That’s it. I’m leaving the key on the kitchen counter.””Good, I’ll have keys made to everything you need when we get to Walmart. You’ll have a key to the front door, a key to our bedroom, a key to the mattress room, a key to the padlock I’ll put on your closet door and you’ll have a key to the chastity I’m going to pick up in Norman.””I don’t want a key to that. I just want you to have it. That way when we’re apart I’ll have to wear a diaper beneath the chastity and panties because —“”You mean you’ll even prevent yourself from peeing or pooping when we’re apart just to give me the satisfaction of knowing no one will see, touch, finger, fuck or even fantasize about being inside you?””Yes baby. I’m a virgin until you cum inside me. I saved myself for one man and you’re it. So … I am happeeeeeeeeeee happy happy to give you that control.””Fuck it,” you say as you lift me in your arms. “Wrap those legs around me. I’m carrying you out of here and giving gawkers a panty shot.”So our lips sealed together, my arms around you, fingers caressing your back, your hands cupping my bottom, both your hands are inside my panties and tights, the middle fingers of both hands open me gently and I gasp as one finger caresses the posterior wall of my sphincteral canal and the other finger strokes the anterior wall.”Oh Gawd you’re so tight baby,” you whisper as you move your mouth to my neck and bite hard. You tongue and suck my ear hole and then you gently suck my right ear lobe.”In less than half an hour that little lobe is going to have a pink little heart hanging from it.””I’m gwad because my sleeve already has a heart hanging from it.””Yep you’re seeing what you’re seeing,” you say loudly and firmly as you carry me into the parking area.”People are staring at us and looking shocked.””Hey yall! escort bursa I am doing this of sy my own free will. I no most of you have seen me here for a year and without a love interest. Well’ now you know. I’m gay, I’m a sissy’ I wear women’s things, I’m a girl inside. I finally have a man interested in making me his girlfriend. So … today I’m coming out. You’re the first to know.””I’m so proud of you little angel,” you say as you force your tongue down my throat. Well … force is the wrong word. You thrust your tongue into my unexpecting mouth catching me by surprise.”Ummmm,” you moan a short second later as I suck it deep down into my efophagus.You twist and turn that tongue and work it further down. My sphincter spasms around your fingers and I can feel every ridge and callus of those strong and thick probes.”I’m gonna take out my left finger and insert three from my right hand. Are you ready girlfriend?””Yes,” I groan “but … but … pweese suck my neck and tell me I’m bootiful””Lips attached with super suction to my neck, tongue drawing ‘I love you’ over and over on the skin between your lips’ you send a wave of excrutiating pain deep into my lower tummy as you thrust index, middle and ring finger inside me.”Awwie! Oh oh oh yeeeees!!!” I cry out as I tighten around the thickness of your fingers.”Oh yeah baby,” you say very loudly. “Fuck yeah. That … oh … that pussy is gonna make us both scream tonight.””Oh gawd that feels so damned good. Take me now now now. Fuck me, shove that chocolate deeper inside me with your cock and then I’ll suck you from here to Walmart but take me now.”I’m put into the driver’s side of his truck and told to scoot back until my head lies on the passenger door’s armrest.Andn you get into the truck and slam the door.You position your body so that your crotch is above my face.”Unbutton, unzip and pull my jeans and underwear down to my knees.”I do this as you lift my legs by gripping me beneath my knees. You fold them back until you can pin my calves between your arms and body. You tare the panties and tights apart at the seams and wrip them off my body.My dress is bunched around my neck.”Get that fucking dress off and it stays here in the parking lot too. I’m going to go into Walmart myself while you stay in the truck. I’m going to cuff you to the seat frame so all you can do is lay in my cab with the windows down and everybody able to see you. I’m going to tape a printed picture of you in the back windshield which says “I’m no longer Rex. I’m Lezlie. I’m no longer in the closet. I have a boyfriend. This is his truck.”I squeal with pleasure and that dress goes out the passenger’s window.Your sucking my sphincter so hard that a vacuum is created. I feel a painful tug inside and it feels like my insides are being pulled out.You’re moaning with pleasure as you tongue me. Your thick, skilled tongue getting to experience the sensation of my kegel exercised muscles pulling it deeper and deeper inside me. My mouth is open as wide as I can get it and filled with your 12 inches of rock hard, throbbing, burning hot cock. my throat barely able to accomodate it.

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