gfs father


gfs fatherHey guys this has just happened last weekend. Me and my girlfriends father (jim) were going to the pub to watch the football on the weekend as her and her mother were going shopping. When we arrived at my father/mother in laws house the old man already had a few cans of beer drunk so I had to catch up. I say old byt he ia old to me as am 27 and he is 57. I drank 3 cans in about 5min and could feel the affects starting to kick in. The girls left to go for lunch and shopping as me and Jim continued to drink. We headed off after about another hour of drinking in the house at this point we were quite far gone already. We headed to the local pub and we were chatting about normal guy stuff (football,cars &of course woman) when all of a sudden jim said I would love to fuck one of the ladyboys tho. I was taken back a bit. He then asked if I ever thought about it. I don’t know what it was or the drink but I said yeah I would give it a bash.He then asked me if I would even get with a guy. şişli escort I had been with a couple but he didn’t know that so I said don’t think so I like woman as I didn’t want to tell my girlfriends father I like a cock up my ass once in a while lol But he shocked me by coming out with I do all the time actually. I asked what you mean your married and love your wife. He said yes but I love you get guys also. He when put his hand on my leg and said I have thought about you at time when fucking some of the guys I meet. I was taken back.All I could say was wow ok. He then said let’s move to the next pub before we head home. So in the next pub the drinks changed from beer to spirits and double ones at that. I was smashed and so was jim. We had been out for ages and I got a text from the gf to say that her and her mum were going to head up to mine and the gfs house and do things up there with the decorations they just nought and order some dinner and have a few mecidiyeköy escort wines. I told ed her that I was smashed and so is jim so we will have to et a taxi up once we were finished at the pub.I told jim and he said we should head to his to pick up his pack of beers to take up to ours. So we left the pub and headed up to jims house we got in the pad and he asked if I could go get the beers from the kitchen as he needed the toilet. On my return I dropped the beers as jim was standing in the living room completely naked stroking his hard cock it looked about same size as mine 7inches.he said come over here I need my cock sucked and your doing it. I didn’t need asked twice I was over like and shot down on my knees wanking /licking and sucking him cock. He said your a lair you have done this before. I just laughed and gave him a cheeky smile. He was about to cum and told me to stop I was so gutted as I wanted to feel him spunk in my mouth. He asked şişli escort bayan me to take my clothes off and bend over on the couch as soon as I was bent over his tongue was straight in my hole and just so you know my ass is smooth as I don’t like hair down there. He got me ready before telling me he wanted me to get on top and ride his daddy cock. I did as he said and straddled him and pushed his cock in my waiting hole. My ass ate that cock up like it was nothing. After fucking his cock for about 5min he asked me to get on the floor on all fours. He run up the stairs and came back down with a pair of his wife’s pants and asked me to put them on and get back into position. He pulled the pants to one side and punched my hole with his cock all the way in it actually made me shake.He fucked me like a dirty wee slut spanking my ass and calling me all sorts of name before I felt his cock start to pulse and then grabbed a good hand full of ass cheeks and drove his cock deep in my ass and spunked deep in me. He pulled his cock out and I spun round and stuck it in my mouth with I wanked my cock and the taste of his cum and ass juiced cock was to much I spunked all over the place. He messaged me tonight asked to meet him for round 2 I can’t wait to be his little slut again.To be continued. 

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