Getting the Picture


Nearly five years ago, Sandy and I moved to a suburb of Atlanta near my new job in the publishing industry and we soon found a new church that we liked.

Like what happens so often when you join a new church, we were soon asked to help out with the planning and production of the new Church Membership Directory. I had planned on using a professional photographer with the proviso that he or she be able to sell the prints to the members and provide a photo for the directory at no charge to the church.

As soon as it was announced that I was heading up the project, a man approached me to ask if he could do the photography. Being a bit leery of his actual talents, I asked to see some of his work before I made any decisions. Sandy and I had met Bill, the photographer in question, and his wife, Marybeth, he was in his forties, a bit stocky like a former high school football player and Marybeth was a few years younger, short, like five feet tall short, and really quite pretty.

We arranged to meet at his house to look over some of his work and when we arrived, he showed me through his home pointing out the many photos he had framed on his walls.

After, in his kitchen, having a beer, he asked, “Well, what do you think, David?”

“Well, I like your work but they were basically all landscapes. Do you have any portraits I can see?”

“Oh, sure, lots. They’re on the computer, come on in the office,” and I followed him down the hall where we sat in front of his computer as our wives stayed and talked in the living room.

In a few seconds, he was scrolling through and came to a portrait of his wife and he stopped at that one. It really showed just how beautiful she was and I told him so.

He smiled and scrolled through some others and came to one of her in a pair of quite short shorts and a white blouse, open on top and tied at the bottom.

“Oh, wow, is she nice, Bill.”

He smiled and chuckled, “If you can keep a secret, I’ll show you a few that are even better.”

“Sure,” and he took out the disc and put in another and soon had some shots of Marybeth sitting on the edge of a pool in a very skimpy bikini.

“Yes, she’s really a pretty woman, Bill. Lucky you.”

Then he scrolled past a few more and stopped on one, also poolside, now with her top off. She had beautiful breasts, just right for her size, round, full, firm and crowned with pretty pink nipples.

“Oh, she’s beautiful, Bill.”

“I can tell you like her photos, David,” he said as he nodded down to my crotch. Well, there was no hiding it, you’d be hard, too.

“Geez, Bill, I’m sorry, it’s…”.

“Hey, David, I know better than anybody, Marybeth’s a beauty. Look, guy, she makes me hard, too,” as he nods down to his own bulge. “She’s hot, I understand if seeing these makes you horny, it does me, too. Wait ’til you see these,” and he opens another file and we’re looking at several nude shots of her, some of her standing with her legs apart, some sitting, some laying down, and finally, one from behind her, legs spread open, bent over and looking back at the camera.

“Show me a man that could ever resist that, David.”

“She is gorgeous, just stunning.”

“Wouldn’t you just like to lick that?”

How am I to answer that? All is did was mumble, ‘Mmm.”

“Let’s see, where are, oh, here,” and he opens a new file and here is Marybeth, naked sucking a cock, evidently his.

“A few tripod shots. Nice, huh?”

“Oh, here’s some of her with her vibrator,” and he unzips his fly and pulls out his cock and began stroking it.

“Go ahead, David, get it out and enjoy yourself, courtesy of Marybeth.”

“Um, well, I’m straight, Bill, you know.”

“Hell, I am, too, but why not enjoy the show? Right?”

Well, I was hard as hell and thought, why not, and pulled mine out and started enjoying the show.

Soon, he had some shots of Marybeth sucking a cock and it was definitely not Bill’s.

“Oh, these are of a friend of ours, Marcel, and, unfortunately, he’s moved away. Um, Marybeth and I kind of, well, we fool around a bit, you know, other people, stuff like that,” he said as he showed some photos of MaryBeth and this other man fucking as we both sat there stroking like a couple of twelve-year olds.

Then, another file of someone shooting pictures of Bill and Marybeth fucking and this is when I started cumming, soon followed by Bill.

He reached over and handed me a box of tissues and we both proceeded to clean ourselves up.

“Yeah, Marybeth keeps hoping to find someone to take Marcel’s place. And seeing your big one, David, I can tell you that you meet her prime qualification. You think that’s something you might want to do, David? I think she’d like you.”

“Oh, wow, I don’t know. Um, what about Sandy?”

“Well, I think she’d be more comfortable just starting out with you, you know, to begin with. Should I ask her?”

“Well, uh, Sandy and I have done a few things ourselves, you know, with other couples and things.”

“Well, there she is and I can tell you that she’s not just beautiful çatalca escort which you can see, she’s also a sexual wildcat. God, she loves sex. It’s your chance.”

I told him I’d be willing and that I thought it would be nice to include my wife if things worked out with just me in the beginning.

I did just what you would do and it ended up that Bill did the Church Membership Directory.

They were at the grocery store a few days later and Marybeth gave me a hug and kiss as we met and said, “Bill, tells me that we should have you over sometime soon. Is there a time we could get together, um, with just you?”

“Well, I suppose I could tell Sandy I have a meeting about the Church Directory. Sure, when’s good for you?”

So, it was set that next Thursday, I would go to their house in the evening. Bill met me at the door and led me into their family room and poured some wine. Just then, Marybeth came in and said hello and sat with Bill across from me.

We talked about this and that, art and politics and the like, when Marybeth changed the subject.

“Bill’s mentioned to you why you’re here, right?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I said smiling.

“He tells me you rather liked the photos he took of me, especially some of them with him and the other guy.”

“They were pretty great, Marybeth, you are one beautiful, sexy woman.”

“Thank you, that’s nice of you. So, you’ve seen me, pretty much all of me, do I get to see you, David? He tells me you’re nicely-endowed. I’d love to see your cock.”

Now, we are all dressed like any neighborhood get-together, casual clothes, she was dressed, actually, so she could go right from here to church if she wished. So, don’t think she was wearing sultry, sexy clothes, she wasn’t.

“Um, yeah, uh,” and I leaned back to unzip my fly and pull open my belt. Then I stood up and lowered my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. My boxers were next and I tugged them down and stood there, of course, quite erect.

“Come close, David, so Marybeth can see,” so I stepped over to the sofa and stood there in front of her. I figured that, so far, things were going okay as she was smiling, then she reached forward and took me and squeezed gently.

“There’s only been one other man that I’ve been with and I think Bill told you that he has moved away. So, that’s why we asked you here. Perhaps you and I could have some fun together. What do you think?”

She was still holding my cock as I said, “I’ve seen your photos and there isn’t a man alive that would not want sex with you, Marybeth.”

“And, you have a nice cock, David, long and nice and thick. Bill was right,” and she leaned forward and slid her lips over me and began to suck as I stood there.

It had been a while since any woman other than my wife had sucked my cock. Sandy does a great job of it, I think any woman does who really enjoys doing it and she does. We’ve had swaps with a few couples over the years and each wife has always been great at sucking my cock. I think if you’re sexed-up enough to spouse-swap, you’re probably going to give a great blowjob.

One thing about Marybeth was, she was determined. She was sucking me like there was nothing else going on in the whole world.

“Marybeth, hon, hon, you should take your clothes off, okay?” Bill asked and she lifted off me, looked back at him, then stood up and started disrobing. She was soon naked and even prettier than she was when Bill showed me her photos on his computer.

As she was kneeling back down to resume sucking me, I asked her, “Um, I’d really want to fuck you Marybeth, and if you suck me until I cum, then it won’t be as good.”

“But I want to taste your cum. We can fuck but I want you to cum on my mouth.”

Well, whatever, I figured as she continued to suck me. Bill had gotten up out of his chair and was sitting behind her fingering her pussy as she sucked me off.

Then, in a few minutes, right about the time I began groaning, she raised up and lay down on the floor with her legs spread as her husband was taking his clothes off. I soon had mine off and was kneeling down between her legs rubbing my cock up and down her slit and she suddenly pushed down engulfing herself on my prick as I began fucking her in and out.

Bill was across from us stroking himself as he said, “Fuck her, David, fuck her good. She loves it, right hon?”

“Mmm,” she moaned as I went on and on, fucking her fast as she wiggled and thrust under me.

“Mmm, oh, good, yes, yes, mmm, oh, I love your cock, David, mmm, ooooh, yes, ooooh, right there, mmm, OOOOH, UUUH, UUH, mmm, oh, fuck me more, cum in me, David.”

“Mmm, yeah, I won’t be long,” I murmured and she dumped me over and plunged her mouth over my cock and began sucking furiously as Bill got up and stood over her spraying his cum all over her back and neck.

She was sucking me so hard that my orgasm rose very quickly and I began to spurt into her mouth as she greedily sucked and licked and swallowed. She sucked the tip for another minute, then esenyurt escort lifted off, squeezed my cock up from the base, milking it of any residual cum while she licked back and forth getting it all.

She finally raised up, looked up at me, smiled and said, “Oh, David, I love the taste of your cum,” and turned to her husband and said, “Congratulations, hon, you found me a new lover whose cum I just adore.”

Wow. This woman was a sexual tiger. She kept sucking me and swung her leg up over me and pushed her wet pussy down on my face smearing her juices all over me as I tried to tongue her. I say, tried, that what I was doing, trying. Marybeth was just frantic with sex. She sucked me until I had a second orgasm and then she bucked back and forth across my upraised tongue until she cummed.

“Mmm, David, you were good, hon, I think we’re gonna get along really well. I hope you like to fuck and are horny all the time?” she asked.

“Well, my wife and I have done some partners stuff in the past and I think she’d like to be part of it if that’s okay with the two of you.”

“It’s just been a guy for me with us, at least so far, um, what do you think, Bill, you want to fuck Sandy, you think?” she asked her husband.

“She’s pretty and rather sexy in her way. We haven’t done a foursome before, just with Marcel, sure, why not, more the merrier, huh?”

So it was okay with them, now to see what Sandy thought of a new couple hook-up.

When I got home, Sandy was in bed reading.

“How was your meeting?”

“Pretty good, got some things finalized, that was good. Um, turns out that we got to talking about, um, well, sex. Couple sex, swapping, stuff like that. Seems they’ve done a bit, too.”

“Oh, really, well you never know I guess until you know. You get my meaning, right?”

“Yeah, so, anyway, it kind of proceeded a bit and they wonder if we’d like to match up with them, do a swap.”

“Really. It’s been, what, three, maybe four years, since we were with Fred and Arlene. That was great, we really liked each of them. Well, Bill’s a nice-looking guy, pretty handsome. You like her, Marybeth?”

I figured that I would just keep my earlier sex with Marybeth off the table at this point, “Yeah, she’s pretty sexy. Maybe not as much as you are in that pretty negligee, but she’s nice, yeah, sure.”

“I put this on for a reason, here, let me slip it off. Any ideas?” as she pulled her nighty over her head and sat there with her pretty breasts beckoning me. I was getting a bit hard, after all, I’d had an ejaculation earlier and I’m sure not sixteen any longer.

“Kinda tired but if you can give me a little suck I think we can make this work,” I added as I got undressed and walked to her side of the bed, my cock at about half-mast.

My wife, as always, eagerly took me into her mouth and began the luscious sucking that I so love about her, I really think she could make a dildo cum.

And her oral magic worked once again as I mounted her and fucked my way to a wonderful conclusion to my sensuous night with newcomers.

We did discuss the foursome idea the next day and Sandy was agreeable so I called Bill and told him. Things were set for Saturday at their house with a sleepover after. That may sound like a kids outing but it was to be purely adult.

It’s always somewhat nervous the first meeting with a new swinging couple but, unknown to Sandy, I already had gotten over my unease and was now greatly looking forward to sex with Marybeth again.

Chapter 2

We brought a bottle of champagne which was opened as soon as we got settled in their family room. We all toasted to the fun we expected tonight and went into their dining room and began dinner.

Marybeth began, “Well, you’ve heard of progressive dinners, I thought tonight we would progress through dinner taking off an article of clothing beginning with each course. We’re having four courses, so you can plan ahead for it to come out right at the end. And, the end is naked, in case you’re wondering.”

We all smiled and sipped more champagne as they brought out dishes to the table and began serving. They already had their shirts off, Marybeth in a nice, black lacy half-bra, one that showed the top of her nipples every time she bent over to serve our plates.

As she handed me my plate, she lingered, looking me in the eyes as my eyes dwelt on her ample chest.

Sandy and I had also taken off our tops and my wife had chosen my favorite bra of hers, a sexy pushup style that really emphasized her boobs.

“I love that bra, Sandy, you’ll have to tell me where you bought it. Maybe next time we’ll both wear the same style.”

Our appetizer course was soon out of the way and they came in with our salad course, Marybeth all nice and topless, as Sandy reached behind and took hers off as well.

“Very pretty, Sandy, just lovely,” said Bill.

“Thank you, I was hoping you’d like them,” and we began our salads.

“This is a great idea, Marybeth, stripping for each course,” I said. Of course, etiler escort I would.

“Just came to me this afternoon, really, product of my naughty mind, I suppose,” and we all toasted her naughty mind.

The main course, as you must know by now, was eaten in our underwear, briefs or boxers, in my case, and panties. Marybeth in black, Sandra in pink. We all cleared the table and took everything out to the kitchen and Marybeth served up dessert as we all took off our remaining clothes.

After dessert, we all went back to our host’s bedroom, each of us now paired off, I was with Marybeth, Bill was with Sandy. Each couple stood together and kissed and held each other for a few minutes with hands roaming all around, then Marybeth led me to her bed and sat me down as she knelt between my legs and bent down to suck me.

Sandy was laid back on the bed and Bill was down eating her, something I know she loves. There are times when she’ll just come and get me and lead me to the bedroom and have me do her orally. And sex isn’t sex with Sandy unless I go down on her first. Like I said, she loves it.

And Marybeth was pleasuring me like she did before. Bill had told me that she’s cock-hungry and just loves sucking him off all the time. Often once or twice a day, quite a woman.

As she’s sucking me, my wife is having an orgasm from Bill’s tongue, I’ve heard her so many times, I know it’s a good one and I’m about to cum myself.

“OH, OOH, UUH, uh, uh,” I moaned as Marybeth sucked all my cum out. Oh, it was so good.

“Marybeth, you are so good, I hope you let me do you now,” and she sat on the edge of the bed, laid back and lifted her legs up so I could eat her out. As I did, I watched Bill climbing up in the middle of Sandy’s legs, his cock bouncing as he went, then Sandy lifting her legs up while he pressed into her.

Marybeth was sopping wet, her pussy is the wettest I’ve ever encountered, she was just drooling out from between her legs. I kept licking and really couldn’t keep up.

I held her open and licked back and forth, then began flicking my tongue into her as I rubbed one side of her opening with my finger, something that always got Sandy going.

“Mmm, that feels good, David, really good, oh, I like you the way you do my pussy. Just lovely.”

As I have said, Sandy and I had done some swapping in the past and it always sparked-up our own sex, even at home just the two of us. There’s just something erotic about pairing off and fucking someone else’s wife while her hubby is fucking yours. It just raises your sex life up to a new level. It may not be for everyone but it’s something that I now see that I’ve missed in our lives since we’ve moved here.

As Sandy moaned across the bed, Marybeth moaned under my tongue and soon she was writhing and squirming as an orgasm began to take her over. She began bucking my tongue right as I heard the familiar sounds of Sandy having an orgasm as Bill fucked her right next to us.

Then, I got up and began fucking Marybeth as Sandy was being orally pleasured by Bill. What a night.

She had lifted her feet straight up in the air, legs wide as I plunged down into, then pulled back up, taking my cock all the way out, then right back down driving past her pussy’s wet lips to deep inside her.

“Mmm, David, yes, you are just what I’ve wanted. I hope you are happy with me?”

“Wonderful, Marybeth, you just feel wonderful. So nice inside, you make my cock feel so good.”

Bill and Sandy were laying together kissing and feeling each other as I continued to fuck into Marybeth.

“You two look so hot, don’t they Bill?” my wife asked.

“Yeah, they’re making my cock hard again just watching them. I think I could do it again if you want to, Sandy.”

“That’s why I’m here, to get fucked by you, Bill,” and she got up on her hands and knees and Bill entered her from behind.

“David, that looks good, let’s do doggie, too,” Marybeth said, so I pulled out of her as she got up next to my wife and I led my cock up to her wet pussy and pushed deep.

Now, Sandy and I had done it like this before with one of the couples we used to swap with. Both wives would get up on the bed next to each other and the husbands would get up between the other wife’s legs and fuck and fuck, sometimes going in and out at the same cadence, both couples in sync.

Sometimes we would trade off and fuck our own wives, then move back and forth.

“We’re gonna hold still, girls, you two fuck us for a bit,” Bill said and he and I both knelt there as the two women rocked back and forth on our cocks.

“Mmm, Marybeth, you feel so good to me when you fuck my cock like this.”

“I want to make you cum in me, fill me up.”

Sandy, next to me, fucking Bill’s cock back and forth, began to twist her hips around and Marybeth soon started the same. They were both in front of Bill and me, twirling their hips, their breasts swaying back and forth, as each husband arched his cock into the other wife’s wet pussy.

Bill and I cummed in less than a minute apart as our wives followed right behind. We each were squeezing cum and juices out of the pussy we were fucking which was running down both their legs. All four of us slumped down and joined in a group grope and hug. Marybeth got up and turned out the lights and we all eventually fell asleep in one fucked-out heap.

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