Handyman Chronicles Ch. 01


After my breakup with my last girlfriend, I was feeling pretty down. Work was no fun, the pay was barely enough to get by, and it sucked to be celibate for the first time in a couple years. I had been talking to a friend about all of these things, and he suggested I take up a hobby. Pretty basic suggestion, but it got me thinking about what I could do to occupy my time, and potentially make a little extra money on the side. I had always been handy, enjoyed building and fixing things, and working with my hands. So, I put out a couple ads on the local job boards with some generic “Handyman for hire, no job too small!” headlines. Somewhat surprisingly, I got quite a few replies, ended up doing a few small jobs here and there and was actually making some decent money on the side.

A couple months into my new endeavor, I got a call from a couple in my neighborhood who had a sizable remodeling job they needed done, but felt the quotes they had gotten from the other contractors in the area were too expensive. I gave them a few examples of my work, and they invited me to come take a look at the job.

I went over to their place the next night to check it out, and new immediately I wanted the job. Their apartment was beautiful, but just had one room that needed refinishing to complete the whole place. The couple were very friendly, clearly successful, and both fit and attractive. The husband, Marco, was slightly dark skinned, tall and lean, a good looking guy. His wife, however, was something else entirely. The first time I laid eyes on her I could hardly pull them away, she was simply gorgeous. About five foot five, slim, toned body, and beautiful in a easy, graceful way. She did not appear to be wearing any makeup, and had simple yoga pants and a tank top on, her hair pulled back with a few strands hanging around her face. Luckily Marco did not see me staring, since Brooke was the one who answered the door. She, however, must have noticed I was speechless, since she quickly invited me inside and called for Marco to come say hello.

After a quick tour of the apartment and an explanation of the job, we agreed to a fee and budget and I went on my way, promising to get started over the weekend when I had time away from my normal job.

When I got home I could not stop thinking about Brooke, and how badly I had wanted to spin her around, pull those tight yoga pants down over her beautiful little ass and devour her pussy and ass from behind. I cracked a beer, put some porn on, and jerked off twice, needing a second round before my cock would finally relax.

Saturday finally came, and I headed to the hardware store to buy supplies, then to Marco and Brooke’s apartment. Brooke let me in the apartment, looking just as good as she had the first time we met. I unloaded my tools and materials and got to work. A short while after I started, Marco, who had been out for a jog, came back to the apartment. I heard him come in over the music playing softly from my Bluetooth speaker. He exchanged a hello with Brooke, then came to check on my progress and see if I needed anything. He came into the room and said hello, asking how I was doing.

“Going great so far,” I answered, walking over to say hello. I could not help but notice how toned his body looked under his sweat-soaked T-shirt, which clung tightly to his chest. I looked away to avoid staring, turning back to my work. “No surprises yet, but really just getting started,” I said. As I reached my work bench I turned back to him, and to my surprise he was in the process of pulling off his shirt. I took a quick look at his firm chest, which was shaved completely smooth all the way down to the waistband of his shorts. I enjoyed the view for a few extra seconds while he struggled to pull the sticky shirt off his body, then averted my eyes before he got a chance to catch me checking him out. He finished his struggle with the shirt and said “sorry about that, shirt was getting really annoying.”

“No problem,” I answered. After an awkward pause I said, “Well, I’m gonna get going on this again.”

“Sure,” said Marco, “don’t let me hold you up”.

I turned back to my work, and heard him walk out a few seconds later. That was weird, I thought, not that I minded, hell of a body, this a hot couple I found here, would’ve done this job for free I think! Anyway, back to work. I turned my focus back to my work.

A half hour or so later as I was cruising along with the project, I thought I heard a scream. I paused the music and listened, afraid someone might be hurt. I heard nothing for a minute, and once again turned back to my work, but left the music off this time. Soon after I heard another noise, somewhere between a scream and, what sounded like a moan. My ears perked up again, and I stood up and walked to the door, being pretty certain that it had not come from outside the window. One more time I heard the same scream/moan, and began to get an idea of what it was. I walked down the hall, and casino oyna the noise became more frequent and louder, and I knew exactly what it was. Marco and Brooke were having a little fun while I tried to focus on refinishing their apartment! Admittedly, I was pretty curious, and crept a bit closer to their bedroom door, noticing it was not even closed fully, with a crack of light visible through it. I felt like a bit of a creep, but I was actually getting pretty turned on listening to Brooke’s moans while Marco fucked her. I was also jealous, and not just of Brooke – I was curious what sort of meat Marco was packing, and decided I would not have minded if he had taken his shorts off earlier as well! As my cock started to push against the edge of my jeans I decided I had had enough, and turned to walk carefully away so as not to make a sound.

I got back to the project room and tried to focus on my work, but it was pretty tough. Brooke’s moaning got consistently louder, and was now coming with the occasional banging of a headboard against a wall. Both got louder and louder, and I could tell they were both getting close to cumming, which was confirmed a few seconds later when Brooke let out a long “oooohhhhh uuuuuhhh yeeaaa”. Silence followed for a minute or two, and then I heard the door open and soft footsteps pattered down the hall and into the bathroom, the door closing behind. Another few minutes passed, and the door opened and the footsteps returned, pausing outside the bedroom door, then continuing toward me! I turned back to the project, trying to pretend I had been working the whole time.

Brooke knocked softly on the door, and I turned to see her standing in the door frame in a very tight, form-fitting white bathrobe. I didn’t know they could make terry cloth look sexy, but damn was I wrong, I thought. “How’s it coming?” Brooke asked.

I stuttered for a second before managing to get out a “Fine thanks, you?”

“Fucking great,” she answered, flashing a smile and looking me squarely in the eye.

“Glad to hear it,” I said, gave her a quick, awkward smile, and picked up a hammer to return to my work.

“I really should thank you,” she said, surprising me.

Confused, I asked “Why is that?”

“Well, Marco decided to give me a little something extra today, and it’s all because of you.”

“OK… I’m not sure I follow you,” I responded.

“Oh come on, you don’t think we fuck like that all the time do you?” she asked, giving me a sexy, seductive smile.

Completely taken by surprise, and totally off guard, I stuttered again, struggling to find words. “Like… like what?” I asked.

“Dean,” she said, “we know you could hear us fucking, we left the door open on purpose. And made a little extra noise to make sure we got your attention.”

Completely speechless at this point, I stood awkwardly, hoping she would do something, anything, to relieve the awkwardness.

Finally, Brooke continued, “And I was thanking you because you’re the reason Marco just fucked me so hard… he saw you checking him out when he took his shirt off.” Seeing my face go even darker red she continued again, “don’t worry – that was the reaction he wanted! He did it to get your attention, to see if you would check him out too, cuz I told him how hard you were eye-fucking me the first time you came over, and he was a little jealous… and a little turned on.”

“Are you serious?” was all I could manage in response.

Brooke approached me and traced her right index finger over my chest, placing her left up to her lips and nibbling on her fingertips seductively. “Yes, I am serious. And when you are done working for the day we would love for you to stay a bit longer… we’d both like to get to know you a bit better.” She winked at me and waited for my reply.

“Actually I kinda had plans with a friend after I finished up here,” I mumbled, hoping to escape some of the awkwardness, and trying not to go along with her scheme too easily. But to be honest, I was probably more turned on than I ever had been before. Here was this gorgeous girl practically begging me have a threesome with here and her hot ass boyfriend. I had never had a threesome, but was always interested, and while I would have expected my first time to be with two girls, I was not about to turn down the opportunity. Luckily Brooke saw through my ruse.

“Really? I would say that’s too bad, but judging by the bulge in your jeans, I won’t have to tell you to cancel those plans.”

Finally I began to relax a bit, confident that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not pass up, and also feeling more comfortable that she was serious and was not just messing with me.

“I could reschedule,” I responded, smiling.

“Good, we are going to have a busy night” Brooke said.

“Well to be honest I should really go home and shower, I’ve been sweating most of the day and I’m guessing I don’t smell great.”

“No slot oyna problem, we have a shower here too, you can shower here. I’ll make sure every inch of you is nice and clean. We have everything you need, you can borrow some of Marco’s clothes if you need… or some of mine… but I think I’d prefer you without clothes.”

“Well I always do like to oblige the lady of the house,” I answered.

“Good, well why don’t you finish up in here and come join us in the kitchen? We are going to be making some cocktails I think you might like.”

“OK I’ll be out shortly” I answered as she turned and headed for the door.

“Oh, one more thing, just want to be sure – any answer is fine, but… you are bi right? Based on how you were checking Marco out, and how you didn’t scoff at me before, I assume you’re down to have fun with both of us.”

“Oh yeah, I’m bi. Haven’t hooked up with a guy in a very long time, but have had a few fun times over the years. Marco is as well I assume?”

“Yes he is bi, but he’s a dominant top when he hooks up with guys. If that isn’t your thing you can both top me, I am very willing to take you both on,” she said, smiling naughtily.

“Hmm,” I said, “why don’t we just see where things go?”

“OK,” she said, and walked out the door.

Actually I was even more turned on at this point than I had been a few minutes earlier, though I didn’t think that was possible. As I told Brooke, I had been with a few guys over the years, but none at all for the last few years that I had been with my last girlfriend. The thought of getting to play with a nice cock with Brooke almost had me cumming in my pants! Truth is, while I am a very masculine guy in general, when it comes to hooking up with guys, I am a total bottom. I love sucking and worshiping cock, and really making a guy feel good. At this point I had never actually done anal with a guy, but at various times I had quite a toy collection and loved playing with my own hole. The opportunity to have this threesome was literally a dream come true, so I quickly threw my tools in my bag, did a quick cleanup, and went to find Brooke and Marco and these cocktails she had told me about.

As I walked into the kitchen, I could once again hear moaning, but it sounded like Marco this time. I turned the corner and saw him standing next to the oven, shirt off, his eyes closed and his head tilted back. Though I could not see her from the far side of the island where I stood, I figured Brooke must have been sucking his cock. There were a couple bottles of booze on the counter, and a few mixers. I walked around the edge of the island, treading very carefully, trying to make no sound at all. From Marco’s reaction, it was clear Brooke was doing a hell of a job polishing his knob. I crept up along side, and crouched down next to Brooke, who also had her eyes closed while she worked his cock in and out of her gorgeous lips. As I had hoped, and really expected, Marco was packing a serious cock. I estimated it was at least nine inches, good thickness, nice firm pair of balls, and shaved perfectly smooth to match his chest.

I watched Brooke for another minute, admiring both her skills and his cock. She was taking most of his length, probably 6-7 inches, which was very impressive. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to surprise both of them and show them how eager I was to take them up on their offer. I had always prided myself on my cocksucking abilities, and would frequently practice with a nine inch dildo I had at home. When I decided I could take no more waiting, I reached forward and gently placed my hand on Brooke’s shoulder, letting her know I was there. Surprised, she looked over at me with her mouth full of cock, eyes wide. I put my finger to my lips to tell her to keep quiet, then motioned that I wanted a turn sucking Marco’s cock.

She smiled, or at least attempted to smile with four inches of cock in her mouth, and began working his cock with her hands, jerking his shaft while taking him out of her mouth so we could switch. I slid into position and Brooke guided his cock into my mouth. His cock tasted so good I swear I almost came in my pants again. I could taste Brooke’s saliva mixed with Marco’s precum and his manly scent, and I loved it! Brooke kept jerking him as I worked him deeper and deeper into my mouth, eventually establishing a rhythm with about five inches in. As I got warmed up and my throat got used to his presence, I started working deeper and deeper. My practice was really coming in handy, as I was soon taking almost his entire length, bouncing my head up and down on his cock, taking at least eight inches while Brooke worked his balls with her hands.

Once I got into another rhythm with nearly his whole cock in me, Brooke slowly and quietly stood up, putting one hand on my head and guiding me onto her boyfriend’s cock. Marco still had no idea I was there, much less that his cock was deep down my throat and not his girlfriends. But canlı casino siteleri he seemed to know something was different.

“Fuck Brooke, how did you learn to take it so fucking deep?” he gasped in between moans. I sucked even harder, pushing my head down to get as much of his cock down my throat as I could, Brooke helping by pushing me onto him.

Brooke stood tall and leaned in next to Marco’s ear, and whispered, “I didn’t learn, but I found someone who’s even better than me at sucking your cock, and looks like he might love it even more than I do too, if that’s possible.”

Marco’s eye shot open and he glanced down at me as I buried his cock down my throat, finally getting the full length of him into me thanks to a slight adjustment he made once he realized the situation. “Ohh fuuuck yes,” he groaned, looking over at Brooke as I backed my mouth off the base of his cock and prepared to swallow him again. “I guess you were right, babe, he certainly seems to be eager to please.” They started kissing passionately, which only made me work harder to fuck my own throat with his huge cock. Brooke kept her hand on my head, guiding me back and forth, occasionally holding my head down when I tried to pull back, making me gag.

After a minute or two of them kissing while I deepthroated Marco, he started to buck his hips and moan slightly, and I could tell he was getting close to blasting a load. Brooke could tell too, and she pulled her mouth away from his to tell me “Marco is about to blast the biggest load you’ve ever seen, and his cum tastes really fucking good. But try not to swallow it all, we need a topper for our special cocktails.”

I looked up at her, mouth still full of cock, my eyes asking if she was serious. “Oh yeah,” she answered, “why do you think I made such a fuss about the cocktails? Main ingredient is Marco’s cum. We’ve been saving it up since the first time you came by. I couldn’t really tell you were bi at that point, but I could tell how badly you wanted me, and I have a way of molding guys to my will. You would not have been the first guy to drink Marco’s cum in exchange for an opportunity to fuck me. But you didn’t take nearly as much convincing as some.”

At this, I winked back at her to tell her I was sold on her cocktail recipe, and went back to focusing on impaling my face on the gorgeous cock in front of me. After a few more thrusts, Marco started to spurt. I pulled off his cock and opened my mouth, waiting to take a pornstar-style cumshot, which had always been my favorite way to take cum. Based on the size of the cock I was working and on Brooke’s warning that the load would be huge, I thought I was prepared for a big enough load. But I was wrong. Marco held back as long as he could, I could feel his cock pulsing, but he would not let the cum out yet. When he finally released he shot a stream of cum so strong that it actually knocked my head back a bit when it slammed into the back of my throat. Before I could recover my position he let out another burst, which now landed largely on my face because I was pushed back off his cock. Each of these streams seemed to contain as much cum as the biggest load I had ever shot. If I had to guess, each of his first spurts was at least a tablespoon of cum, probably more. After the second, I wrapped my lips back around the tip of his cock, determined not to let any more of it miss my mouth. Somehow, his third spurt was bigger! It was so big that I honestly thought for a second that he must’ve finished cumming and started letting another bodily liquid flow into my mouth, but as soon as it worked it’s way back to my tastebuds I knew it was yet another load of his incredible cum.

I do not know how one man has some much cum in his balls. After that third load he continued pumping, shooting a total of six massive cumshots into my mouth. After the fourth my mouth was literally about to overflow with cum, so I did the only possible and gulped down a huge swig of cum. Never had I imagined I would have a mouth so full of another man’s semen, but there I was, and I was about as horny and turned on as I had ever been before.

As Marco finished, and I licked the last few drops of cum from the tip of his cock, Brooke brought a small bowl down to me and told me to spit out all of his cum. I still had just about an entire mouthful, which I dutifully released for Brooke’s drink project.

As Brooke walked away, Marco began to recover from his orgasm, and I stood up and cleaned my face up with a dish towel.

“Well fuck, I sure am glad we found you, must say I’ve never met a handyman with those kinds of skills. I’ve never met anyone who can take my whole cock, not in any hole, let alone deepthroat it. You’ll have to teach Brooke a couple things,” Marco said.

As I finished wiping myself down, I said “I’d be glad to teach her. But if you think my mouth handled your cock well, you’re in for a real surprise once we get fully acquainted,” I responded. I was fully into this arrangement at this point, and figured there was no reason to hold back. “While those cum cocktails are being made, do you guys have a beer I could drink? My throat is a little parched from the activities.”

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