Harmony Hill


Going out the door of my apartment, a two bedroom place in The Waterstone, a complex of burgundy brick buildings with white shutters amidst rolling lawns, behemoth pine trees and meandering sidewalks of serpentine rock, I wore my jogging togs: blue cotton shorts, a University of Washington tee shirt and gray trainers.

As I closed the green door behind me the green door of the apartment next door opened at the same moment and a buxom, blue eyed blond smiled at me. I felt her eyes taking me in, licking me like a child assaults a Blow Pop sucker.

“Hello new neighbor, believe it or not but my name is Harmony, Harmony Hill. How about a cup of coffee.” We shook hands and I told her my name was Dwight Porter.

Barefoot, she wore a short wrapper the color of cream soda. Loosely wrapped, the garment barely covered her bottom and I had no trouble viewing most of her splendid breasts.

Of course I accepted her invitation and entered the apartment in her wake. Cardboard boxes of various sizes and shapes, most of them sealed with shiny strips of masking tape filled the apartment. The day before I had seen a U-Haul truck backed into a parking slot in front of the building and I wondered who my new neighbor might be. Now I knew.

She motioned for me to navigate around the towers of boxes, sit down in the glider rocker in the living room near the sofa and coffee table and asked me how I liked my coffee.

“Black, no crème, no sugar,” I said.

“You got it,” she said.

Maybe in Hollywood or on the French Rivera such a woman moved in next door but this sort of thing did not happen in a small town nestled on the shore of Puget Sound in Washington State. Her creamy skin, prominent cheek bones ala Bo Derek, cobalt blue eyes, straight golden hair trussed in a ponytail and perfect body made me think a goddess had tumbled from Mount Olympus, her fall broken by all the cardboard boxes. Stunningly beautiful, she conveyed with the most subtle of movements, indirect glances, moist lips dabbed at constantly by her tongue that she meant our getting acquainted session to be of the most intimate nature. The way she crossed the room carrying two mugs of coffee as though trekking gingerly across a trampoline, the high arches of her pretty feet, the press of her toes on the beige carpet turned me on as much as her long bare legs and swaying hips did. Her near nakedness, the choreography of movements designed to entice and arouse me, the silkiness of her voice all came together in such a concentration of lust and lasciviousness I felt compelled to rip the silk from her body, fling her on the sofa and jab my cock deep into her pussy while my mouth found hers. Then to suck each rose colored nipple in turn like sucking frosting off a spatula. Never in my short life had I experienced such in your face sexuality. She was casino oyna a bitch in heat and I was a dog in the same frame of mind wanting to hump the hell out of her. Aligned with her salacious actions Harmony radiated a delicious sensuality that smacked me in the face like the whack of a slap across the face.

After handing me a cup of coffee in a white bistro mug with Le Café Shop printed in black letters on its side, she settled on a sofa upholstered in a pale blue fabric and accented by several lozenge-shaped white pillows. Her slim, shapely legs formed an inviting inverted v and the smooth heels of her bare feet rested on the surface of a coffee table with a square of smudged glass at its enter that needed some Windex and elbow grease. Her azure painted toenails sparkled like the enamel on a freshly polished automobile.

I tried to focus on our conversation, shifted around in my chair trying to camouflage my erection by positioning my coffee cup in front of the tent formed in the front of my shorts.

Recently divorced, Harmony told me she was the mother of a 21 year old son, now a ground pounding Marine Second Lieutenant in Iraq and a 23 year old daughter the same age as me. My God, what her daughter must look like, what sexuality and beauty must reside in the progeny of this spectacular woman, I wondered. Harmony worked in a grocery as a checker on Route 303, liked Gregory Peck movies, slow dancing and sunbathing in the nude. Unless she became a mother at ten, I estimated her as twice my age, but she did not look much older then her reputed daughter. Had she discovered an elixir to ward off aging or did the fountain of youth actually exist and she knew its exact location? She looked so good; of such perfection I began to doubt she was real. Was she merely a confection of fantasy, the build up to a climax of a wet dream I was having as I slept soundly in my bed. Maybe during my tour in Iraq when that shot from the AK-47 whizzed by my head it actually hit and killed me and as a reward for giving my life for my country Harmony Hill was my reward. Looking at her fetching legs, slim ankles and petite feet, the cleavage, the tits gloriously exposed, reveling in her musky scent, captivated by her smoky sensuality, I considered Harmony Hill a much better deal then the 79 virgins allotted to a suicidal bomber.

I, Dwight Porter, a decent looking-in my own estimation- twenty-three-year old failed college student, a former solder, a combat veteran and a bartender at a place called The Sweet Spot had never felt so inundated by lust. Lust so viscous I felt like I could reach out and touch it.

As Harmony finished her brief bio her left hand drifted under her silk wrap and began playing with her pussy. At the same time her right hand gently shifted the fabric curtain across her breasts and her right breast slot oyna came into view.

With the exception of a few centerfolds in Playboy and a striper I had once seen who according to a cop standing near by was formerly a man, I had never seen such a spectacular breast. I had no doubt the left one was just as spectacular.

It was huge, round and firm. The cone shaped rose colored nipple in the center of a coffee colored areola appeared as prominent as a tall man in a crowd of short people. The fingers on her left hand continued to probe between her legs and at the same time she played with the nipple on her breast with her thumb and index finger.

“Do you like my breasts Dwight? Do they please you? I heard the nasty argument you had last night with your girlfriend. I am horny and you need some consoling. This pussy of mine needs a hard cock in it for sure and the way you are standing up it looks like your cock wants to fill me as much as I want it filled. First, though I want to suck your cock. Other then fucking, I love nothing better then sucking cock.”

Harmony stood up and as she vaulted across the table, I saw her shaved pubis as she squatted on the floor in front of me. She yanked my shorts over my hardness and pushed them to my knees and no farther. For a brief second the cool air in the apartment tickled the helmet of my cock and then the pink cavern of her mouth swallowed me and her pinker lips clamped around me. Her cheeks puckered as she sucked. For several minutes she sucked, her mouth making a nearly perfect vacuum. She sucked as though she wished to empty me through the portal at the end of my cock. I gripped the arms of the chair, moaned, and tossed my head back, reveling in the ministrations of her mouth. Fourteen women had sucked me off before Harmony gave me head and they all paled by comparison. Looking down at her, my eyes clouding over, I could see my entire stalk disappearing inside her hot, moist mouth. She went at my cock as a starving man attacks victuals when brought near him. Her passion in sucking cock made the sex act that much more supercharged. My sperm climbed inexorably toward her suctioning mouth.

She released me before I exploded in her mouth, took my balls inside her mouth, sucked them just as ardently, let them pop from her mouth and licked them to and fro. Then she went back to my cock. She licked its sides, her saliva coating my member. Then she raked her teeth up and down me, the sharpness of incisors and bicuspids thrilling me no end as pain and pleasure blended as one and rapture of such an overpowering intensity swallowed me.

Along with the ecstasy induced by Harmony’s mouth I had the added pleasure of looking at all the allures of this woman, this sexual beast fucking me with her mouth. Her heavy breasts with their engorged nipples, the pussy canlı casino siteleri so wet I imagined it drenched the carpet underneath her, the long legs worthy of Mary Hart or Betty Grable.

I grabbed at her head, my hands over her ears and pulled her toward my cock and as she sucked so fervently my semen flooded into her mouth and the glistening fluid dribbled from between her lips.

“My God,” is all I could say.

“Now, you need to fuck me and I want to be fucked hard,” Harmony said as she swallowed my sperm in one single gulp. “The bed is a wreck so we have to fuck here on the floor.”

“Honey, I would fuck you in the middle of a mine field or on the edge of a cliff.”

“After my divorce, well it was actually before my divorce, I decided that no man over the age of 25 would ever fuck this body of mine. So far 19 strapping young men such as you have fucked me. My husband caught me fucking the second one, the pool guy, and that is what put me on the road to a divorce but it was worth it. I think all that young and potent sperm will keep this 55 year old body nice and healthy. Now, fuck me baby.”

First, I untied the sash of her wrap, pushed the material to the left and right and reveled in the sight of her body.

“Come on baby, I have not been fucked in three days and I crave your cock. Fuck me.”

My cock as hard now as it was before she sucked me, quickly charged into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back, pushed her hips toward my lunging cock. My tongue entered her mouth and her tongue embraced it. I rose up on my hips and slammed in to her.

“That’s it, fuck me like that. I am your slut.”

Never had my cock felt so huge, so hard, and so hungry. No matter how many young or old cocks had descended into her depths she remained tight and gripped me like a vice. As I moved in and out of her, she scratched at my back, licked at my neck, her tongue painted wet streaks across my jaws.

“Harmony, you are so wicked,” I said.

“Honey, you have no idea how wicked I am.”

“Tell me about your wicked ways,” I said. “That would be such a turn on.”

“Not right now, but I will. Remind me to tell you sometime about getting fucked by two 23 year old twins simultaneously.”

“I will, I will,” I said as I continued to push in and out of her. All this back and forth movement, the rubbing of my knees against the carpet was causing a significant rug burn on my knee caps. Not that it mattered in the least.

Harmony removed her legs from around my back and spread them as wide as she could extend them.

“That’s it stud, fuck me with that hard cock.”

Then I pushed her legs together and draped my legs outside hers. Heavenly just heavenly.

In the next several hours we must have fucked three more times, she sucked me off again and I fucked her in the ass once.

After we finished fucking, we showered together and she sucked me off once more.

“Honey, any time you want to fuck just knock on the door. As long as I am not fucking some other young stud, I am all yours.”

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