Girls’ Night In


Sometimes the world seems a dull old place, thought Renny, as she contemplated the gray, overcast Michigan sky through her apartment window one Wednesday afternoon. Her mood was as cheerless as the weather. What you need girl, she said to herself, is something to lift your spirits…thinks…what haven’t I done for ages that might do the trick? I know! I’ll invite Amy and Sue over, get in plenty of good wine and we’ll have a girls’ night in.

Now, Renny, Amy and Sue had been the closest of friends for years. There’s nothing they didn’t share with one another; they trusted each other implicitly. It was in their teens that the ‘terrible trio’ (as they were then known) first became inseparable. Over the subsequent two decades, the bond between them had only grown stronger. They had rejoiced in one another’s triumphs and consoled one another in times of heartache or anguish.

Renny phoned Amy then Sue and was elated to hear that they were both up for it and that all three had no other commitments that Friday night. Over the years, their ‘girls’ nights in’ had become something of a ritual or institution, generally taking place every two months of so. But since Sue’s marriage to Mike (who seemed to resent his wife having such close, longstanding ties with the two women, and who knew they did not care much for him), their girly get-togethers had become less frequent; the last one had been as long as six months ago.

* * *

The thought of Friday night acted like a tonic on Renny, though her improved mood was not matched by any improvement in the weather. But the dreary, leaden sky no longer reflected her own feelings. She simply couldn’t wait to see the girls. She loved the way that, as the wine loosened their tongues, the talk invariably turned to sex. Amy was the most daring and outrageous of the three in sexual matters; she delighted in giving graphic descriptions of her latest sexual shenanigans and indiscretions about whom she’d paired off with and how they’d performed. These lurid accounts of her hectic sex life were arousing, hilarious and shocking by turns, and made the other girls feel readier to share their own sexual experiences, especially Sue, always a little shy in sexual matters.

* * *

Amy arrived first, bearing two bottles of red wine and a bag that she held out to Renny saying “Present!” Renny hugged her, stretched up to kiss her cheek and said, “Oh Amy, you shouldn’t have. If I’d known I’d’ve got you something.”

“Nonsense!” said Amy, a tall woman of strong opinions forthrightly expressed. “Your hospitality for the night is gift enough. Well don’t just stand there girl, open it.” Renny snapped open the bag and, with a sharp intake of breath, drew from it and held up a black, silk basque, elaborately decorated with red lace. This, as Amy well knew, was just the kind of sexy, alluring garment that Renny loved. She kissed Amy again and led her through to the lounge. Renny laid out the basque on the back of the sofa and poured them both a drink.

Just then, the ring of the doorbell announced Sue’s arrival and, shortly after, Renny ushered the third friend into the lounge. Sue too had brought a couple of bottles of wine with her. Amy got up and embraced Sue, greeting her as always as, “Sue the mouse. Great to see you, little Sue. The mouse is in the house and now we are three!” Sue smiled weakly and even fabricated a little laugh but she looked wan and dejected.

Renny poured her a drink. “Everything alright babes?”

“Fine,” said Sue. “Everything’s fine.”

Renny and Amy exchanged concerned glances. Renny silently mouthed the word “Later” at Amy, tilting her head sideways to indicate Sue. Amy nodded agreement. They would get to the bottom of Sue’s unhappiness later, when she’d got some drink down her and loosened up a bit.

“Well Sue,” said Renny, brightening things up, “It’s been six months and we’ve missed you. It’s a real treat to see you at last and have the old triumvirate back together again.” She poured and distributed more drinks, raised her own glass and said, “Here’s to the three of us!”

“The three of us,” echoed Amy and Sue.

“Thanks Renny,” said Sue. “I’ve really missed you too, both of you. But the pair of you still get together regularly don’t you? Just like we always did?”

“True,” said Amy, “But it’s just not the same without you Sue, without the three of us. Not a proper girls’ night in.” Amy could and should have left it there, but didn’t. “I mean, that selfish fuck of a husband of yours, how dare he stop you seeing your two best friends in the world. You ought to stand up to him, girl, before he-“

“How’s work, Sue?” interrupted Renny, noting how Amy’s clumsy outburst caused Sue to frown sadly.

Amy’s tactlessness for once embarrassed her into silence. She poured and passed round more wine and for half an hour or so, the women talked about their jobs, the comings and goings of mutual friends, movies and concerts casino siteleri they’d seen and, before long, a modicum of cheerfulness was restored. During a lull in the conversation, Sue pointed to the back of the sofa and said, “What’s that?”

“That? It’s a basque,” Renny told her, holding it up and displaying it to her. Amy bought it for me. Lovely isn’t it? Here, have a feel of it,” she said, passing it to her.

“It’s beautiful,” trilled Sue, caressing the garment. “The material feels…gorgeous.”

“Ren, why not try it on?” suggested Amy.

“What, now?” queried Renny.

“Yes now,” replied Amy, “See if it’s your size. If not I’ll change it tomorrow.”

Amy’s words caused the merest tingle of excitement in Renny’s stomach. She’d wanted to try it on ever since she’d first seen it. She couldn’t wait to find out how sexy and sensual she would look and feel in it. “Hmm,” she sighed and smiled slyly at Amy. “I’ve got just the stockings and panties to go with this; they’ll match it a treat. You two just talk among yourselves while I go and slip them on.”

She soon collected the items from her bedroom drawer but, in the mischief of her excitement, as she undressed and put them on, she decided to go further and give herself an erotic makeover to do justice to the basque.

After some time, Renny re-entered the lounge. Sue emitted a startled little squeak when she saw her, while Amy just said “Wow!” as a lascivious grin spread over her face. For Renny had returned wearing black silk stockings and suspenders, a bright red thong and stiletto heels and, oh yes, a large pair of silver earrings. Her lipstick matched the bright red of her thongs and she had added rouge and mascara. She had also applied a few dabs of her favorite perfume. She was topless, her nipples hard and jutting.

“You gonna help me on with this basque, girl?” she asked Amy. “Tie me at the back?”

“Sure,” grinned Amy, getting up. “Be delighted.”

Renny knocked back a large swig of wine and said, “I’ll just lose the suspender belt.” Once this was discarded and tossed on the sofa, Amy stood behind her and placed the basque around her torso. “Tell me if I tie too tight,” she said as she fastened the criss-crossing series of stays at the back. “Gotta say Ren, it looks like a good fit.” Renny meanwhile attached the clips hanging down to her stocking tops.

When the job was done, Amy turned Renny to face her and stood back, looking her up and down. She gave a long whistle and said “My god, Ren. You sure make a real classy tart. I swear no whore ever looked so fucking stylish! When I saw it I thought ‘Ren’ll just love this’. And I just knew you’d look fabulous in it.”

“Well thank you for the compliment, darling,” said Renny, “And most of all thank you for the wonderful gift. It fits perfectly, feels fantastic and, yes Amy, I do enjoying dressing to please. I shall wear it next time I mean to give a lover an extra special treat.” With studied nonchalance, Renny turned her back to the girls, bent forward and poured them all another drink and sat down, excited at having given them an exhibitionist little display of her rear-end. “What d’you think, Sue?” Sue just gazed at her in wonder. All she could say was, “You look incredible, Renny. So sexy!”

Amy said, “You know what, Sue? Ren’s just loving sitting there with us gawping at her dressed as Miss Fucking Sex Fantasy. And as for that ass-wiggling little display a moment ago, she knows we’ve both got a bit of bi in us and she’s teasing us.”

“I beg your pardon, Amy,” protested Renny. “You bought me this and, may I remind you, it was your idea I try it on. So don’t complain if it turns me into a total sexpot. And, I might add,” she added, “I’m not changing out of it now I’ve put it on. I’m staying like this for the rest of the evening, so deal with it!”

“Hark at her, Sue,” countered Amy. “She’s tormenting us and loving it and getting hot making us drool. Bet you 50-1 that her cunt’s moist and getting wetter by the minute.”

Renny, who was quite used to this kind of talk from Amy, took her friend’s profanity in her stride. “I won’t deny, Amy darling, that I’m a little damp between the legs. Before sleep tonight, I shall retire to my boudoir and make full use of my number one.”

Amy tipped back her head and hooted with laughter at this. Sue looked puzzled. “What’s your number one?” she asked.

“It’s my favorite vibrator, honey,” explained Renny. “I’ve collected seven or eight over the years. But there’s one that gives me more pleasure, more easily, than all the others. And so I call it my number one.”

* * *

Sensing that Sue felt relaxed among friends now, and seeing that she was indeed a bit drunk, Renny decided to broach the ticklish subject of whether she’d found happiness with Mike. “Listen Sue,” she began cautiously, “Along with Amy, I’m your oldest friend and, because I see so little of you these days, I’m concerned about slot oyna how happy you are in your marriage. I know Amy would say the same.” Amy nodded. “So we only as this because we care about you, because we give a damn. Are you finding much satisfaction, much happiness, in married life? If you don’t mind me asking?”

Sue sighed heavily. “No Renny,” she said, “In fact I’m relieved you have asked. If your question is meant sexually, then I’m afraid Mike and I are a complete disaster. Sex, more or less since the honeymoon, is a total no-no.”

“Surely not!” said Renny, shocked. She went over, put her arms around Sue and sat down on the beanbag beside her.

“When it first started happening…” said Sue…

“What? When what first started happening?” interjected Amy.

“When Mike stopped getting aroused when we were in bed together, or having a cuddle on the sofa, I thought it was just a temporary thing, fatigue or work-stress or something. I’d wake up mornings feeling all, you know, frisky, put a hand between his legs and all I’d find there was an inch or so of flaccid indifference. After a while, I realized the problem wasn’t just going to go away. One night in bed, after getting no reaction, I asked him, I said ‘Mike, don’t I turn you on?’ and you know what he said?” Here Sue broke off, no longer able to contain the tears welling up inside her.

Amy came over with some tissues, dabbed her eyes and cheeks and said, “Sssssh baby. Don’t say anymore, don’t make yourself miserable.”

But Sue recovered enough to say, “No Amy, I want to continue. I’ve needed like hell to talk to someone about this for months. Anyway, the answer he gave me is burnt into my memory, word for word. he said, “No you fucking don’t turn me on, you useless cow, you fucking sexless little plain-Jane.” Since that night, he talks to me quite often like this. He says I’m the reason he can’t get an erection and he taunts me for it.”

“Bastard!” Amy spat the word out bitterly.

A truth sunrose upon Renny, who said: “Now I see why he tries to keep you from seeing us. He knows we’re the only two people in the world who you would talk to about this, and he doesn’t want you discussing his sexual inadequacies with anyone.”

“That’s right,” said Sue, between tearful gulps of wine. “He won’t even come with me to the doctor about it. It wasn’t so bad at first, after the marriage I mean. I mean, our love-life was never exactly earth-shaking even then, but Mike seemed happy enough. He didn’t really satisfy me, but it seemed I satisfied him. I mean, he’d just roll on top of me, get inside me, hump away for a few minutes, cum, and then roll off me and fall sleep. And even back when he could manage a hardon, he’s not very impressive.”

“Babes,” said Amy, “You don’t have to tell us this.”

“Oh shut up Amy,” said Renny testily. “She wants to tell us. How not very impressive, Sue babes?”

“Well, the biggest erection I’ve ever seen on him, which he once described as being “in all its glory”, is about three inches tops. And scarcely thicker than a pencil, useless crooked little thing as it is,” and for the first time that evening, Sue laughed. She laughed through her tears at her description of her husband’s penis. Her mirth proved infectious. Renny gave a titter; Amy couldn’t suppress a giggle. The three women’s chuckles grew into guffaws which built up to a crescendo of uncontrollable hysteria in which they rolled around on the floor, convulsed with laughter. As soon as the fit seemed about to recede, one of them would start the other two off again. Amy would just look at Renny and say “in all it’s glory!”, or Renny would say, hardly able to get the words out, “crooked, useless little thing as it is!”, and the collective seizure would begin again, leaving the three women clutching their stomachs as if to stop them bursting open.

* * *

When their laughter finally abated, Sue was the first to speak. “Renny?”

“Yes babes, what is it?”

“Well,” continued Sue hesitantly, “I wonder, would you mind if, would you’d show me…I mean, may I see your number one?”

“Of course you may, babes” said Renny. “Why don’t you pour us all another drink while I pop to the bedroom and get it.” Renny, still flushed with their laughing bout, wondered where this was leading as she fetched her favorite vibrator. Catching sight of herself in the full-length bedroom mirror, she was suddenly reminded of the basque (she’d almost forgotten about the basque), the stockings, the stilettos, the thong. She paused and looked at herself holding the thick, large vibrator and felt a surge of arousal. With butterflies in her stomach, she returned to the lounge, trying hard to maintain an appearance of calm.

“Here it is Sue,” she said, holding up the pink plastic penis, “My number one. You’ve never used one of these before, have you?” Sue shook her head. Renny offered it to her but Sue seemed reluctant to touch it. “Go on, take it. canlı casino siteleri It won’t bite.” Sue gingerly reached out a hand and took the vibrator. She ran her fingers up and down its length, noting its thickness and the rough texture of its surface. She seemed to examine it with fascination and a kind of awed reverence that amused Renny and Amy.

Sue put the vibrator down, saying, “This’ll sound like a really dumb question, Renny, but how do you use it? I mean, d’you just stick it in and sort of fuck yourself with it?” Sue blushed, and the others smirked, at her use of the word fuck. She must be drunk, they thought; Sue never said ‘fuck’. Even so, it was a reasonable question, not a dumb one at all, and Renny thought it deserved an answer. “Well,” she began, “You could do that, but that would severely limit the pleasure a vibrator can give you. Women use their vibrators differently. Used properly, it can give you countless orgasms! I’m perfectly happy to describe to you, or even show you, how I use mine. If you want me to, that is.”

The power of alcohol to dissolve shyness and reserve is a truly wonderful phenomenon. Sue urged and entreated Renny to demonstrate how to use the number one. “Sue, my poor darling, I’m going to go better than that,” said Renee. “Amy gave me this beautiful present tonight and I’m going to make a gift to you which I hope will give you as much pleasure as it’s given me. I want you to have my number one, Sue. I’ll show you how to use it and then…it’s yours darling.”

Sue, surprised and abashed, said, “Oh no Renny! You can’t give me your number one; I can’t possibly accept it and I won’t.”

“You can and you will!” said Amy firmly. “No greater love hath sister for sister than to give her her number one. Now watch, listen and learn as Renny tells you and shows you how to use it.”

“Oh Renny, you’re so kind to me!” said Sue, her voice shaky with emotion. “How can I ever repay you?”

“No repayment required, Sue babes,” said Renny. “Now, it’ll be best to do this in the bedroom, and the basque will have to come off after all.” Getting up, she said, “Amy, can you bring the bottle and glasses with you. I’m gonna need another stiff drink before I do this!”

* * *

In the bedroom, Sue sat on the bed and watched carefully. Renny, sitting beside her, drunk a large tumbler of wine straight back. Amy, crooked her finger at her and said, “C’mon girl, stand up, turn around and let’s get that basque off you, and the rest.” “Sue, do me a favor,” said Renny. “I find sexy music helps get me in the right frame-of-mind, the right mood. (I suggest you try it too.) There’s a CD of soul hits over there with some Marvin Gaye songs on; Let’s Get It On and Sexual Healing really do it for me. Put the CD on would you babes, but keep the volume low? And light some candles and turn down the lights.” In a moment, Sue had got the ambience just right and Renny was soon feeling very aroused, beginning to enjoy being the object of her two friends’ attention.

Amy, meanwhile, had undone and removed the basque and Sue sat expectantly on the edge of the bed. “Well, if I’m gonna do this properly then I’d better disrobe completely. Amy and Sue watched intently as Renny removed her thong, stockings and stilettos, and lay back on the bed, the vibrator near to hand. She shut her eyes and began playing, pinching and tweaking her breasts and nipples. “Sue,” she said, “Let me explain what I’m doing. I close my eyes to cut out visual distractions. I want to float to a place which is pure feeling, pure sexual sensation.

“Always take it nice and slowly. Don’t rush it. Pointless masturbating as though you’re running for a bus. My tits, especially my nipples, are ultra sensitive; massaging them this way starts those lovely warm juices flowing in my pussy. Now my body feels ready for the vibrator. I turn it on and run it gently over my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples until they’re as erect and as sensitive as they can be. Remember: no hurry! Keep working on your tits until they’re fully sensitized.”

“And when they are, move the vibrator down your body like this, over your belly, lower abdomen, towards your pussy. When it reaches my pussy, I like to open my legs a little wider and just push the head against my slit, so it’s just pushing apart my cunt lips, making them pulsate and shudder. Watch this carefully, Sue; I’m using the vibrator to search out my clit. Ah! it’s touching now, vibrating it, quivering against it. Hmm, beautiful. I can stay like this for ages, bringing myself to the edge of cumming and then pulling back from the brink. I like to tease myself like this; it heightens the intensity of my eventual orgasms.”

“Now I turn up the vibrator to full and slowly insert it deep into my cunt, all the way in, and then work it in and out. Notice how at the same time I massage my clit with my free hand, rubbing it quite fast. And I can feel myself getting close to cumming right now. Oh fuck! I ain’t gonna stop now. This feels so good and it’s even sexier knowing that I’m giving a demonstration to my two best friends, not that Amy needs any…oh god, here I cum! Jeez, this is a real fucking good one…”

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