Good Old 60


Good Old 60GOOD OLD 60 By Roseanne Lee WynnI like to tell a story that happens to me year’s back while I was working at a beach club. I was working on the cable system when I saw two beautiful women walking from the tennis court. They were about 100 yards away when I first seen them and they looked find. As they walk closer to me I could that they ware a little older then the woman that I like to check out. But the lady on the left capture my eye and my heart, the way she walked and the way in witch she held herself, had me captivated. I was dumbfounded and could stop staring at this lovely lady. She came up to me and asked, if I had a problem. I told her that I was sorry for staring and that I jest thought that she was beautiful. She laughed at me and asked how old I was? Then she told me she was 60. Then she takes my hand and tells to meet her at 5:00 and hands me a card with an address on it. The card smelled as good as she look. Sally was the name on the card. It was only 11:30 and all I could think about was Sally, she was jest over 5 feet tall, Sally was 60 years old, but had the body of a 40year old. The tennis had paid off for her. Her hair was short blown, and eyes; hazel, she melted my hart. Her ass was perfect and Sally had a came toe that drove me nuts. Her breast was small but stood up and pointed out. I was in heaven and had a hard time finishing up my work.I arrived at the address on the card right at 5:00. Sally was at the door and again laughs, saying that she know that I would be on time. She asks me in and led me to the down stairs living room. Sally was wearing a tight green tank top and a small plan skirt. Then Sally tells me to be truthful and wanted to know what I was thinking about all day. Without thinking I said “your toe”. She laughs and pulls up her skirt and shows me her panties. “Do you like a good toe do you?” Sally had on a pink silk panty that made me weak in the knees, and hard in the cock. “We are having camel for dinner, and I have a surprise for you.” Sally said. “I can eat a camel all night long” I replayed. With that she came over to me and had me lay down on a large coffee table then sat on my face. Her panties smelled like roses. I began licking and tonguing Sally’s pussy thought her panty. Sally began riding my face and I loved it. Sally undoes my pants and started to rub my cock and balls. We stop to take off my pants and shirt. I then took off Sally’s wet panties. Sally pussy was shaven and as pink as the panties, I tossed her panties by my pants, wanting to keep them. I lay back down and Sally began to ride my face once more, I was tongue fucking and licking canlı bahis the best and my first 60 year old pussy. Sally started to have an orgasm and began to buck over me. It was great, her love juices was running all over me. Sally went wild; she was riding my mouth, my nose, every part of my face. Her love juices were pouring out and down my mouth. Sally is a screamer, and I loved it. When the orgasm was over Sally turn over and started to suck on my cock. Sally’s love juices running down her inner leg, and I began to lick up every drop. Sally mouth was just as good as her pussy, the way she moved her lips and tongue was driving me to cum. I did not want to cum jest yet so I pulled Sally pussy back down to my mouth; too get my mine off of that great cock sucking and to taste more pussy. I blow some air in Sally pussy, Sally push her pussy hard in to my face and scream out loud. When to air came back out, it was full of love juices and I went back to work (if that is what you could call it). Sally was moaning and yelling for more. I still felt her mouth on my cock! I look down to see how she was doing it and seen an older man sucking my cock. Sally lifted up and said “This is my husband, isn’t he good. I love to suck cock with him” Then she lower her body down and started to push her pussy back on my mouth. I pulled off and ask if that was my surprise? Sally laughs and says” No, my lover is coming over.” I was shocked and didn’t care. The pussy in my face and the cock sucking I was getting was the best I ever had. Sally and her husband went back to sucking me off, and I went back to eating pussy. I thought that when a woman got older she didn’t get this juicy, but was I wrong! I was jest about to cum when I felt a pair of hands on Sally ass. I tough that this must be Sally lover. He started to kiss Sally beautiful ass, then to my surprise Sally lifted her ass up and arced her back. The lover then stuck his cock in the pussy I’ve been sucking on. I stopped and Sally pushes my head back on her pussy. “Don’t stop please” Sally lover went on fucken and I went on kissing and sucking on Sally’s clit and licking and sucking on pussy lips. Sally husband was sucking on my cock. We went on like this for 15 or so minutes when I started to cum. My whole body started to shiver, when Sally lover seen that I was coming; he pulled out of Sally pussy and stuck his dick in my mouth and fuck my mouth. It was the first time that ever happen to me, a cock in my mouth right out of a pussy; I went in overdrive and came like I never came before. The feeling of my mouth being fuck drove me over to top. When I was done the bahis siteleri lover pulled out of my mouth and went back in Sally. Sally and her lover fuck for a minute or so then both came together. Sally then got up and sat down on the sofa. Her lover sat next to Sally, Sally’s husband went over and started to clean up Sally’s pussy, cleaning every bit he could. Sally asked me if I would clean off her lover, and stay awhile. She then said that she was going to fix us some drinks. I went over to the lover and went down on him. I was surprise that I did but I jest had the best orgasm I ever had in my life and though what the fuck. The taste of Sally was all over his cock and balls. I licked up every drop I could find and realize I like the feeling of his cock in my mouth. He was getting hard again and I could feel his cock throb in my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum for first time, it was salty and tasted thick and good. His cock was bigger then my cock and I wonder if I could get it all the way in. I started to go down and began to choke. Sally came over and started to show me how to get a big cock down my throat. She was a very good teacher because before long I was sucking that cock down to his balls. I also became hard and big as I ever been in my life. Sally wasted no time and again laid me down on the coffee table. This time she sat on my cock, her pussy was not real tight but was hot and wet. Her pussy was sucking my cock as we fuck. Her husband came over and started to kiss and rub his hands all over her ass and pussy. Then the lover came over and held my head and then stuck his dick in my mouth. He began to pump in and out real slow at first and then faster and harder, keeping in step with Sally. Sally was grinding her pussy on my cock and her lover was pumping his cock down my throat. The harder he fucked my mouth the harder Sally road my cock. This was too much for me and I stated to cum, as I was cumming the lover shoved his cock all the way down my throat and kept it there until I was done. He then pulled out of my mouth and sat down; Sally went over and sat on her lovers cock. The husband then came over and started to suck on my cock, cleaning off every drop. After I was clean and sat up, Sally tells me to come over and lick up the fuck mess I left in her pussy. Her lover pulls out and I go over and lick and suck on a much fucked pussy. It was another first time for me to taste my own cum. Sally holds my head and pushes it where I can do the best job. The lover comes over and behind my ass and starts to rub his cock in the crack of my ass. I stop what I was doing. Sally lifts my head and says güvenilir bahis that it will be ok and that she knows that I would love it; she then pushes it back down and pulls my head to her sweet spot. I fell some wet stuff on my ass and what fells like a finger go in my ass. I got very tight and Sally tells to loosing up and let it fell good, you will love it. I relax a little and he then he puts in another finger. I then felt him move his fingers around and put in a third finger. The pain was starting to fell better. The lover did know how to make an ass fell good. He started to fuck my ass with his fingers and it was starting to fell good. The husband came over and was playing with my cock and balls. Sally took my head and lifted it up, she lower her face to mine and was started kissing me. Her lover pulled out his fingers and started to smack he cock on my ass hole, he began to fuck my ass crack, stopping at my hole and giving it a smack every time his head was at my hole. Sally whisper in my ear to relax and push my ass out. As I do, I felt the cock pushing in, Sally tells me to push back like I have to shit, as I did and with a pop, his cock goes in. The pain was much more then what I was ready for and tears went to my eyes. Sally tells me to relax, rubs my head and brings it back to her pussy. I felt my body starting to relax and lover boy pushing in, I thought that he was all in but I was wrong. After a long minute or so he began to move in and out real slow. The pain started to go away and I was felling better. My ass was on fire and I loved it, after awhile the fire and pain change to pleasure and I was pushing back to meet his every stroke. Sally moved under me with her husband, she and her husband started to play and suck on my cock. My ass began to pulsate and my body began to quiver, I was shooting a clear liquid from my dick and my whole body was trembling, my ass hole felt like it was closing up tight around the cock in my ass. I did not want him to stop fucking me. This went on for about thirty seconds, and then he started to smack my ass cheeks and force his cock in as deep as he could. I could tell that he was about to cum; I push my ass to him as he came in my ass. He let out a loud scream as he pumps my ass hard one more time. I could feel his hot cum in my bows. He jest stayed there in my ass until his cock came out of my ass by itself. Sally was still holding my cock witch was as spent as ever been and says “what a fuck slut you are Bobbi!” As I laid there thinking on what I had done and if I would every do it again, cum started to ease out my ass and my ass hole starting to bucker, I know that ass play was for me. We drunk our drinks and all shower together. The rest of that night went on the same way. I will never forget my first 60 year pussy, or her lovers cock. PS. I kept the panties!!!!

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