Going Back.


To go or not to go? Jennifer thought, that was indeed the question.

Setting aside the last of her marking she retrieved her phone and scanned the month old email.

The Ridgeway School was holding a reunion for the class of 2009. Much had happened in ten years. University, marriage to Brian and her first job as an English teacher for a start. There was a list of teachers who had agreed to attend. One name in particular caught her eye.

Her husband had been so patient recently. “Come on Jen, what’s wrong, it’s been a while since..”

“I know, I’m sorry, just hold me Brian.”

The bed creaked softly as he shifted position, easing one of her large breasts from her nightdress.

His cock pressed rigid against her bare thigh.

Taking his hand she clamped him between her legs, groaning with need as three fingers slid easily into her wet passage.

But as Jennifer’s body bucked and sprawled in the darkness, it was another hand she imagined and wanted. A hand she had often watched moulding clay or demonstrating a shading technique and just once, ten years ago, had felt resting on her shoulder.

A hand with neat nails, casino oyna invariably painted black to match her shiny black hair.

The opportunity to see Miss Langham again was the reason that Jennifer had decided to attend the reunion.

“It’s fine Jennifer. I think enough time has elapsed for you to be allowed to call me Sarah.” Her former art teacher’s voice was fighting a losing battle with the sound system blasting hits from the noughties.

Jennifer had travelled down by train to the south coast town that Saturday morning. After booking into a small hotel she had spent the afternoon exploring the recently completed shopping centre.

All that week she had agonised over what to wear, finally settling on a floral print dress with a full skirt. Her former teacher dressed in black jeans and a loose black top managed to look effortlessly stylish. The only colour being the deep red of her lips and a necklace of red stones around her elegant neck. At forty her black hair showed not a trace of grey.

“Do you still paint, Jennifer? I remember you as one of my more attentive students.”

“Sometimes, just watercolours of local scenes, when I slot oyna get the time.”

They had moved into the pub’s large garden where it was quieter, though I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas could still be heard.

“You married, I notice.” Sarah indicated Jennifer’s rings.

“Yes, two years ago. How about you, do you have anyone?”

“Not anymore.”

“Oh good,” Jennifer heard herself say. “I mean, oh gosh, that sounded horrible, I’m so sorry.”

“Not horrible, a little unexpected perhaps.”

Her lips brushed Jennifer’s flushed cheek. “I think we had better circulate, don’t you?”

Jennifer nodded, scarcely daring to look at the other woman.

“But if you like I can offer you a lift back to your hotel later.”

“Oh, yes please, that would be lovely, I mean…,” she stumbled, not quite knowing how to finish the sentence.

Not that it mattered, as Sarah was already walking back towards the music.

For the remainder of the evening Jennifer repeated her summary of life after school to a host of half remembered faces.

“Would you like to come in?”

It was 11:30 and they sat in Sarah’s car outside canlı casino siteleri the dark hotel.

Sarah shook her head, “you can come back with me,” she paused taking Jennifer’s hand, “if you’re sure it’s what you want.”

“It is.”

They drove the short distance in silence, save for the soothing sounds of a popular symphony playing low on the radio.

Their clothes lay scattered across the bedroom floor; a testament to the mutual urgent desire to be naked together.

Jennifer lay back loving the feeling of Sarah’s longed for fingers at work between her spread thighs.

“You have amazing breasts, so big and soft.”

Jennifer gazed up at the woman’s slender frame, her tiny breasts with long erect nipples and between her slim legs a patch of neatly trimmed black pubic hair.

“You are so beautiful.”

Sarah’s tongue flicked over her nipples whilst more fingers probed deeper.

“Yes, fuck me, as hard as you can,” she pleaded as Sarah’s entire hand penetrated her wetness.

Afterwards they lay side by side in the half light, fingers touching.

“Are you glad you attended the reunion, Jennifer?”

Sensing insecurity, Jennifer’s response was to gather the older woman tightly in her arms.

“Yes, of course,” she replied between kisses, “sometimes you have to go away in order to discover where you really belong.”

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