Hardcore Holiday Ch. 07


I lost count of the number of times Ant and I sucked and fucked during the night, all I could remember when I woke up was that it was almost light when we finally separated for the last time. He left shortly after that, promising to return later to help begin the search for Mikey and Jackson.

I stretched out in the bed, the smell of sweat and sex still lingering in the air, before throwing the covers back, standing up and heading towards the bathroom. Turning the shower on I waited until it was hot enough before stepping under the steaming jets of water. For a few minutes I just let the water cascade down over me before reaching for the shower gel and washing myself down, reluctantly removing Ant’s smell from my body.

Eventually I had had enough, turned the shower off, stepped out onto the floor and dried myself down before heading back to the bedroom. Slipping on just a pair of loose fitting tracksuits trousers, no boxer shorts, I headed to the kitchen and got a beer from the fridge. After the night I had just had with Ant I decided that until he came back, as he said he would, I was just going to laze around the room drinking and going through the DVD’s Franco had so kindly left for me.

As all the discs were unmarked I just chose one and slipped it into the player, before letting myself fall back onto the sofa and stretching out. Just as the screen flicked into life my mobile phone bleeped twice, letting me know I had received a message, and I picked it up and pressed the button to see who it was from.


How are you? Might pop by to see you later.


Closing the message, and not even bothering to reply, I dropped the phone and turned my attention back towards the screen. The image that flooded onto the screen after the titles shocked me, and brought back memories. I picked up the remote to turn the film off but hesitated as the camera panned out.

In the room on the screen there was a male, virtually naked and handcuffed to a large wooden board, his arms and legs spread to make him hang in an X shape. He had a leather hood over his head, with just a small slit where his mouth would have been, presumably to help him breath, but that was all he had on.

Unable to turn the screen off I dropped the remote to the floor, took a large swallow from my beer, and stared at the figure hanging there. He was a muscular person, his torso rippling with a six pack, his biceps bulging and his thigh muscles clearly visible, especially when he pulled against his restraints. As I continued to watch I couldn’t help but begin casino oyna to stare at his thick, semi-hard cock, as it hung down between those muscular thighs.

The more he struggled against his restraints the harder his cock seemed to become until it was pointing almost fully upwards, the swollen purple head glistening in the pale light of the room, the veins clearly visible on the underside and his large balls just hanging in their sac swinging gently as he continued to struggle.

As I continued to watch I felt my own cock harden inside my tracksuit trousers and, without thinking, slid my hand into the top of them and down, wrapping my first around my own thick hard shaft. Slowly I began to stroke myself as I watched another figure appear on the screen, and walk to just in front of the restrained male.

This figure was also naked, not even wearing a mask, and as he got close to the restrained male I heard a voice on the screen, from off camera.

“GET ON YOUR KNEES,” the off-screen voice commanded with authority.

Without turning the figure did as he was ordered, falling to his knees, his head level with the restrained man’s cock.

“TAKE HIM IN YOUR HAND!!” The voice commanded again once the man was kneeling.

This time the man on the floor hesitated, just for a second, before slowly reaching forward and wrapping his hand around the man’s cock, causing him to stop struggling. As the man on his knees begin to wank restrained man’s cock my own hand started to move quicker along my own shaft, my eyes never leaving the action on the screen.

“SUCK HIS COCK NOW!!!” The voice boomed again.

This time the hesitation was more prolonged and as he hesitated another figure appeared on screen, this one fully dressed in leather from head to foot, carrying a whip.

“I SAID SUCK HIM!!!” The voice boomed once more.

As the voice fell silent the man with the whip raised his hand and cracked the whip across the man on his knees back, causing him to gasp.

“DO IT NOW!!!”

“Yes Master,” the man on his knees whimpered before moving his head forward.

This time there was no hesitation and the man with the whip stepped back, off camera, as the man on his knees wrapped his lips around the cock in front of him and began to bob his head quickly back and forth along the restrained man’s thick shaft. Now, instead of struggling, the man on the board bucked his hips back and forth as best as he could, fucking the mouth wrapped around his cock as the man on his knees sucked as fast as he could.

Slipping my trousers slot oyna down, enough to release my own cock, I began to wank as fast as the action on screen and soon I felt the beginnings of my ejaculation building up in my body. I tensed my legs and continued to wank when the voice on the screen boomed out once again.


Somewhat reluctantly the man on his knees pulled his head away from restrained man’s cock, wrapped his fingers around the shaft and started to wank him quickly. I could no longer contain myself and neither could the restrained man either. At exactly the same time as the man on the screen’s cock erupted all over the kneeling man’s face my own cock twitched in my hand violently and cum erupted from the end of my cock, jet after jet splashing down on my chest until I was completely drained.

Closing my eyes I never saw the owner of the booming voice walk into view, I just heard his voice.

“That was fucking hot you two,” he said softer this time.

“Did you get it all?” One of the other two asked.

“Everything single second,” the voice said. “And every drop of cum yes.”

“Do you think he will watch it?”

“Oh yes I am positive he will,” the voice said softer still.

I quickly opened my eyes and looked at the screen, the soft tones of the voice suddenly recognizable, and found myself staring straight into Franco’s smiling face.

“You will watch it won’t you Dan?” Franco said directly into the camera.

Sitting up quickly, cum running down my chest slowly, I reached for the remote and turned the film off, ejected it and snapped the disc clean in half. I couldn’t believe that out of all the films by the TV I had managed to insert one Franco had made especially for me. I was just about to go through all the other discs when I heard someone tapping the door to my room.

Storming to the door I flung it open, coming face to face with Ant, cum still running down my chest and over the waistband of my tracksuit.

“Having fun?” Ant asked looking at me smiling.

“I’ll kill Franco when I get my hands on him,” I said not really listening.

“What has he done now?”

I grabbed Ant by the wrist and dragged him to the sofa, where I had thrown the two halves of the disc I had just snapped. Picking both halves up I turned back to Ant.

“This is what he has done.” I said waving both pieces in front of his face.

“Calm down, clean yourself up and then tell me what’s happened,” Ant said. “I’ll get a beer while I wait for you.”

Leaving canlı casino siteleri Ant in the kitchen getting his drink I stormed to the bathroom, washed my chest clean of cum, went to the bedroom, slipped some shorts on then headed back to him.

“Right do you want to tell me what has happened?” Ant asked handing me a beer.

“I thought I would wait to see if you did come back,” I began. “So thought I would see what films Franco had left.”

“Let me guess,” Ant said. “They were all gay porn.”

“Don’t know about all of them but the one I just watched was only…” I began.

“Only what come on Dan tell me,” Ant said.

“Only right after the climax of the film Franco appeared on screen and spoke directly to me,” I said.

“You are fucking joking right? Ant said looking shocked. “What type of film was it?”

“BDSM,” I said. “There was a man restrained to a board and some other guy was ordered to suck his cock until he came and when he hesitated another masked man came on screen and cracked a whip across his back.”

“And was the masked man Franco?” Ant asked.

“No he was the one barking orders,” I replied. “But then when it was over they spoke to each other.”

“What did they say?” Ant asked.

“One asked if ‘he’ would watch it and that was when Franco showed his face.” I said. “And Franco looked directly at the camera and used my name.”

“Fucking hell that’s a bit creepy,” Ant finally said.

“You’re telling me,” I replied. “I need to find Mikey and Jackson and then get away from here.”

“Why not just leave them and go?” Ant asked. “Just how well do you know them really?”

“Well I only met them when I arrived here,” I said. “But I can’t just leave them he took them because of me.”

Jackson looked directly at me before taking a large drink from his beer.

“Are you sure that’s why he kidnapped them?” Ant finally asked. “Or is that what he wants you to believe so he can have you to himself?”

“Well if he didn’t why did he tell me he had?” I said. “And where the fuck have they vanished to they wouldn’t just leave without saying something?”

“Have you thought that their holiday could have finished?” Ant said. “And Franco is just using them to keep you around, knowing you will look for them.”

“Surely he wouldn’t do that,” I said doubt creeping into my mind for the first time.

“Look I’ll help you look for them around the hotel,” Ant said. “But if we don’t find them I’m afraid you will have to assume that they just had some holiday fun with you and went home.”

I finished my beer, thinking about what Ant had just said, but knew that they would never have left without saying goodbye. I knew Franco had something to do with their disappearance and I was going to prove it to Ant.

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