Good Girl No More


I’d had a couple of busy weeks at work and had just returned from a weekend getaway with my family. I’d looked with a bit of envy at my brother and his little family and got annoyed with my parents who’d made none too subtle comments on my single status at 34.

To me, the more embarrassing fact was that I’d not even been out on a date for years. How sad was that?

My dad actually suggested online dating sites, not knowing that I’d already tried that and hadn’t felt comfortable with it. At times I wish I was more outgoing and not so shy, but well, I wasn’t.

However, I did login to chat sites. Initially the good ones: talking about travelling and books, but after overcoming my shyness there — yeah, even online I found simply saying ‘hi’ scary! — I ventured into an adult chat room and read what was being ‘said’ without participating, until someone invited me for a private chat.

It was nerve wrecking at first. Waiting for him to start things. Not sure if I could be bold. Though, being in an adult chat room, I quickly learned that yes, I could be bold and more than that: my chat partners really liked that.

But initially I was shy. Waiting for the guys to contact me. Answering questions like what I was wearing and whether I was horny too. Seriously, my first chats kept me up for most of the night. Instead of easing my horniness, it only seemed to get worse and I came with each guy.

I progressed quickly. In real life I may be shy, online I was hot! I loved the effect I had on men. Loved it that I was able to ‘help them out’. And though it freaked me out, it didn’t take long before I started camming. To be honest, I told my first cam guy that my cam didn’t work. Little white lie… I wasn’t quite ready to show myself, but oh fuck, it was so incredibly hot to see this guy — a school teacher, for your information — pull down his jocks and show me his beautiful, very hard cock. I watched in total fascination how he jacked himself off in front of the cam. Come to think of it, he actually showed his face as well, which made it even hotter.

Obviously, from then on I was hooked.

I exchanged email addresses with some of the guys whom I’d met in the chat rooms. I realised that I liked it when they told me what to do. Like: take your t-shirt off, show me your tits. I also realised that I especially liked chatting with older men. Preferably in their fifties. Not sure why. Perhaps I didn’t feel so stupid for not being so experienced at my age? I don’t know. I do know that they sure enjoyed chatting with a woman who was young enough to be their daughter. Where some of the younger guys got off and got offline, these older guys took their time. Enjoyed watching me, complimented me with my curves and wanted to see and hear me cum too.

Yeah, things progressed really quick…

One of these older men was Hank. With 62 my eldest cam partner. I’d toned down a little by that time. Having cut back my ‘regulars’ considerably, simply because there are only so many hours in a day and I became seriously sleep deprived.

Not sure what Hank did for a living, but he’d posted a profile pic of his face. Something I’d never done and didn’t intend on doing. He reminded me of my high school history teacher. His hair short and white and a neatly groomed beard and moustache and he wore glasses. He seemed stern. A man who was used to be in charge. He told me that indeed, he liked a woman to be a bit submissive. Nothing too extreme. No bondage or anything, but he liked to talk nasty and tell her what to do. Hank was married. Had been for nearly 40 years. He also had two kids: his son is a year older than I am and his daughter is two years younger. Both are married. Both have kids.

We’d actually only chatted a few times, just regular chat, so no cam, when he told me that his job would take him to my home city and whether I’d like to catch up over a cup of coffee in a public place and well, if we both felt comfortable…

My heart thumped loudly in my chest with the unwritten remainder of his sentence. As I told you, it had been a long time since I’d actually had a date and in real life I’m a pretty good girl: no one-night-stands, so yes, sex had been so long ago, that I hardly remembered what the real thing felt like. My dildo’s a poor substitute.

And it had been a couple of busy weeks, perhaps that’s why I was more open to it? I’d seriously toned down my chat sessions, so the fun that I did have, I had on my own. Sometimes using a Literotica audio to help me out. Sometimes going online for a more visual stimulus.

But having the real thing…

I took my time answering. Hank wouldn’t be here for another month or so. The good girl inside of me told me not to do this, not to take the risk, that I’d regret it. The online version of me, was however much naughtier, much hotter and more demanding. She won….

So, I agreed to meet Hank….


We met for coffee in a public place in the middle of the CBD. Hank had already been in the city casino şirketleri for a few days, but we met on Friday afternoon, when his meetings had ended. He’d be travelling home on Sunday.

I’d dressed in comfortable clothes. Nothing too revealing, but definitely feminine: a tight black skirt, reaching modestly to my knees and which hugged my ass and a light blue polo that somehow managed to highlight the blue in my blue/grey eyes. I’m not someone to wear high heels, but I wore black strapped sandals, with a modest heel.

I hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed that my hair wasn’t very long. I always felt like I looked like a zombie if my hair got too long, so generally stuck with a short cut model. I’m not skinny. Being 1.73m and weighing close to 80kgs, I’d say that makes me curvy. It never bothered me and after having spent some quality time online, I knew that quite a few men liked curves. Especially if those curves included a nice set of breasts. I have a solid C cup, so, no complaints in that area.

I made sure to be plenty on time for our appointment and recognized Hank straight away when he arrived. He still wore his business suit, minus a tie and with the top buttons of his shirt undone. He looked exactly like his profile pic and thanks to the ‘I’ll be the one with a book’ and the fact I was sitting by myself, Hank recognized me straight away as well.

“Hi Bianca,” he smiled at me once he stood beside my table. I got up and we shook hands. I was incredibly nervous, Hank seemed completely at ease. He ordered me a tea and himself a coffee.

“So, how have you been?” he smiled at me, breaking the ice with some small talk. We talked a little about my job; we talked a little about his’. He was involved in some large projects and some required interstate travel hence the reason he was here. He was pleased as they’d been able to finish the first part of this particular project, a milestone.

“Definitely a thing to celebrate,” he finished his coffee and ordered both of us a wine and some nibbles. I felt my nerves ease. He seemed like a regular guy. Well groomed, well dressed, well mannered. Oh, and married. He caught me staring at his wedding band.

“Does that bother you?” he asked. I shook my head.

“Didn’t think it would. At least, it doesn’t bother you online,” he looked at me over the rim of his wine glass.

“It’s different face to face,” I replied.

“True,” he agreed. He shifted before continuing: “This may come as a surprise, after all, our chats have been quite… explicit, but I never cheated on my wife. I’ve flirted and a few years ago, at a New Years’ party at work, I had one too many and well, enjoyed some tongue gymnastics with one of our receptionists, but I’ve always kept it in my pants.”

I glanced around me, but it was too noisy and he spoke in this quiet manner. No one would be able to overhear us.

“I watch porn, won’t deny that. I chat, you know that. I occasionally use the webcam too. You and I, we never did that.”

No, we hadn’t. We’d only chatted like three times and though I’d be the first to admit, that I’d been eager to hear and see him cum, it had never happened. I shifted as well. Feeling aroused.

“I’m sure my wife wouldn’t approve, but I figure it’s better than sleeping around. I love her, but you know, she’s not really into it anymore. We go to bed, kiss, cuddle, go to sleep. She just can’t be bothered. If we have sex, she does it for me. And I do like sex. A lot.”

I blushed. I knew he did. We may have chatted only three times, he’d been very explicit, very horny. We sat in silence for a little while. Each observing the other. I knew my nipples were hard, I just hoped it wouldn’t show too much.

“I never thought I’d do this. Meet up with someone like you, a young lady with whom I’d chatted like that,” he nodded, twisting the ring on his finger before looking at me again, “But you turn me on so badly…. You asked me why I liked younger women and I told you why. The energy and the openness to new things. I don’t want an 18 year old. I want a woman. A woman who knows what she wants and who knows how to please a man.”

He finished his wine. I knew I looked flustered. Worried that people would overhear us. He kept quiet until I looked up and met his eyes. He smiled, his hand covered mine and squeezed it.

“You’re pretty, Bianca,” he stroked my hand with his thumb, “And I’m very happy to see that you really are in your thirties and not in your late teens or something.”

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and nodded. Ignoring the ‘good me’ voice in the back of my head, that told me to get the hell out of here. The ‘naughty me’ could very clearly be heard. She told me how hot the man looked, how there was a definite bulge forming in his trousers, how good it would feel to finally get laid again.

“Why do you like older men, Bianca?” and quietly: “Is it true that most girls want an older man to teach them the ropes?”

Instantly my face turned casino firmaları red as a beet and I took a gulp of my wine and Hank laughed.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” and more seriously, “So, why DO you like older men?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m not sure…. I… I think… maybe… I only had a few boyfriends and so… I’m not that experienced, ” I turned an even deeper scarlet, “And it’s been a long time…. I guess…. I guess that with an older man… I can be naïve and inexperienced. Plus, online, with the younger guys… it just doesn’t feel right. Most seem very self-focussed. They cum and they’re off,” I rushed.

“They don’t wait for you to cum?” Hank asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Most do, but not everyone.”

“Not everyone,” Hank repeated and smiled, “Just how many online friends have you got?”

I finished my wine and shrugged my shoulders again, preferring not to answer which seemed to be an answer in itself. Hank’s smile grew wider and then he turned his face away to look at the passers-by. People were shopping or catching up with friends.

Hank turned his attention back to me and said:

“Had a big day today. Calls for celebration….”

I guess we had reached the ‘if we both felt comfortable….’ bit.

I looked at him.

“I have a nice hotel room. Great view over the parks, spa bath, king-sized bed, room service… “

I bit my lip. ‘No, no, no!’ yelled my inner good me. ‘Fuck, yes, yes, yes!’ yelled the sex deprived naughty me. Hank came closer.

“I also have something really nice for you…. Once fully alert, it’s big, fat, hard. I’d do you good. Make sure you’d enjoy every bit as much as I would. What d’you reckon?”

I met his blue eyes. Cold. Stern. Arousing. It almost felt like an out of body experience and it was like looking on as I got my bag and stood up with the words: “Let’s go then…”


As in a trance I walked beside Hank who held my hand. We left the busy shopping precinct and wandered towards the parks. I felt oddly calm and enjoyed the warm sunshine on my skin. Very aware of the strong, warm hand holding mine.

He took me to one of the more renowned hotels and we walked past the busy reception area and towards the elevators. I felt a bit nervous, but also very horny. This was it. This was really going to happen. One of the elevators reached ground floor and opened its doors. Hank and I stepped inside and waited for the doors to close. There was no avoiding his gaze: the elevator had mirrored walls throughout.

We had the elevator to ourselves and the doors had barely slid close or Hank pulled me into his arms. My bag fell to the floor as his mouth claimed mine in a hard, demanding kiss which left me breathless, my nipples hard and my pussy aching. I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth. My hands reached around his neck as his hands moved down and grabbed my ass, pulling me tightly against him. I almost purred as I felt him hard against my tummy. Fuck, this was going to be so good!

We were so engrossed in our open-mouthed, wet kiss and his roaming hands that neither of us realised that the elevator didn’t move. I froze when the doors slid open again and a young man came in. He seemed stunned at the look of two obviously very heated people. He hesitated and looked back over his shoulder, but Hank didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

“Don’t worry, come on in,” he grinned, “The young lady and myself got a bit carried away.”

“Uhm, OK….,” the man stepped inside and hit the button for the 6th floor, “Uhm, your floor is….?”

“Same, ” Hank replied, stroking my face, squeezing my ass. My face had turned a bright crimson and I was glad that the elevator doors shut again and we felt the elevator slowly move up. The man seemed a little awkward when Hank started kissing my neck.

“Hank….,” I murmured and struggled a bit, “We can’t….”

“Sure we can, honey, this young man doesn’t mind. Right?” he looked up. The man was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. The mirrors didn’t help.

“S-sure, not a problem,” he smiled, looking curiously from me to Hank and back again. Hank turned me around and put his arms around my waist. Pushing himself against my ass.

“We met online,” he explained to the man, “Hot girl. Loves to play.”

He nuzzled my neck. Licking, biting, kissing. Then he looked at the man again whose initial embarrassment seemed to have turned into fascination.

“Loves to cam. Getting undressed for strangers. Gets her off.”

His hand moved under my skirt as I kept an eye on the display above the doors. Three down. Three to go.

“Oh!” I couldn’t help myself. Hank’s hand had reached for my pussy. He grinned. I closed my eyes and leaned into him.

“We’ve decided to meet for a fuck date. The best kind,” he laughed and I heard the man mumble something in agreement. “Plus, I just finished off part of a project, so, that calls for a celebration. And I just know how….”

“Oh!” güvenilir casino I cried out as he pushed a finger inside of me. I didn’t dare open my eyes. Too embarrassed, but my eyes shot open when I heard Hank ask: “Wanna feel her up?”

“Uhm…. I’m married….”

“So what? So am I. Go on.”

It didn’t take the man long to reach a decision. Hank removed his hand and immediately I felt another hand cupping my mound, several fingers pressing against the damp material of my panties.

“She’s soaking wet,” the man said in a tight voice.

The elevator ‘pinged’ and came to a halt. We’d reached the 6th floor. The man withdrew his hands and Hank pulled my skirt down as the doors slid open. The man left the elevator with a short “have fun”. He had started to briskly walk away, when Hank stopped the doors from sliding close and called after him: “Want some fun too? Looks like you could use it…”

I followed the man’s stare to the front of his trousers.

“Hank…,” I protested and the man looked in doubt.

“My wife, she’s- “

“Not here,” Hank replied, ignoring me.

“She’s waiting for me in our room…”

“So, not here….”

There was a silence during which the man stared from Hank to me. My face was a bright red, my heart thumped loudly in my chest. Hank’s hand lay possessively on my shoulder.

“I… I don’t know…,” the man uttered.

“Just a blow job, man, to help you with your little… problem…”

The man’s erection became more noticeable by the second.

“Come on….,” Hank grabbed my bag and took me by the hand. He led me down the corridor to the stairwell. He pushed the door open and waited for the man to catch up. I looked up at him and he smiled. “Our room is at the 4th, he won’t last that long.”

“But… but what if anyone sees us?” I asked nervously.

“Well, the more the merrier, I’d say,” he grinned.

“I’m not sure I want this, Hank…. I’m not sure this is-“

The man entered the stairwell and Hank let the door close behind us. And with that, the discussion ended. We walked down one flight of stairs and stood at the landing between the 5th and 6th floor. Hank leaned back and nodded.

“Suck him off, baby, I know you want to.”

The man hurriedly undid his belt and zipped open his trousers. He let out a sigh of relief when he took his now very hard cock out of the confines of his underpants.

“Oh fuck….,” he groaned and slowly began to jack himself off. I looked at Hank who simply smiled and pointed at me and then at the man’s dick. I looked at the man whose eyes locked with mine. I don’t remember going down, but I found myself on my knees in front of him. I stared at the big, purplish head of the man’s cock. He put a hand on my head and guided me closer, slapped me in the face with his hard dick before aiming it at my mouth. For the first time in a very long time, I opened my mouth to welcome a cock.

He was hard, throbbing, leaking precum and eager to cum. I did the best I could. Sucking him and licking him. One hand around the shaft, the other leaning against his leg. I licked my way from his balls up to the tip of his cock and each time I got there I took him in my mouth. Sucking. Swirling my tongue around the head, before taking him as deep as possible.

“Oooooh…. Fuck!” the man groaned and started fucking my face, entering my throat as he did so, leaving me choking and coughing. I felt tears sting my eyes as he clamped my head in his hands, speeding up.

“Fuck… fuck… Oh, FUCK!” and with that he spurted my mouth full with his thick, creamy cum. I swallowed as he looked down at me. Gently rubbing his cock and squeezing the last of his cum onto my face. Then he leaned backwards to catch his breath. He looked at Hank as he tucked his shrinking cock away.

“She’s good….,” he zipped up, “Thanks man, I needed that…”

“That’s OK,” Hank smiled and took my bag again. As we started heading down the stairs and the man up the stairs he added: “We’ll be in 416. If you need some more later on….”

“I…. I can’t…. My wife…,” the man looked flustered.

Hank’s smile grew wider.

“Just in case, pal. Just in case,” and he took my hand again and we continued going down the stairs, until we reached the 4th floor. There he looked at me and rubbed a thumb over my still somewhat sticky lips. He nodded, smiled.

“You did very well, sweetheart, very well,” and with that we stepped into the 4th floor corridor where he took me to his room.


The room was great. A large king-sized bed dominated the room which overlooked the beautiful parklands across the road. The spa bath easily fitted two people and had plenty of large soft towels, a set of robes and great smelling bath salts.

I looked around in admiration and turned when I heard Hank close the door. He stood staring at me, a vague smile on his face which was a little unnerving and incredibly arousing at the same time. He walked towards me and before I could even blink my eyes, he’d put a hand in my neck and pulled me close. His mouth was hard and demanding on mine, his tongue invaded my mouth, claimed it while his arm encircled my waist, pulling me tightly against him. He was hard.

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