Happy Birthday


Birthdays. Perfect opportunities for surprises. And if Laura really loved anything, it was surprises. A smile ever-so-slightly danced across her face as she pushed open the doors to the bar. She was imagining John’s look of shock and surprise that she would hopefully see later tonight if all went as planned. He was a quiet, calm person by nature but if there was anyone who could procure a reaction from him it would be her.

Tugging him gently after her, she let the whole bar get a good look at her long thin legs that she believed to be her best assets. However her knee high boots, short, clinging skirt and tight top did an excellent job showing off the rest of the assets on her tall, thin frame. Small but pert chest, narrowing to a small waist, and an ass that been described as “ideal.” She brushed her long blonde hair out of her sparkling eyes and cast him a mischievous smile before skittering away to the bar to order her boyfriend a drink.

John followed her with his eyes, and then walked after her at a decidedly calmer pace. His tall, sinewy frame ached to pull her to him and take her back to her apartment right then and there. But he knew she would not be content until she caused whatever trouble she was planning on causing. So he settled in with the drink she placed in his hand and wrapped the other arm gently around her waist.

People watching was their typical bar activity of choice, and there was ample opportunity tonight. Laura too was scanning the crowds of giggling girls and proud young men, but her eyes were scanning too quickly. She was shrewdly assessing one and then another, until her silence became disquieting to her boyfriend. He opened his mouth to comment upon her unusual behavior when she abruptly turned towards him and his words were lost as he looked into her eyes.

“I’ll be right back. Stay here and drink some more,” she said, somehow acquiring another drink and setting it next to his nearly empty one. For herself a shot of what smelled of Tequila arrived and quickly disappeared past her lips and down her throat. He simply shrugged at her retreating figure in response, and started on his next drink. However his eyes did not stray from those long legs, those curving hips, and that cascade of blonde hair.

She had intruded upon a group of about 6 girls, walking in as if she had known them for years. However her eyes were still intent on just one of them. She was not as tall as Laura, but the stranger’s 3 inch heels put her eye to eye with her. Her hair and eyes were dark as chocolate, and she listened intently as the leggy blonde talked quietly to her. John could hear them offering introductions; names, complimenting clothing, and other light conversation before Laura steered the conversation in a new direction.

“I have a proposition for you, Charlotte” Laura said bluntly. She wasn’t really much of a charmer or particularly charismatic, but her sense of humor and honestly often went just as far. She then leaned in closer to the dark brunette and whispered quietly. Her lips almost touched the Charlotte’s ears and as a result John could hear no more. Something about buying drinks. Eyebrows were raised, but then an almost equally impish smile flirted across Charlotte’s features as she nodded. Laura’s instincts were good; they made quite the pair.

And so the duo took a few shots of something dark and then trotted onto the semi-filled dance floor. They started dancing next to one another, on one another, as drunken girlfriends often do. However soon there were four eyes beckoning John to come and dance. Two strong drinks were just enough to ensure he kartal escort bayan felt nothing but intrigue as he walked straight towards the two of them. A questioning look in Laura’s direction was met with nothing but a naughty smile.

As the music started pumping there was suddenly hands and hips and legs everywhere. Laura was grinding her ass into his growing erection that had started the moment the girls had started to dance. Charlotte was behind him, running her hands down his back and sides as she sidled in close. Then the brunette was in front of him, straddling his leg grinding against him in her tight jeans and finding obvious pleasure in it. He was unsure where his hands could and should go with this unknown girl, and so he started running his hands slowly down her body. She responded accordingly and he could see the arousal in Laura at the same instant. Encouraged, his hands were free to roam on both girls’ chests, hips, and thighs.

At some point the girls ended up facing each other and dancing close. Their long arms were draped around each other in a tangled mess. Then their soft sweet lips were touching, parting, and tasting again. Slow at first, as if both of them were slightly unsure. But as they began to learn one another, what began as a charade quickly progressed into something more sensual. Charlotte’s hands cupped Laura’s ass over her skirt. Laura slowly traced around Charlotte’s nipples until they pressed out against the thin fabric of her top. Soft sighs and moans were just audible above the pounding of the music as the two curled inescapably closer.

John found himself standing there next to them with his erection straining against his jeans. However he certainly had no shame in it, for he was a mere duplicate of a large proportion of the males in that establishment. Sure girls got drunk at the bars and made out sometimes. But seldom were they this attractive, and even less often were they truly enjoying it. Finding both at the same time left some males unable to look away, to the annoyance of their female counterparts.

If Laura had wanted to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday, she had certainly done just that. And the shocked yet obviously aroused expression on his face was just as she had hoped and more. Yet she was also surprised; she had not expected to have responded so readily to Charlotte’s touch and be so able to return the favor. They pulled away eventually, with cheeks flushed and eyes glittering. The brunette gave the couple a long look before trotting back to the bar, at least 6 young men following after her.

John looked down at his girlfriend and proceeded to pull her against him as tightly as possible. “Laura,” he said, and then stopped. He had that broad smile on his face that made her heart absolutely melt. The sort of smile she would do nearly anything to catch a glimpse of. His hands trailed gently down her sides, past her hips to the bottom hemline of her skirt. Ever so slowly he traced up her thigh and then felt the dampness of the bright pink thong she liked to wear when she was wanted to feel especially sexy. His groan of arousal perfectly matched her gasp of longing as he pushed the thin piece of fabric aside.

“BODY SHOTS,” a sharp female voice yelled across the dance floor. Then suddenly Charlotte appeared, looking a bit more drunk than before, and started dragging Laura away from John. His first instinct was to pull his girlfriend back towards him, pull her out the doors, and slam into her behind the next available bush. However he did not react quickly enough and instead was left following her as the escort maltepe blonde was led back over to the bar.

There were plenty of hands to help her up on to the bar. Perhaps too many hands landing not always in the most appropriate of places, but one way or another Laura found herself on her back on the bar. Her elbows were propping her up as she stared at the smiling brunette kneeling between her legs. Charlotte put her hands on Laura’s waist and slowly pulled up her top to sit right underneath her chest. A belly button ring with a coiled up snake was revealed to the entire bar; all of the male patrons were once again staring in their direction.

It was obvious that this ritual was familiar to Charlotte, but to Laura it was a new experience. Therefore, when Charlotte bent her head down and licked just above Laura’s waistline she let out a small involuntary moan. Perhaps to keep her quiet, a lime slice was placed in her mouth by the bartender and salt was sprinkled where Charlotte’s tongue had just been. Tequila was then poured slowly down Laura’s slim stomach as Charlotte quickly and efficiently licked and sucked until every bit had disappeared. The dark eyed girl then crawled forward, letting her thin body sink down on to Laura’s. The lime that had been resting in Laura’s mouth was bit into by Charlotte and the juice ran into both of their mouths. Promptly they were both helped down off the bar and assaulted by more than a few pairs of hungry eyes.

She didn’t see anyone but her boyfriend however, as they locked eyes for a short moment that felt like forever. Over time they had gotten incredibly good at silently reading one another, and the message was quite clear. He wanted her. He needed her; to be near her, to be in her. Meanwhile a combination of incredible longing and alcohol left Laura in a near frantic state of desire. The 5 steps between them had a gravitational pull that left her nearly breathless as she started to bridge the span.

“Laura told me that I should give you this,” Charlotte appeared abruptly between the pair with a drunken grin. The blonde was glued to the spot, and John was forced to move his eyes to the girl now right in front of him. Although she was no means a short girl, she too was dwarfed by his tall frame and came up to somewhere around his chin. He was expecting another drink, or a shot, but instead her hand came up behind his head and pulled him down to meet her lips. Whatever he was expecting, it hadn’t been that and he froze for a split second before the brunette deftly slid a mint from her mouth into his. His lips then softened and they drunkenly explored each other’s mouths for more than a few moments.

Laura had been expecting that particular event; she had bargained for it at the beginning of the night. However she had not been expecting the kick to her stomach she felt as she saw John kissing another girl. All of her breath left her as she stared wide-eyed and wondered just what she had done. One of the young men who had been enjoying the previous female/female spectacles started to say something in an effort to hit on her, but about 3 words in she told him to fuck himself. Her eyes didn’t so much as glance his way as he slunk off in some other direction.

Once the initial shock wore off, she was filled with a whole different set of sensations. She was definitely turned on by watching the pair, however it was more than that. There was an overwhelming feeling of possessiveness flowing through her blood. He belonged to her, more than anyone else ever had. The urge to prove to him and herself that he was hers had her pushing pendik escort through the crowd right as the pair pulled away.

“I’m taking him home now,” she said, taking his hand. “Thanks so much Charlotte, it was nice to meet you.” Laura then pulled the girl close with her unoccupied hand and they shared a long deep kiss that got all three of their hearts racing. The second she was done, the girl was pulling and dragging her boyfriend out of the bar and towards her apartment. He was slow at first, still being in a bit of a daze. His girlfriend had just managed to create the type of scenario most men only dream of without even batting an eyelash.

“Are you okay?” he ventured after he had regained his bearings. He was having a hard time reading her.

“Oh I’m doing just fine,” she nearly purred. “I’m just trying to get you home so I can fuck your brains out.” She was hardly ever his frank, and as a result John ended up letting his hands run nearly everywhere on her tall thin body as they continued to walk. As they passed a brick wall, he suddenly felt himself pressed up against it by his girlfriend with more force than was expected.

“You are mine,” she said, putting her hand on his cock over his jeans. She squeezed it gently and then rubbed up and down slowly. “And I have to make sure you don’t ever forget it.” She then squeezed forcefully enough to cause John to sharply inhale, and kept on walking. He followed after a bit behind just to watch her walk. His girlfriend tended to enjoy playing the submissive role, and this new dominant, slightly aggressive girl was driving him crazy.

The moment they entered the hallway of her apartment complex they were enmeshed as they tried to taste as much of one another as possible. 2 flights of stairs were a wild struggle as she pulled his shirt off and opened the door. Soon enough she was unbuttoning his jeans, and pulling down his boxers to his knees. It was one push and a few backwards steps that landed him in the easy chair of her living room. With her boots still on she took a moment to slowly, teasingly slide her soaking thong out beneath her dress and over her knee high boots.

Her eyes were focused on his long, thick cock that was already throbbing with desire as he stared hungrily his girlfriend. She took her time pulling her top up over her head with an excess of wriggling about, followed by unhooking her bra. As her nipples hit the open air they instantly perked up, assisted by Laura as her hands went up to fondle her own breasts. John moaned and his member reached ever more towards his girlfriend as she let her skirt drop to the floor.

Suddenly she was straddling him, and he could feel her moist lips resting in his lap. A moment of movement and then just the very tip of his cock was poised to plunge into her. Her hands were gripping the back of the chair on either side of his head, and then she swiftly thrust her hips towards his. They both gasped audibly, but Laura quickly started thrusting back and forth. With her arms acting as leverage, she was able to bury his member deep inside of her. With her G-spot being stimulated, and her clit grinding against his pelvic bone, Laura soon found herself in the waves of an oncoming orgasm. Her thrusting became more erratic, and she found herself bucking against him in a desperate chase after her climax.

She could hear John’s breath getting deeper, and she felt herself reaching her peak. As her vagina clenched and pulsed around him she reached down with one hand to pinch his nipple. The combination pushed him over the edge. He reached up and squeezed her ass and then thrust his hips to plunge into her forcefully a few times before coming inside of her. As he came down from his high he pulled her close and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

“This is by far the best birthday I have ever had,” he whispered quietly into her ear.

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