Girlfriend’s Younger Sis


Tara’s birthday was round the corner. I had been planning for some very special activity for her. The build up over the last few days was keeping her on her toes. She was constantly trying to pry open my mind and have a peek at my plan.

She knew that she would be royally fucked for sure. But how? Which positions would I conjure up for her? Would she be tortured? Will she be fucked in public view? Will she be beaten and then fucked? Will she be tied up and then taken? Will I stick my electric dildo in her and leave for work?

She, in fact, complained to me many times over phone that the very thought that she would be fucked royally was keeping her panty wet.

I had joked back with her saying, “Tara, the pussy is supposed to get wet, not the panty. Don’t waste good pussy juices on your panty!! Keep the juices for my fucking you intact. Better still; just don’t wear a panty darling. Just keep the pussy wet.”

Tara answered back, “Don’t joke!”

In my many years of unabashed sex relations with Tara, I had once fucked her friend Neera, since her friend truly wanted to be fucked by me. Also, many times, after I had fucked Tara well and hard – many times in one go, Tara had offered her younger sister Minu’s pussy to me as bonus.

I had asked, “Why your younger sister? Why not more of YOUR pussy?”

Tara had answered, “My pussy will always first to get the full power of your fuck. But as a good sister, I believe that my younger sister should come to know what her pussy is meant for.”

I asked mockingly, “What is a pussy meant for?”

Tara answered, “For fucking and nothing else”

I was a little worried. Was Minu below 18?? Was Tara preparing to black mail me?

To be sure I asked, “How old is Minu?”

Tara mockingly answered, “Old enough to masturbate. Old enough to get her pussy seal broken!! Old enough to feel a throbbing cock inside her.”

I asked again “What is her fucking age?”

Tara answered, “All age is fucking age. Besides she wants to fuck???!!! But since you are keen to know, she is 22. Is that old enough for your dick? Do you think she wont get split wide open by your ravishing her?”

I was aghast at her thought that Minu would get split wide open if I fucked her. I asked “Why do you think that my dick would split her open.”

Tara answered, “Darling, it is not the length. It is also not the thickness. . . . . . . But it is the long fucks you give. The pussy starts to smoke after ten minutes of your non-stop fucking.”

After some thought Tara added, “Also, you give powerful strokes. And finally, your technique of fucking from the left, then right and then from above and then for below. God. That makes my cunt get juicy and the knees become pulp.”

There was silence for a while. Tara added, “God. My pussy is getting wet talking of your fucking technique.”

But Tara had told me that Minu was a virgin. I had asked Tara, “Why on earth should Minu loose her cherry to me?”

Tara said, “All girls deserve their first fuck to be really enjoyable – so that they enjoyed fucking for ever and not became uptight about their pussy.”

For good measure, Tara added “Like me. You broke my hymen. Because of the first incredible fuck, I really love being fucked.”

I enjoyed hearing that and said, “I will fuck you till your cunt catches fire from the friction.”

Tara answered, “I would love that.”

Still, I was a little concerned that Minu might have to be forced into fucking me. I asked seriously, “How do you know that Minu will like getting fucked by me?”

Tara said, “Actually, I have been telling her of you fucking me till I get mad with pleasure.”

Tara added, “And Minu has nearly always sighed and told me that she thought that I was lucky and that good fuckers were not available for the asking”

“Tara, tell me. How does she know that good fuckers are not available?” I asked.

Tara said, “That is a good question. May be she has lost her cherry already and she is kidding me that she would like to loose it to a good fucker!!!”

I asked Tara “But that does not mean that Minu will give her cherry to me?”

Then Tara told me the real news “Actually, Minu is very keen to enjoy the pleasure that I get from your dick. Also, I will get turned on seeing my sister getting fucked to hell and back by you.”

After a short silence, Tara asked, “Don’t tell me, that Minu’s tight little pussy is not giving you a hard on?”

I did not answer.

Tara said, “I plan to get her ready after she sees how much I enjoy being taken wantonly by you”

I got the cue. She wanted to get fucked first and then her sister and then again herself.

I must confess, thinking of a young virgin and untouched pussy I got a hard on. I had to put down the thought of that by simply telling myself that all pussies are same.

Tara promised, “I will Minu along by 8.30 PM and I will ensure that she would not be aware of our plan.”

The day passed, my thinking of how I will fuck both of them, one by one, in turns.

At about 8.40 PM, my bell ankara escort rang. Tara and Minu were at the door. I greeted them. They walked in.

Minu tentatively said, “Hi”

I answered back “Hi” and looked at her to assess her ability to take sex.

Tara asked, “What is the plan?”

I only told her, “Today will be special. You will see as the evening goes on.”

After some banter, the other two arrived. We had quick snacks and then I told them to assemble in the bedroom.

Suddenly I thought that may be, I should check whether Minu was under age for consensual sex. I did not want to be charged with statutory rap under any circumstance.

In order to be sure, and to make the whole matter appear totally natural, I asked Minu directly, “How old are you Minu?” I know asking a girl her age is not good etiquette, but then she looked so sweet and fresh, I was tempted to use better counsel.

Minu blushed and hesitated and said, “Twenty Two. Why do you want to know?”

I did not respond to that question.

We continued chatting in the drawing room.

Tara was looking at her watch repeatedly and thus signaling that we were loosing time.

I realized I had to make a move.

In the conversation, I went behind Tara and started to rub my hands over her shoulder as she sat on the sofa. Soon I was massaging her shoulders and talking while she was moving her head around to indicate that this massage was relaxing her a lot.

I could see that Minu was closely watching how her sister was enjoying the physical attention.

Soon, I sat down next to Minu and asked, “Would you like being massaged too?”

Minu did not answer.

I went back behind Tara and continued massaging her shoulders and back while she remained seated. When I massaged her back, she would bend over double and make comfortable noises that only women when they are in heat.

Pretty soon Tara said, “Just wait. Let me take off my blouse. I want my breasts also massaged.”

Tara swiftly unbuttoned her blouse and helped my hand onto her breasts.

Minu could not believe here eyes. Her sister took off her blouse herself and let me play with her boobs.

I was soon enough caressing her breasts from over her bra.

Seeing this, Minu was clearly uncomfortable.

On noticing that Minu was squirming in her seat, I felt that, may be, Minu was getting a tingling feeling between her thighs and the juices were coming out. In order to make the first real move, I asked Minu, “Why don’t you join in and help me relax your sister. She has had a long day at work and the least we can do is to relax her.”

Minu asked tentatively, “Can I? How?”

I said, “Just come here and sit down and help me take off her bra. I am sure you know how to take it off better than I do.”

Minu gasped and said, “What? No. I cant do that!!”

On hearing that between rolling her eyes up and closing her eyelids, Tara mumbled “Minu, just do what he says. I am enjoying it so o o o o o much”

Minu hesitated and shifted her seat on to the seat next to Tara.

Tara caught Minu’s hand and guided it onto her breasts and whispered, “Please Minu, do as he says.”

Minu slowly put her hands around Tara’s torso and slowly unhooked Tara’s bra.

Tara’s breasts tumbled out.

Her nipples were erect and looked proud.

I continued to massage Tara’s naked shoulders and totally avoided touching her breasts.

Tara hissed, “Please feel my boobs, they need the touch”

Hearing this invitation, I told Minu softly, “Don’t just sit there, massage the breasts a little!! Tara will love it.”

Minu looked at me as if to say that she was surprised on getting this invitation, but nodded her agreement to help Tara relax.

Minu was tentatively feeling Tara’s breasts initially. Tara caught her hand and placed them firmly on her breasts.

Realizing that Tara was getting really hot, especially since Minu was taking part, I said “Minu, peel off the straps and her bra. She will enjoy it more”

Minu hesitated. I realized that Minu needed some harder approach. I said, “Take off her bra and ensure that her torso is free of all clothing”

Minu tried most gingerly to pull down Tara’s bra. I let her fiddle around for a while and then moved her hand away with mock disgust.

I then brusquely said, “Minu, just leave it to me. You can’t take off her bra?”

I pulled Tara by her hair and made her stand up. Tara winced with pain and cried out, “Ow. That hurts”

I disregarded that and I took my hands around to her front. While Minu watched, I pulled the bra from the front. I guess I pulled it too hard. The bra tore in the middle.

Minu was surprised by violence. She looked surprised. But she was more surprised that Tara did not complain.

I walked around the sofa chair and sat down. Then I just pulled Tara down on my lap and made her lie down, face up. Her legs were dangling down from the side of the four-seater sofa.

I caught Minu’s hand roughly and brought them on to Tara’s naked breasts and ordered, escort ankara “Massage them!!!”

Minu was hesitant.

I was getting irritated and yet pleaded, “Minu, play with them as if they are your own”

Minu let her hands stray onto Tara’s boobs and slowly and too softly touched the nipples.

When I saw that she was too kind, I decided to help her learn how a woman’s breast is played with.

I told Minu, “This is not the way to treat a woman’s boobs. They need to be caressed and sometimes hurt. Move your hands away and watch what I do carefully.”

Minu pulled her hands back while I slowly ran my palms over Tara’s naked breasts while Tara started to purr with pleasure. Then suddenly, I pinched Tara’s left nipple. Tara jumped up and cried out, “Ouch. That hurt”

I pulled my hand back as if I was following Tara’s cry with pain. Tara caught my hand and put it back and said, “Darling go ahead. Just massage them and play with them. They are all yours.”

I again started to caress the boobs one by one and then twirl each nipple one at a time and pull the nipples.

Tara said “Aaaaah. I love it. Minu. Please suck one nipple at a time”

I told Minu “Go ahead. Why don’t you slowly lick one nipple while I knead one of them. Then you shift to the other one, when I will knead this one.”

Minu gasped with the audacity of my suggestion and said, “No. Please, how can I do that?”

Tara whispered, “Do it. I love it. I want to be turned on.”

Minu asked “Why?”

Tara said, “Minu, please do that. I really want to be turned on.”

Minu was aghast. She said, “Should I go away? May be I should leave you alone to enjoy”

Tara yelled and Minu, “No. Don’t go away. I want you to see me being taken. I want you to learn how a man can give you so much of pleasure. And enjoy himself also!!”

Tara signaled that I should now use some force on Minu.

I caught hold of Minu’s hair and pulled her face near Tara’s nipple.

Minu tried to pull back. I ordered her “Do it, as I say. I want Tara to enjoy”

Minu lowered herself onto Tara’s open breast and started to lick like only a woman can – most tenderly.

Tara loved it and encouraged Minu, “Hnnnnnnn. Aaaaah. That is great. You are licking like an expert lesbo”

I pinched Tara’s other nipple and vice versa.

Soon I realized that Tara was all charged up.

I pulled Minu up by her hair and made her sit. I made Tara sit up. I got up and stood in front of Tara and then made Tara stand up.

I pulled Tara’s saree diadem. It fell in a heap in front of her. Tara stepped over the saree and stood trembling.

I ordered Minu, “Fish out her petticoat cord and pull it.”

Minu hesitated. I caught Minu’s hand roughly and placed it on the center parting of Tara’s petticoat and once again ordered, “Take out the cord.”

Tara pleaded to Minu, “Please pull out the cord. I want Ravi to pay some attention to me fully.”

Minu inserted her fingers into Tara’s petticoat and pulled out the cord.

With mock disgust, I pulled Minu’s hand away and said, “This has to be pulled down to take off this petticoat.”

I gave a hard pull and opened the half-knot holding the petticoat in place.

Then I loosened the waistband and lowered the petticoat below the swollen hips of a very sexy woman’s torso and let the petticoat fall.

Tara was wearing a panty.

I feigned anger and said, “You wear a panty also? Tara, take it off this minute”

Tara feigned shame and protested. I slowly ran my fingers through her slightly parted legs over her cunt from over her panty and said, “Take it off. I am ordering you”

Tara slowly inserted her fingers into the waistband and started to lower the panty. It was painfully slow.

When the panty was just below the pussy hairs, I impatiently told Minu, “Help her take it off quickly. She needs help.”

Minu was a little hesitant, but finally assisted to pull the panty down to Tara’s ankles. I pulled Tara slightly forward. Tara stepped over her panty and emerged totally naked.

Once she was totally naked, I pushed Tara down on the sofa chair.

She sat down and simpered, “This is very unfair. I am the only on who is naked here. Ravi, why don’t you join me? Minu just help me take off Ravi’s clothes. He deserves to be made naked. Then atleast Ravi and I are equally clothed.”

Minu giggled and helped her sister take off my shirt and vest and then my belt. As my belt came off, Tara told Minu, “The pant and the undie is yours”

Minu giggled a little more and unhooked my pant and pulled the zip down. The pant fell and I stepped over it.

I asked Minu, “Have you ever seen a man naked?”

Minu answered, “Yes”

I asked, “What did he look like?”

Minu said almost clinically, “Normal. There is a small dick. That is all.”

I challenged Minu and said, “Okay go ahead”

Minu the caught my undie waistband and pulled it down. My cock was hard and erect. It sprang out like a spring.

Hard and thick.

Minu was shocked. She stepped ankara escort bayan back. Minu said, “Good God. That is big, fat and angry”

Tara raised her hands and caught me by my dick and pulled me near and said, “Minu please help me skin this dick.”

Minu said, “Whaaaaat? You want to take off the skin? Why? He will bleed!!”

Tara said, “No. You stupid girl. Come give me your hand.”

Tara caught Minu’s hand and wrapped it around my dick and pulled the skin back as much as is possible. The angry looking tip came out, red and pulsating.

Tara said, “This is skinning a dick”

Minu asked with that innocent look, “What next?”

Tara said, “I will now lick it, suck it and eat it”

Minu asked, “What????? You can do that?? That is so big and fat. Besides he pisses with it. You cant drink his piss!!!!”

Tara said, “It tastes good.”

Tara took the dick with Minu’s hand wrapped around it and started to lick the tip and then started to suck the glans. Finally she started to suck it.

Tara made a noise, “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

I gasped and said, “Aaaaaah. That is great. Go on. Swallow it whole.”

After some time Minu was slowly pulling my dick skin up and down as my dick as it was being deep sucked by Tara.

A little later, I recovered from the pleasures of deep throat and pulled my dick free.

I said, “Tara you deserve better than that”

I motioned to Minu to move away and scooped Tara into my arms and took her to one of my special sofa seats.

I slowly placed her on the sofa. Then I squatted on the floor and started to kiss her breasts one by one, while Minu simply watched.

Tara moaned, “Ravi, please take me. My pussy is hot and wants the dick inside it, now.”

I told Minu, “Don’t just sit there. Help me. Come here”

Tara added, “Minu please help me get fucked royally.”

I lifted one of Tara’s legs and tied it to the armrest with the curtain holding rope.

Tara feigned protesting and tried to fight back. She cried, “Please do not tie both my legs. Please, my pussy will then be too wide open.”

Agonizingly slowly, I held her other ankle and placed the leg on the other armrest and strapped it tight.

Her pussy was wide open. But I wanted it wider open.

I pulled the buttocks forward towards the end of the seating surface. As I did that, her cunt was getting wider and wider open.

I stopped when her cunt was hanging out of the sofa front.

Tara tried to cover her open cunt mouth with both her hands.

I told Minu, “Tara is covering her cunt with her hands. Her hands deserve to be tied up, so that she has no control over her cunt atall. Please get me those neck ties from the wardrobe”

Minu waked across and got a few.

The moment Minu returned, I quickly grabbed one tie and tied Tara’s hands together and tied them above her.

Tara looked delectable.

I asked Minu, “Isn’t that nice for fucking a girl? No cucumbers and no fingering. Just plain fucking!!!”

Minu said, “I don’t know, what you are saying. But please do not hurt my sister”

Tara said, “Darling just see what happens. You will know as woman, that this is by far the best that can happen to me.”

I pulled a chair and asked Minu to sit down.

Tara made the first move and said, “Minu, I am sure seeing this blue film, you will get you hot. Feel free to play with your clit if you want to. You can masturbate if you like. Ravi won’t mind.”

I slowly sat down between Tara’s open legs and started to slowly play with one breast at a time and then slowly lowered my work between Tara’s legs.

I kissed each thing at a time and ran my fingers over her bush. Tara gasped and moaned, “Please feel it”

Minu was watching carefully.

I started to slowly kiss her mons area and her parted cunt lips were getting hotter and wetter.

I slowly took out my tongue and started to run it over the big lips of her cunt.

Tara was squirming and pleading, “Please take this clit and play with it. Take me. Make me come.”

I looked back and found that Minu had crossed her legs and was perhaps trying to have an orgasm.

Tara said softly, “Minu why don’t you take off you panty? Just play with yourself. No point in trying to remain modest. Your pussy deserves better than crossed legs and trying to create an orgasm.”

Minu was hesitant. Tara came to my rescue and said, “”Ravi please help Minu take of her panty.”

Minu got up and tried to run away. I caught her hand and pulled her near and told her firmly, “You are going no where. Do you understand? The door is locked.”

For good measure, Tara added, “Minu, if you try to get away, not only will I hold you down while Ravi fucks you, I will ask Ravi to release his truly horny Alsatian on your pussy. No fooling around here. I am in heat an I want all to get my pussy taken!!!”

Minu understood, we meant business.

I ordered Minu, “Get up. I will pull off your silly panty off.”

Minu got up hesitantly. I slid my hands up Minu’s skirt and caught her panty and pulled it down in one quick move.

That panty was wet.

Tara asked, “Is it wet?”

I asked back “The panty is dripping wet”

Tara said, “Minu is hot. That bitch was feigning hot being hot. Please let me sniff that”

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