Guy’s Bitch Boy


It was just me and Dr. Guy in his office. I was the last patient that evening. I had been coming to him for years and not once did I make a pass at me. But tonight something was different. There was a vibe in the air. His hands massaged my lower back, but it didn’t end there.

His hands roamed over my cheeks. I know I should have objected but it felt good. It had been quite a long time since I had a bootie call. I was fucking horny and my hand wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Nor was my fleshlight, I had worn 3 of the fuckers out.

But this was different, Guy had soft hands and it felt so good over my fleece covered mounds. His hands were reaching tween my legs and moving over my crotch.

“What are you doing? I inquired.

“Do you wish me to stop Mike? His soft voice said.

“No, not at all!” I said. “W..would it better if I turned over Guy.” I asked.

“If you wish, sure.” He said.

I turned over on his short chiropractor exam table and was now face up, on it. I don’t know why but I slide my sweats off.

He looked at my boy short covered crotch and my semi-hard six inches.

“Well, what do we have here?” Guy said aloud.

I looked down and saw that my precum had started to casino siteleri stain my blue boy shorts.

“So you are a little kinky too?” He said as he stroked my cock through the material. He pulled down my shorts and ran his finger over my pee slit.

My body shuddered. He licked his finger. “Oh, sweet Mike!” He said.

He stroked me harder now and massaged my cum ladened balls.

Soon he was kneeling next to me and was licking my balls and the underside of my shaft.

His mouth and tongue moved slowly with just the right about of pressure. His finger tickled my rosebud and it felt wonderful. He kept me on the edge from cummings. Just when I was about ready to burst he would easily back and stop.

“Why did you stop?” I moaned.

He just laughed and then started to suck me again. After 3 or 4 times of this play, he went full force and fingered my ass hole, massaging my prostate and making me moan.

He took all five inches in his mouth and sucked hard. His finger worked magic on my button and soon I was blasting off in his mouth. So much fucking jizz, he kept sucking me off and swallowing it all.

I was all out of breath now from his wonderful cock sucking.

When I recovered I ask slot oyna him, how did he know I needed it?

“I just know stuff, Mike.” He replied.

“And did you know you were gay in high school too? I asked.

“No, not really but I got married to Beverly and we had a good solid 30 years together. We have 3 fine kids and they are all grown now. But one day during a seminar in Chicago, I met Sam and we had some drinks at a local bar,

We found we had a lot in common. We were a bit drunk and we went to his room and well let me say that that evening was an eye-opener!”

Guy raised his left eyebrow, and I got the jest of it.

“So Sam was your first?” I asked.

“Yes and there have been a few but Sam and I are still together, we have separate apartments, but we still are together. We have a very open relationship. We are very careful who we have sex with and don’t bareback Mike.” Guy said.

He told me that he felt so good since he had come out of the closet. Of course, his church shunned him, and his family disowned him. But he didn’t care he had Sam.

Guy went and got a towel and wet them and cleaned me up and his mouth too.

This was just the start of our new relationship. We not only saw each canlı casino siteleri other at the office but we had weekly meetings mostly dinners and whatnot. Guy introduced me to the world of being gay.

I met a few guys, but guy was my mentor main bootie call!

The first time, he did anal on me, he was very patient and gentle with me. I felt very comfortable with him.

At first, he had me explore butt plugs and get me loosened up. I would wear them off and on till I got used to them in my ass.

Then he had me suck him off, His cock was a good size, a 7 inches and average thickness. As much as I tried, I could only get 4 inches in my mouth till I started to gag. It didn’t matter he would grab the back of my head and fuck my face. He taught me so much.

Once I got the taste of seed, I was not the same. I loved sucking his cock.

After a month he introduced me to his cock in my ass. If felt so different than the fake cocks. It pulsed inside my ass and my anal muscles would clench and unclench around his shaft the first time he blasted off inside me was like fireworks going off in my head.

It felt go wonderful. He kept pumping into me over and over till his balls were empty.

At some point, Sam joined us in bed and my mouth and ass were filled at the same time I was not such a fucking slut. I loved getting fucked and filled with cum.

I am now Guys bitch boy and loving it. Ready to be bred!

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