Girls Night Out


After dancing for 5 hours at the bar, Lynn and Willow were drunk and naughty. Giggling about the boys they had turned on dancing like lesbians, Lynn starts to take off her clothes. They both were so warm and sweaty. Lynn removed her low-cut shirt and jeans. She was sitting there in her black lace bra and matching thong. Crawling over to Willow, Lynn began to run her hands under her shirt, caressing Willow’s breasts. Finding her mouth, Lynn firmly kissed Willow. Willow wrapped her arms around Lynn and pulled her close. Locked in a kiss, Lynn started to remove Willow’s clothing. Starting with her shirt, Lynn undid her buttons slowly. Willow removed her pants, and she was laying there in her bra and panties, smooth white skin so soft. Lynn pulled Willow to her knees and embraced her almost naked body. Kissing her neck and mouth with such passion.

Reaching behind Lynn, Willow unclipped her bra, unleashing her hot breasts from their enclosure. Willow caressed Lynn’s breasts, teasing her nipples with her finger tips. Lynn arched casino siteleri her back and fully offered her body to Willow. Feeling the pleasure and pain Lynn let out a low moan. She loved how Willow worked her nipples soo roughly. Willow knew how much Lynn loved that, how wet it would make her. Wanting to be a little more naughty Willow took the bra that Lynn had been wearing, and bound her hands behind her. Forcing her breasts out farther, Lynn gasped as Willow mouthed one of her nipples and bit it. Willow brought Lynn to her feet, and led her by her nipple to the bedroom. While standing Willow removed Lynn’s thong. Lynn was so wet, so ready for Willow’s touch, aching for it.

Pulling out a blind fold, black leather and fur lined, Willow placed it over Lynn’s eyes. Lynn was suddenly in complete dark, at Willow’s mercy. Listening intently to Willow moving, hearing Willow strip naked, imaging those beautiful breasts exposed to the cool air, that shaved pussy soo soft and wet. Standing there in the darkness and in her own imagination, slot oyna Lynn suddenly felt a sharp pain on her ass. Willow had whipped her with the belt from her pants. Lynn gasped and fell into the bed, shocked. Willow held the belt in one hand, folded in half. She took another swing and watched it connect with a “crack” on Lynn’s smooth flesh. Lynn cried out, and tried to get away. Willow was very unhappy with that, she pulled Lynn back to the edge of the bed, her ass in the air. Giving each cheek 5 cracks each, Lynn was shaking in pain, her ass very red. Willow threw the belt down, unbound Lynn and flipped her onto her back. Lynn’s eyes were wet from tears.

Embracing each other in a kiss, Lynn reached between Willow’s legs and found her wet soft pussy. Feeling her lips and her clit, Lynn started to work Willow’s clit roughly. Willow moaned and laid back. She writhed under Lynn’s touch. Bending down, Lynn began to lick Willow’s pussy, tasting her sweet honey. Licking her pussy, Lynn forced her tongue into Willow’s hot wet vagina. Willow canlı casino siteleri held onto Lynn’s hair and pushed her face harder into her pussy. Willow felt Lynn move her mouth up to her clit, teasing it with her tongue. Lynn put two fingers into the dripping pussy, and started to work Willow’s g-spot. Moaning and bucking, Willow couldn’t hold back, she felt the orgasm building. She began to feel the tighteness in her belly and the surge of pleasure coursing through her pussy. Crying out, Willow released her orgasm, it shot through her body, leaving her shaking. Willow sat up and grabbed Lynn, she threw her down on the bed and dove in between her legs. Immediately she started to lick and tease Lynn’s already soaked pussy. Lynn cried out, she was in extasy! Willow worked Lynn’s clit soo rough that Lynn screamed when she orgasmed. It was so powerful that she rode up her hips and forced Willow’s mouth on her clit harder. The orgasms they both endured left them exhausted. Willow crawled up beside Lynn on the bed. They embraced each other and entwined their legs. Kissing soo passionately, they were breathing heavy. Their pleasure was so powerful, their love even stronger. Lynn and Willow laid in each others arms, in love and slept.

The End

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