Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want Pt. 04


4: Sharon and Ben.

Tuesday. The day after the day before.

Autumn had settled in. Nature was preparing for hibernation and the landscape was cast in strewn shades of burnished copper. The air was crisp this morning as I walked along a gravel path that wound its way through the nearby woods. I stood for a moment and breathed deeply of its freshness as I thought back on the previous forty-eight hours that had changed my life beyond measure.

It felt like I had shed a second skin and had emerged into a whole new world. A world that was dominated by the three women who were now part of my life. Angie, Sharon, and Ruth had become much more than friends and neighbors to me now. That they had welcomed and trusted me into their circle was something I would never be able to thank them enough for.

To think I had recently been worried about finding someone special to be with. A girlfriend my own age who shared common interests. Someone to experience life with and all the hopes and dreams that came with it. I smiled at that. I was living those hopes and dreams right now. For the moment, everything was perfect.

Overhead, the forest canopy gently swayed in the breeze as I made my way to where I was going.


And that place turned out to be the local supermarket.

The freezer was basically empty and I needed to stock up for the next few days. It had gone eleven and I found myself wandering around the aisles picking this and that as my attention drifted onto other things. Other memories. Reliving the adventures of the past two days. Of Angie blushing when she said “anal.” Of Ruth and the look on her face when she discovered she would be having sex with me first. And of Sharon standing there in her black stockings and suspenders as she waited her turn to fuck.

I stopped and found myself in the fruit and vegetable section. The world and people around me were nothing but a blur as they went about their business until a voice suddenly said,”Hey you.”

I snapped out of my day dream and looked up to see Sharon standing on the other side of the produce with a mound of oranges and lemons between us. She looked like she’d just walked out of a Doris Day movie in her white polo top and fashionably tight red pants. Her blonde hair was bound lightly at the back by a butterfly knotted black ribbon. She looked absolutely divine as she said hello to a couple of ladies she recognized in passing. She turned back to look at me and the knowing glint in her eye was plain to see.

“Hello,” I smiled, knowing that today was our day. The day when it was just the two of us.

She gave me a slight nod as she stood there holding her basket. I could tell her eyes were filled with mischief as she glanced left and right before saying anything.

“Did you have a nice time yesterday?” she asked, “With Ruth.”

Our eyes met as she slowly walked along her side of the aisle to the vegetable stall. She glanced over her shoulder and gave me her best “well, follow me then” look.

I picked up a couple of oranges and dropped them into a clear plastic bag as I made my way to where she had stopped to pick some things. We were separated by cucumbers, tomatoes, packed lettuces, spring onions and other salad selections. She was still giving me the occasional glance as she pretended to browse. I played her game and considered the asparagus and sweet potatoes critically.

I saw her bite her lip trying not to laugh as she fumbled in amongst the vegetables looking for something in particular. Once she found it, she then chose a couple of ripe tomatoes and held them together in one hand. She then placed the biggest cucumber she could find between them so that a huge vegetable cock lay against her belly. She raised her eyebrows and gave me a wink.

It was no use. We both burst out laughing as the other customers turned to look and stare at us giggling like a pair of schoolgirls. Sharon was nothing if not inventive and gave me a peck on the cheek as I came and stood beside her. She dropped the tomatoes into her basket but held onto the outsized cucumber as I grinned at her.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” I whispered to her.

She looked at me sideways. “Like Ruth?”

“Like Ruth,” I nodded as she tapped her chin with the vegetable and quickly flicked out her tongue to lick the plastic enclosed tip of it. I thought for one scary moment she was going to suck the end. Her eyes were full of laughter as she looked down at the thing in her hand.

“Maybe I should buy this,” she teased, “For later. Just in case.”

Oh, you do, do you?

I looked around and saw that we were pretty much alone. I edged closer and reached my right hand behind her to grab her outstanding ass and gave both her cheeks a good squeeze for her pains. She gasped and turned bright red as I fondled her butt hard enough to make her stand on tip-toe.

“Benjamin Ward!” she hissed in surprise, “The CCTV!”

Oh. I forgot. That did it. I grasped her hand and pulled illegal bahis her after me leaving her basket and my trolley behind. We left the supermarket and headed for her parked car with her protesting the whole way. We needed to have a good talk.


A short while later.

Sharon switched off the engine and undid her seat belt as we sat parked in a small gravel covered area looking out across the sweeping bend of the river. She got out of her car and made her way down the path to a wooden bench where she sat waiting for me to join her.

The scenery was stunning with a patchwork landscape stretching out towards rolling hills in the distance. On both sides, the river was lined with water reeds, broad oak, and sycamore trees that were beginning to shed their leaves in rich colors of Autumn.

I took a seat beside Sharon who held a hand up to shield her eyes from the glare of the mid-day sun. I wondered what she was thinking as she sat there not saying anything for a moment.

“I used to come here as a girl,” she said quietly, “With my family. We used to fish for tadpoles, catfish, and newts over there and put them in a jam jar to take home. It seems so long ago now. The years have just slipped by in the blink of an eye.”

I turned to look at her. She sounded sad and wistful. I wanted to say something to comfort her but thought it wise to let her talk it out. If she wanted to. Her hands were folded in her lap and I reached down and slipped them into mine.

She glanced at me and gave me a rueful smile. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I don’t usually get like this. It’s just that sometimes I can feel the passing of time around me and I need for it to slow down. As I get older, I don’t want to miss a moment. Especially on days like today.”

She raised my hands to her lips and kissed them. “I must sound silly.”

No. No, you don’t. What you’re saying makes perfect sense. I shook my head. “Not at all,” I replied as I reached around her and gave her a hug, “Now, the cucumber thing. THAT was silly.”

She twisted around to face me and put her hand over her mouth. “Oh God,” she gasped, looking embarrassed, “I don’t know what came over me!”

“I know exactly what came over you,” I laughed. I took her hand and placed it over my crotch, “And might come over you later if you let me have my wicked way with you.”

She looked suitably shocked and gave me an “I dare you!” look. But she didn’t remove her hand. In fact, she gave my package a little squeeze as we both looked at it as it lay hidden. I could feel it starting to wake up at the unexpected attention.

Tracing a finger over my rumbling bulge, she gave me an impish smile before kissing me on the cheek, “Come on you, time to make tracks. I’ve still got some shopping to do remember.”

She took my hand and helped me to my feet chuckling to herself as she watched me fumbling around in both pockets trying to adjust the iron bar stuffed into my pants. I gave her a warning look as she made her way up the grass bank towards the path where she turned and waited for me. The sound of birds singing filled the air around us as we walked back towards where her car was parked.


“Hang on,” I muttered as I stopped for a moment.

She turned and stood to look at me. Her gaze fell to my crotch as I took a couple of deep breaths to try and slow the blood pumping around my system. The one eyed monster didn’t want to go back to sleep apparently.

Sharon walked back to me and saw my problem. “My fault, I shouldn’t have teased you like that. They really do have a mind of their own don’t they.”

You have no idea. Once that thing was on the prowl nothing would stop it. I’d be okay once I got in the car and she dropped me off home. A cold shower should do it. It would also keep me fully juiced until I went over to her place around six like we’d agreed. Sharon was looking at me funny. It was then I realized she was up to something.

She grabbed my hand. “C’mon you, I have an idea,” She tugged me a short way along the path and stopped to look around. “Here we go, up there will do,” Then she stepped off the beaten track and pulled me up a short bank that was covered in fallen leaves from the surrounding trees.

Uh oh. Okay. This was unexpected as I let her lead the way a little further until we came upon the withered trunk of a huge oak that reached up to the sky and spread like a fan out over the river. She walked around it until we were both out of sight and couldn’t be seen from the path. She suddenly pushed me back up against the trunk and pressed her fingers against my lips.

Her eyes were shining as she came close. “Shhh,” she whispered, “I’m going to take care of you right here.”

What? Right here? In the woods? Are you kidding?

“Sharon,” I began to say, “Seriously, you don’t have to..”

She shook her head and replaced her fingers with her lips. “What makes you think I’m doing it just for you?” She reached down and cupped the swelling illegal bahis siteleri that had begun to grow again in my pants, “Think of it as an appetizer for what we’re going to do later.”

She hitched her red pants up slightly and got down on her haunches in front of me. Once settled, she reached up and undid my belt before undoing the front of my pants. She slipped her hand into the opening of my boxers and curled her fingers around my stiffening cock that twitched at her touch.

She pulled it this way and that trying to free it.”Damn, this thing is too big,” she said as she glanced up at me as I stood watching her, “Wait, hang on, there we go,” Free from its cage, my expanding penis flopped out nearly hitting Sharon on the nose. She gasped and giggled softly as she reached for it so she could work me over, “Just relax. This won’t take long. Keep an eye out in case someone comes.”

She lifted the head up until it was level with her mouth and she gave it a quick lick to add her spit to the lube I was already beginning to leak. She gave me a brief glance before she forced her lips over the apple sized head and winced slightly as she worked the rest of the crown into her mouth. I could see her chest heaving as she gathered herself before she got down to the business of sucking the spunk out of my cock.

“Ugh, heck,” I grunted as she worked her head back and forth downstairs. I could feel her pushing her tongue all around my embedded knob trying to create some room. Then she started to blow me properly and I could feel the vacuum suction pulling the seed from my balls. I imagined she was going to swallow my stuff and not let it go to waste as she used one hand to steady herself against my thigh and the other to masturbate the length of my penis that wasn’t in her mouth.

Suddenly, there was a noise. I jerked my head around and listened. I could hear the sound of Sharon sucking me off but there was something else. Something coming closer. Then I saw her. It was a woman on a bicycle who was riding along the path below. I reached down and placed my hand on Sharon’s head making her stop in surprise. She looked up at me with a mouthful of dick and a question in her eyes. I placed a finger against my lips telling her to be quiet.

The cyclist passed by unawares of our little detour and I breathed a sigh of relief as she disappeared into the distance. By this time, Sharon had taken her mouth off my well-sucked cock and stood up to rest herself against my chest as she realized what had happened. She grinned and laughed softly at the look of relief on my face.

“Maybe I should have asked her to join us,” she teased, “You have more than enough to go around,” She was still holding my red hot poker and eased herself against my right side so we could both see what she was doing. What she was doing was slowly starting to wank and jerk me off.

Masturbation had been the sole solace and comfort as puberty landed on me with a resounding thump as I made my way from high school through college and beyond. I had been a late bloomer and the changes both emotional and physical only began to fade well into my eighteenth year. Bedroom wanks over glossy magazines or vigorous plonker pullings sat in front of my small tv or computer screen were frequently needed as puberty played her games with me. Anything to ease the ache in my ball sack. And here I was having the semen drawn out of me by a woman over twice my age, out in the open, up against a tree.

Sharon knew her way around a hand job. The technique of grabbing the cock by the root and squeezing it firmly as she dragged her grip up the shaft until it bunched the foreskin beyond the cock head before reversing the process. Doing it harder and faster with each stroke. My balls were still hidden in my boxers and I could feel them beginning to surge as they bounced up and down. I turned my head slightly and buried my face in her shoulder-length blonde hair.

There was no way I could last much longer with everything going on. Her hand was a blur as I started to feel the churn and reflex taking over. Every taut muscle in my pelvis and ass were winding themselves up ready to deliver the goods.

Sharon was breathing hard from her efforts to help me ejaculate. “Let yourself go, Ben,” she urged as she continued to milk me enthusiastically. Her eyes were wide with excitement, “Shoot that spunk for me.”

I gasped. She gasped. The spasm clenched my buttocks together iron tight and the first stream of thick jism shot out from the end of my dick up into the air where it hung in a graceful arc for a micro-second before falling in a straight line on the leaf covered ground below.

Sharon deliberately yanked her fist firmly down to the root and jerked it up again helping me to expel the second milky load which reached as far as the first stream as it landed. I came three more times with each strand diminishing in its volume but still enough to cause fireworks to explode in my head. I was grunting and groaning canlı bahis siteleri loudly with my head thrust back and eyes shut tight. Everything that had been taut was now unwinding and the most delicious ache washed over me as Sharon made sure she had manipulated every last drop out of me.

I was blowing hard. Holy hell. That was one way to sort me out. I felt a hand on my face and let her turn me to her. She kissed me at first with a light touch and ended it with us both smothering each other until we parted gasping. I stood there with her still holding my cock in her hand.

“Wait,” she said as I reached down to stuff my soft penis back into my boxers, “A good girl always cleans up after her!” She leaned down and popped the end of my dick in her mouth and sucked it clean for me, “There we go. All done. Did you enjoy that?”

What do you think?

I was still drawing breath listening to my heart return to its normal dah dumph da dumph and briefly nodded to her.

She licked her lips. “Thought you might,” she grinned, “Okay, we need to change our plans after that. Watching you cum turned me up to eleven. I say we cancel six and get straight down to business after we pop into the supermarket and get a few things to tide us over. You have the most amazing, beautiful, delicious cock and I need you to use it in me asap. Deal?”

I zipped myself up and followed her down to the path. No arguments here. If Sharon wanted my big cock, she sure as fuck was going to get it good and hard.

The surprise turned out to be where she wanted it.


Sex with Sharon turned out to be so very different to sex with Ruth.

Ruth found enjoyment in letting things happen to her in a natural “do you want to do it this way or that way?” flow that came from her submissive sexual nature. Sharon was more to the point. I always suspected she would be the one to take the lead in matters of fuck-manship and was the kind of lady who knew exactly what she wanted. And so it proved.

Sharon came at me from the moment we entered her red dominated bedroom. She pushed me back up against the wall and kissed me deeply with a passion that rang every bell in my head. It was then I realized I’d never really understood the power of a kiss. A proper, tongue fencing kiss that felt like you were getting the soul sucked out of you. As we kissed, she began pulling and tugging me out of my clothes as I did like wise. We only broke apart to hop around stripping off our pants to leave us both breathlessly facing each other in our underwear. Sharon attacked me again with her lips and thrust her hands into my boxers grappling with my stiffening appendage who was suddenly dragged out into the light.

In turn, I ripped off her brassiere and flung it onto the bed leaving her tits dancing around on her chest. Her figure was amazing. A perfect hourglass and the proud owner of an outstanding pair of breasts that jutted out with very little slack due to weight or age. I mauled them hard and got a secret thrill when I saw her wince and beg me to do it harder. If those things had been full of milk I would have made her squirt right across the room. We fumbled and grabbed with each other’s boxers/panties and practically tore them off in our need to get naked as she pushed me back onto her bed and pounced on the long pole that was waving around wondering what the fuck was going on.

She sucked me hard and deep. Getting me ready for the big show. By God, I was desperately looking forward to giving her the fuck of a lifetime. A right Royal rogering that left us both in serious need of a stiff drink. I was going to fuck her pussy so hard that night would turn day, left would turn right, and black would turn white. All those wanking day dreams growing up were about to turn true. Unless she had others plans.

And she did.


Sharon reached down and gripped me by the hair as I licked and sucked her cunt for her.

Her firm thighs pressed tightly either side of my head as she rubbed herself up and down my face as the syrup inside her leaked and dribbled out of her into my waiting mouth. Moments later, she urged me to cover her and shove my big cock into her wet pussy for the first time that day.

She jerked and sighed as I fed her my big penis, “OH, ah, yes!” she gasped as I felt her accept my hard dick and squealed loudly as it surged high up her until my balls bottomed out against her up turned bum. I wondered what it felt like being impaled like that. To have something so alien invading your innards time and time again then feeling the juice being pumped into you. I figured women got the best end of the deal all things considered.

Sharon drew her thighs back until they were pressed either side of my torso and she whispered in my ear to “fuck her up good.”

Who was I to deny the lady her length of cock? So i began what I imagined would be a long fuck ending with her receiving a cunt full of fresh spunk for our efforts.

But no.

A dozen thrusts in, she pressed both hands against my chest and looked up at me with lust filled eyes. “No, Ben, wait!” she gasped as I lay fully stuck up her clasping hole,” Wait, wait a second. Pull out, sweetie. Please. I want you to do me somewhere else.”

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