Halloween Fun


This is a true story that happened to me right after my divorce. I’m hoping she returns, but maybe that will be a story for next year. Enjoy.

* * * * *

Since my divorce I’ve encountered women everywhere that are either in a similar situation I was in, or are still in one. My situation was, that my spouse just stopped liking sex, no its not me, just one of those things that happen to some marriages. Right after my divorce I moved back to Texas, wasn’t looking forward to the lonely holidays, because of being away from my kids. Halloween was the first holiday to come along, after the move and divorce, if I’d known things were going to be like this, I’d not been so down about the holidays.

I moved into a neighborhood that had quite a few families in it. One I like the quietness of the streets at night, and not having to worry about loud parties at all hours of the night and day. I decorated the house moderately for Halloween, I’ve never been one to spoil the fun of children just because I’m going through personal issues. I bought a lot of candy and some silly toys for the kids, and patiently waited for the trick or treaters to start showing.

Just about dusk, I got the first doorbell of the night, I got up and turned on the CD player next to the door, I had it timed just right for as I opened the door, a blood curdling scream came out from behind me, making the kids waiting jump. I’m not a tall man, but a big man, barrel chested and still fairly massive from my weight lifting days. I was dressed in a black hooded robe, I’d changed the front porch light to a black light and had painted my face in some paint that only is seen under a black light. So as I swung the door open suddenly, the scream and the appearance of me and my glowing face, (it looked kinda like a glowing skull), the kids screamed bloody murder, one actually turned and ran back to his parents waiting at the curb. Once the initial scare was over, the kids started laughing, I handed out the candy and toys, wishing them all a Happy Halloween. This continued off and on through out the night, actually I was a little disappointed in that there weren’t more showing up.

At a little past 10, I hadn’t had anyone show up for almost 30 minutes, and was about to turn off the front light when the door bell rang again. I turned on the CD, waited, then swung the door up quickly, but instead of trick or treaters waiting, was the most beautiful woman I’d seen in a very long time. She jumped a little, then giggled, her giggle alone made my dick twitch. She was a vision of anything but Halloween, she was about 5′ 2″, very small, very petite, her long flowing blonde hair reached to almost the bottom of her buttocks. Her eyes even in the black light, I could tell were almost an ice blue, her mouth was small and pouty, I was truly amazed. My cock started to twitch and rise. When the woman saw my puzzled look, she giggled and tried to explain. “I’m sorry to bother you so late, I’d brought my daughter by earlier, and I was watching you with the kids, you are truly amazing. For the rest of the night, all she could talk about was the man in the black robe that scared her so badly. It was the highlight of the night for her and I wanted to come back and say thank you.” I smiled and replied, “Oh the pleasure has been all mine, I love kids, and miss mine so much. I did this hoping it’d help me cope with not having them close.” She frowned, and I continued. “I’m divorced, and they live in another state with their mother. escort bostancı I only get to see them in the summer.”

“How sad, I know that must be hard, on you.” And with the word hard, her eyes traveled down towards my crotch, when her eyes met mine again she smiled. I put my hand out and said, “I’m Jerry, you want to come in for some witches brew?” She took my hand, hers was soft and cool, as our hands met, I could feel her trembling. I stepped back to make room for her to enter the house, she entered and I closed the door. Turning she smiled and said, “I’m Terrie.”

“Terrie it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said, “Where’s your daughter now?”

“Oh, her dad picked her up and took her to his part of town to finish the night of trick or treating. I’m divorced also.” She explained with a smile. We headed into the den, I offered her a spot on the love seat and asked. “So name your poison Terrie, I have beer, gin, rum, bourbon.”

“Mmmmm, I’d love a gin and tonic.” she purred. I went to the wet bar and mixed up a couple of drinks and returned. I had pushed back the hood of the robe and then we sat and talked for a few minutes. Exchanging the usual banter of age, how long divorced, birth places, and such. I could feel an attraction forming between us, and soon felt very uncomfortable about the paint on my face, even though it wasn’t visible under regular lighting, I wasn’t sure if she would be able to feel it or taste it, if we got that far. I excused myself telling her I was going to change out of the robe and wash the flourescent paint off my face. As I stood, her hand caressed my thigh, “Please, don’t, I think you’re very handsome in your robe, and was wondering what it’d be like to have the devil himself.” I laughed, thinking she was teasing me, but when she stood, her hand sliding up my thigh, she stood on her tip toes, took my face in her hands and our lips came closer together. As they got closer I could feel her trembling even more, her breath against my lips, our lips barely touching. I felt her tongue probing my lips, I opened my mouth, and our tongues caressed the others.

As we parted from that first kiss, a smile grew on her face, and a look of mischievousness came to her eyes. “Can we put the black lights in your bedroom?” she asked. I smiled and nodded, went to the front door, and removed the darkened bulb. I led her into my bedroom, she stood in the doorway while I changed the bulbs in the lamb by the bed. I removed the shade so that the effect would be at its best. I turned for her approval, “Where’s the paint that you used?” she asked. “In the bathroom, down the hall on the left.” I told her. She then told me to go back into the den until she called me, she disappeared into the bathroom. It seemed like hours, but I know it was only a few minutes, I soon heard her voice calling to me.

I could see she’d turned the black light on, I walked into my bedroom, there on the bed naked, I saw her laying there. She’d taken the paint and highlighted different parts of her body, I was amazed to see her glowing like this. I almost laughed, but knew that she’d done this for me, and I was touched by her quick resourcefulness. While in the den, I’d taken the liberty to remove my shorts and underwear, as I walked to the side of the bed, my cock started to rise from the fold of the robe. “Looks like something’s rising from the dead.” She said with a giggle. She leaned forward, and let her tongue flick across the opening in my cock head.

She ümraniye escort looked up at me, she’d drawn an arrow going from her forehead down her nose, at the tip of her nose the arrows pointed v went back up under both eyes along her cheek bones. I moaned as she took me all the way into her throat, I could feel my cum rising, her hand cupping my balls, as the tightened in preparation for my cumming she pulled back looking up at me and whispered, “Not yet.” She lay back and spread her legs and up along the insides of both legs were two more long arrows pointing up towards her bald pussy. In the black light I could see her juices glistening, flowing from her down the crack of her ass. I leaned down, as I got closer the design she’d drawn on her stomach and pubic area started to focus, it was like a tattoo tribal design coming together I realized it said ‘lick me here’, this woman was amazing. I traced my tongue along the crease of her leg, letting my tongue get its first taste of her juices from the area between her pussy and ass.

She tasted so sweet, it was thick and clear, I’d never before had a woman that had juices like this. I traced her outer lips up to the top of her crack, then down the other lip. Back at the top, I let my tongue just barely graze her slit. Savoring her taste and smell, letting the tip of my tongue just barely touch her asshole, I could feel it move in approval. I moved back up to the top of her slit, I pressed my tongue into her folds. Moving downward I could feel her clit hood and was pleased to find her clit hard and erect, poking out from her hood proudly. I spread her pussy lips and saw that her clit was the size of the tip of my little finger. I licked it, and took it into my mouth sucking it like a little dick. She moaned and thrust her hips into my face, her hands going inside the hood of the robe, finding my long hair she gripped the back like the reigns of a horse.

Guiding my tongue to where she needed it, to make it the most enjoyable. My tongue plunged deep into her pussy hole, the heat and tightness were intense. Her juices were flowing out faster than I could lick up, the sheets below her were getting wet as well. She placed her legs over my shoulders and lifted a bit, I smiled to myself knowing what she desired. I spread her ass cheeks and could see her ass hole, it was covered in her pussy juice and glistened brightly. I lightly and gently let my tongue flick around the tight little brown ring. She groaned out her approval, I started to gently probe into her tight little hole, she thrust her ass against it trying to get it into her tight ass. She relaxed it enough for me to enter into her ass more than any woman I’ve ever known. My nose was going into her pussy hole, I could feel it squeezing on the tip of my nose. When I pulled back to take in the view, I could see that some of the flourescent paint had come off onto her pussy. I continued to lick and suck her pussy and ass, and was soon rewarded with her screams of ecstasy. I wish I had a tape recorder going, her screams would’ve been better than the phoney ones on the Halloween CD I’d used that night.

As she started to cum, I was momentarily surprised, she started to ejaculate. A watery, milky thick type liquid shot out of her pussy hitting me in the face and mouth. Unbelievably it was sweeter than her pussy juice, I sucked and licked as much of the cum up that I could find. Her body was shaking and trembling, she moaned my name, I could feel her hands kartal escort bayan gently tugging on my hair, urging me to come up to her face. She kissed me deeply, moaning into my mouth as the tip of my cock grazed her pussy. I pushed inward and was happy I’d lined up just right, the head entered her, spreading her as it entered her. She was kissing and licking my face, I was getting so hot, I untied the robe and pulled it off. As I arched my back to remove the robe, the caused my cock to push deeper into Terrie’s pussy. Her eyes widened as she looked up at me, momentarily she had a look of fright in them.

She reached up and pulled me back down into a deep passionate kiss. I pulled my dick out of her till just the tip was in her, and pushed it in hard and fast. ” Oh yes, fuck me hard.” she whispered into my ear. I pounded in and out of her for several minutes, knowing I couldn’t last long if I continued that pace, I slowed to long slow thrusts. Angling myself so that the shaft of my dick was rubbing her clit, I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth, she’d painted bulls eye type circles around her breasts. I could feel her pussy starting to get wet, she was lightly squeezing my dick as it moved slowly in and out of her. I looked into her eyes, and saw nothing but lust now, we kissed deeply. I picked up the pace and she started to thrust back at me, meeting my thrusts. I could feel my cum boiling up inside of me, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I thrust hard and deep inside her, she dug her nails into my shoulders and back, screaming out her orgasm once again.

As I felt her pussy shooting off against my pubic area, I pushed in as deep as I could go, my cock swelled and shot deep inside her. She started to shudder when she felt my cum hitting against her womb. We lay there for a few minutes, our breathing rapid, sweating. She pushed me back onto my back and crawled down and started to lick and suck her cum off my pubic area and dick. Once she’d cleaned up as much as she could find she moved back up and kissed me deeply. The taste of our cum on her lips was intoxicating, this woman was intoxicating, I kissed her deeply again. She looked over at the clock on the night stand, she looked back down into my eyes, smiled sweetly and whispered, “I’ve got to go, my ex will be bringing my daughter home shortly.”

We got up and got dressed, in the den we exchanged phone numbers and addresses, she told me she wanted to see me again. I told her I too would like that. As she was walking out the door, I asked her why she’d had a look of fright on her face as I was entering her. “When I looked up, you looked like the devil inside that hood, then it turned into a skull. It was so real looking, I guess it gave me a fright.” She kissed me, and whispered into my ear. “And if you are the devil, you can fuck me anytime you want.” She kissed my ear, then my mouth, caressed my face and walked out into the darkness. I closed the door, and called her the next day but there wasn’t an answer, I went out of town on business for several days, upon returning I saw that she’d called several times as well. She left a couple of messages saying she’d really enjoyed our ‘trick or treating’, and hoped we could get together again soon. But with one thing or another, we kept missing each other, we finally did get together for dinner one night, and had the same amazing sex. But again our busy schedules kept us from getting together as often as we wanted.

Halloween is only a few days away, and this year I’m going all out on the decorations and special effects, this year I’m dressing as a vampire. I’m hoping my beauty will return and let me suck more than her blood. Halloween has now become my favorite time of the year.

Happy Halloween to all.

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