Have You Ever? Ch. 02


Samee and I had been at it for months, almost nonstop.

We were living in the apartment above my studio. She would come from work and we’d screw each other’s brains out before fixing supper, or I’d come home from a location assignment and we’d screw each other’s brains…you get the picture.

Ah, that wonderful, blissful, happy/crazy time when you’re first falling in love with one another. We were young, we were beautiful, we were what everyone else wanted to be.

Samee and I were both flirts, only she looked a lot better in a dress with lots of skin showing, and she loved to show it. Waitaminnit, I don’t wear dresses, okay? `Cept maybe that time I was in that charity show, but that was for laughs. We all had beards and wore combat boots with those gingham dresses, you get the picture? End of story!

Anyway, one night we were with our gang of pals in a bistro, drinking wine and making each other laugh loud enough to almost be heard over the rest of the crowd noise. I looked at Sam across the table and marveled at how stupendously pretty she was, with her hair sleeked back and her eyes made up to suit. Her lips were giant polished rubies with that glossy glitter lipstick one of my clients made. Her pearl-white skin was split with cleavage up to her throat because of that lacy red push-up bra that another of my clients made, and the dress—another fire red number—was the prototype for a design that would sell by the gazillions for $29.95 at Wally-Martin’s next season. But this one was handmade by one of the biggest designers in the world, and cost almost as much as I would make in a month. I felt a little sorry for the women who would be buying that dress, thinking it would make them look like…her, but would never on their best day come anywhere near that level of perfection.

…And she was mine!

Sam knew I was gazing at her. She turned her head and caught my eye, then flashed me one of her special smiles, the one reserved for me alone. I could feel my molars melt. I knew every other man in the room envied me for having her, and half the women in the room wished they were her. The other half hated her guts. Tough.

Later, I could see her looking off elsewhere. Surreptitiously, I followed her gaze and saw an older man sitting at a far table with his wife. They were getting on in years and had lost whatever youthfulness they had once had years ago, but still comfortable with each other. Sam had caught his eye, and picked up her liqueur glass. Slowly, sensuously, she ran the tip of her tongue around the rim before tossing back the Kaluha, never breaking contact with her “mouse.” Catlike, she put the glass down on the table and turned back to us. I could see the man by reflection in the street window glass as he sighed and deflated. His wife, her back to us all the time, continued to talk nonstop, oblivious to what had just happened. That man would remember this night until the day he died. Of that I am certain.

One of our pals at table was in the chair next to Sam. Anna was another of those wonderfully sexy catwomen that just seem to have a sexual magnetic field about them. The remarkable thing is that she and Samee were such, uh bosom buddies? Yeah, that’s the term all right.

The first time we had met Anna she was naked. She was a sculptor and artist, and I needed a particular sculpture made for a shoot I was working on, one that had to match the live model I was using. Anna liked to be naked all the time, and was rather brazen about it. Sam and I had arrived at her studio just as she was finishing a clay model for another client. Since we were new to each other at the time, and had accidentally come upon her by surprise (the door was unlocked, and no one answered when we called out), she shrieked a little and dashed for a robe that was in the next room. Her body was splattered with gray clay, all wet and runny. All over. There too. It was delightful.

Where Sam was slender like a dancer, Anna was round and curved. Her breasts were melonlike, with huge nipples, big as dinner plates. Her hips were wide, her thighs and calves were large, but exceedingly well-shaped. Hers was the type of body one thought of when hearing the phrase “Earth Mother.” She wasn’t casino siteleri fat, she was just big and built. Trust me on this, I know these things.

That was a couple of years ago. Over time, Sam and I got the impression that Anna also had something of a voracious sexual appetite as well. Several times when we visited her studio she wasn’t the only person there who was naked, which isn’t all that unusual for an artist portraying the human figure, but it was pretty clear that there was more than just modeling going on.

Sam, of course, was getting all the lowdown whenever those two met for coffee, which was often. She learned that Anna went both ways, with several at a time whenever possible. Sam was beginning to feel left out, like we weren’t getting invited to the party.

“I know how to fix that.” I said.


“Why don’t we do a shoot?”

A smile flowed over Samee’s face. I could tell I had a winner.

We invited Anna over to our studio on a Saturday, and told her to only wear a big tent dress or something, so that there wouldn’t be any elastic marks. We didn’t have to tell her to shave. We already had seen that that was something she did anyway.

I don’t do porn. I do erotica. There’s a difference. Porn tends to be flat lighting and unflattering poses. I want my images to set fire to the paper they’re printed on. I chose a dark background and set all my lamps close to the floor, shooting upward, rimming their figures with color light, but leaving the middle areas on the front in the dark.

Next was ambiance. Once again the sound, and champagne for all. The girls undressed and stretched and bent to tone up. Sam began to dance to the music, and Anna likewise, bumping hips in time to the music, and twirling around. I was suddenly sorry I didn’t do video so that I could capture and save these beautiful images of two naked women in motion. Sigh!

For the first pose, I had Anna stand flat to the camera, her legs spread apart. I made a hole in a sheet of background paper, hung it behind her, and had Sam reach through the hole, between Anna’s legs, and cup her sex with her hand. Anna’s skin was dark from all the tanning she did whenever she went to her favorite nude beach; Samee’s hand was pale white, with long oval nails painted bright-bright red. I put a narrow-angle spot straight overhead to show Anna’s torso, with Samee’s hand a sort of “surprise pubic bush.” Frame it for Anna’s torso and shoot.

In between exposures, I saw Sam rub Anna’s puss a little. Anna obviously knew what was happening. Sam must have broached the subject at lunch the day before. Still, I could see that Anna was getting a little worked up, having to maintain the pose while getting her slit rubbed. Poor girl! Between takes, Samee was manipulating Anna’s vulva, and tapping her clit with her fingers. It was devilish fun, watching Anna’s discomfort through all this.

I brought Samee out from behind, and changed backgrounds and lighting to high-white. I gave Anna some lipstick that I knew would make a good mark, and had her kiss Samee’s tit hard enough to leave red lipmarks on her nipple. That kind of got Samee back a little for the fingering, and even though you usually get the best example from the first effort when you’re setting up a shot, I tenderly wiped Sam’s breast off a half-dozen times and had Anna repeat the kiss to “try it again, that last one still wasn’t right.” Sam knew what I was doing, but Anna didn’t. I wanted these bitches hot! It was working, too.

Normally in a nude shoot you don’t touch the model at all, or if you do it’s only to brush away a stray hair or dust on a little makeup over an unwanted spot. This makes nude photography actually quite sterile and boring after a while. Even when you’re alone with your lover for a model, by the time you go through all the adjustments that get the shot right you’re usually so drained and exhausted when it’s over that sex is the last thing on your mind(s). By going to high-white I had changed to big box lights that didn’t cast shadows at all and needed no further aiming, and as long as our feet didn’t make footprints on the floor we were all set just to pose and shoot.

I put Samee up on a posing block so she could slot oyna look over Anna’s shoulder, and helped her scoop up Anna’s huge tits. Anna instinctively touched Samee’s hands and they locked eyes [FLASH!]. I helped Anna place her hands on Samee’s bare hips, which just showed behind hers [FLASH!]. I had both stand side-by-side, facing away, and placed Sam’s hand on Anna’s butt. Sure, I could have just told her to do that, but it was more fun this way. Again, frame close and [FLASH!].

I had helped Anna pose by pulling her arms straight up and telling her to hold there. Through the viewfinder, I could see that Anna had brought one hand down, and was reaching across to squeeze Sam’s breast. Okay, things are going well!

“Can I take my arm down now?” Anna asked after half a dozen shots.

“Sure. I’ve got that pose now, anyway.” I said. I handed her another glass of champagne. She drank it, her eyes watching me over the rim of the glass.

“Hey!” she said, the champagne having its effect. “How come we’re naked and you’re not?”

I looked down and y’know…she was right! I put down the camera and backed away a little, realizing that even though I had seen a thousand strippers, I didn’t know how to strip! I took another glassful of Dom and began to move to the music. I tried to be smooth and fluid about it, but both girls started giggling at my efforts. Even athletic guys are clumsy oafs compared to women. Finally, Anna turned to Sam and said: “Let’s go help him.”

Sam and Anna wiggled over to me and even though all three of us were buzzed, we managed to peel off my shirt, jeans, and even my cowboy boots with the beat without falling flat of our cans.

At this point, further pictures were the farthest things from our minds.

I held two beautiful women in my arms. To beautiful naked women in my arms. They pressed against me, and I held them even closer. Samee kissed me, then I kissed Anna. Anna and Sam then kissed each other, a most beautiful sight. I began kissing Anna’s shoulders, which pleased her, judging by the purring sound she made. I could tell that Sam was stroking Anna’s breasts, while Anna stroked my cock.

This time it was no chaise lounge, I had arranged a nest of cushions and carpets in one corner of the studio, over six feet on a side. I had already lit it with color lights that were plugged through a board that changed the color set at random every few minutes. We knelt together, and I moved behind Anna, placing my cock in the crack of her ass and pressing close, squeezing her breasts.

She loved that. She let out a great sigh and lay her head back upon my shoulder, as Sam kissed her shoulders and moved down to her nipples. I moved my hands under Anna’s breasts and lifted them together for Sam to enjoy.

Sam sucked on Anna’s breasts like a baby, and Anna groaned her pleasure. I suddenly realized that for a woman who had never been with another woman, Sam was working Anna like a pro. Maybe it something anyone can do, given the right motivation. I thought about what it would be like for me, to go down on another man, to handle a cock and balls belonging to someone else, and figured that I probably could do a credible job without any prior experience. Have to try that some day. It would only be fair. Do girls get turned on by seeing boys do each other too?

I dropped my right hand down between Anna’s legs, but found Samee’s hand already there, working her magic on Anna’s slit. Anna began to breathe in quick, short breaths, stiffened, and then relaxed, releasing a gush of breath with her afterglow. I could smell her musk, as Sam’s fingers became coated with her honey. Score!

Sam leaned over Anna’s shoulder and began to deep-kiss me, and Anna turned her head to kiss Sam’s cheek. We parted and let Anna turn to us and went back to necking again, a writhing kaleidoscope of lips and tongues. Hands flew across bodies, stroking, squeezing. Tits, cock, asses, balls, cunts…nothing was left explored.

I dove into Anna’s generous cleavage, and this time Sam held them up for me. I looked up to see them frenching, and I reached for Sam’s pussy, careful to stir her nether lips gently at first, all the better to release her wetness. I was rewarded canlı casino siteleri with that slick, creamy warmth, and gently pushed a finger into her. She stiffened and groaned into Anna’s mouth, never breaking their kiss as I hit bottom.

Anna was even more sensitive to this than Sam was, for when I did the same to her she broke apart, gasping and clinging to Sam. “O-kayyy, let’s see how you like this, ladies!” I thought, as I began to withdraw and plunge my fingers into their dripping cunts.

I am told that women’s cycles will eventually synchronize if they are confined together for long enough. A similar phenomenon evidently manifests itself when they are being fucked. Sam and Anna clung to each other for support as I fingered them, their breathing, then their panting, then their moaning coming in rhythm together as they began cumming. When one sparked, the other caught fire, and both cried out together, their thighs trembling with the shock.

My fingers slipped out when they both collapsed onto the cushions, and they clung to each other, smashing their tits together in feminine embrace. I never felt harder in my life, watching my two women before me. They noticed, too.

“I want some man-cock!” Anna snarled, staring straight at my throbbing dick. Samee, obviously agreeing with the sentiment, said: “Let’s get him!”

It’s times like this that you learn what you’re made of. I learned I was made out of something that absolutely, positively cannot withstand the assault of two determined nymphomaniacs. They rose from the floor like a pair of lionesses closing in for the kill. Those two tackled me, and before I knew it I had a pussy in my mouth and a mouth on my cock. Since the pussy (which one? I don’t know) was turned away from me, it could have been either one pulling on my balls. They passed my cock back and forth, one sucking, the other jacking, then one jacking, the other sucking, then both sucking, both jacking. I was being…womanhandled!

The cunt in my mouth was replaced with another, and I looked up to see Samee towering over me, her tits swaying with her wiggling, trying to grind her pussy harder into my face. I managed to get my arms up and grabbed her breasts and squeezed as much as I wanted, which only made her louder. I felt my cock being positioned, and Anna impaled herself on my rod. Reflexively I thrust up into her, which brought out a yelp. She settled into an up-and-down rhythm, sliding on my shaft. Sam leaned back, putting her hands on my chest for support and arched her back, the better with which to drive her cunt down harder. I saw her Anna wrap her arms around her, and they went at kissing again as those two rode me for their pleasure.

Anna was as noisy and as much a dirty girl as Sam. The two seemed to be competing to see who could spout the lewdest words: “Oh yeah, fuck my cunt!” “You hear her, cock boy? Fuck her!” “C’mere, bitch! Kiss me!” A couple of seconds of silence, punctuated by the smacking sounds of lips sucking and hot breath blowing, then: “Oh yeah, I love cock! I love cock in my pussy!” “Ride that cock, bitch! Ride him hard!” “Yeah I’m gonna fuck this cock! C’mon boy, shoot that load! I wanna feel you shoot that load in me.”

…Or something like that. I’m kind of paraphrasing here, I really didn’t have time to get all this down on paper at the time, y’know.

“You gonna eat me, fuckboy? You gonna make me cum? Huh? That’s it, suck my clit. Eat my cunt!”

“I…fuck…MANCOCK!” Anna was clearly losing it now.

The release almost killed me. Anna gets rough when she really cums. I thought she would break my cock, she rode me so hard. It was like she was on a trampoline. I tried to hold her by her hips and get some control of things, but then Anna climaxed with a groan so deep it made the floor rumble, I let go shooting my load like she wanted, and Sam followed suit, gushing all over my face, screaming as if she were being murdered. I could have drowned!

Spent, we collapsed together, a quivering pile of very happy friends.

Very happy. And SORE!

We coupled every which way that weekend. Anna also likes it doggystyle, Sam learned to suck me off all the way, they ate and fingered each other until they were both raw, and both of them held a seminar to teach me how to eat pussy like a lesbian. It was almost a shame to part on Sunday night, but we’re only a couple of blocks away from each other. There’ll be more times.

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