Girl’s Night In


I hummed to myself as I set out my hand painted wine glasses and a bottle of wine on the coffee table. It was the last Wednesday of the month, Good Wine and Bad Movie night. Tonight was a rosa regale brichetto paired with the doubtful Schwarzenegger classic Red Heat. As I placed a small bowl of cherries on the table, my husband Derek stepped into the room with a frown.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?” I asked him.

“I got called into work.”

“What, tonight?” My heart sank, my good mood evaporating. “But, wine, and the movie. Jill will be here soon.”

Jill was a friend who always came over for wine and bad movies. We’d known her for nearly two years and the three of us were quite close.

“I know, sweetie.” He stepped over to me, slipping his arms around my waist and pressing a kiss to my forehead. “I’m sorry.”

I sighed.

“I guess I’ll call Jill before she leaves her house.” I pulled away from Derek and began picking up the wine glasses again.

“No, she can still come over,” he insisted. “You guys go ahead and have movie night without me.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, go ahead, enjoy yourselves. No reason to ruin it for everyone.”

“Well, all right. Thanks, love.”

Derek smiled at me.

“Of course. Anything for you.”

I put away the third glass and set about touching up my makeup while Derek readied for work. Within fifteen minutes, there was an unceremonious knock at the door and Jill walked in.

She was stunning, as usual. A good four inches taller than my five foot two, she boasted a slim, athletic physique and beautifully rounded breasts. She wore her long, pale blonde hair in two low tails over her shoulders and was dressed in a white undershirt and dark, low slung blue jeans.

I was dressed similarly, in a snug, thin t-shirt and jeans. My chestnut hair was too short to tie in tails, but it was spiked out in an artful bedhead look that had taken me more time and hair gel than I would care to admit.

“Ana!” Jill dumped her purse on the table and moved to embrace me but stopped as she saw Derek putting on his shoes.

“Going somewhere? Aren’t we going to have a movie?”

“He was called in to work,” I told her, pouting to make clear my feelings on the matter.

Jill mirrored my expression.

“Oh no! Do you have to?”

“I do, sorry.” Derek stood up. “But you girls can have fun without me.”

“I guess.” Jill still looked disappointed.

“Have fun,” he told us. “You can tell me all about it when I get back.” Derek leaned down to press a passionate kiss to my mouth, his tongue sliding inside as his hand slipped under my shirt and bra to fondle my breast and pinch my nipple gently. He pulled away reluctantly and turned to bid Jill farewell in the same way.

I should mention that ours is not a conventional friendship.

I slipped an arm around Jill’s waist as Derek opened the door.

“Try not to be too distracted at work!” I teased.

He winked at us and left.

The two of us moved into the living room where we poured ourselves some wine and settled on the couch.

“Oh, this is very good,” Jill remarked as the movie began. “I’ll have to remember this wine.”

“I know, isn’t it? My sister told me about it.” I curled up next to Jill, my hand resting on her thigh.

It was a bad movie, and we were thoroughly enjoying it. Twenty minutes and two glasses of wine each into it, Jill had moved to a lounging position against the arm of the couch and I nestled up next to her, my arm around her waist and my head pillowed against her chest, both of us giggling madly and imitating Arnold’s thick Austrian accent.

“Poor Derek, missing all this fun,” I commented, stroking Jill’s hip.

“I casino siteleri know. We should text him!” she replied.

I laughed. “Yeah, send him sexy texts so he’ll want to rush home.”

“I think he wants to anyway.” Jill gave me a sly look and fished her phone from her pocket. “Let’s make it worse!” She began tapping out a text to Derek.

– Hey, Sexy. Guess what we’re doing? –

His reply came after a few minutes.

– I’m bad at guessing games. Why don’t you tell me? –

I giggled.

“Let’s show him! Send him a picture.”

“Picture of what, though?” Jill asked, winking.

I laughed. “As if you don’t know.” I wiggled up until my face was level with hers and planted a heavy, passionate kiss on her mouth. She moaned and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, kissing me back with fervor. I saw the flash from the phone out of the corner of my eye and she pulled away to send the photo. I kissed down her neck to the hollow at the base of her throat. When the picture was sent, Jill lifted my chin to kiss my mouth again, twining her other hand in my hair. I groped at her breast through her ribbed undershirt and bra . The chime of her phone pulled us apart.

– That’s hot. What else are you doing? 😉 –

“Hmmm…” I pondered, then swung my leg over Jill’s body, abruptly shifting my weight until I was straddling her, my hands pinning her wrists back lightly. I leaned down and kissed her slowly.

“What else should we do?”

Jill grinned and pulled from my grasp, reaching around behind me under my shirt to unhook my bra. I shimmied my way out of it under my shirt in that inexplicable way that girls do, and lifted the hem of my shirt with one hand. She leaned forward, stretching out her tongue to lick delicately at my puckered nipple, then closed her lips over it, sucking gently. She held her phone out to the side and snapped a picture. I pouted when she turned away to send the picture.

“Patience, love,” she smirked at me. She held out her tongue again, barely flicking the tip of my nipple. I groaned and pressed towards her, but she turned her head.

“Tease,” I moaned.

Jill chuckled then caught my nipple in her mouth, sucking it in and closing her hand over my other breast, kneading the soft firmness. I moaned and closed my eyes, pulsing my hips against her pelvis. Her tongue swirled around my nipple, hot and slick, flicking at the sensitive skin. I pulled my shirt entirely off so that I could caress her breast with my free hand.

Her phone chirped.

– That’s nice. Any more? –

“Mmm, he wants more,” Jill murmured. “What to give him?” She sat up, pushing me off her lap, and tugged her shirt over her head. I moved in to kiss at her breasts, reaching around to unclasp her bra, and moving to suck on her nipples as soon as they were free. Kneeling on the couch, Jill pulled me up and towards her, pressing her breasts against mine and sweeping me into a passionate kiss. *click*

Jill didn’t turn away to send the picture this time, instead peering out of the corner of her eye to tap at the keyboard, then tossed her phone onto the couch behind me and fell back, pulling me on top of her.

I moaned, running my hand up and down her side, then caressing her breast. Her lips pressed hotly against my mouth, hungry.

Jill turned me, snaking her hand down between my legs, stroking through the denim. I spread my legs apart, but she was already fumbling at the button. She soon had it undone and the zipper down, and was sliding her hand into my pants, inside my panties to the slickness between my legs, stroking my clit slowly.

I groaned and pulled on Jill’s nipple, bending my head to lick at it.

Her phone chirped.

I groaned in frustration slot oyna when Jill slipped her fingers from their diversion and sat up to retrieve the phone.

– Oh thats hot –

I snatched the device from her hands and typed back, – Shouldve seen what you just interrupted –

“Hey,” Jill cried. “That’s mine! Ooh, you’re going to pay for that.” She grinned evilly.

The phone chirped again and she grabbed for it, but I jumped up off the sofa and held it back away from her.

“Give me that!” She clambered to her feet towards me, but I backed away.

“Come and get it,” I teased. I turned and dashed into the bedroom, Jill hot on my heels.

I ran around to the other side of the bed while looking at the phone to see what Derek had said.

– O really?-

I started to reply, but Jill lunged across the bed, grabbing my arm and pulling me down onto the bed while wrenching the phone from my fingers. She tossed it to the floor without looking at it.

“He can wait for a minute,” she told me and lay down next to me with our legs dangling over the edge of the bed, pressing her mouth over mine and sliding her hand into my pants again.

I sighed against her lips and reached for the button on her jeans, but she pulled away from me, slipping off the bed, and knelt in front of me, kissing at the cool skin above my waistband while she slowly pulled my pants down. My heart raced and I gasped with anticipation as she inched my lace thong down my legs, trailing kisses over my thighs. Once free of the constraining fabric, I spread my knees. Jill chuckled.

“So eager?”

“I’m always eager for you,” I groaned.

She blew gently on my clit, then leaned forward and licked tenderly at the surrounding skin. I moaned, then held out my hand.


“Hmmm?” The vibration of her voice made me tremble.

“Gimme the phone.”

She groped on the floor and lobbed the phone up to me, then turned back to her long, slow licking. I turned the phone and held it out to get a closeup of her working.


Jill stood up.

“Hey, wait, no, go back!”

She crawled back up onto the bed.

“What, you got the picture.”

I pouted.

“Fine.” I sent the picture, then abruptly pushed Jill onto her back.

“It’s your turn now.” I unzipped her jeans and pulled them down roughly. She was not wearing anything underneath them.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Really, who’s eager now?”

She laughed. “Always, for you.”

Her phone chirped, but we ignored it.

I knelt over her, lazily stroking two fingers between her legs and running my other hand over her body, pulling at her nipples and scratching my nails on her skin. She gasped and writhed.


She had grabbed the phone and snapped a picture, though the quality of the photo was probably suspect, as I don’t think she was looking.

“Forget about that,” I told her, dropping down and pulling her into an embrace. She pressed her body against mine, kissing my mouth with fevered passion. She rolled over on top of me, slipping her fingers between my legs and inside me. I moaned and she sat up, thrusting into me, her fingers probing for that perfect spot. I grabbed her other hand and pressed it to my breast. She squeezed it, flicking her thumb over my nipple as her thrusting sped up.

I jerked and cried out as she hit the spot and fell into a rhythm. I reached down to stroke my clit, pulsing my hips. As the pleasure built, I rolled my head back, gasping, and I began to lose myself, words pouring from my mouth.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck fuck!”

Jill paused and loomed over me, smiling widely.


“Yes, fuckity,” I gasped. “Wipe that canlı casino siteleri grin off your face and fuck me!”

She chuckled and moved her hand slowly, tantalizingly. She leaned down and bit my nipple, then sat back, pulling her fingers out.

“What? Oh, come on, you tease!”

Jill kissed my other breast.

“Well, I was going to show you the surprise I brought, but with that attitude, maybe I’ll just make you wait.”

“Surprise?” I sat up. “What did you bring?”

She shook her head.

“Uh-uh. You complained, so you do me first.”

“Jiiill!” I leaned forward and kissed at her neck, brushing my fingers over her smooth breast. “Please?”

“Nope.” She reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer, pulling out a large, translucent blue vibrator, holding it out to me. “Me first, or you don’t get the surprise.”

I stuck out my tongue at her and snatched the toy, then pushed her onto her back on the bed. I leaned down, kissing the curve of her breasts. She sighed as I sucked slowly on each puckered nipple then kissed down her stomach to her spread legs and lapped at her clit. I set the tip of the vibrator at her opening and slowly slid it in, thrusting it gently while I licked.

Jill moaned and I thumbed the knob to turn on the vibrator. She gasped and I began pulsing it inside her, still flicking my tongue on her clit, licking around it. It wasn’t long before she was letting out short cries, bucking her hips.

“Kiss me,” she moaned.

“I am kissing you,” I told her with a smile and planted a kiss on her clit.

“My lips, I meant.”

“I am–“

“My mouth, smartass!”

I chuckled and moved up, thrusting the vibrator into her and kissing her mouth.

She flung an arm around my neck, holding me close and her hand joined mine on the vibrator, quickening the pace. Suddenly she broke away from me, sucking in a breath, then let out a long cry. She went limp under me, her eyes closing as she gasped for breath.

I pulled out the vibrator and tossed it aside, gently kissing her neck until she caught her breath.

When she opened her eyes, I smiled at her.

“So… About this surprise…”

“All right, wait here.” Jill rolled me over and crawled over me. “Don’t go anywhere!” She pinched my nipple playfully and pranced out of the room.

She returned a moment later with a frosted glass dildo. It curved slightly and had a ridged pattern along its length. A small knob protruded at the base, on the opposite side you would expect.

Jill crawled onto the bed next to me and traced the hard tip down my stomach. I shied away from the cool touch.

“What do you think?” Jill asked me.

“It looks promising,” I replied. “I’ll reserve judgement for after.”

The smooth glass slid into me easily and she began working it with a rocking motion, hitting the knob onto the tight pucker of my ass.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” I reached up to cradle her breast, stroking with my thumb.

Jill thrust faster, rubbing at my clit with her other hand. I groaned and pushed my hips upward to meet the plunges, my breath coming faster. She drove it deeper, the smaller knob pressing, barely penetrating, sending a thrill through me with each thrust. I gasped and gripped the edge of the mattress, arching my back as the passion reached the peak. I cried out, my hips jerking, and Jill leaned down, sucking hard on a nipple and pulling on the other.

As I came back to myself, Jill gently removed the dildo and set it aside, cuddling close and kissing my cheek. I turned my head to kiss her lips tenderly.

“Hmmmm,” I said. “Think Derek is wondering what happened to us?”

“If by wondering you mean fantasizing, then yes,” Jill replied.

“Well, we’ll just be sure to treat him extra special next movie night.”

After a moment of contented quiet, Jill asked, “Think we’ll ever watch a whole movie?”

I giggled.

“Never, with you.”

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