Girls Night Out



Nina here.

I wasn’t really sure what category to post this under. Being married I was going to post this under “Loving Wives” but it just didn’t seem to fit.

A few years ago, a friend of mine was going through a divorce and we decided to have a ladies night out during the week to cheer her up.

We weren’t looking to go clubbing so we found a neighborhood bar/pub with lots of dark wood and leather. We put two tables together so we could all chat and tell war stories about dating.

Every once in a while a guy would come up and want to join us but we made it clear that it was girls only that night.

The drinks were flowing and the dating stories were getting more and more risqué.

One of the ladies did the old “tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue” trick and that quickly became a round of “Truth or Dare”

Soon enough, we forgot about the truth part and it became simply dares.

If you refused your dare, you had to buy the next round.

It started out simple. “Kiss the woman to your right” became “Tongue kiss the woman on your right”.

by now, we pretty much had the undivided attention of the dozen or so men at the bar.)

“Remove your bra without taking off your shirt” was easy. Just about every woman has done that a few times.

One woman got “remove your panties”. She was wearing slacks so she refused and had to buy a round for the table.

(the more rounds we drank, the fewer refusals were made. Go figure)

The dare went to the next woman. She was wearing a skirt so she slipped them off and put them on the table.

That brought a round of applause from the bar.

The next lady said she was glad she didn’t get picked for that because she was not wearing any.

That of course made her next dare “Prove it!”

She stood up and turned to face the bar (her back to us) and slowly lifted up the back of her skirt to expose her bare butt to us. Proving that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

This brought a chorus of “Turn around!” and “Show us the front!” from the bar.

Each round go more daring. All of us wanted to make someone who had dared us, to do something even worse.

I dared the woman who had removed her bra earlier, to take off her shirt and flash the guys at the bar.

She pulled her arms inside her shirt and covered her breasts with her hands. Then two of us pulled her shirt over her head.

She stood up and turned to face the bar.

With ankara escort a little encouragement she dropped her hands to her sides for a couple of seconds and then covered up again before sitting back down.

She quickly pulled her t-shirt back over her head.

A few more dares were made and another round was bought and then it was the “flashers” turn to make a dare.

She looked at me with a devilish grin, grabbed a napkin and quickly wrote something on it before sliding it over to me.

The note on the napkin said “Pick a guy at the bar and offer him a blowjob”

I looked at the note and thought about it. I could refuse and just buy another round but I knew if I did, my next dare would be even worse.

Besides, it only said I had to “offer” one. It didn’t say he had to accept.

Ok. I braced myself, stood up and turned to look at my options.

There’s a reason they were sitting at the bar drinking beer and not out with dates.

The pickin’s were slim to say the least.

A few of the guys looked like they were there together.

A couple guys looked like Norm from cheers.

A few of them might have taught high school to my grandfather.

At the end of the bar though…drinking by himself was the one.

He wasn’t ever going to get a job as a GQ model but he wasn’t half bad looking.

He was dressed nice (for a bar) and looked like he showered and shaved on a regular basis.

I grabbed a napkin and wrote on it “Don’t say a word. Just follow me into the ladies room and I’ll give you a bj”

I showed the napkin to the women at the table and walked down the bar to where he was sitting.

I handed him the note and continued on to the bathroom.

My friends had seen the note and saw me give it to him so my obligation of “offering” a blow job was fulfilled.

I entered the ladies room and leaned my butt against one of the sinks and waited, wondering if he would show up.

It took a few minutes but finally the door opened a crack and I heard him whisper “Hello?”

He stuck his head around the door and saw me.

I pointed my finger at him and curled it back towards me telling him to come in.

He entered and then pushed his back up against the door as if he was trapped.

“Uh. What’s going on?” he asked.

“Shhhh. No talking. Just nod your head yes if you want a blow job. Right here. Right now. No questions asked.”

Well, of course his escort ankara head started bobbing up and down like it was sitting on a spring.

I walked over to him, locked the door and took his hand, leading him back to the sink I had been leaning against.

I pushed him back until his butt was up against it and held up my hand, palm facing him in a “stay” motion.

I dropped to a squatting position and reached for his belt.

I loosened it, unsnapped his jeans and pulled down the zipper.

Reaching in, I grabbed the waist band of his underwear (boxer briefs, not tighty whities, thank God) and pulled them and his jeans to about mid thigh.

His penis was already semi-erect when I wrapped my hand around it.

I figured by now he would have been stiff as a rail but maybe he was nervous.

I slid my mouth over the head and swirled my tongue around it.

That definitely got a reaction of him and he started to grow inside of my mouth.

Using one hand on his leg to steady myself, I used the other to fondle his balls. Rolling them around in my hand (In case you’re wondering, Yes. I’ve done this before).

I felt his hands on the side of my head and pulled back. I looked up at him and told him. “Keep your hands on the sink. No touching. If you mess up my hair or even think about cumming on my face or clothes, you’re not leaving with your dick attached.”

He put his hands back where they belonged and I took the length of him straight to the back of my throat.

I’ll give this to him, he was a grower, not a shower.

Under different circumstances, I would have liked to spend some more time enjoying what he had to offer.

He no longer had a nice penis. It was now a full fledged cock!

I heard people at the door. It was my friends and I could hear them laughing and making comments.

I continued to suck and lick on him as my head moved up and down.

Every once in a while I’d plunge down, bury my nose in his pubes and suck him deep into my throat.

It wasn’t long before I could tell he was ready to let go.

His hips started thrusting forward and his cock got even harder.

By now, my friends and from the sound of it, a few of the guys were outside the door chanting “Blow Job! Blow Job” Blow Job!”

I heard him moan (or whimper) and I knew it was time.

He started cumming in my mouth.

I know that they say the average amount of seminal fluid is about a teaspoon and ankara escort bayan can vary depending on how long it’s been and how excited the man is but, when it’s shooting into your mouth if seems like a bucket load!

I swallowed as fast as I could until I felt him going soft in my mouth.

I cleaned him up with my tongue and pulled his shorts back up, tucking his cock back in as I slid them up over his butt.

I stood up and motioned for him to pull up his jeans and put his belt back on.

He started to say something and I told him “shut the fuck up and get the Hell out of the ladies room you pervert!”

I took him by the hand and lead him to the door.

I could still hear my friends outside so I unlocked it, opened it just enough and shoved him out.

Then I closed the door and locked it again.

I could hear the cheers and congratulations being offered to the guy as I stood with my back up against the door.

The sounds moved off and I stood there. It’s strange. I wasn’t worried about what my friends thought. They were my friends and I knew they had my back.

For some reason though, I was wondering how I would react to the rest of the bar patrons when I went back out there.

I didn’t even know any of them but for some reason I just knew they would be thinking bad things about me and it would probably be a long time before I had the nerve to return.

A few of my friends had returned to the door and started a new chant.

“Slut! Slut! Slut! Slut!” came through the door.

I knew they weren’t serious and were just having fun at my expense. We’d all laugh about it later.

I told them to stand back and I unlocked the door.

I stepped out, looked at them and we all immediately started laughing uncontrollably.

We walked down the short hallway into the main room and the rest of my friends and the guys at the bar started applauding and making cat calls.

I noticed that the guy whose dick I’d recently had in my mouth was no where to be found. He must have high tailed it out of there.

I grabbed a napkin, made a dab at each corner of my mouth and then made an exaggerated curtsy like you’d see at some royal ball room dance.

I walked over to our table, put my hands on either side of the face of the woman who had “dared” me and I kissed her.

I kissed her hard and deep. Shoving my tongue as far into her mouth as I could.

I wanted to make sure she could taste however much of the guy’s cum was still in my mouth.

(another round of applause from the bar)

“Satisfied?” I asked.

I calmly sat down, tossed back the rest of my drink, looked around and asked “Who’s turn is it to go next?”

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