Hawaii Aloha!! – By the Waterfall and After


The affair continues with skinny dipping by a tropical waterfall.

This is a continuation of Hawaii Aloha!! and is best understood by reading the previous chapter.


We had been emailing back and forth for the next couple of days and decided to go hiking on Wednesday afternoon. Mary was staying at the place of a friend in Kahului and so she gave me the address to come and pick her up. I arrived at Hilua Place and rang the front door with no response. I wandered around the side of the house and noticed a small bungalow in the back. There were bras and lady’s knickers streaming from the clothesline to the left of the bungalow and I began to suspect that Mary was staying there so I knocked on the door. A minute later, she was standing in the doorway looking a little harried. I got a glimpse of the small front room which was strewn with small clothes and other paraphernalia.

“Sorry Sam, I am not quite ready. Can you wait out in the car?”

So, I retreated to the car and sat listening to pop music on the radio for the next 10 to 15 minutes. I was beginning to wonder what was up, when Mary stepped up the passenger door and let herself in. She was wearing tight fitting cut-off jeans and a pink tank top. Her flowing braids were contained by a triangular pink kerchief and her hoop earrings dangled to the side.

“I hate this!” she said. “I can’t find a god dam thing.” She went on to explain that she had been evicted from her apartment earlier that month, for what reason I never really understood. Most of her stuff in storage somewhere and she clearly felt dispossessed. She was staying at the place of a male friend who was away on business. To top it off, her motorbike had recently been stolen and she had no means of transport. It was clear that her life had taken a turn for the worst recently and I really was concerned for her. Mary had a motor mouth and was talking non-stop and so I tried to be a good listener as we made are way by car to the trailhead.

After 10 or so minutes of venting, Mary’s mood seemed to turn and she began to talk about our outing for the afternoon.

“The place we are going is beautiful! Waterfalls and hidden pools and fantastic wildflowers, I think you will really enjoy it!”

As we chatted, I reached over and gently stroked her left arm and then along the top of her thigh. Her skin was smooth and chocolate brown and pleasantly warm and I was having fun gliding my hand along the surface. Mary smiled and reached over to stroke my leg in echo of my movements. I widened the ark of my strokes and briefly meandered along the seam of her shorts that pressed against her pussy. I was rewarded by a sharp intake of her breath and the stroke of her fingers along the bulge in my pants. My dick began to swell and she had fun playing with it through the fabric of my shorts. I could see the nipples of her tits poking through her tank-top and so I gave them a gentle pinch and the went back to that sweet spot between her thighs. The seam of her jeans was quite firmly applied to her crotch and made a smooth path for my fingers to glide over. So, I began to stroke up and down along it gently pressing on the clit underneath. Mary let out a low moan and lay back in the seat, staring into space. My cock was hard with the excitement of the moment and I was having difficulty concentrating on driving but all I could think about was rubbing her pussy through the seam of her jeans. So, I stroked up and down, up and down, up and down trying to make her cum.

Mary was tense with sexual energy, lay there panting with a faraway look of ecstasy.

“Are you trying to cum?” I asked.

“No! I am trying to not cum. Its better if you hold it off for as long as possible!”

And so, there were skimming along the rural highway with me stroking and cajoling and doing my damnedest to bring her to screaming orgasm and she was there trying to suppress it! My whole body was tingling with excitement. But of course, town arrived.

We pulled up to the first of two traffic lights in Paia, Hawaii, a small picturesque town in the southeast.

Returning from the twilight zone, Mary asked, “Can we stop and get some food for our picknic?”

I said, “Sure,” and we turned into a side street and parked in an open lot a short way up the road. On our way back into town, we ran into an old acquaintance of Mary’s named Pam. Pam was a thin, petite Caucasian woman with long kinky wavy brown hair and wire-rimmed glasses. She had on a, long, flowing, green, sleeveless linen dress, Birkenstocks and carried a backpack. She seemed a relic of the granola generation. She and Mary struck up an animated conversation about friends and what each other had been up to and ended in herbal remedies for various ailments.

We said, “good-by” and wandered down to the local general store. The store was a relic from a bygone era with worn wooden floors, creaking shelves full of organically produced foodstuffs and two ancient refrigerator counters holding lunchmeat. We grabbed some sesame crackers and ordered a small container of shrimp ataşehir escort sautéd in garlic butter and a quarter pound each of sliced ham and salami. As we waited for our order, Mary leaned back into me and pushed her ass into my semi-erect member and wiggled, sending shivers through my torso. I put my hands on her bare shoulders and gently kneaded her neck. So we played a little while until our food arrived and then headed back up the hill to the car, holding hands.

At the door to the car, Mary turned and gave me and open-mouthed kiss with a slight probe of the tongue. Then smiled and took a seat in the car. A little dazed and incredibly horny, I followed suit.

It was only a short drive to the trailhead down the road and so we had only a little time for playing in the car. On arrival, I grabbed my daypack out of the car and stuffed added the foodstuffs to the wine bottle already stored there. I picked up my Nicon and Mary slung a messenger bag around her shoulder and we started up the trail. It started as a gravel road but soon narrowed to a small trail paralleling a tinkling stream to our left. There were beautiful flowers all around and there was lush greenery surrounding the stream. I stopped to take multiple pictures of the surroundings and of Mary as we wandered up the trail. Mary and I would stop periodically to give each other a smooch but we were prevented in getting more serious by the presence of a young couple that was walking the trail with us.

Soon the trail intersected with the stream, which we had to repeatedly ford. At one point, we were literally wandering up the stream. This proved too taxing for our companions and so we were left alone at last. After a quarter of a mile, we reached a beautiful waterfall pouring into a small lake at the head of the stream. The pool had undercut the surrounding hillside and so there was an overhang, which shielded a small rocky beach from the waterfall above. We picked our way around the pool weaving in and out of the surrounding greenery to reach the rocky beach just to the right of the waterfall. Mary surprised me when she drew a faded quilt out of her messenger bag for us to sit on and we spread our picnic around us. I poured some wine for each of us into two plastic cups and we attacked the surrounding feast. In between bites of cheese and salami we kissed and gently brushed against each other. Mary was especially fond of the shrimp and would occasionally feed me tidbits.

As I became sated with food, sexual desire reasserted itself and so I began to stroke Mary’s back and bum. Soon my hand was stroking the tops and sides and finally the inner surfaces of her thighs and her attention shifted from the food and drink. Soon enough my fingers found my favorite spot, that stiff seem of her jeans that ran over her pussy. I began to rub up and down, up and down and Mary’s breath began to come in ragged gasps. She put her hand between my legs and stroked my cock in pantomime of my actions. The pleasure was intense and prolonged and exquisite. Then she turned to me and gave me and open-mouthed kiss and we probed each other with our tongues as well as our fingers. The sexual tension began to build yet again that afternoon only to be interrupted once more by the arrival of another young couple to our sacred pool.

He was a muscular, bearded young man in Teva sandals, who I guessed was in his early 30’s. His partner was of similar age, slim and curvaceous, with her long brown hair pulled into a pony-tail. They appeared quite fit, and had a comfort with the surroundings that suggested that they were outdoor enthusiasts. They waved to us and began to investigate the surroundings. The man passed us by as he explored under the waterfall.

As he went by I said, “We have some wine and food, would you like to join us?”

Politely, he replied, “Thanks, but no thanks” and wandered off.

Mary and I went back to sipping our wine and chatting with an occasional kiss or furtive grope.

Soon enough, the man has stripped down to his boxers and dove into the pool, swimming under the waterfall. It looked like great fun and I was considering joining him when about 30 feet away, his partner began to strip into the nude and dove into the pool. I was quick enough with my camera to get some nice pictures of her tits before her dive.

They were having such a great time swimming under the waterfall that I turned to Mary and said, “that looks like too much fun, not to join them!”.

And so we both stripped down and I dove into the water. Mary gasped at the cold of the water and stood at the shoreline in the buff watching us.

I swam out to the couple and said, “Hi. This is fantastic.”

The each replied “Hi.” And the guy said “Yeah, spectacular!”

So, I swam around in the pool and made my way under the waterfall. Being under the spray was like being pummeled by a thousand fists and so I quickly made my way behind the fall. The couple began to swim back to their landing spot and so I soon made my way to Mary’s side once again. We embraced and kissed.

She kadıköy escort bayan said, “It was just too cold so I couldn’t get in!”

Mary and I sat back down on the quilt, sans cloths and picked up our wine cups. My cock had transiently shrunk with the cold of the water but on exit, it began to swell again as I gazed at Mary’s perky little tits. My hand found its way back between Mary’s thighs and I had unobstructed access to her moist warm pussy and rigid clit. So, I began to draw circles around her pussy lips and gently play with her clit. Stroking her was a real turn on and my dick was rigid with sexual energy.

The couple began to dress and wandered out of the sanctuary, which was the signal for Mary and I to attacked each other. Our mouths drew together and explored each other’s lips and tongues. My fingers were playing in and out of her pussy and flicking along the surface of her clit and she had grabbed my cock and was stroking up and down, up and down resulting in shocks of pleasure. Then Mary lay back on the quilt and spread her legs wide and so I kneeled above her and drove by eager dick into her.


“Aaahh!” we each exclaimed and I began to drive back and forth into the moist, slick heaven of Mary’s pussy.

“Can I take some pictures of you?” I asked.

And she replied, “Sure, why not!” and gave a laugh.

So, I drew out of her and picked up my camera. I began with a shot of her, legs spread wide with the stream of the waterfall behind and then progressed to greater and greater close-ups of her face and tits and pussy.

She had an exuberant smile and said, “lookin’ good?”

I said, “Yeah!”

If anything, I wanted her even more and so I had to drive my dick back into her moist cave, In out, in out, picture, picture, in out. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to be taking pictures or fuck her in earnest, but ultimately the fucking won out and so I ditched my camera to focus on our mutual pleasure.

Her braids were flying in disarray as she moaned and sighed and her nipples were crinkled erect. All I could think about was the smooth, tight, glide of dick in pussy, in and out, in and out, in and out. Mary had her hands on my hips as if to drive me deeper and deeper into her willing twat.

I put my thumb on her erect clit and began to knead it with the moist juices emanating from Mary’s pussy. Her breathing and moans became more frenetic and I could feel her twat constricting around my pulsing dick. The ecstasy was almost unbearable.

I heard her cry out, “Aaaaahhhh!!” and arch backwards.

And I responded, “Aaahhhhh!!”, and drove my cock deep into her moist pussy and spurted … spurted … spurted hot gushing cum, which flowed between us, making the glide of my echoed thrusts ever more slippery.

We became still, silent, breathing heavily, yet linked together by the grasp of her pussy on my cock. The sound of the rushing waterfall to my left, inserted itself back into my consciousness as did the chill of the cool air on my ass and legs. A small crick in my 50 year-old back began to signal me and so I pulled out and stood above her.

Mary’s breathing stilled and she lay back, as if in a coma. Her face was smoothed and calm, the worries of the world gone for the moment. Her nipples were no longer erect and her breasts sagged slightly to the sides as her chest gently rose and fell. Her legs remained wide, feet dangling in the air and her pussy gaped slightly from the loss of my cock. Globs of whitish cum began to ooze out and slowly run down over the crinkled coin of her asshole.

She smiled at me and said, “All right!” and stood up to give me a hug and a kiss. She wandered over to the pool, squat and splashed water over her messy twat, then wandered back to pick up, and drink from her forgotten wine glass. She began to graze over the scattered bounty strewn on the picnic blanket.

Mary seemed to pulse with energy and I felt sluggish and shrunken, like the little pal that dangled between my legs. I have always found it interesting the difference in response of men and women to orgasm. Men laze in the glow of post coital euphoria, like a cat in the sun, their movement sloth-like. Women are bursting with energy, minds hyper alert, aware of the slightest change in their surrounding. It is almost as if semen, is a magical potent life force that when contained in the man drives him into a sexual frenzy, willing to fuck anything that moves. This magic juice when injected into a woman gives her a burst of energy, raising her consciousness and giving her a powerful reserve to expend at need. I think of the male praying mantis, frantic for release, only to have his head devoured by his mate at the first sign of post coital torpor. Certainly, if the generally smaller female human ever wished to murder her mate, the moments just after orgasm would be the most opportune time.

I began to shiver, my core was chilled by the lake swim, the expel of my hot cum and the cool breeze blowing up the canyon and so I dressed and stamped escort maltepe about the campsite, munching on cheese and salami. It was then that I noticed that the weather had begun to change. The warm afternoon sunshine that had been filtering through the trees was gone. Replaced by grey threatening clouds.

Mary asked “cold?”

I replied, “Yes! Looks like its going to rain.”

So, we packed up our stuff as quickly as possible and began our trek down the trail. The wind began to pick up and a few scattered raindrops hit face and arms. We soon ran into a family rushing down the trail with us. It was lucky they did not run into us earlier! As we passed them the trail widened and the rainfall increased, so we began to jog, side by side. Soon enough, the rain was pelting down and we raced each other, whooping and laughing to burst into the parking lot and scramble into the car.

I was soaked to the bone, shirt plastered to my torso, shivering and gasping. Despite the run, I was still cold to the marrow and was very slow to warm up. Mary was breathing deeply in the passenger seat and looked like a drowned rat but was in high spirits.

“That was fun!” she exclaimed. “Some of the best sex I have had in a long while and in such beautiful surroundings!”

“Yeah!” I chattered back. “I have always wanted to fuck by a waterfall! And when that woman stripped and dove into the pool! That was hot! But I was really hoping that couple might join us. I really wanted to have a foursome there! I have never had a foursome and really wanted to try it!”

Mary said, “You’ve never had a foursome? Well I think I can remedy that! I have some friends that live out in the woods not far from here. I bet they would be interested; they are always up for some fun! Marie will be really happy to have that big dick of yours between her thighs! Of course, I will have to make do with Darren’ little cock. Lucky my pussy is good and tight! Let me borrow your phone, mines on the fritz and I will call them to see if we can come over.”

I passed my phone to Mary and she dialed their number. As she waited for the rings, my mind fantasized all the positions we could try! I wanted to try putting my dick into serial pussies to test out their differences. I wanted to try double penetration and having one woman ride my cock and another ride my face. But most of all I had always wanted to test out a sequence I had first read about in “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”. In one scene in the book, the protagonist (I can’t remember her name, the one with the hitch-hiker thumbs) is picked up by this seemingly “normal” middle aged couple. Once they get her home, the wife unzips the cowgirls jump suit to expose her large firm tits and golden furry triangle of a pussy. The wife then starts to massage the cowgirl’s breasts and sucking her nipples and probing with her fingers into the cowgirls moistening snatch. A few minutes later they are naked on the floor doing 69 to each other and having a jolly good time when the husband arrives and plunges his dick into the cowgirls oozing pussy. Meanwhile the wife tongues the cowgirl’s clit and her husband’s balls as they bang away to an explosive orgasm.

So anyway, I was beginning to get stiff again just thinking about the possibilities when Mary hung up and said, “They aren’t answering the phone! Damn, they must be out.”

My dreams evaporated into damp puddles about our feet. “Damn!” I replied, “I was really hoping that might work out!”

Meanwhile, we were shrouded in the white mist of the fogged car windows that had precipitated from the moisture from our wet clothing. So, I started up the car and got the window defoggers going. Mary kept racking her brain to come up with some other interested party to join us in some afternoon fun but several calls later we were still short and started on our way home.

Wet and chilled from the sudden rainstorm, we had about an hour ride back to my hotel and so we began to chat about a whole series of topics. Mary told me about her lovely granddaughter and her pride in her son as a father and provider. She genuinely liked her son’s wife and was hoping that their marriage would be successful. I told her about my children and new grandson and the fun I had playing with him on the floor of his parent’s apartment. We talked about race relations between American whites and blacks. I discussed some difficulties I had with students because of poor choice of words on my part. Mary seemed to just ignore race as an issue. In Hawaii, she was one of a relatively small population of blacks and so most of her friends were whites or Asian and it was all the same to her. I thought if only the entire US population was more like Mary and her friends.

As we drove, the sky became a swirl of brilliant blues and pinks, a parting gift of the short-lived rainstorm. The backcountry of Maui is primarily large farms of sugarcane, corn and other crops and we were skimming along through golden brown fields with Haleakela, the extinct volcanic cone of Maui towering to our left, when in front of us loomed an old vacant sugarcane factory with silent smoke stacks pointing to the brilliant afternoon sky. So, I just had to stop and take some photographs of the scene. Mary got out and cavorted about me, full of energy. To this day, I am amazed to think back at the joy she got in life.

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