Going Home – Life Gets Complicated


Our house renovations were finished the following February. Mike now had her own suite upstairs with us. The twins each had their own bedroom. The kitchen had been completely renovated and the wall between the kitchen and the dining room removed. The downstairs bedrooms had been made into a suite for Paulette with its own bath, a separate entrance, and ready access to the family sections of the house.

Research was now my only academic responsibility. The Pentagon, though not entirely happy with me personally, didn’t hesitate to provide funding as my research progressed and had pressured the school to reduce my other responsibilities. My teaching load was eliminated. After I attended the last of my required lectures and seminars, I only had to write reports for the military and keep my advisor informed.

Over the next year, the number of students in attendance grew rapidly as veterans took advantage of the G.I. Bill. Tech began a program of expansion. Undeveloped land immediately adjacent campus was purchased for new classroom buildings, research labs, and dormitories. Additional faculty was recruited and hired.

The school needed housing for that faculty. It looked first to nearby neighborhoods. Mike, now well-known locally by her given name, Michelle Dickens, got very busy. TaiBay Housing Trust had agreements with numerous distressed families near Tech. The school learned about the trust. Michelle was contacted and she provided access to families that might be interested in selling. Purchase offers were generous, providing strong incentives to sell. At one point, more than thirty families were negotiating with Tech.

Over the next couple of years, demand for housing grew rapidly. And as time passed, the need to help deceased soldiers’ families evaporated. Eventually, the TaiBay Housing Trust became a land trust, purchasing and managing land to provide recreational opportunities and, in later years, protect dwindling wildlife habitat, periodically returning to its original purpose.

Gwen was admitted to her doctoral program and returned to school full time for the 1948-49 school year. It would take a little more than two years to complete her program.

The twins loved Paulette and she seemed to enjoy them. She agreed to remain with us until Gwen finished her PhD. No one could blame her for not wanting to return to Europe and still difficult post-war conditions.

I submitted my thesis in December 1948 and was scheduled to defend it the following April. But the Pentagon changed its mind. In March, a week after moving back into the house and a few weeks before defending my thesis, the military decided my experimental results and thesis were a potential threat to national security if they published. Military police seized everything from my office and lab. They took all the copies that had been given to the examination committee. Military police searched my home office and took all my notebooks, none of which had anything to do with my research. Paulette later told me she had been frightened when they arrived, but they were polite and had limited their search to my home office.

I went home at lunch time, angry and thoroughly dejected. Paulette and the twins were at the house. Gwen was in her lab, Mike was still at work. I played with twins until it was time for their nap. I called my father and told him what happened. He didn’t sound surprised. He told me things might not be as bleak as they seemed. He didn’t sound like he believed his own words. And I wasn’t convinced.

Gwen came home just before dinner. She hadn’t heard about the seizures. I told her what had happened. She was sympathetic, and almost as angry as I was.

The next day, I slept until mid-morning and moped around the house. There was nothing to do at the lab or my office. Paulette and the twins were on the patio when I came downstairs and poured a cup of coffee. I went outside to join Paulette and the twins.

Seth and Sarah sat together and played. When Sarah waddled over to the sandbox, Seth followed. I marveled at how much they had changed. Seth’s red hair had all fallen out in the first couple of months. When it grew back, it was still curly but darker, mimicking my father’s hair color. Sarah had also lost all her hair. When it grew back, it had remained straight but came in strawberry blonde, the color somewhere between mine and Gwen’s. At twenty months, they now had distinct personalities.

I nodded at Paulette, who was sewing a button on one of Sarah’s jumpers. I sat down to watch the twins play as I nursed my coffee.

‘Not hungry this morning, Jean-Paul DeMonde?’ Paulette asked in French.

I stiffened and turned to face her. How the hell did she know my Swiss identity?

She returned to English. ‘I wasn’t sure, but I thought I recognized you when I first started working for Mrs. Taylor. It seemed unlikely, though. I thought you just looked like Jean-Paul. But I can tell by look on your face that I was right all along.’ She finished the button and set ataşehir escort bayan the jumper on the table next to her chair.

‘Why do you think I’m Jean-Paul DeMonde?’ I asked defensively.

‘Annika was my roommate at Elyse Fiore. I saw you with Annika at the dances and socials. I was there the night Mrs. Bustamonte caught you and Annika in the bushes outside the ballroom.’

Now I understood why she had looked vaguely familiar when she first came to work for us. Paulette had been introduced when I first met Annika. She was a rail-thin, flat-chested, plain-looking wallflower that hadn’t done more than mumble a few words when introduced. She always stayed around the periphery of social events, rarely interacting with anyone other than a few classmates and the chaperones. She still resembled that girl but had matured into an attractive woman. She hid it at work. Her hair was always tied back in a bun. She dressed like a spinster and never wore make-up.

This was an unbelievable coincidence.

‘I remember it well. My ears still burn.’

Paulette laughed. ‘Annika told me Mrs. Bustamonte nearly tore them off.’

‘She also gave me a fat lip and a bloody nose.’ I said matter-of-factly.

‘Well, what is your name? Does your wife know your real name?’ she asked. She looked at me suspiciously.

‘Jonas Taylor is my name. My parents were with the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland when the war began in 1939. They were given assignments that took them into the hostilities. I was given a Swiss identity to protect me from the Nazis. I was put in boarding school to hide me.’

Paulette didn’t say anything. She just sat quietly and watched the twins. After a few minutes, she got up and gathered her sewing. ‘Would you mind watching Sarah and Seth while I put this away and make lunch for the children? Would you like some lunch?’ she asked.

‘No lunch for me, thanks.’

She turned and went inside. I picked Sarah up and gave her a hug. She tried to wriggle away but I tickled her. She shrieked and laughed, twisting in my arms. Seth came running. He didn’t want to be left out. He grabbed my leg and held on. I sat on the ground with them and tickled them both. They writhed, shrieked, and laughed while trying to push my hands away. But the minute I stopped, they would try to tickle me, goading me to tickle them again.

When Paulette called out that lunch was ready, they went running to the kitchen. Playing with Dad was one thing, lunch was something else. I opened the door and followed them in. After the twins ate, I read to them while Paulette cleaned up. The twins fell asleep while I read to them. I helped Paulette put them in their cribs then walked to campus.

I wandered aimlessly until I found myself outside Gwen’s office. Her office was at the end of a little-used corridor in the basement. I knocked and was told to come in. Gwen was sitting at her desk, reading a chemistry journal. She smiled and jumped up to kiss me. Just seeing her brightened my spirits. I sat quietly while she continued her reading, occasionally mentioning something that might be of interest to me.

Gwen shared office space with another PhD candidate. The room was adequate as an office for one. It was cramped with two small desks. There was barely enough room for the extra chair, which wobbled precariously if I moved. I sat in it but couldn’t get comfortable. Each time I moved, I feared it might collapse under me.

Gwen kept her desk clear except for an inbox/outbox stack and a writing pad. Her office mate’s desk was cluttered with a teetering stack of papers, journals, and other academic detritus that might collapse at any moment. The top of the desk was hidden but for a small area about the size of a sheet of paper. One drawer was open and overflowing.

Gwen put her journal in a drawer then stood and stretched. She walked past me and locked her office door.

‘My office hours are over. Ted will be in his lab until late this afternoon then has a class,’ she smiled. She turned back to face me and lifted the front of her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties. ‘Want to take advantage of the solitude?’

I stood and moved toward her. ‘Do you think this is a good idea?’ I asked as I pulled her to me and gently caressed her naked behind. ‘We could get caught. We’d get kicked out of school.’

Gwen reached for my belt, anxiously unbuckling it. “Oh, stop worrying and fuck me. No one’s going to catch us,’ she said huskily.

My cock was hard before my pants pooled at my feet. Gwen dropped her skirt, then spread it across her desk. She laid back on the desk pulling me along. I followed clumsily, my pants impeding my progress. Gwen held my cock and guided me in. She wasn’t wet, yet. My cock slid in with difficulty. Gwen grimaced as my cock entered her.

We started slowly. Each in and out stroke raised her heat, increasing the moisture inside her. While I gently worked my cock in and out of her, Gwen unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra escort kadıköy up off her breasts, exposing nipples that were already hard and erect. She pinched and rolled her nipples while I held her hips.

Gwen arched her back and moaned when I finally slid all the into her now slick, pussy. ‘Hurry, Jonas. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Don’t hold back!’ she mumbled.

I didn’t disappoint her. Each forward thrust of my cock caused her entire body to shake. Her breasts bounced continuously. After the first couple of thrusts, the desk thudded against the concrete wall in rhythm with my thrusts.

It wasn’t long before Gwen began to moan in ecstasy. By the time she had her first orgasm, her moans were uncomfortably loud. I suspected they would soon give way to a shriek. Gwen, anticipating the inevitable, covered her mouth with the back of her hand. Moments later, her second orgasm produced the expected response. Her muffled shriek seemed as loud as a steam whistle in the confines of Gwen’s tiny office.

I was quickly heading toward my own denouement. Gwen’s legs straightened and stiffened as she reached yet another peak. I grunted in frustration as my cock popped out of her. Gwen pushed me back and slid off her desk. She squatted down, took my cock between her lips and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth just as my body went into sensory overload.

A door slammed just as I filled Gwen’s mouth with cum. We both froze at the sound as she choked down a mass of ejaculate. In the sudden quiet, we heard a chuckle and then footsteps echoing down the corridor. Gwen quietly resumed sucking the head of my cock, swirling her tongue around my cockhead. I went off again, almost immediately, filling her mouth a second time. Gwen swallowed and pushed her lips further down my cock, sucking harder. It sent a jolt down my cock through my testicles and up my spine.

Spent, I staggered back a step. Gwen leaned back against the end of her desk. She was smiling up at me, licking her lips, and wiping her chin with the back of her hand. //////////

‘That was incredible,’ she said as she continued cleaning her face. ‘Why do you think I get off so much when we do something risky?’ she laughed. ‘Is there something wrong with me?’

Before I could laugh, Ted’s desk produced the inevitable avalanche. Papers scattered throughout the tiny office, some even managing to find their way under the door. Gwen and I both broke into a fit of giggles. Once we stopped laughing, we composed ourselves, and Gwen gathered the papers and books she needed. We headed for home, leaving Ted’s detritus where it lay.

‘What will Ted think when he finds his papers all over the floor?’ I asked.

‘It won’t be the first time,’ Gwen said. ‘I’ve found his stuff like that more than once this semester. This is his fifth year. I overheard a couple of professors talking about him. He’s gone at the end of the term whether he completes his program or not.’

We made our way back to the house and settled in for the rest of the day. Gwen’s comment about Ted’s apparent failure to complete his doctorate reminded me that my own was in jeopardy. My mood darkened a little, though playing with the twins after dinner lightened it.

Michelle arrived just as we were finishing dinner. She changed out of her business clothes, becoming Mike again, now that she was home. Paulette had plans for the night and disappeared immediately after dinner. Mike fixed a quick dinner from the leftovers and joined us on the patio where we were playing with the twins.

When the twins began to get cranky, Gwen and Mike told me to relax and took them up to bed. I realized they’d been gone for quite some time when I got up to get a beer. They were sitting in the living room talking. They stopped when I went into the living room.

‘Is everything okay?’ I asked. ‘The kids asleep?’

‘They went down right away,’ Gwen responded. ‘Mike wanted to talk to me about something.’

‘Everything alright?’ I asked. ‘Can I help?’

‘Not just now. Maybe later.’ Mike told me. ‘Right now, it’s just girl talk.’

‘Okay. I’m going back out to the patio.’

‘We’ll join you shortly,’ Gwen told me.

After we had sat outside for a while, we decided to move upstairs to the balcony off our bedroom. The three of us sat quietly, watching the last of the twilight disappear. Gwen got up and moved behind my chair and began rubbing my shoulders. I felt the tension that had been building all day dissipate as she worked the muscles. As she massaged my shoulders, I began to feel like I might drift off to sleep.

Mike came over and sat on the oversized ottoman I was resting my feet on. She pulled my shoes off, and began massaging my feet, first one then the other. By the time she moved to my upper thighs, the tension was gone from my neck and shoulders, the muscles of my legs felt great . . . and my cock was straining to be let out of my trousers.

I twisted and looked up at Gwen. She was smiling.

‘Does bostancı escort someone want to come out to play?’ She whispered as her hands moved down my chest. Mike abandoned the massage, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my trousers, and unzipped the fly. I twisted my hips as she pulled my trousers and boxers off. Once freed, my cock popped up proud and hard. Meanwhile, Gwen had unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I sat naked in my chair on our balcony for the first time since the renovations had been completed.

Mike sat up and provocatively lowered the top of her dress. Gwen removed her hands from my chest and came around the chair. She sat next to Mike and lowered the top of her dress. I was mesmerized by the sight of the two beautiful women in my life. My cock throbbed in time with my heartbeat.

Mike and Gwen dropped to the floor on either side of me and leaned toward my cock. Gwen started at my cockhead and slowly licked down toward the base. Mike started at the base and licked toward my cockhead. At the half-way point, they stopped to engage in a kiss with my cock captured between their lips, before resuming toward their respective destinations. When Mike reached my cockhead, she encircled it with her lips and used her tongue to tease me. Gwen took a testicle in and gently sucked. I put a hand on top of each of their heads and entangled my fingers. I wouldn’t last long if I allowed them to continue.

Mike continued to suckle my cockhead and Gwen joined her. Mike relinquished part my cockhead and Gwen moved to enclosed it. They traded back and forth like this until I begged them to stop before it was too late. Gwen released me from between her lips and grinned widely. Mike had other ideas. She sucked hard and swirled her tongue around my glans. It was more than my already overloaded nerves in my cock could tolerate.

Clusters of light obscured my vision. My scrotum contracted as semen rocketed up my cock and flooded Mike’s mouth with ejaculate. Mike watched my face and continued sucking like nothing was happening. She swallowed each spurt, the additional suction coaxing yet another contraction of my testes. When I finally stopped ejaculating, she continued sucking until my shaft softened to the point she could take my entire length in.

When she released me, Mike sat back, grinning widely. ‘Isn’t it fun to get him to lose control? What do you think, Gwen?’

‘He’s too serious sometimes.’ Gwen laughed. ‘Let’s get him to bed, see if we can get him excited again.’

Gwen tugged my hand to encourage me to follow, not that I needed to be persuaded. Mike slapped my butt after falling in line.

When we got to the bedroom, Gwen said, ‘I’ll be right back,’ and disappeared down the hallway toward the twins’ rooms. ‘They’re sound asleep,’ she announced as she closed the door on returning.

Gwen and Mike embraced and kissed passionately as we all moved toward the bed. I gently caressed Gwen’s back as I embraced them from behind Mike. Once we got into bed, Gwen and Mike lie on their sides facing each other. Their hands moved lightly across each other, raising goosebumps, eliciting soft moans.

I was sitting behind Mike. I caressed her butt and gently spread her legs. I slid my hand between her legs and softly rubbed. My fingers caught in her pubic hair. The hair was damp, betraying her already excited state. I lie down with my head between her legs to return the pleasure she had given me on the balcony.

I began by gently running a fingertip along the slit between her labia. She stiffened as my finger moved along, gathering a bit of the moist fluid accumulating inside her. I spread her lips apart gently with two fingers. Mike gasped when I pursed my lips and blew a gentle stream of air at her clitoris.

I moved my face closer and extended my tongue, barely grazing the tip of tongue on the reddened nub. Mike’s legs straightened in a reflex response and a brief shudder passed through her thigh muscles. I spread her lips wider and touched my tongue to her again with only a slight increase in contact. Mike moaned again, a bit louder this time.

I felt the mattress move and felt a hand caress my cheek and another run fingers through my hair. Mike rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, her left leg bent over my arm. The hand left my cheek. I lifted my head briefly and saw Gwen sitting beside Mike’s hip, watching me while playing with Mike’s hard, distended right nipple. The hand in my hair moved to caress Mike’s mons and gently pull Mike’s pubic hair.

I returned to Mike’s clit. Another quick, soft swipe of the tip of my tongue caused Mike to arch her back. I softly sucked her clit between my lips then plunged my tongue into her. Mike gasped loudly and twisted away. I realized Mike was already on the edge. It wouldn’t take much to trigger a massive orgasm. But I wasn’t about to let her off easy.

I lifted my head and made eye contact with Gwen. She smiled and seemed to understand what I had in mind. I began nipping gently on the inside of Mike’s thighs, just below where her legs ended. Gwen joined me. She licked all around Mike’s pleasure center but avoided direct contact. Each time I moved from one thigh to the other, I grazed my tongue along her slit and flicked it against her clit.

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