Hair Slave Training Ch. 01


She opened the sealed envelope that he had left for her. It read






It was 2:30.

She went in the bathroom and began to brush her hair as instructed. It was long, it hung to her brastrap, it was all one length and was a lovely rich chestnut brown and was very shiny. She loved her hair. She had never been to the Cut N Chatter salon, she did not know Kathy… she did not know what was to be done to her.

She stepped out of the car, it was 2:55pm. She opened the salon door and went in. The Cut N Chatter Salon was what could be termed quaint or old fashioned. It was definitely more of a Beauty Shop than a Styling Salon. And it was small, only 3 chairs. An older woman was sitting in the first styling chair reading a magazine. She was the only person in the salon.

She looked up and smiled.

“Hi you must be Lorri! I’m Kathy, come on over and have a seat.”

She sat down and Kathy lifted her long hair and snapped a green vinyl cape around her neck. She began to brush Lorri’s hair smooth.

“Wow you just have the prettiest hair, this will be fun”

Lorri spoke for the first time “uhm…… what exactly are we doing?”

Kathy laughed “oh, didn’t he tell you dear? Well he wanted you to get all fancied up so he could take you out tonight. He wants me to give you a good old fashioned Upstyle… He told me you said you’d never had one done the old way with doing a shampoo and set, using the old curlers instead of a curling iron. So you just relax, he wants you to feel pampered!”

With that she took Lorri to the shampoo bowl, laying her back and dousing her hair with floods of warm water. She turned the water off and applied a liberal amount of a fresh citrus scented shampoo. Lorri closed her eyes as Kathy massaged her scalp, digging lightly with her nails.

Another illegal bahis dousing to rinse and a general pat down with a thick terrycloth towel.

Back at the styling chair Kathy dug her fingers deep into a jar of pink styling gel and slathered the entire length of her hair.

She sectioned off different areas of her hair with a comb and began to wind and wrap Lorri’s locks around large plastic rollers.

Soon Lorri was perched under a hot hair dryer, slightly dozing……

Kathy sat back in the chair and picked up her magazine… she lit up a cigarette…. seeing this, Lorri reached into her purse and lit up her own cigarette… She drew deeply on it, letting the flavor fill her lungs…. her head tightly wrapped… the hot air turning her scalp pink….

A half hour later she was back in the styling chair, Kathy unwinding her now controlled locks from the curlers… she looked in the mirror at her head covered in huge sausage curls and giggled…

With deft fingers Kathy smoothed some curls and pinned others… she teased here… combed there… and everything was saturated with a hearty dose of cheap, generic hairspray, the old aerosol kind.

Kathy took the cape off and said “There ya go! Do you feel pampered?” and she laughed.

Lorri laughed and said “Yes, I do, thank you” She handed Kathy the $30 he had left on the kitchen table and went to her car.

She glanced in the rear view mirror and was surprised how much she liked the style. Her hair piled high, cute ringlets and curls, she looked like she was ready for a prom…. she drove home.

He came home from work, smiled at her new look… he bent her forward and kissed her nape.. nipping it slightly with his teeth… she liked that.

He took her out for an elegant dinner, she was dressed in his favorite outfit… a long, tight fitting simple black dress….. she felt so pretty in her updo.

On the way home he looked at her….

“You think you’re hot shit, don’t you?” illegal bahis siteleri She didn’t say anything….

“I saw how you were flirting with the waiter… you SLUT!” She lowered her eyes….

He reached over and grabbed her left breast hard, pinching her nipple… she winced..

“We get home I’m going to show you just how hot you AREN’T”

He drove the rest of the way home still pinching her tit….

The minute they walked in the house he grabbed her by the back of the dress, he jerked the zipper down so hard she knew he must’ve ripped it, he pulled the dress down on either side pinning her arms… he grabbed her by the back of the neck and walked her into the spare bedroom.

He guided her into the spare bathroom.

“Get on your fucking knees BITCH!”

She knelt… she was in front of the toilet…

“I’ve been filling this the past 2 days!”

He lifted the lid… the bowl was full of piss, it was a deep, dark golden color and extremely pungent…. she knew the last two days every time he had to pee he’d done it in this bathroom… and hadn’t flushed….

He grabbed her by the nape and pushed her over the bowl until her forehead was skimming the surface of the contents…

her arms still pinned to her sides..

She heard the metal of his belt buckle…. then the rasping as he pulled it from his pants….


he brought the leather of the belt down on her shoulders…..


again…. this time harder… it stung so sweetly…..

*CRACK* even harder… this time she slipped forward, up to her hairline in the piss….

He laughed at her

“So, little Miss Hot Shit Lorri… flirting with dumbass waiters”

She heard his zipper…..

“Miss Priss Lorri with her fancy hairdo….. her SLUT hairdo!”

with that she felt his hot stream on the nape of her neck… stronger now, he guided his molten flow into the soft curls… she felt her updo being drenched, ruined… canlı bahis siteleri the piss began to dribble around her ears… she felt it trickle over the crown of her head and onto her forehead… it began to drip into the toilet now…. splashing her face… his stream kept on.. he’d had several beers over supper… not only was her head getting wet but she knew her pussy was getting wet now too….

He moaned with relief, the sound of a too full bladder finally being emptied… by the time he was done her curls were drenched… he laughed…

She began to sit up but he grabbed her by the nape

“Oh no BITCH! I’m not done with your Golden Shampoo yet!

And with that he shoved her forward, down into the bowl… like Kathy he began to massage her hair, ripping the hair pins out and ruining her afternoon of pampering…. he grabbed his belt in the other hand and began to strap her ass… 5…6…7 times, she lost count.. her pussy was throbbing now…

He pulled her up from the bowl, she gasped for air… her now loose hair flopped limply down her back, the curls gone… piss trickled down her entire body, over her face, ruining her makeup…

He reached over to the sink and grabbed her 12 inch dildo he’d placed there…. he slammed it up her pussy and she winced and moaned all in the same breath… such is the proximity of pleasure and pain…

“Now you sit there and FUCK yourself you CUNT!!! Make yourself cum!”

She was so close, that wouldn’t be hard….

He had dropped his pants now and was hard as steel… he shoved all of himself into her mouth


She was soooooo close, she was fucking herself with the dildo and sucking him off…

Suddenly he pulled from her mouth and pulled her head forward, rubbing his cock on the top of her head, wrapping himself in her hair..

she saw his leg muscles tighten… heard his moan and then felt his hot sticky cum shoot onto her scalp… he was spewing his cum all over her hair… she then began to spasm… she came so hard that her back muscles pitched her forward….

They both collapsed together on the bathroom floor…hugging each other, they fell asleep………

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