Haley’s Gymnast


I don’t know why they had our cheer squad assigned to the women’s gymnastics event on a warm Sunday afternoon. Gymnastics is like a four ring circus with simultaneous events happening around the Forum. The crowd hardly noticed our pom-pomming and our cheer routines were weak competition for the amazing athleticism and art of the gymnastics teams performing on the bars, beam, floor and vault.

I had never been to a meet before and I was able to spend a lot of time watching the events since we weren’t doing much cheering. As a relative newcomer to bisexual or lesbian feelings however, I thoroughly enjoyed the parade of beautiful female athletes in shiny leotards before me. Wow. I kept making exclaiming comments in my head as I followed first one compact, toned body, then another, performing the precise movements required on the various stations of the meet. I felt myself getting aroused watching all this beautiful feminine athleticism dancing, balancing, swinging, flying, leaping, and sticking landings with outstretched arms of triumph. I wished that Jennie Nickles, my first lesbian lover, was here with me – or rather, that we were back in my dorm together getting down in my currently excited state.

I was stationed near the balance beam event when one of our Albert-Preston University gymnasts was announced to begin her routine. Her name was Noni Momoula, a sophomore, and my goodness, did my heart skip a beat when I saw her. She was a tiny, doll-like creature with a short pixie haircut, the dark bangs of which kissed the top of her dramatically sculpted eyebrows. The bright orange APU leotard appeared as though painted onto her slim but somehow muscular body. Her torso tapered to a narrow, flat waistline and the high cut leotard left little to my rapt imagination where its material barely covered her vulva. The back of the thin, glossy material had risen up her buttocks to expose half of her tightly muscled gluteus that was as round as a halved basketball. “Oh, sweet Mommie, look at that.” I sighed to myself as I appreciated her lithe movements before she bounded onto the narrow beam.

As I watched Noni go through her routine on the beam, I realized I was getting damp in my briefs beneath my short cheer skirt. I was discreetly rubbing my thighs together to heighten the erotic feeling as I stared mesmerized at the incredible girl somersaulting and skipping on the long, thin beam. She dismounted with a backflip and raised her arms in joy at what seemed to my untrained eyes to be a perfect routine. She jogged to her teammates who gave her high fives and hugs of appreciation. I envied her. And oh, dear god, did I want her.

I tried to follow Noni’s movements when APU moved to the vault and bars but it was hard to keep track of her in all the activity. And there was a constant stream of beautiful athletes from the other competing squads to distract me. I was charged with erotic excitement and only hoped it wasn’t too obvious as I checked the athletes out – tall blondes with bouncing ponytails, muscled brunettes whose biceps and quads jumped with each small movement, caramel-colored Latinas, cute-as-a-button Asians, a busty redheaded girl with freckles on her chest above the straining leotard, a beautiful black girl who seemed to smile knowingly as she passed me and turned back to look over her shoulder. I was ready to run to the locker room to rub one out when the meet finally began wrapping up.

We went back to the cheer squad room to change. I could hear the APU gymnastics team yelling and laughing in their locker room through the wall next door. I tried to imagine Noni Momoula stripping off her leotard and showering. My mind’s eye pictured her emerging from the shower in a backdrop of steam, gleaming wet, fresh, naked. My briefs were soaked dark in the crotch when I pulled them off and quickly stuffed them in my bag before anyone noticed. As I dressed I allowed myself a quick tweak of my nipples before I fastened my brassiere. I hadn’t been this horny since the last time that Jennie visited me and we had dashed up four flights of stairs to my dorm room to make love. And now I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and get back to that same dorm room to release my held-in sexual energy.

As I walked toward the exit of the A-P Forum, my changing bag slung over my shoulder, I held the door for the unseen persons coming up behind me. It was Noni and another gymnast in laughing conversation. I melted a little at the unexpected sight of her so soon again.

“Oh, hey.” I said smiling to the pair.

“Hiya. Cheer team, right?” Noni said brightly to me.

“Yeah.” I tried to think of something to say. “This was my first meet.” I said, feeling stupid.

The other girl smiled. “Noni, text me about tonight. I gotta run.” And she split off from us with a half-running step.

Noni and I fell into step together. “How’d you like it? The meet. Fun?” Noni asked me.

“Oh, yeah, it was great.” I said. “You were great on the beam. Uh, that’s where I was stationed most of the time.” I seemed to keep talking in a nervous casino siteleri rush.

“Thanks. I’m Noni, by the way.” She said, adjusting her gym bag strap.

“Haley. Goggins.” I answered.

“What are you up to now?” She asked. “I wanna get a Sprite at the Bookstore.”

“Yeah, sure. I could use a soda.” I answered.

We walked together, not saying much, bashful a little bit with a relative stranger. Noni asked me about my involvement with the cheerleading team. She talked a little about coming to APU from her hometown outside Philadelphia. It was the beginning conversation of two people getting to know each other.

“I actually thought I would’ve scored higher on that beam routine.” Noni said into the air in front of us.

“Oh, yeah? I don’t really understand the scoring. But I thought you were great.” I said, remembering how confident and controlled she appeared while I watched her.

“Oh, well. There’s always next time.” She said somewhat dejectedly.

We picked Sprites out of the Bookstore’s case and paid separately. Outside, we popped them open. Noni drank huge gulps. She exhaled and caught a pretty loud burp in her hand. She began laughing. So did I. We were looking at each other and laughing. Her beautiful face was lit by her bright eyes and big smile. I thought I would turn to vapor it was so hard to look at her and keep my emotions in check.

Noni got herself back together again. “I’m in Morris Hall.” That was the farthest dorm from where we stood right then.

“I’m right here in Buchanan.” I said and nodded my head towards the building to our left. “Hey, if you want to come up and hang out for awhile, you’re invited.” I said, holding my breath for her answer.

“Y’know, I just might do that. I’m kind of tired. You’re sure you don’t mind?” Noni asked as she glanced at the building so close.

“Heck, no. C’mon.” I said.

We walked over to the dorm building, sipping the last of our Sprites. “Unfortunately, I’m on the fourth floor.” I said as I held the door for her.

We trudged up the echoing stairwell. Noni adjusted the gym bag on her shoulder and climbed with me. At last we were at 409 and I unlocked my dorm room and led Noni into my small living quarters. She dropped her gym bag on the floor and sauntered around the outlines of the room.

“At least it’s as small as my own room.” She said with a small laugh.

“Yeah, not much.” I said in response, feeling nervous now that we were alone.

Noni walked toward the wall that was adjacent to my dorm bed. She studied the gallery of photos of Jennie Nickles I had tacked up to overlook my bed. Jennie was the basketball player from Roane State I had fallen quickly in love with during my first semester as a cheerleader. Even though our long-distance love affair had cooled, I still had a tribute wall of photos in her honor.

“She’s pretty.” Noni said, as she perused the clippings and printed photos I had hung.

“Yeah, she’s a friend from another school.” I answered noncommittally, feeling a pang of guilt at my nonchalance towards my first lesbian love.

“Must be a good friend.” Noni said, turning to me with a not quite smirking smile.

“Yes, we don’t see much of each other anymore, though.” I said, tilting my head sadly as a tingle of nerves ran through me.

Noni turned back to the photos, standing now in front of a selfie we took where I was kissing Jennie’s cheek. “Were you guys…like, together?” She asked innocently enough.

I took a breath and answered, “Yeah, sort of.”

Noni turned back to me. “So…you…like girls.” She said, looking at me.

“Yeah.” I said in a small voice. I felt like I should say more but I was afraid to speak truthfully to the beautiful gymnast now that I was alone with her.

“Is that why I’m here?” the girl asked in a quiet voice, still looking at me.

I swallowed a lump of nerves. “You’re beautiful, Noni.” I answered. “When I saw you today…” My voice trailed off.

Noni shrugged slightly and smiled. “You’re pretty beautiful, too, Haley.” She said finally. “It’s just that…I don’t know…I never…” And she looked away toward the window overlooking the quad.

“It’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry.” I said in a rush of words and began fussing with the junk on my bedstand.

“Hey.” Noni said, approaching me. “I’m not mad or anything.” She was by my side now. She put her hand on my wrist where I was thoughtlessly rearranging items on the bedstand.

I looked up. Our eyes met. Noni smiled. “Hi.” She said simply.

I straightened up and leaned towards her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Noni didn’t move back. We were face to face now. My heart was beating and my head was ringing. “She really is beautiful.” I thought to myself for the hundredth time since seeing her. We seemed to move infinitesimally closer to each other. Our lips met again. This time the kiss lingered. I felt her hands alight hesitantly on my hips. I held her gently at the waist. Only inches apart, our eyes locked and we kissed again, this time slot oyna with real affection, the tentativeness having somewhat departed. I could smell her shower-fresh scent and when her lips parted and I felt her tongue touch my own, I could taste peppermint.

We french-kissed for what seemed a dreaming daytime. I wrapped my arms around Noni and she gripped my sides with the strength of her gymnast’s trained hands. When we parted, Noni fell into me and laid her head against my shoulder. I kissed the side of her exposed neck. She whimpered. I sighed and made sibilant noises as I licked her neck up to the back of her ear. She shuddered and and moaned a low “Ohhhhh” as I mouthed her delicate neck below her short pixie hair.

I got my hands under her t-shirt and began lifting it as I continued necking her. She was braless under the tight tee, needing no support for her small, conical breasts. Noni gently laid her hands on my buttocks as I raised her top.

“I want you.” I whispered close to her ear.

“Hmmm.” She hummed softly as I got my hands on the soft underside of her breasts.

I was in full passion now. I maneuvered us slowly to the side of my single bed. We kissed a gentle smooch with puckered lips and our tongues pushed through to touch in the wet space between us. Noni kissed my neck as I tilted us to fall onto the half-made bed. We joined lips again and rolled and scooched to the center of the narrow dorm bed. I was now kneeling above the sweet girl who looked up at me with brilliant white orbs and bright green irises.

“Haley.” She said softly, looking directly into my eyes. She seemed to want to say something but her unspoken thought floated between us in the ether.

Our mouths met again for a passionate kiss, this time really exploring each others’ tongues and mashing our faces together with true ardor. I began tugging Noni’s t-shirt up to expose her breasts. Noni cupped my buttocks and moved to let her shirt ride higher on her athletic torso. When I finally had her bosom exposed, I leaned down to suck first one hardened nipple, then the other. Noni sighed, continuing to run her hands over my ass.

I got upright, kneeling over her and pulled my top off. I yanked my bra over my head and tossed it aside.

“Oh, wow.” Noni whispered as she looked at my bare breasts, quite larger than hers and capped with my own pebble-hard nipples. She slowly placed one hand on my right breast, covering it with her palm. She repeated the move with her other hand on my left breast. She seemed lost in the moment as she fondled me. Perhaps it was true that she had never been with another woman before.

“I want to…I…” Noni said softly, glancing up from my breasts, seeming not to want to say whatever she was thinking or feeling at this moment.

“I understand.” I said softly. “I’ll go slow. Let’s get undressed.” I whispered and kissed her forehead, rolling off her to lay side by side.

I helped her pull the t-shirt over her head, leaving her short hair disheveled and spiky. I took hold of the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them down over her muscle-tightened glutes and powerful gymnast’s thighs. When I had discarded the pants on the floor near our other garments, I looked at the sheer athletic beauty of a nude Noni Momoula. The tight, toned body I had admired in her gymnast leotard was even sexier with the exposed ripples of her abs and the gently rounded circles of her small bosom. Noni had small areolae of a caramel color with aggressive hardened nipples of aroused femininity. Her hips were athletically narrow and her confluence was as smooth as the rest of her toned torso. Her thighs and calves were like pillars – powerful, taut, gleaming in the room light. Her small feet were narrow, then wide, with the pretty, symmetrical toes I had admired on the balance beam earlier.

Noni giggled gently. She wasn’t embarrassed by her nudity. Why should she be? She was a piece of human art. “You too, Haley.” She said with a little nod at my semi-clothed state.

I peeled off my own leggings and thong panty to fall to the floor with the other stuff. We were both naked now. I saw Noni look down at my crotch. She smiled bashfully as she looked back into my eyes. We turned sideways to kiss and caress each other. To hold Noni’s naked body in my arms was exciting and I kissed with genuine passion which she returned to me as she glided her hand along my hip and finally cupped my breast with the other. I let my arm slide down to her raised hip and slowly brought my hand back over her soft buttock. Even slower, I let my hand dip below her ass to gently touch her labia. To my surprise, she was damp as though she had been turned on for longer than I imagined.

“You’re excited.” I said in her ear as I ran a finger along her lower lips.

“Yeah.” She sighed as I played with her. She moved her hand lower to touch my pussy. “Oh. You too.” She said as she felt my own moistness.

I rolled her softly on her back. She was pliant to my handling and she opened her thighs ever so slightly for me to touch her canlı casino siteleri more easily. I put my mouth on her breast as I let my hand cover her pussy, slowly letting my fingers play into her vaginal lips. Within the soft, wet folds I found her tiny clitoris. Noni sucked air as I made contact and gently played my finger over it.

“Haley, yeah…oh, yeah.” She sighed out to me as I continued to gently massage her button.

She took hold of my head to raise it and I knew she wanted to be kissed while I played her towards ecstasy. She kissed me with a liquid open mouth as I gently prodded her and pushed my fingers shallowly into her orifice. With her hot reaction to my attentions, I knew she would be ready for me to please her completely as I had only dreamed about a short while earlier.

I broke our messy liplock and began maneuvering lower to get between her legs. Noni watched me wordlessly and opened her legs instinctively for what was to come. I knelt low on my haunches and brought my face to her glistening pussy. I breathed in her soft aroma of sexual arousal. Noni pushed her pussy forward ever so slightly and then I was on it with my tongue, taking my first taste of her. I gently licked her folds and kept circling slowly until I came up a few millimeters to run my tongue over her clitoris.

Noni thrashed when I made contact. She grabbed the sides of her face and whooshed a long exhalation as I pressed on her with my tongue. When I didn’t stop, she put the side of her fist in her mouth to stifle her noises as she approached climax. I didn’t want her to come yet so I backed off and returned to licking her outer lips and kissing the inside of her thighs. She came back down and pushed her head deep into the pillow as she breathed hard and fast. I could feel her juices on my face and I was burning up in my own pussy as I reached back to touch myself. I continued licking her vaginal lips, keeping away from her clitoris to preserve her heightened senses anticipating climax. To be eating Noni’s pussy so soon after this fortuitous encounter was so arousing to me that I burrowed into her and swallowed her erotic juices with my own drooling saliva as the real world fell away from me.

Noni placed her hands on the side of my head as I ate her. “Haley…I want to…try it, too.” She said hesitantly.

I looked up. Noni was smiling bashfully at me. “I’d like that, Noni.” I answered quietly.

We silently moved around to exchange positions. I laid back and opened my legs for her. Noni was kneeling low between my legs and stared intently at my open pussy before her.

She laughed softly. “I probably won’t be very good, you know.” She said.

“It’s okay, Noni.” I said.

With that, the beautiful face disappeared between my legs so that I could only see her tousled pixie haircut when I looked down at her. Then I felt her first delicate tonguings across my vaginal lips. Oh, sweetness, I thought to myself. This beautiful girl is tasting my pussy. The thought alone could have brought me to climax but within milliseconds Noni was licking me with a single-mindedness that was bred into her from being a top collegiate athlete. I laid back and enjoyed the ride as Noni’s face pushed into my center with a surprising zeal. Jennie Nickles had been an accomplished pussy eating machine but Noni was trying her damndest to make up in energy what she may have lacked in experience. I felt Noni’s tongue getting close to my clitoris while she worked her tongue around the top of my pussy. Then she found it. She first hit it by seeming accident but soon realized that was the spot and targeted it with a swift tonging action that brought me off the bed a few inches.

“Oh, fuck, Noni. Yes!” I cried (not too loudly in these paper thin-walled dorm rooms).

“Yeah, got it.” Noni said, her voice muffled into my cunt.

She gave me a good tongue bath on my magic button and I thought I might pass out. Then she stopped. I raised my head and looked down my body towards her. Noni lifted her face up, glistening with my pussy juices around her nose, lips and chin. She smiled. I smiled.

“It’s…nice. I like it.” She said simply.

Noni moved back up the bed and laid her head on my shoulder. “I just need a little break.” She half-sighed.

“We’ll do it together when you’re ready.” I said softly as I rubbed her small breast beside me.

That seemed to get her attention and she leaned into me and nuzzled my neck. “That sounds hot.” She whispered as she snuggled into my side.

I was still trying to process my incredible good fortune with this virtual stranger in my bed. A gorgeous stranger, an uninhibited beginner, who seemed as interested in lesbian lovemaking as she might be to learn any new athletic activity where her well-trained body could lead her to a personal best. Running through these thoughts and feeling Noni warm against me, being affectionate, promising yet more to come, was re-heightening my arousal. I could feel physical pangs of desire run through my core and set off small charges in my liquid center. I rolled towards the gymnast and we kissed. Noni raised herself to bring her face down atop mine and we made out passionately. I was soaring with desire and I felt that Noni would soon be ready to consummate our red hot lust.

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