Good Clean Fun


She steps into the shower and stands under the hot water; she closes her eyes and feels the stress slowly seeping from her body as the hot water runs down her back. She reaches for the shampoo and pours some into her palm and soaps up her hair. Her arms are above her head and her heavy breasts are swinging as she scrubs the day out of her hair. She opens her eyes and sees that some of the soap has run down her neck and is dripping off her nipples, this image strikes her as erotic and her nipples become hard as she brings both her hands down to them and begins slowly rubbing the suds all over them. She moans softly and leans her hair back under the streaming water to rinse her hair. She continues to pull and twist her nipples under the hot water as she feels her pussy begin to tingle, she wishes her lover was there to finish what she has started but he has already told her that he has to work late and will not be able to come over tonight.

She stands under the hot water and brings one of her legs up and places her foot on the side of the tub, she reaches down and strokes her pussy with a lazy finger, the other hand is still working over her breasts and her nipples are rock hard and throbbing. Her pussy is nice and slick with her juices as she rubs her clit up and down, it becomes hard and she almost comes immediately but she wants to prolong this feeling. She grabs her shampoo bottle and slowly inserts the tip inside her, she leans back against the wall and escort ataşehir spreads her legs farther apart, and she slowly fucks herself with the bottle with one hand while she flicks her clit with the other. She is moaning louder now and knows she is going to cum any second…

Suddenly the shower curtain is pulled back and she jumps with fright…she drops the bottle and is about to scream when she realizes it is her lover! She asks him what the hell he is doing scaring her like that, and he tells her that he got off work early and was so horny that he had to come over and see her right away!!

He asks her what she was doing when he opened the curtain and she blushes slightly, she tells him that she was standing under the shower and was feeling so sexy that she decided to take matters into her own hands and relieve a little stress.

He laughs softly and reaches out a finger and begins to play with her still erect nipple, she closes her eyes and sighs deeply. He steps into the shower and closes the curtain, he picks up a bottle of body wash and pours some into his hands and begins running his hands all over her body, he takes her by the shoulders and places her hands on the wall and uses his legs to spread hers apart farther. He runs his hands down her back and over her ass cheeks, he grabs each cheek and spreads them allowing his thumbs access to her pussy for a split second. She jumps as he makes contact with her tender flesh she kadıköy escort bayan pushes her ass out and pulls up her leg onto the side of the tub so her pussy is visible. He kneels down and begins to kiss her from behind, she slips his tongue into her pussy and she moans, he brings his hand around to the front of her body and begins to stroke her clit as he fucks her with his tongue. She reaches down and grabs her nipples and pinches them as he works over her pussy like a pro. He stops and stands up and turns her around to face him, his back is to the streaming water now and his cock is as hard as a rock, he brings her close to him and kisses her deeply he puts his hands on her ass and pulls her closer so that his cock is poking into her belly telling her how bad he wants her!

She kneels down and takes him deep inside her mouth with one quick movement; she reaches down and massages his balls gently while she sucks him in long slow deep sucks. She gags on his cock as she takes him as deep into her throat as she can before releasing him over and over again. He wraps his hands in her long wet hair and starts to move her head faster and faster. He closes his eyes as she sucks him the way she knows he loves to be sucked.

He reaches behind him and turns the water off, pulls her from her knees and opens the curtain. He reaches for a big fluffy towel and wraps her up in it and does the same for himself. He takes her hand and leads her to her bedroom, escort bostancı he lies down on the bed and pulls her on top of him, his cock is still hard, she straddles his hips and grabs his cock and guides it in to her wetness, she sits back and he slides even deeper into her. She gasps as he fills her up, she just sits still enjoying the feeling of him inside her, she slowly starts to rock back and forth, and he has placed his hands on her hips and is digging his nails into her skin as she increases her rhythm. She brings her knees up and begins to bounce up and down on him like he is a ride at the circus, he reaches out and strokes her clit and she can feel her orgasm building up in her belly.

He lifts her up and rolls her onto her back, she spreads her legs as far apart as she can and he enters her again in one swift movement. She reaches down and rubs her clit and is moaning louder and louder now as she can feel herself begin to cum, the first wave rolls over her as he keeps plunging deep into her pussy, he can feel her walls pulsing around his cock and he speeds up even more knowing he is going to cum any minute himself. She keeps cumming as he pumps away, suddenly he stops and pulls out, kneels between her thighs and starts to stroke his cock, she leans up on her elbows so she can watch him cum all over her pussy, he closes his eyes and throws his head back as he pumps his cock until he streams hot cum all over her, he lets every last drop fall and leans down and kisses her softly on the lips.

She falls back on the bed totally satiated and laughs, he asks why she is laughing and she says I guess I have to jump back in the shower again…he laughs wickedly and sits up and says he is right behind her!!

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