Happy Birthday Kenny


“You got mail…. “

Shay smiled as she clicked to her mail and there it was, another reminder about Kenny’s Birthday. December 6th.

She thought it was so funny how he had been leaving little reminders for over a week now. It was now December 5th and she was about to put her plan in motion. She knew he expected dinner, dancing, at least a dozen gifts and love making until dawn, but that was too easy. She liked to keep him guessing.

Shay picked up the phone and called his cell. She glanced at the clock making sure she was calling at just the right time. He should be in that meeting he had mentioned earlier. She was sure to get his voice mail as planned.

“Hi Babe … it’s me … I wanted to give you a heads up about tomorrow night. I have to fly to Kansas early tomorrow and it will be late when I get back. I PROMISE to still have your birthday fun the next night. I PROMISE! Will see you in a few sweetie! “

Shay hung up the phone, grabbed her keys, her purse and headed out the door. She had some things to gather in town and be back home before Ken made it in from work.

Sitting back in his office chair, Ken began to listen to the messages on his phone …..”Hi Babe … it’s me … I wanted to give you a heads up about tomorrow night. I have to fly to Kansas early tomorrow and it will be late when I get back. I PROMISE to still have your birthday fun the next night. I PROMISE! Will see you in a few sweetie! “

Ken felt a little bummed about the change in plans but he knew they would spend a night together just as she had promised. He continued to listen to a few more messages and another familiar voice came through…

“Hey Ken … seen your lady in town. She told me your free tomorrow night, felt bad about running out on the birthday boy. I know I am not as sexy as Shay but…I could still take ya out for a few drinks. Meet me at Sal’s around 5 tomorrow. Later man.”

That was a call from Ken’s friend George. He was right, he couldn’t match his Shay but he was a good friend and Ken was all for meeting him for a few drinks. They needed to catch up on things.

Ken could smell the nice smells from the kitchen as he opened the front door. Shay had prepared him a dinner of roast, potatoes, carrots, hot rolls and a salad. They enjoyed their dinner and cuddled awhile on the sofa while watching Monday Night Football. They turned in early knowing that both had to start their days early the next morning.

Before Ken left for work, he came into the bathroom where Shay was doing her makeup. They kissed and she reminded him she would be late getting in and to keep in mind, they had a date on Wednesday for his birthday. As Ken turned to leave, Shay took him by the tie and pulled him to her again. He smiled at her as she tugged at his bottom lip. She sucked it between her lips. He gave her a growl and told her, ” have a safe trip Baby, hurry home to me.” As Shay heard the front door close and lock, she smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She knew she was about to blow his birthday candle completely out and he wouldn’t even know what hit him.

As planned, Shay spent the day preparing for the surprise.

At 5 PM she knew Kenny was meeting George.

At 5:15 PM, El pulled up in the driveway. Shay met her dearest friend at the door, taking packages from her as she walked in. They shared their usual kisses on the cheek as they made their way to the kitchen and placed the packages on the island. They both looked at each other and watched their matching smiles. kartal escort bayan Shay gave El a quick wink and asked. ” you sure you wanna do this Eloise?”

El returned her sassy wink back to Shay and replied, ” For along time ShayShay … and I got all the things that were on my list … I am SO excited!” she squealed.

With that, the two started getting all the props together. Some were bought, some they had to make. It was just like old times for those two. The day seem to pass quickly as the made their plans. Shay knew that if Kenny had any idea she was home, he would be calling all day so she had to tell him she was away. She knew he would be forgiving of her little white lie. Once he felt his afterglow.

El poured the two of them a shot of Tequila. When Kenny’s headlights hit the front window, they both took their shot and went into action. El took off for the kitchen, Shay smoothed her white ruffled apron with the palms of her hands and waited for him to open the door.

As soon as he stepped inside, he saw her in the dim light. All he could manage was an approving smile as he looked her over. She has a puffy chefs hat sitting on top her head. Thin ringlets of hair falling from her temples. The apron she was wearing … was all she was wearing. It was one of those with the bib attached to it, but there was no way it could cover her full tanned breast. The ruffled apron was short and he knew her sweet ass was exposed in the back. He knew it.

Shay stepped to him and whispered, ” Happy Birthday Baby,” as she pulled the tie from his shoulder. ” … I am so glad you are home.” Shay placed her finger over his lips to keep him quiet and continued, ” I have a surprise for you Kenny, ” Shay began to untuck his shirt. Kenny knew the drill, he slid his shoes off and was not about to break her concentration. He learned long ago … with Shay Lyn, just roll with it. Her tiny hands unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks letting them fall to the floor. As he stepped away from the pile of clothes on the floor, he felt his cock jump as she turned and reached for another apron that was just inside the closet. He had just got a view of her ass accented with the white ruffle from the apron. The bow tied so perfectly at the curve of her back. Shay looked at his growing cock and looked up at him as she began to place the apron around him. She teasingly told him “Kenny … that’s gonna cause your apron to be all hiked up in front … you just might get cake on your balls … then what you gonna do?” He couldn’t help but laugh at her as she took his hand and started towards the sofa. That is when he noticed the sign above the door that read,

” Birthday Cake Baking 101 ”

As he sat down on the sofa, Shay took the bottle of wine from the ice bucket, then poured them both some wine. Shay handed Ken his glass as she scooted real close to him. After they both had their first taste of wine Ken asked, ” What are you up to? Should I be worried?”

Shay smiled and replied, ” It’s your birthday…it’s a surprise …” She placed her wine on the table and stood. Kenny’s hand quickly reached up and touched her exposed ass. Shay looked over her shoulder at him and walked over to the book shelf to retrieve the remote. Shay walked back to the sofa and placed the remote in Ken’s hand, then sat back next to him. Ken looked at her and pressed the ‘power’ button, then turned to face the TV. The VCR activated and the sign that was over the kitchen door, ” Birthday Cake Baking 101 ,” was on the screen…

Shay escort maltepe and her friend El were at the island. He couldn’t help but notice that El was dressed identical to Shay. The camera was at an angle that showed the entire kitchen, and both of their cute asses. He watched as the two of them mixed, stirred and poured the cake batter into the cake pans. He watched as Shay opened the oven door and slid the pans in, as El stood next to her setting the timer. What he saw next really took him by surprise. Shay playfully lifted El’s apron and kissed her little brown patch of hair that covered her pussy. Ken looked over at Shay and felt his cock move. ” Shay?” he moaned with a smile that spread from ear to ear. Shay gave him a sexy wink and slid down so she could watch the tape with him with her head on his lap. Kenny stretched out a little and made himself comfortable. He had to push his hips forward just to show her the effect the tape was having on him.

The two girls had made it back to the island and had climbed up on it. He watched as Shay took a spatula and dipped it into the bowl of frosting. El was watching Shay very close as she sat Indian style in front of her. Shay was licking the frosting from the spatula and then placed the spatula in El’s hand and began to slip the apron loop from behind El’s neck allowing the bib to fall forward. Shay’s eyes scanned over El’s nipples as she took the spatula from her. As she began to spread the frosting over El’s nipples, El lowered the bib on Shay’s apron. She reached for a spatula, scraped up some frosting, pushed the skirt of Shay’s apron back and began to spread the white frosting all over Shay’s trimmed pussy.

Not only did Kenny hear Shay moan on the tape, he also heard her moan as she placed her hand on his thigh. He could not help but notice Shay beginning to move a little more on the sofa as she watched herself and a friend play together. He placed his hand on her bare hip and looked back at the TV.

Shay had leaned forward and was licking the frosting from El’s rounded breast. They were not as big as Shay’s but they were nice. He watched as Shay darted her tongue all over the hard nipple. When she took the nipple between her teeth and tugged at it, El gasped loud and bit her bottom lip. Shay then drug her finger through the bowl of frosting, then she pushed the skirt of El’s apron up high and slid the frosting covered finger down her slit. As Shay moved her finger up and down, it was clear that the frosting was thinning. Ken’s mind was racing. Was it thinning from her warmth or her juices. As Shay dipped her finger inside El, she arched her back and then pushed her hips forward. El placed her palms flat on the countertop and began fucking her friends sweet finger. Ken watched as El’s ass bounced from the countertop and could see the excitement in both of them.

Shay felt Ken slide his hand to her mound. Like a well used toy, her thighs spread allowing him ample room to play. Shay could see the tenting of his apron. She could also see the wet spot that had absorbed into it. Slowly, she pushed his apron off of his cock and took it in her hand. Ken thrust his hard cock into her hand as she made a tiny fist and held him.

By now his eyes were glued to the TV. Shay had laid on her back on the counter. El had laid on her tummy as she slowly spread frosting up Shay’s thigh. Shay had a smooth fluid like movement to her hips. One continuous roll as if she was reeling El’s up to her pussy. As El made it to Shay’s pussy, she tossed pendik escort her shoulder length hair to the side, turned the spatula around and placed the end of it to Shay’s opening. Ken’s eyes opened wider as Shay’s chin dropped. Slowly, the tiny handle was pushed inside a little. When El started pushing the handle in, Shay pulled back on his cock. As the spatula was pulled out a little, she would then pull forward. Shay felt Ken slip his thick finger inside her. As Ken watched El hold the spatula still and Shay fucking it, he done the same with his finger. He watched as El began to slide the spatula from Shay. Ken then brought his hand to her breast. El placed her index fingers on the puffy lips of Shay’s pussy and spread her open. Ken could see the frosting that had accumulated in the folds of her pink. El’s face guided the tip of her tongue to it’s target. The moment her wet, stiff tongue touched Shay’s hard clit, Ken almost lost his load then. He watched as El pleased his baby. He was so into the TV. The sounds was as if they were right there in the room kissing, licking and sucking at each other. He felt Shay’s hand still stroking his cock and she had started running her nails back and forth above his pubic hair. She knew he loved that.

Ken knew she was about to cum by what he was seeing on the TV and thought he was sure to cum then. He watched as Shay placed her hands on the back of El’s head holding her sweet mouth to her pussy.

As the sofa rocked under him, he felt a hand cup his balls.

To his surprise…he had both girls on the sofa. El was between Shay’s legs just like on the tape. Ken was so into their action on the TV, he didn’t even know El had joined them on the sofa. He placed his hand over El’s as she gently massaged his full sacs.

As Shay bent her knee and rolled to her side, she brought Ken’s cock to her lips. Her eyes watching his as she sucked the mushroomed head into her warm mouth. El drug her tongue up Shay’s wet slit and began to make her way up the sofa. She was facing Shay and placed her head on Ken’s leg just a little higher than Shay’s. El leaned into Shay and began to lick her tongue as she teased Ken’s cock. Ken was watching the two of them, when he was able to keep focussed. They both knew that he was right at the edge of cumming. El slipped her lips halfway down his shaft, kissed it lightly.

El pulled back and stood and Shay followed. Ken didn’t know what to think.

Then El explained, ” We need you in the kitchen Birthday Boy.”

“NOW??” Ken protested.

They reached for his hands, pulling him up and walked him to the kitchen. They sat him on a comfortable barstool. In front of him was a round, single layer, warm unfrosted cake. El helped Shay up on the island and Shay sat in front of Ken with her legs hanging down. El placed another bowl of white frosting between Shay’s legs as Shay leaned back, propped up on her elbows. A smile that lit up the room spread over Ken’s face. El placed a spatula in his hand. She then picked up the warm cake and placed it on Shay’s pussy. El leaned to Ken and kissed his cheek. She rolled her eyes because he had not taken his eyes off Shay since she placed the bowl of frosting between her legs.

El whispered happy birthday to him and gave Shay a wink. She left with her long coat on taking the door fom the laundry room. As she was leaving she heard Shay telling Kenny, ” Happy Birthday baby…how about this for wanting your cake and eating it too…. looks like you spilled something on your apron too doll.”

Shay was hoping El went straight home. With that one, you never know what she is up to.

As for Kenny…he tossed the spatula and used his tongue to frost his cake….as well as what it was being served on.

~*~ Happy Birthday Kenny … I adore you ~*~

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