Hairy girls


Hairy girlsThe hairy squad.The door locked from the inside, the JB pub has officially closed for the day now, they wait for me to finish cleaning the bar. I haven’t told them about my apartment upstairs, have accepted their invitation for a swim though. Just finishing my job now. Fun is in the air, happiness, lightness, sex.Yesterday and the day before I kicked them out with the others, today they can stay a bit longer. Free drinks after opening hours, of course, self service for the ladies. The White Russians go in quickly, so do the gin tonics, yes girls, you can smoke inside now.The heat of today, the sunbathing in the afternoon, the good meal at my place they had and the many drinks: all giggles, laughs and loud voices now. Emmy explains that her chest is too much of a burden for her bikini, that it doesn’t give enough support, now her boobs hurt and down they go, the pair of them, resting on my just cleaned bar. Enormous, huge, xl underneath the black top. She’s from Portugal, chestnut curly hair, dark brown eyes, coper skinned, perfect English, a rather low voice, thick but muscular thighs in those mini pants. A sweet girl, I noticed immediately when she first showed up here two evenings ago. Her friends would dance and flirt around, she’d sit on the stool, minding her own business, chatting with me, in her cheerful manner. Joys of a bartender. Today I even noticed myself hoping that she’d be there again.‘It’s heavy’, I say to her, spoken flatly. She bursts out with laughter. Telling me that she gained some weight in the winter, ‘all to butt and boobs’, ‘I really love my girls though’. I answer that I also gained 5 KGs within the last year, ‘all to my dick’. We laugh royally, she blushes sweetly, I’m not out of line though, this is the talk of the night life. Meanwhile Jenny and Roberta sing I’ve got you babe and my employee John serves chicken wings, chatting with Rose, a most athletic Jamaican girl. My cleaning is done and we all sit together for our traditional last drink of the day, I pay Theo and John who leave immediately after and damn, now it’s just me and four girls. They are students, they say, doing modelling during holiday time, ‘on a special mission here’. What’s that about, I ask. ‘Well, we all have something that most girl ataşehir escort haven’t….’. They all laugh now, obvious conspiracies here, I think of my experiences in Thailand and ask ‘you’re ladyboys or something?’. Even more laughter, ‘Noooo’ Jenny from Sweden says, ‘Look Jamy, I hope you like it! It took me fucking three months to grow’. Up the white sleeve goes, revealing an armpit grown with sweaty curly orange hair. ‘We model for a website sometimes, clothless, specialized in hairy girls. We’ll do soft lesbian scenes tomorrow in the mansion, yesterday and today it’s been nude photography on the beach. It pays well and we like to spend time together, also when the semesters are over. And this is why our grades are so much better than average: we don’t have to work next to our studies, we are rich hairy girls… You’re shocked Jamy?’. I don’t know what to say and say nothing, Rose notices and grabs her phone: ‘Look, nice isn’t it? All taken this morning around six o’clock’. ‘It’s fucking amazing’, I say. I see Rose at the waterline, her dark skin only covered on waist height, a purple shawl. Jenny and Emmy, the strawberry haired tall girl with the pale skin and her hourglass figured friend, in everything her opposite, shot from behind, holding hands, eye pulling derrieres with mini bikinis. Roberta in the dunes, topless, dark sunglasses, a pierced nipple, black curly hairs peeking out her pale blue bikini, a narrow path of them up to her navel. A quite extraordinarily tall blonde babe now, a golden sidebush, ready to jump off the diving tower, her long legs bend for take off, slender muscles, a firm small butt, her hair put up elegantly. ‘Ahaa, you haven’t yet met Krizstina, she’s not the partying type of girl. Actually she struggles quite a bit with studying in English, so Alice – yes this pic is her – gives her a summer course now, actually Alice studies to be a teacher’. Alice, the girl on the next picture has Persian looks, almond shaped eyes, teeth paste commercial suitable ivory guards, the warmest smile, almost black pointy nipples contrasting with the pale, long fingers of Krisztina holding her breasts, Alice’s head between Krisztina’s small boobs. ‘And look, this is all of us’. From kartal escort left to right Rose, Alice, Emmy, Roberta, Jenny and Krisztina, sorted on pigmentation it appeared, with both arms up in the air, legs spread slightly, having a shower in the outdoor facility, steam in the pale morning sun, big smiles, big foams as well: on their heads, covering their boobs, all 12 armpits, their crotches – the soapy bunch.‘So yes, that’s what we do, mister James’, Rose continues. ‘What do you prefer, shavers or non shavers? You must have experience’. Giggles all over the place, again. Me, pointing at my bald scalp, say: ‘Non shavers’. Rose lights a joint. ‘But now that you’ve seen all of us in the bare, or almost, you owe us big time. Roberta now speaks on behalf of the entire group, that’s clear: the girls must have planned this, I think. ‘So now you do the Bruce, I’m on fire’, Jenny takes over. They all grin now. The joint goes around, it won’t be Bogarded. Yes I get compliments about my voice so now and then, but to know that I can only do Bruce and Johnny Cash really well: I’m impressed.I walk to the dancefloor as the song begins, Hey little girl is your daddy home and for a while they allow me to actually sing. And then comes Jenny and so come the scissors. I can take you higher, o o oo I’m on fire. To pieces my shirt: I still try to continue singing but Rose just switches off the music: ‘Okay people let’s go to the mansion, before we’re all undressed: James’ shutters aren’t all that great. Jenny, you dirty bitch’. Laughter, yes, they all agree. ‘Let’s thank Jamie in an appropriate way, when we’re there’. All of them again cheer. I call a taxi. Ten minutes later we’re on our way.Krisztina opens the door, gosh, she’s even taller than I am. ‘Zis is ze guy?’, she says. What happens now comes to me as a dream. I take some snow in the bathroom and role a huge white widow, the rest is history. With the nine of them (photographer Eve has joined as well) they sing Happy Birthday in Marilyn style, they talk dicks, thickness matters, length not so much, they pore me drinks, they share another joint, they talk about their life in Zurich, the clubs there, the openness towards d**gs, the great environment, pendik escort with the huge variety in landscape. Emmy has her hand on my thigh, Alice comes over to tell that the tub is ready.We stand there with the ten of us and we all undress.I’m easy with my body, don’t mind others looking at it, the contrary is true. My cock is half hard, the one that swings up and down when you undress. The girls undress without any visible shame, throwing pieces of clothing onto chairs, all clothes have gone: now we all look at each other and we laugh: we’re at ease, it’s fine and safe like this.. Enough pussyhair for decades: pale, reddish, deep dark, treasure trails, on thighs, dripping, as they get up, to soap one another, armpits fully grown, just Eve has been shaving, the one behind the camera. A truth or dare, swing the bottle, chardonnay it was, always against me, never girl versus girl: ‘James, either you suck out Emmy’s pussy or you tell us all about your most embarrassing moment in bed’, yes, Emmy’s huge pale breast on the bronzed skin, the long and curly and thick black pussyhair, even covering her big butt, I had noticed: give me that pussy, I say. Thick lips, salty in between, she fingers herself now, lets me clean her juicy fingers. Jenny gets up, bends over, in one go she take my whole cock into her mouth and throat, I almost come but now Rose pushes Jenny away and while she takes my cock inside of her, she enjoys Jenny licking her clit and my cock.Rose takes control again all line up on her command and I lick out their asses. Rose’s furry ass, Kriszina’s whle she’s facesitting me, Jenny wants me to put my tongue out of my mouth and she rides it, Eve is very juicy and smears her pussy’s output all over my face, while I finger het butt. Emmy’s index follows, we make loopings inside of that shaven hole.I see them fisting each other. Krisz’s hole is so small but so is Emmy’s hand, it pumps up and down just in front of my eyes.Jenny’s pink lips get stretched by Alice, four fingers in, these beautiful small hands of hers. Shoesize 34, you’ll know what I mean.Hairy lips, swinging hips, my dick sucked by all of them, discussing the taste of my precum, making me explode, Emmy of course, shoving all of me up her ass and Rose adds an index finger, I came within seconds.All that hair, all these real pussies, as in c***dhood memories: my mum’s footballteam, I walk in, just after the game, all fur around me, the smell of…I haven’t seen the bunch of them again until I walked the streets of Zurich. On a business trip, a very tall woman greets me: ‘Hi James’. Emmy and I still meet.

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