guy is strip searched by women


guy is strip searched by womenStrip Search in a Sex PrisonI am on the way to a sex prison. The waiting list was so long. It took a while before I was sentenced. A blond guard showed me the way. Her Guard uniform seems to be tighter and clearly shows off her appealing figure. The blouse had a few buttons undone and I could see her cleavage. I wouldn’t mind fucking her. In the room was a brunette guard who unlocked my handcuffs. that I could see her cleavage. “Strip,” she commanded. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. “Faster! This is not a show.” Before I could react, the blond guard swiftly pulled down my pants. I now stood before the two female guards, fully exposed. They both looked at my exposed cock and smiled. The blond guard stood behind me and unlocked my leg irons and removed my pants. I was now standing naked in front of two women. The Brunette guard ordered me to stand. She ran her fingers through my hair to determine if I was hiding something. The blond guard was standing close behind me. I was naked in front of two uniformed women who had authority over me and I was enjoying it!I was ordered to open my mouth and the brunette guard ran her fingers in my mouth. She smiled as she did this. The brunette guard ran her finger gently down my chest to my groin. She gently held my cock and moved it around. Then the brunette guard fondled my nut sack. She looked me in the eyes and smiled when she first touched them. The brunette guard gently moved my sack around as if she was looking for something. “He likes it,” The brunette guard told the blond one as she looked at my slowly rising cock. “He will like what we do next,” The blond guard said. pendik escort I was ordered to spread my legs and to bend over and grab my ankles. While the Brunette guard was putting on the gloves, the blond stood behind me. She grabbed my hips and rubbed my naked ass against her uniform. The blond guard started to sing a little song. I remember the chorus was “You are my bitch, my little bitch.” I would like to be her bitch.“Dismount,” the brunette guard commanded, “You will get your turn.” The brunette guard went behind me and put her fingers up my ass. She seemed to be taking the longest time before she pulled out her finger. I have to admit that I enjoyed it. They noticed that my cock was getting harder. I was ordered to walk to the next room. There was a redheaded guard with a water hose. I was ordered to stand as she hosed me down and then turn around as she hosed me. I was ordered to bend over and expose ass hole as she sprayed water into it. The redhead said that she wanted that part clean for I would be getting a lot of use out of it. I am looking forward to that!My hands were cuffed behind me. The three guards stood around me and talked about how appealing they found me. They would squeeze my naked arms or legs or rub my back. I was enjoying this! I was also confused. Shouldn’t they be cursing me and with verbal abuse to destroy my confidence. This would be my first lesson in intimidation. They were setting me up to be brought down into submission and total obedience.I was being ordered to my jail cell. Before I left, I had walk pass the three women guards. They each gave me a smack on my bare ass.The kartal escort blond guard led me to a cell One ankle was chained to the bed. Then she locked the door. I was alone all I could think about was those three women. I kept on thinking how beautiful they were. I enjoyed being naked in front of those three uniformed women. I enjoyed they way they pawed me and rubbed me and fondled me I wanted them all. Naturally, I was aroused by this. I stroked myself while thinking of the three women. I soon came. I fell asleep.I was sleeping for a while. I felt an electric jolt that woke me up. Standing before me was a tall brunette guard. This was not the brunette guard that strip searched me. This brunette was wearing the standard guard uniform except that she was bottomless and she was wearing a strap-on dildo. For some strange reason the guard had her blouse buttoned up. I could not see her cleavage.“Prisoner, roll over on your stomach.” I did as ordered. I never gave any thought to disobey her. I suppose she could punish me for disobedience. She had this commanding voice that it seemed natural to obey her. The brunette guard chained my arms and ankles to the bed. I was now chained spread eagled face down on the mattress. I never felt so helpless. I was enjoying this! The brunette guard put her strap on in front of my face and ordered me to suck it. I have no experienced in this sort of thing. I kissed it a few times. She ordered me to lick it and I did as ordered. I was ordered to open my mouth and she put it in. Then she pulled it in and out and pretended to moan with pleasure. “I should have known that you maltepe escort have no experience sucking cock. I bet every woman you know has ordered you to lick their cunt.” I have had very little experience in that area, but did not want to tell her. Then she pulled it out and walked around me. I knew what she is going to do next. I was actually surprised by what she did next. I expected the guard to just hold me down and peg me before I knew what was happening. Instead, she started rubbing my back. It was a sensual feeling as she gently ran her fingers up and down my back. “You are taking this well. I am used to having whiny crybabies screaming for their mothers in front of me. I like having a prisoner who knows he is going to get and will not fight it.” The brunette guard was stroking my sides and legs. She learned over and whispered into my ears. “I love taking away the innocence of boys like you and turning them into my bitch. I know that this is the first time that someone who is not your mother will do this to you. I will make this an experience that you will remember fondly.” I hope so. I have been pegged only once before and it was painful. The brunette guard then spread my ass cheeks and thrust her strap on up my rear hole. I let out a loud gasp. I could see from the corner of my eyes that she was smiling. I could also hear her laughter. “You are a good ride.” I could not believe how pleasant it felt. I was expecting a lot of pain. Instead I was feeling pleasure. I could feel her body moving and the strap on going into me but it did not hurt. “Bitch, say that you love this,” she commanded.“I love this, I want more!” I proclaimed loudly.The brunette guard pulled the strap on out. “You are enjoying this too much.” She stood up and took off the strap on. “Then again I enjoyed this myself. I like studs like you who accept their submission and do not resist. I always return to fuck guys like you.” I cannot wait for her return.

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