Gift Card


Carly walked over to the bed, showing Luke her lace bra. The cups were cut straight across the top, but very low, and just barely covered her stiff nipples.

“This is what I bought, with the gift card you sent me, lover.”

He smiled, taking in the embroidered black panties that completed the set. She turned, to show him the ruffled black lace on the edges, which barely concealed her ass. She looked over her shoulder at him and stood there, quietly smiling, blushing.

“Lay down, beautiful.”

She stretched out alongside of him, as the rain outside pelted the windows. He moved in close, and kissed her slowly, teasing her with his tongue while he stroked his fingers along her jawline and through her hair.

The kiss deepened and he moved his hands over her body, stroking the silk and lace. Soon his mouth moved along the edge of the lace bra. He murmured his distinct approval of her purchases, while brushing his thumbs over her nipples to keep them stiff.

She squirmed underneath him as he kissed her stomach.

“Take off the bra, please.”

She lifted herself slightly to comply, and he renewed his attention to her lush curves, kissing and gently biting her nipples while she moaned softly and ran her fingertips through his hair and along the back of his neck.

He stroked her pussy through the panties once, then looked up at her and said, “They’re sexy, but what I want is underneath.”

She lifted her hips while he pulled the delicate garment down. Outside a clap of thunder echoed in the distance.

She surrendered to his mouth, and he groaned in pleasure, licking and kissing her wet slit, while she moaned again, and shuddered with pleasure.

“Yes, baby, that feels so good – it’s been so long since the last time you and I were alone.”

He knew her so well, knew how to drive her excitement forward, how to lick her and how to ankara escort hold his tongue so that she could grind herself against his face as she got close to a climax. He knew her every breath and gasp, and could tell from the way she cried out when she needed more, and could tell when she had finally tumbled over to the other side of the arc.

He moved up to hold her as she regained her breath. He knew that their fun had only started, that she was able to orgasm many times when properly attended to.

After a few moments she rolled him over and growled her way down his chest, kissing and wanting to take small bites of him, wanting him in her mouth.

She eagerly began licking him, then sucking him fully into her mouth, and then pulling away to exhale on him, making his cock twitch at the first puff of warm air on his damp skin.

The reaction drove her crazy. She quickly slid up and pushed her wet slit down against his stiff member. Without letting him push inside of her, she ground her entire pussy against the length of his cock, feeing the hardness press against her lips and her hard, small clit.

“Baby, your cock feels so good, I want it inside me” she suddenly gasped, unable to think about anything else.

“I’m going to do that now” he assured her, and they each moved their hips just slightly, and he was thrusting into her, feeling the hot wetness all around him and hearing her gasp in pleasure.

“Fuck, yeah, baby, that feels so good, fuck me.”

She started riding him cowgirl, pressing her clit against him, grinding herself to another climax, telling him aloud how fucking good it felt, so fucking good to have him inside of her like this, and not caring if anyone might be able to overhear. His cock fit her perfectly – she worked her hips furiously against him to get what she needed and then collapsed, gasping.

He covered her gently while escort ankara she lay there on top of him, his hard cock still buried deep inside of her. HE hadn’t come yet. Oh no. He would pace himself for a while, to see how many times he could make her come. She knew this, and it liberated her to take control, to tell him exactly what to do so that she could get as many climaxes from him as she could, whenever they were intimate.

She tucked her feet under his ass, pulling him slightly deeper into her pussy.

“I love having your fucking cock inside me” she whispered in his ear.

He let her rest briefly, and then told her to get on her hands and knees. They had shared several pictures back and forth of a woman being fucked doggie style while she sucked another man’s cock. Both of them were thinking about that fantasy while he stroked in and out of her, his hands on her shoulders. Unable to control herself, she started pushing against him more rapidly, wanting to climax again.

“Lay down” he said in her ear.

While he put a condom she slipped her right hand under her stomach. Her pussy was dripping wet – she moved her fingers in rapid tight circles against her clit, and was close to getting off again when he put his cock between her legs.

She guided him in and they fucked, and she was shouting in pleasure, clawing at the blanket beneath her. Suddenly she had the urge to turn over, to lie underneath him while he rocked in and out of her core.

“Can I turn over?” she begged.

“Yes, I want to watch your face” he replied.

She quickly moved and let him enter her again, and she wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper.

He watched her face, but the ecstasy made her unable to open her eyes.

She could hear herself screaming “yes, yes, oh please, keep fucking me just like this, I want you to come in me, just like this.”

Her ankara escort bayan hands clutched his arms and shoulders, and she held him as tightly as she could with her legs. The lighting ouside flashed and showed him her face as she lay beneath him, eyes closed, head tipped back.

He exhaled sharply, and then finally climaxed, buried deep inside her.

After a while she released him from the “confinement” of her arms and legs. He covered her gently, and then rested on his back, and soon she rolled over and put her head on his shoulder.

They talked softly and kissed for a few minutes, while they recovered.

She couldn’t help it, she wanted him again. She could never keep her hands off of him, and vice versa, when they were alone.

She began stroking the hair on his chest with her fingertips, unable to stop her hand from going farther and farther down.

He spoke to her, in that tone that he used when he wanted to let her know how sexy she was.

“Yes, go ahead, put your hand down there, see what happens.” It was a challenge and a request all at once.

Without hesitation she wrapped her fingertips around his already stiff member and felt it getting harder.

She knew she didn’t have much time. She had somewhere she needed to be in less than an hour. She looked at him, and said “Can we?”

He quickly put on another condom, and his cowgirl straddled him.

“You’re going to bring me a friend, right?” she gasped, returning to their fantasy. “He’s going to lick my pussy and then I’m going to suck his cock while you fuck me, right?” He talked back to her, while she painted the fantasy with gasped words, rapidly fucking him.

He watched her breasts bounce and watched the lightning illuminate her entire body as she ground herself eagerly against him again. Her back arched and she stiffened, shuddering hard and gasping, “oh, OH” again and yet again.

All too soon their stolen time was over, and she needed to leave. He helped her get ready to go, and then she slipped away to return to where she “should” be, still wet and wishing for more time to fuck him again.

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