Greg’s Shed


Who’d ever imagine I would be doing something with an older guy, nigh on 20 years my senior? But Greg was a lovely guy and I shall never regret what we dot up to in his garden shed whilst his Mrs. was asleep in the house,

“I hate to say it Peter, I still do love her but sexually she has past her best.”

Greg had employed my once a week as a jobbing gardener to help him with his very extensive garden, he got me to do all the heavy stuff like digging and the like, he gave me a good wage for my time.

He used to tell me to have a break half way through the afternoon and brought out some tea and cake as refreshment, or if it was hot a nice cool cola which was more than welcome.

He told me to relax in in his shed which looked more like a comfy lounge; he’d even put fancy curtains up and called it his home from home, a place where he could have a little privacy.

That is how it all started really, our relationship, we were just talking about nothing and everything and he told me about his Mrs. and how once what a grand lover she was. But the poor old lady had Parkinson’s disease and there is nothing anyone can do he confided.

I sympathized but he would not accept any fuss.

It is strange how a friendship can develop with someone of different ages, Given just a few times I went to work for Greg his ambiance grew more each time and I just had a feeling he wanted something more than just my friendship when he asked me if ever I had a same sex relationship with anybody.

I hadn’t and told him so, but we were being absolutely frank with each other and I said I had often wondered just what it would be like.

“Do you know something Pete? That is just what I have been thinking. I believe I have always been attracted to someone like you, the first time I saw you and gave you the job and you acce0ted I was s0 pleased.”

“I’m glad” I replied

He was thinking deeply I could see that.

“A penny for them?” I asked.

“My thoughts you mean Peter?”

“Yes, come on Greg tell me.”

“They are a little bold” he forewarned, his eyes changing. casino siteleri “It is difficult; you are that much younger you see Peter”

“Then let action speak the words” I said feeling so very excited just being so near to this very handsome and slim gentleman and then he did what I had secretly hoped for.

He very gingerly put his right hand on my thigh and it felt good, like it should be there and I responded with an open smile that said it was alright for him to continue.

“Just tell me to stop if I go too far okay Peter?” he grunted and for the first time ever I felt the touch of another guy.

It felt so lovely through my tight jeans, the way he finger walked up the inside of my thigh and gently scratched over my crotch which gave me a real lovely feeling, I opened up for him, showing him I was enjoying what he was doing and I wanted more.

He sort of bunched my swell in his big right hand and I felt his fingers move and mold and it felt wonderful.

“You feel so good, Peter” he whispered. “You don’t know just how much I have wanted this.

Peter, do you think we could do it with each other that would be so nice?”

“You mean you would like me to touch you, Greg?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind, else I will be more than happy to do it to you”

I looked at him and he knew I wanted to, I guess my enjoyment of what he was doing told him I wanted that.

“Look Peter, let me just lock the door and we can take our jeans off, I would so love that”

We did exactly that. I was a bit sweaty from gardening but he said he didn’t mind that, that it made me all the more appealing. In no time at all we were standing there face to face rubbing our cocks against each other and it did feel electric, especially when his hand went down and started to fondle me, we simply focused on one another and nothing was said, it was all transmitted through the eyes just how much we enjoyed each other and there was really no call for words.

Who would have thought I, Peter Carr would be indulging in a heated sexual relationship with another guy – but I was and it was lovely.

He slot oyna prompted me to touch him the same as he was touching me and I did. At first it seemed strange and yet so very erotic touching another guys cock, when had only been used to touching my own. But I soon realized the difference, one could not anticipate the next move of your partner and that was thrilling, and when his fingers moved to my balls I was a real goner I was enjoying him as much as he was me.

He kneel down and then I knew he was about to suck me. It was the way he grunted and groaned, the way he grasped and help my swelling upwards and sniffed its length.

“It’s beautiful Peter; I want to taste it, may I?”

I looked down at him as he still sniffed me, stretching back my foreskin to inhale the full scent which I could smell myself.

I had always been self-conscious about that right back to the time I dated this girl and took her to see a movie, and we sat in the back seat and didn’t see much of the movie. I was really a novice, Anna was my first girl ever, I had no sisters, just a brother; and didn’t know really what itr was all about, but when, after a real deep long kiss which really brought out the male in me, Ann a prompted me to squeeze her breasts I felt like an animal. She was showing me just how a girl who’s hormones are driving her bonkers, reacts to a passion move like that and like a flash her hands were inside my trousers and her mouth was around my half grown cock which was rapidly swelling to full size, and when she stretched me back there I was very conscious or the smell of sex which instantly made me loose it, But Anna didn’t seem to mind because she soon got me up again, her fingers working on my balls like there was no tomorrow and they were soon smothered by the climax of my passion and I knew I just couldn’t avoid creaming her mouth, I lost complete control and was in another world as she sucked me dry, enjoying every moment of it and forever whispering compliments about it being so nice and wonderful and if I liked, I could touch her.

She lifted her skirt well above the knee canlı casino siteleri line and opened her left leg so I could guide my hand up inside.

This may sound crazy but I was so innocent I could not understand when I could feel nothing that was like a cock. Instead she grabbed my wrist and enticed me to move my fingers over her and so for the first time I was going to learn just how girls are made.

I don’t know what it was but somehow I was turned off and left the poor girl in the lurch as she very begrudgingly went home mad because I would not fuck her.

I guess at that time, with my mates going with girls and hearing their boasts, I felt I was different. And it was not until I met Greg that I discovered my true leaning and at last I could excel in something I really wanted to do and enjoy.

And now there I was, in my element and so happy just knowing I could belong to someone like Gregg and enjoy the things that he did with me and vice versa,

All the hurt and pain in not knowing what I was had gone and I felt the surge of this wonderful man inside me. He knew all the tricks – how to massage the lubricant into me which at the same time primed me up beautifully for his deep meaningful and prolonged fuck, accompanied by the grunts and groans of a guy who really let go and enjoyed every moment of our bonding.

After the first fuck he was almost in tears, saying just how much he had wanted sex, real live sex for so long back, He said he would always cherish me for as long as I wanted to carry on seeing him and so my weekly visit was a real treat to look forward to.

Greg’s fuck was always spirited and he taught me just how I could enjoy him to the very best. The feel of him inside me was everything and then afterwards his deep passion continuing when he loved to smother me down below and the feel of his mouth working my balls and ring were simple divine and I soon wanted the feel of his cock trusting inside me again.

All the tensions were over and in the past and I knew I was so ready for this relationship. It felt so right and comfortable and every time I left Greg for home it was like he was still inside me and I felt for the entire world his great passion and love for me that I was always ready to return.

He is a great guy is Greg and has opened up my world.

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