Going Native


I couldn’t believe how stupid this was. I mean, it was one thing to make us write a paper on native languages and cultures, but to make us drive together to this stupid Indian reservation? At least we could roam free in the Indian village once we arrived. We had to walk three miles from the nearest town just to get to the damn camp! It wasn’t so bad, though: The scenery was amazing once you got into the fields past the camp (I decided to explore the picturesque surroundings instead of studying the filthy camp), and I brought a large flask of Jack Daniels on the trip. I took another sip of it as I topped yet another hill past the camp. The grass was waist high and the sun was hot and annoying as hell, so I rejoiced when I saw a small stream with large trees thick on both sides of it, winding its way through the fields and hills. I took off at an easy trot toward it, unsteady from the alcohol, but clear minded and intent on getting some cool shade.

I made it to the cover of the trees in no time, and my sweating body rejoiced as I stopped to catch my breath. I couldn’t see the stream, but I could see the gradual slope of damp earth and sparse grass leading down to it. I walked with the slope for a while, looking up at the tree tops high above me, marveling at the almost nonexistent amount of undergrowth in the woods. The cooler environment allowed me to feel the warm, tingling sensation collecting in my groin, and I felt my cock grow flaccid. I also had a strange urge to feel the cool dirt under my feet and damp air on my chest. It wasn’t a genius inspiration, then, that led to the removal of my clothes down to my boxer-briefs, and I left my attire behind. I kept my flask with me as I walked on, and drank every now and then to keep the warm feeling in my nuts. The ground grew wetter under my toes, and I saw the floor of the forest slope down at a more rapid pace once past the next giant sycamore tree. I was close to the water. I had kept my underwear on to offer support to my balls, but the friction of the cotton on my cockhead was making me hard, so I took my underwear off. I threw them off to the side in the leaves, knowing I could drive back to my apartment in my jeans, and took the following pause to further appreciate my body.

I’m a pretty average guy: six feet tall with sandy blond hair that gets brown at the roots and is brown on my body. I wear a size eleven shoe, but my hand are huge with big palms and long, thin fingers to match. My eyes are a plain hazel, but I’d like to think they’re more green than anything else. I’m almost the most average guy ever. Well, until you look at my genitalia. My cock is a full five inches limp, and it grows to a monster of a member at ten and a half inches erect. The head is huge and deep purple, topping my smooth shaft like a crown on a king. My manhood is big enough hard that it can’t quite stick straight out, but has to point at a downward angle to the ground. It has a slight curve to the right, but I chalk that up to excessive masturbation. All in all, I love it, even though jeans can be uncomfortable to wear, and my hard-ons tend to be obvious in anything but jeans. My nuts are a good size too: slightly bigger than golf balls and hanging low in my sac. I keep my pubes shaved to add another dimension of size to my penis, but I won’t touch a razor to my balls so they stay covered in fuzz.

I resumed my slow walk again, cock swinging way out at a good seven inches, and I stopped beside the big sycamore at the top of the river bank. I could finally see the water below me, running swift and clear between its packed dirt banks. It was shallow enough that I probably could have walked across it without sinking below my nipples, but I was cool enough now that I didn’t want to get into colder water. I finished the remains of liquor in my flask, enjoying the new warmth in my torso, and tossed it down by the stream. Then I continued my walk, enjoying my buzzed freedom, cock waving with each step.

I was a little unsteady on my feet, so I found it easier to walk on the shallower slope at the top of the bank in the trees than it was to walk on the steeper, slicker ground by the water. I moved at a steady pace, weaving between the trees and feeling the air on my body and the grass beneath my feet. The river wove as well, making long, sweeping curves in the land, and making for a new visual experience around each bend. I lost track of time as I walked, concentrating on listening to the birds and watching whatever animals came my way. The warm feeling in my body dulled slightly with time, and the cool air rolling off the water reduced my cock back down to its normal five inches, if not less. This made for easier waking, and I made better time. I couldn’t help but think I must be getting close to the rear of the Indian village, for I left the camp headed northwest, and then turned and followed the river back east. I thought about this for a while, wondering if I should go back for my clothes, when I rounded a sharper bend to the right and saw her.

The casino siteleri first thing I noticed before gender or race or anything—the first thing that registered in my mind—was ass. Naked ass. Then I noticed the hourglass shape of a woman’s form, and the dark-skinned complexion coupled with that unmistakable red hue of a native. These two observations alone were enough to make me slip behind a tree and look closer. I jumped quickly behind the nearest trunk and, once hidden, peered out at the miracle of womanhood before me. I could see as I ogled that she was bathing in the cool water of the stream, and I realized this must be the washing spot for the Indian village. She lifted her arms above her and squeezed water out of a piece of cloth onto her head periodically. I watched her rub some sort of soap on her shoulders and arms, and one time it certainly appeared like she was vigorously soaping her tits. She brought her hands up directly in front of her body and moved both hands in a circular motion, rubbing her womanly mounds clean. At first I was merely curious, but I took an active interest when she leaned forward to rinse off. She bent almost double at the waist so she could wash off her tits and shoulders, and all I could see was the tightest ass in the world and two puffy red pussy lips poking out from between her thighs. I had to get a closer, frontal view.

I moved quietly from tree to tree, slowly working around the rest of the bend in the river. I kept an eye on her moving naked form at all times, just in case she should turn suddenly, and I marveled at her long black hair and dark skin. Something about that red tint turned me on, and it made me wonder if it made her pussy pinker. The sun still beamed down in full force, bathing her nude form in broken light through the trees. It had a great effect on my Indian fantasy’s skin, giving her a dappled pattern on her smooth tan. My cock had started growing as soon as I saw that ass, and the more I saw of her, the more it grew. I swear it grew two inches at once when I saw those pussy lips. It was out at a thick eight inches, and hanging away in front of my nuts by the time I got even with her right arm and shoulder and could examine her tits.

To say I was disappointed isn’t quite true, but I wasn’t overjoyed with what I saw. I had stopped and peered out from behind a tree, desperate for a look at her chest, and there wasn’t much to see. Her boobs were small for her size, but very perky on her 5′ 9″-ish frame, and just as tan as the rest of her, proving she wasn’t a fan of covering up in the sun. Her nipples stuck out of her tits, their brown surface puckered in arousal from her previous administrations and the cold water. They pointed out and slightly up for at least an inch, perfectly topping her small mounds.

She kept massaging her nipples, slowly rubbing her hands across her chest with soapy pleasure. Every time her hands passed over her pointy pleasure buds her head tilted back and her eyes closed in a beautiful show of sexual gratification, and my cock jumped at her reaction every time. So engrossed was she in her “bathing” that I decided to continue downstream and around the bend, slowly making my way to a point where I could face her head-on.

As I walked past her and to the right, I had to turn more toward her so I could keep an eye on her, and that meant I had to divide my attention between where she was looking and where I was going. I would look to one side to make sure my way was clear, and then look to the other so I could make sure I was still hidden. I had to keep turning more and more toward her though, and walking sideways wasn’t comfortable on my cock and tender sack, so I eventually just gave up looking at my path and concentrated on watching her as I tread backward. That was my mistake.

I had finally walked in front of her enough to really look at her, and I liked what I saw. Her face was long and angular, and it made a striking combination with her jet black hair. She had a nice, straight nose and plump red lips that would look perfect wrapped around a cock. What really set her face off, however, were her eyes. They were the darkest I have ever seen, and seemed to stare forever into the very substance of the Earth itself, but they were flecked with a brilliant gold which caught the sun in flakes every now and then. Her neck was long and slender, and it seemed to draw one’s eyes down to her dark nipples. She rubbed them still with her small palms, and my cock twitched yet again. Then she moved down to soap up a flat stomach with a hint of muscle tone when she flexed, and I saw her insert one little finger into her belly button and twist. This was an odd turn on for me, and my penis finally reached its full length and pulsed with every heartbeat. This insertion reminded me to continue lowering my gaze, and I decided to check out her pussy. When I did, I was surprised to find myself staring at a full, but carefully maintained young adult bush. It was full-grown, but carefully trimmed in slot oyna a straight line along the top and away from the lips, and her whole pubic mound was filled with gleaming, coarse black hair. This triangle was penned on both sides by legs that seemed to run forever in their tanned muscular beauty before vanishing in the water. Her whole image was one of long-limbed, intensely sexual litheness, and the only word I could find to describe her after my inspection was “feline.” With the sun lending that marbled complexion to her red-bronze skin, she was hot as hell in a July drought.

I was still slowly making my way backward, half entranced with her body, and half looking for cover. I didn’t notice, however, as the ground sloped downward behind me, and melted into the shallow river crossing on my right. This flat spot on the bank leading to the stream was also where the young woman had first stopped to undress, and she had piled her clothes up neatly. Needless to say, in my partly intoxicated, entranced, backward position I found the pile.

Down I went, flat on my ass in the soft bank, with a loud “Whumph!” and there I was. There is no more vulnerable position in which a man can be seen than lying spread-eagle on the ground, buzzed, with his legs spread and a raging hard-on pointing up and out. It is in this position that she noticed me.

At first, she was startled, quickly sinking down in the water and covering her pert breasts with her hands. She couldn’t figure out where a strange white boy would’ve come from! Her surprise rapidly turned to wonderment as she noticed my nakedness and paused for a closer look. I had frozen, turning redder than her skin in embarrassment, and I hadn’t even bothered to move from my spot in the dirt. I could see her facial expression turn from surprise as she saw my skin color, to shock as she saw my full naked pose, to total amazement as her magic eyes finally settled on my smooth tree of a cock, hardly diminished by my mortification.

After she looked me over, she stopped to think, obviously trying to figure out how I landed in her lap. She thought over me for half a minute or so before she suddenly pulled her arms back to her sides and rose up full height out of the water, fixing me with the most glaring, powerful, dominant look I have ever seen. Then she started walking.

She moved effortlessly through the water, making long strides toward my prostrate form in the dirt. She never took those piercing eyes off my cock the entire time she walked, and I fully intended to scramble up and run away, but I only made it to my feet before I looked at her again and had to stop. If I thought she had looked feline as she had bathed, it was nothing compared to how she looked now.

She had those long, modelesque limbs, and they swung smoothly as she walked, water dripping off her fingertips. I could see the faint muscles on her shoulders, stomach, and legs ripple as she moved, and her stature portrayed extreme and total confidence. She had the wiry power of a long distance runner made beautiful by her deep, glittering eyes and by the water dripping off her pussy, bush, and nipples. All this strength and beauty, coupled with the spotted and speckled pattern the sun put on her skin through the trees gave her the appearance of a wild cat on the prowl. She exuded confidence through her every flowing move, and she was after my fresh meat. I was completely mesmerized, but also completely ready to satisfy her appetite.

I had only made it a couple of steps back, and she easily caught up to me as she stepped out of the stream. I stuttered and gasped, trying to laugh or apologize or even look her in the eyes, but she cut me off before I got anywhere with it. She spouted a serious strand of foreign words, obviously explaining something in depth, but it was all lost on me. When she finished, all I could do was shake my head and shrug, reddening as she noticed the way my cock bounced as I moved. It had a mind of its own, and while my brain-filled head was occupied with avoiding her confident wrath, my hormone-filled one was occupied with her body. It still stood at full mast, pointing out and down at her knees, and twitching every now and then of its own volition.

She noticed my embarrassment at my quivering member, and all her sternness melted away. She pointed at my cockhead and laughed. It was an angelic sound that completely melted away my anxiety, and could only be compared with the visual effect of the stream behind her. My sole urge at that point was not to hide or run any more, but to feel her. She was still babbling humorously at my fleshy organ, oblivious to my newfound confidence, so I made my move. I cut off her delightful laugh and voice with a kiss, and a vicious grind of my cock into her leg.

She was shocked at first, and she stayed stiff as a board, placing her hands on my chest to push me away from my sudden and unexpected advances. She only managed a feeble shove, however, as she melted under the pressure of my mouth. She moaned canlı casino siteleri slightly, shifting the position of her leg to be more comfortable on my cramped member, and turned her head slightly to allow my mouth more access. She forgot completely her dominant confidence, and parted her luscious lips to let my warm tongue invade. She slid her hands around my torso, digging her nails slightly into my back with a light groan as I ground my dick into her thigh and shoved my tongue further into the moist recesses of her mouth. She soon unclenched her hands, however, and pushed her tongue past mine for an invasion of her own, sharply twisting my nipples in retribution. I gasped, surprised at her reaction, and my cock jumped and leaked precum at the electric sensations stemming from my nipples. As I gasped, our kiss broke, both of us fighting for air. We knew talking was useless, and we both smiled at the ease with which sex bridged the language gap. Body language is similar in all cultures, and I knew exactly what she meant when she pointed from my pulsating member to her awaiting mouth. I knew I was in for a wild ride, and pushed her to her knees with one hand on her damp, black hair.

She looked lost to start with, seeming not to know what to do with the fleshy, rigid tube waving in her face. I hadn’t considered her virginity before, knowing by the time college starts most girls had lost theirs, but I hadn’t really considered native traditions either. By the sheepish expression on her face as she stared at my awaiting member, I decided she was definitely untouched, and I enjoyed the thought that I would be her first cock. I reached down to give her direction.

First I placed one of her hands on my loose scrotum, and tried to show her the motion needed to roll my nuts just right. She caught on fast, and got that motion down quickly, and then all I had to do was lower my hand slightly to get her to pull them just right. She was a fast learner and a natural to begin with, and soon she had me moaning in pleasure from fondling my sack alone. I took her other hand then, and wrapped it around the base of my dick, moving it up and down to show her the basic stroke. She caught on fast to that too, and immediately found the perfect grip strength to provide for optimum pleasure without stretching my sensitive skin. The next step for her, however, she took all on her own.

I was just about to press my cockhead to her awaiting lips, seeing as how she got the stroking and rubbing down quick, when she decided to taste it on her own. She licked it like a popsicle, glistening my head with her saliva, before taking just the head in her mouth and starting to suck. She grunted and sucked like a baby at a nipple, slowly working her warm tongue on my glans. This drove me wild, and I took it farther, pushing and pulling her head up and down on my burning manhood. She gagged at about five inches, and that’s all I made her take. She sucked furiously and noisily, lacking finesse but making up for it with effort. She worked like mad for the next ten minutes, rolling my balls in one hand while stroking the lower five inches of my cock with the other, and sucking and slurping excitedly on my cockhead. Her actions, innocence, and eagerness to please combined with my light buzz to make me horny as hell. I was ready to completely skip foreplay and explode her fuzzy pink cherry.

I pulled her mouth off my slick cock, hearing a wet “pop!” as she released it, and I relished the disappointed look in her eye as she stared at my manhood with longing. I pulled her, looking confused, to her feet, and she made a quick bobbing motion with her head before nodding as if asking my approval of her methods. I smiled and nodded, then I pointed from my cock to her raven-haired bush, clarifying my reason for stopping the blow job.

Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped in disbelief at first, but she soon regained her old confidence and laid down in the light grass and dirt with her head reclining up the slope and her long legs spread wide. I stepped below her on the slope, preparing to go down with her, but paused to grin at her determination. She set her jaw and thrusted her hips up and out, eager for her deflowering even though it would be at the head of a monster cock. I knelt down on the damp ground between her knees, and shoved one finger far enough into her moist pussy folds to check her virginity. She squealed and pulled her hips away, but I felt her hymen and went forth, mouth smiling and cock jumping with glee.

I was still astounded at her confidence. I had gone out with some of the most experienced girls in my dorm, and they refused to take my length. They just couldn’t handle the thought of something as big as my cock plowing their pussies. Not that I didn’t get any. I got plenty of girls to wrap their cunts around my thick club of a cock, paying some and practically forcing one. I wasn’t proud to fuck her while she was still undecided about laying me, but she had teased me for the past three months. She screamed long and loud at first, but she took my whole cock, by God, and she begged for more in the morning. So I had no qualms about breaking this Indian girl’s virgin wall, but I was still awed by her immediate acquiescence.

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