Great Neighbors Ch. 03


This is the third story in a series about a man and a wife who participate in sexual liaisons with a couple of female neighbors, fulfilling the husband’s sexual desires and reawakening his wife’s sexual drive.


Linda went upstairs to take a shower after sucking Jon’s dick. Jon knew that Linda had to be completely worked up after they’d vocally rehashed their previous night sexual escapade with Christina. He could see the flush in her face as she left the room but couldn’t understand how she was content to satisfy Jon but not herself. Maybe it really was her show now.

Jon went upstairs into the bedroom and over the noise of the shower he could hear Linda moaning loudly, obviously masturbating. Jon grinned and wondered if she was using her hand or the dildo that hadn’t been used in several years.

Jon went downstairs and made them a couple of bloody marys. Since they had only slept a few hours the previous night he figured a drink and a nap would be good.

When Linda stepped out of the bathroom she saw Jon lying on the bed sipping his drink. Her face flushed immediately because in her hand was the long ignored dildo. Jon laughed and Linda admitted, “Okay, I needed it, I just wanted to seem as if I was in control!”

Jon said, “You were in control, I had nothing to do with it. Come have a drink and let’s take a nap.”

After a couple hours, they both were up from their nap, watching TV in the living room. Jon asked, “Was there anything disappointing to you about last night?”

Linda responded, “Are you kidding? It was the greatest exhilaration I’ve ever felt in my life! I thought being made partner at the firm was as high as I’d ever get, but sex with you and Christina was better! What about for you, anything disappointing?”

As Linda answered his question, Jon felt a deep desire to have sex with Linda and Christina again. Before he could respond to Linda’s question the phone rang and Linda went and answered it. She walked into the kitchen as she said, “Hello.”

In a few minutes she returned and said, “Before the phone rang, I could see that you were wondering if we’d ever get it on with Christina again. I’m certainly willing!”

“Maybe illegal bahis we could get her to come over after Abbey’s New Years party?” Jon wondered.

Linda smiled coyly and answered, “Well, maybe? By the way that was Christina on the phone. She found my panties on the floor and said to come get them. Why don’t you go?”

Jon didn’t even remember Linda’s panties ever coming completely off. He felt his face flush at the prospect of being alone with Christina. “Now?” he asked.

“Yes, go now.”

As Jon headed out the front door, he heard Linda call out, “And don’t take too long,” and then after a brief pause she added, “Stud!”

Jon’s felt the blood run into his face at the word ‘Stud’. He remembered Christina the night before screaming at him, “Fill me up with your hot cum, Stud!” And why would Linda tell him that she was willing to have a threesome with Christina right before sending him over to see Christina? And what the hell did ‘and don’t take too long mean’? It was like she was giving him permission to fuck Christina.

As Jon walked across the street he imagined Christina opening the door wearing nothing but Linda’s panties. He wasn’t sure what he would do if Christina tried to initiate something. Was Linda giving him permission? Maybe Linda was trying to run the show and wanted him to push himself onto Christina. He couldn’t figure it out but knew that his face must be red and that his dick was rock hard.

Christina opened the door. She was fully dressed. Jon actually felt relieved but was embarrassed that she might notice his erection. He tried to appear casual, keeping one hand in his sweatpants to disguise the bulge.

Christina invited him in and pushed the door closed, causing Jon’s heart to flutter. She exclaimed, “Hi Jon! Here are Linda’s panties. I’m in a real hurry. I’m going to stay with my parents for the holidays so I’ve got a plane to catch. I’ll be back January 3rd. Hope you and Linda have a happy New Year’s and I’ll see you when I get back!”

Jon thought, “Damn, she’s acting like nothing happened last night!”

He said, “Great, you too, have a nice trip,” and turned to leave.

Christina grabbed Jon’s arm, turned illegal bahis siteleri him back around, pulled his head down and forced her tongue into his mouth, grabbing his erect dick at the same time. She then broke away and said, “Feels like your looking forward to it, see ya soon, Stud!”

Jon turned and rushed out the door feeling deeply embarrassed. His face was on fire and his stiff prick was throbbing. He felt it strange that he could be so embarrassed by a woman that he and his wife had had intimate kinky sex with. Obviously, Christina was still in control of wherever this relationship with he and Linda was headed.

As he walked back across the street, it dawned on him that Linda knew Christina was leaving town and was teasing him when she said maybe they could get together with Christina after the New Year’s party. She’d even teased him further by telling him she’d have a threesome again and then adding ‘don’t take too long….Stud’. So she was trying to take control also. He grinned as he thought, “I guess there are worse problems than having two women trying to run your sex life?”

When Jon entered the house, he saw that Linda had changed into a short nightie and was wearing high heeled pumps. Jon’s dick throbbed again at the sight of Linda as he stared at her beautiful legs and shapely body. He knew she was ready for sex and further asserting her control of the situation.

As he approached her, she stood up from the couch and said, “She stuck her tongue in your mouth and grabbed your dick, didn’t she?”

Jon stammered, “How could…”

He was interrupted by Linda who said, “Trust me she and I haven’t talked much but I’m beginning to know her real well!” Jon wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not.

Linda then said, “Tongue kiss me! Let me see if I can taste her?” making Jon wonder who was in control, Christina or Linda.

After he complied and they broke apart, he asked, “Well?”

Linda answered, “Just a little, and I can smell her a bit too!”

Obviously Linda was still lusting after Christina as well as he was. He then decided to act like Christina the night before and grabbed Linda on her shoulders and spun her canlı bahis siteleri around to face the couch. He then shoved her forward as Christina had done the night before, forcing her onto her knees on the couch seat, her upper body resting on the back of the couch.

Then just as Christina had done, Jon pulled her panties down and began to stroke her pussy with his fingers. Very quickly Christina started to moan and come. Based on such a quick response Jon figured she was remembering Christina doing the same thing to her.

After Linda’s orgasm, Jon then inserted two fingers into Linda’s pussy and reached around and with his other hand and rubbed her clit. Just as the night before, Linda started bucking her hips, fucking Jon’s hand and screamed, “Fuck me!” as she came again.

Jon continued to act as Christina, dropping to his knees and licking Linda’s pussy. Linda was soon demanding, “Harder, harder!” just as she had done the night before. Jon complied and pressed his tongue against Linda’s clit as hard as he could. Linda was in complete ecstasy, moaning loudly as she came. Jon couldn’t believe how this reenactment of the night before was getting her off, or how wet her pussy was, his face was soaked.

Jon then stood and gave Linda something Christina couldn’t give (well at least not a real one anyway), his cock. Jon pushed into Linda’s dripping cunt and began to fuck her furiously. Linda moaned loudly, her whole body began quivering as another orgasm shot through her. She mimicked Christina from the night before yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me, fill my pussy with your hot cum!”

Jon pounded away, yelling, “Yes, yes, yes!” as he came.

After Jon ejaculated, Linda pulled away, turned, sat on the couch, and reached forward and pulled Jon’s dripping dick into her mouth, again giving him the sensation that he knew he couldn’t stand for too long. After a few seconds he pulled out of her mouth as the sensation again became unbearable.

Linda exclaimed, “Our juices taste incredibly sexy together!”

She then stood and tongue kissed Jon giving him a taste of his cum mixed with her pussy juice. Jon admitted to himself it did taste sexy, whatever that meant. He also wondered if it wasn’t Linda’s way of reasserting control since he’d obviously played Christina’s role from the previous night and had again sent Linda over the top. Jon knew one thing for sure; it was turning out to be a great holiday season!

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