Getting What You Wish For Ch. 03


“Hi Mr. S, what’s going on?”

I looked up to see Derek coming around the side of the house toward the pool where I was sitting, drinking iced tea.

“Hi, Derek, what are you up to?” I asked.

“I was hoping that Jane would already be here.” He replied. “She said that she was planning on coming by today.”

“I haven’t seen her.”

I felt my scrotum tighten and my cock stiffen at just the thought of her. I couldn’t believe how much of a hold my daughter’s childhood friend had on my life; especially on my sex life.

“Do you mind if I wait?” He asked.

“Not at all, make yourself at home.”

Derek dropped his towel and slid into the pool. I watched as he did a couple of laps then stopping at the edge next to me.

“Man that was a really wild time that we had the other day, huh?”

“It was pretty wild.” I said.

I thought back with embarrassment, Jane had actually coerced me into giving Derek my first blow job and I found that I had enjoyed it. What was happening to me?

As Derek got out of the pool and lay down on his towel next to me, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his swim trunks. To my dismay, I found myself getting even more excited. Was I becoming “gay”? I looked away and tried to get my mind on other things. When I next looked at him, he had his hand covering his crotch and was rubbing his member into full erection. I glanced up to his face and saw that he was smiling at me. I quickly looked away again; refusing to allow myself to be drawn where my thoughts were taking me.

“Would you like some tea?” I asked.

“No thank you, what I really would like is to do what we did, again.”

“I don’t think so, Derek. That was just a onetime thing and a mistake at that.”

Derek didn’t respond, but slipping off his trunks, he lay back and continued to stroke his cock, smiling at me the whole time. Despite myself, I could not stop looking. He had a very nice cock, not huge, but just the right size for my mouth. I remembered how it felt as it went in and out of my face and how it tasted. The memory of his cumming deep in my throat and in my mouth was intoxicating. The more I looked the more I realized that I wanted to do it again. I wanted him to fuck my face and cum in my mouth.

“C’mon, you know you want it.” He murmured. “Suck it for me.”

I’m not quite sure what happened, but I found myself on my knees bending over with my face just a couple of inches from his swollen flesh. I was fascinated by it; it was beautiful. I could feel the heat emanating from it as he continued to slowly stroke himself. When I saw a drop of pre-cum casino oyna appear on the tip, I lost it. I leaned forward and licked it off, savoring the flavor. I heard him sigh and then felt his hand move to the back of my head and gently pull it forward causing his cock to enter my mouth.

“Do me.” He groaned and I did.

Slowly at first I moved up and down on his meat. With each movement I got more of it into my mouth until it hit my throat. Remembering our first time, I relaxed my throat muscles and soon had every inch of him inside me. I gave myself up entirely to worshipping his cock with my mouth. Faster and faster I bobbed my head, lingering to lick the head on the out strokes. I could hear him groaning as he neared orgasm and I tried to make him hurry as I wanted to feel him fill my mouth and throat with his delicious seed.

“Daddy; oh my God, what are you doing?” I heard my daughter scream.

I tried to pull my head away, but with a loud groan, Derek held my head while he gave a last huge thrust and came. I had no choice except to swallow as rapidly as I could and make the most of it. I realized that the damage was already done so I continued to drain him till he was dry. Once he was depleted, I pulled away, sat up and turned to see my daughter standing next to Jane with a horrified look on her face. Before I could open my mouth, I heard Jane say.

“Get over it, slave girl; he’s become one of my pets just like you and Derek. Now go give him a big kiss and maybe I’ll let you suck my pussy.”

To my total astonishment my daughter slowly walked over, leaned down and kissed me full on the lips.

“Use your tongue and taste some of Derek’s cum.” Jane ordered.

The sensation of having my daughter’s tongue in my mouth was completely weird, at first. Then I discovered that it was also exciting me. I began to kiss her in return. When I realized that my daughter had witnessed me giving another man head, I had lost the semi-erection that I had. To my horror, as we kissed, I felt my cock start to harden again.

“It looks like daddy’s glad to see his little girl.” Jane observed. “Take off her top.”

I looked at Jane in disbelief.

“Do it!” She ordered.

It was as though my hands belonged to someone else as I reached around and untied the bow on her bikini top. It came loose and I dropped it to the deck.

“Doesn’t she have pretty breasts?” Jane asked. “Show her how much you like them, kiss them, suck them.”

She was right; my daughter’s breasts were nearly perfect. While not large, they jutted from her chest without any sag what so ever. Her slot oyna pink, erect nipples were hard as little rocks and just begged to be sucked. I couldn’t help myself and placed my mouth around first one then the other. Her hands went to my head pushing her tits into my face as she started moaning.

“Stop; get on your knees and take off the bottoms.” Jane commanded.

I went to my knees and pulled down the lower part of the bikini.

“Lick her pussy!”

My face was right in front of a perfect, shaved cunt; I could smell her and see the wetness. I leaned in and licked a drop of her juice. My daughter shuddered and gasped. That was all I needed; I started lapping away at her pussy with joyous abandon. Jane moved up next to us and pushed me back, turning my daughter around and bending her over. She didn’t have to say a word, instantly I shove me tongue into her little, tight asshole. I could have eaten her all day, but Jane had other ideas.

“Both of you stand up and come over here. I want my little slave to lick my pussy while her daddy licks hers. Derek, you can fuck Mr. S in the ass.”

She quickly got everyone where she wanted them. She sat in a chair, my daughter on all fours in front of her, me on my knees behind my daughter and Derek behind me “doggy” style. I wasn’t so sure about the last as I’ve never been fucked in the ass before, but I knew that I couldn’t say no to Jane.

Jane pulled my daughter forward till her face was buried in Jane’s bush; I proceeded to lick my daughter’s dripping cunt and I could feel the head of Derek’s cock touch my anus. I flinched and Jane told me to be still and take it. I tried to concentrate on the perfect little butt and cunt in front of my face, but could not ignore what was going on behind me. I could feel his dick head pressing against me nether hole as he started pushing it in.

“Relax your butt muscles.” Jane instructed. “You’ll learn to love it once he’s in.”

I attempted to do what she told me and it must have helped because I could feel it going in further. At first it hurt like “hell”, but as I relaxed the pain lessened. I felt a “pop” and his head got past my sphincter. I have to admit, he was very gentle; he would push in just a little then pull back. Each time he would go a little deeper until I could feel his ball sack hitting my ass. When he was all the way in, he started picking up the pace and to my happy surprise, I started enjoying it. I found myself moving in rhythm to his thrusts; I was getting very turned on and wanted to feel what it was like to have him empty himself into my rear. Jane noticed and said.

“I canlı casino siteleri knew that you would like having your ass fucked; you are such a pervert.”

I could only agree as I waited for Derek to finish and fill me. I didn’t have long to wait; both the girls came at almost the same time and lay back watching as Derek continued to pound my ass.

“You love it, don’t you?” Jane asked. “If you do, beg him to come in your virgin ass, tell him that you want him to fuck you till he cums.”

“Please fuck me, Derek. I want you to cum in my ass.” I begged.

Derek was only too willing to do as he was bid. He slammed into my abused rear end until with a cry he buried his cock as far into me as it would go, pumping a huge load of semen into me. When he finished he collapsed across me and rolled off onto the deck. Everyone was pretty exhausted by that time and we just lay there not speaking until Jane said.

“Now it’s your turn, old man; time to get your rocks off.”

I wondered what she had in mind, but didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Come over here and sit in the chair.” She told me. “Your little slut daughter is going to make you cum.”

I went to the chair and sat down. She positioned my daughter on her knees in front of me.

“Take his old cock in your hands and get him as hard as he can get.” Jane told my daughter. “When he is hard enough, suck him off. I know that he wants to cum in your mouth, but when he cums, don’t swallow till I tell you.”

My depravity had become so complete that all I could do was want my daughter to touch my manhood, to stroke me and finally to take me in her mouth and let me spend myself between her beautiful, full lips. She shortly had me as erect as I’m still able to be and stuffed my cock into her mouth. The feeling was exquisite; her mouth was so soft and warm. I was so excited that I came much too quickly and she slurped up every bit of it.

“Don’t swallow, I want you to kiss your father and feed him his cum.” Jane said as soon as she saw that I had climaxed.

My daughter stood up, leaned over me and placed her mouth on mine. I opened wide and felt her cum coated tongue enter. She sat in my lap and we kissed and sucked each other’s mouths till all traces were swallowed and gone. I think that we would have just kept on, but Jane told us to stop.

“I think that is enough for today.” She said. Derek and I have to go and your daughter has to be up early for work. Maybe next time I’ll let Derek fuck her while she sucks you off. We’ll see.”

With that everyone left. My daughter and I hadn’t said two words to each other and I wasn’t sure what our relationship was going to be like in the future, but I knew that I got excited whenever I thought about her. I hoped that Jane would continue to drop by and that she would often bring my daughter and Derek.

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