Guwreikheo: Lizard Love Lord


It all started late February of last year. I woke up repeatedly with night sweats, my sheets completely soaked through with thoughts of strange lands and large reptilian creatures guiding me through.

Most of what I dreamt was forgotten or too hazy to really comprehend. I kept finding strange marks on my body, scratches down my back lick claws had scraped down my skin. There was one occasion when I had to go to the hospital because the cuts were so deep my bones were sticking out.

The doctors were concerned to say the least but I didn’t have any answers for them. My boyfriend at the time started getting very concerned because in my sleep I started speaking in another tongue. He’d always turn over and my eyes would be wide open and whispering foreign words to him, he had to shake me awake each time and each time I woke up in cold sweats.

All this eventually lead to the demise of our relationship. He couldn’t handle my constant talking of reptilian aliens from other dimensions.

The February night, where I finally was conscious of everything that was happening to me, was the coldest night of the year. Of course my heat wasn’t working so I piled myself under several blankets and forced myself asleep.

I woke up in the middle of night to two bright lights shining through my window and a dark figure stood above me. I didn’t move. The figure ripped the blankets off of me leaving me in just an oversized shirt.

As I looked closer I could see that it was feminine figure cloaked in completely black material that hugged her body. Her height reached my ceiling and her physical appearance was nothing human, she seemed almost skeletal.

She coaxed me out of my bed and after this I don’t really remember but I was on this spaceship being hurtled into the velvety blackness that encompasses our earth.

As we flew through space I tried to distinguish any defining features on these creatures but my mind was so cloudy and my body felt tired. I felt my eyes growing heavy and my whole body dropped against the metal illegal bahis bench. As I was about to drift off I heard them speak my name amongst the strange phrases that make uo their language.

“Zarashone es jesr gherete swey Amanda.” Her voice was strong and carried through out the room. I wasn’t sure what she said but everyone around me was nodding sternly.

Once we landed I was met with hundreds of creatures. Majority were reptiles that stood over 8 feet tall, there were some human like creatures there too but most of their physical appearance was modified through generations of breeding with the reptilians. The whole world was blanketed in luscious green grass and there seemed to be a glass dome covering the world. It was the most beautiful place I’d have ever seen.

As we pushed through the crowd they all started chanting and raising their fists, “Guwreikheo swey jumeon!” Over and over they said this.

At the end of the crowd we hopped into a completely black vehicle with tinted windows and we zoomed off into what I assume is the main city.

We went through bustling urban areas where each building touched the glass dome and they seemed to be built with sandstone. My eyes widened as we went further along into the countryside.

Everything was covered in bright green grass and hill after hill as far as the eye could see. And if you looked up at the sky at the right moment you could see past the blue simulation into the dark abyss filled with small twinkling stars.

We reached a stone wall with an iron gate that stood at the end of a long gravel driveway. At the top was a huge and elaborate stone mansion with gold shutters on the windows. The doors of the car swung open and I was face to face with a lizard hovering over me. I wanted to cry.

It grabbed my arm with its sharp claws and pulled me into the house.

When we stepped inside it was sweltering, all I had on was my t-shirt and sweat started to pool at my arms. We walked down a long hallway until we reached a small room with a sheer curtain illegal bahis siteleri covering the entrance.

I was met by several other lizards sitting around the room sharing a pipe with a reddish smoke coming from it. They were all laughing and joking around until they saw me and they fell to a heavy silence.

The biggest once waved his claws and said “Esty Guwreikheo.” His dark eyes kept blinking as he looked over my small stature.

“Little girl I am Syheriko, prince of planet Zirion.” His voice was a deep rumble as he enunciated each word.

“Guwreikheo swey caneer,” spoke one of the other lizards. Syheriko seemed to grow angry, I heard a low growl escape his mouth.

“Speak English for the small girl. Show her that much respect.”

The room was covered in gold and the floor was covered with Persian rugs. It was surrounded by couches that each reptile lazed upon as they grabbed black insects of silver trays and smoked the weird smoke.

“Sit.” Commanded Syheriko. I pulled my t-shirt over my butt and sat down on the softest rug, I wanted to lay down and fall asleep. I stared each of them as they kept speaking in their native tongue trying to decipher exactly what they were were saying.

All of a sudden they all stood up and bowed till their noses touched the ground. I looked up behind me and see the tallest lizard looming over me. He gave me his claws and pulled me up from the floor.

He touched his chest and said “I am Guwreikheo, lord of the planet Zirion.” He looked down at me with his beady eyes, it seemed as if he was mentally undressing me. My face grew warm and he chuckled.

Guwreikheo put his claw on the small of my back and guided me towards another room. It was complete darkness for a little while till it opened up to a room with all windows and plush carpeting. The bed was the main attraction, it was bigger than an earth king sized bed and it floated a couple inches above the ground.

It had a beautiful silky purple duvet with gold sheets and the softest pillows. canlı bahis siteleri Guwreikheo lifted my shirt off my body and laid me down on the bed where he started tracing down my body.

He started nuzzling my neck as he played with my clit. I was overwhelmed with stimulation, I could barely contain myself. I came at the slightest touch.

He gently kissed down my whole body till he reached my vulva and started licking with his long lizard tongue. I moaned in ecstasy for it filled me up.

My mind was racing and I couldn’t keep the thoughts straight for more than a minute. I grasped the silk sheets each time I orgasmed at his touch.

When he was finished licking my pussy he undressed himself and revealed his humongous cock. He smirked at me and then kneeled over me, “Open your mouth.” I did as I was told. He slowly put his cock inside my mouth until it reached the back of my throat.

I usually have a horrible gag reflex but I took it all. I wrapped my lips around his hard penis and sucked till my mouth filled with his green cum. I swallowed it all.

He smiled down at me and then turned me around on my knees and gagged my mouth with his tail. As he entered me he rubbed my clit and I almost came from the excitement.

He gently fucked me and moved around my hole with his monstrous cock until I came 3 times over. I was exhausted at this point but that wasn’t enough for the lizard king.

He started going faster and faster till my knees were moving against the silk sheets.

I moaned and asked him to keep going. He filled me up with his gooey cum until it overflowed onto the bed.

I rolled over onto my back, breathing heavily.

Guwreikheo slid himself off the bed and slipped on a purple robe. He caressed my face and kissed my forehead.

“It’s time for you to go,” he said. He snapped his claws and two lizards came in and ripped me off the bed. I couldn’t believe he would do that, I thought he might’ve been my soulmate.

As the dragged me out of the mansion and into the vehicle I cried for Guwreikheo. One of the lizards slapped my face to quiet me down but the tears wouldn’t stop. I watched the beautiful planet of Zirion whizz pass me through blurry vision.

I can only wish that I’ll be able to return someday.

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