Hazing AJ


AJ trembled as Jack lowered the fleshlight down over his pulsing cock head again.

‘Please,’ begged AJ ‘please don’t stop it this time. I need to cum so bad!’

The room erupted with laughter and jeers, as the fraternity boys mocked their new member. They’d been tormenting AJ for over an hour, denying orgasm after orgasm. He was desperate to cum.

‘You’ll like this one AJ,’ said Jack evily ‘the boys and I all shot a load in it to make sure it’s as slick for you as possible.’

AJ whimpered in disbelief. This was going to feel incredible. As the fleshlight engorged his shaft he felt the cum slicked silicone rub against his sensitive glands. He moaned in ecstasy, his manhood covered in his buddys’ cum. However, this was completely humiliating. The cocky eighteen year old was being completely stripped of his pride.

‘Please!’ cried AJ ‘just let me cum. I’ll do anything!’

‘Anything, huh?’ laughed Jack ‘you hear that boys?’

‘Okay AJ,’ said Shawn ‘you want to cum?’

‘Please man, I’ve never been so horny in my life.’

Again the room filled with hoots and jeers.

‘Well, maybe you can. But there are conditions. Firstly, your frat buddies are gonna take a piss on your body,’ began Shawn ‘then we’re gonna tan that ass of yours with a hard caning.’

AJ looked up at Shawn in disbelief. His masculinity and dignity were being completely degraded. The humiliation was to much.

‘Please Shawn, no. You can’t do that, I…’

‘Okay, back to the fleshlight,’ said Shawn cutting him of.

‘No!’ cried AJ ‘I’ll do it.’

‘You sure?’

‘Yeah… just… yeah,’ said AJ defeated ‘cane me and piss on me.’

This was the best part about hazing, seeing a cocky muscle jock submit to complete humiliation from his fraternity brothers.

‘Get those cocks out boys!’ shouted Jack ‘Our brother wants to be bathed in his brothers’ juices.’

AJ was then untied. Immediately he grabbed his cock and began pumping, desperate to cum, before his hazing continued. Quickly some of the guys grabbed his wrists and wrenched his hands away from his cock.

‘Please!’ begged AJ.

‘On your knees!’ shouted Jack sternly ‘hands behind your back.’

AJ obliged, knowing his stunt had landed him in a lot of trouble.

‘Neat trick you pulled there AJ,’ said Jack ‘trying to cum before you’re allowed. Thing is now we need to punish you.’

‘Come on man, I’m sorry.’

Jack grinned.

‘Any suggestions on how we punish our disobedient brother boys?’ asked Jack.

‘Bust his balls!’

‘Double his caning!’

‘Whip him!’

The boys continued to shout punishment ideas, as AJ listened. Some of the suggestions scared him, but he couldn’t help casino şirketleri but be aroused at some of them. He’d never tell his fraternity obviously, but being humiliated by his buddies was kind of turning him on.

Jack bent down and took AJ’s sweaty ballsack in his hand, caressing them, and lightly tugging on them. AJ whimpered in pleasure.

‘Fuck man, you’ve got some big balls,’ said Jack. ‘they’re basically begging to be busted.’

AJ looked up at Jack in defeat. His manhood was about to pay the price for his behaviour.

Two stools were placed in front of AJ.

‘Put them further apart,’ said Shawn ‘We want his legs spread wide for this.’

The stools were spaced, and AJ was instructed to kneel on the stools, one knee on each. His big balls and cock hung in the gap between the stools, fully exposed for punishment.

Suddenly without warning, Shawn brought his foot up under AJ, slamming his big size twelve foot into AJ’S defenseless ballsack. AJ yelled in pain as the pain shot through his manhood. Shawn kicked AJ’s balls again, this time even harder. Again AJ shouted in agony.

‘You gonna pull anymore stunts AJ?!’

‘No, I won’t!’ shouted AJ.

To AJ’s surprised he found himself being turned on by having his balls knocked around. Was he really into all this pain and pleasure stuff?

Jack then took AJ’s balls in his hand and squeezed them lightly. AJ whimpered in pain as Jack fondled his tender balls.

‘Have you learnt your lesson AJ?’ asked Jack a mischievous grin on his face.

‘Yeah… Yeah man… I… I’m sorry I touched myself, I won’t do it again,’ winced AJ.

‘Good man, ‘said Jack patting AJ on the back ‘now who’s ready to see our new frat brother take the cane!’

Hoots and cheers again filled the room as AJ bent over one of the stools, his ass in the air.

‘Right AJ, we’re going to play a little game,’ said Shawn ‘basically, the more strokes you take, the better.’

‘Yeah, we’ve got a leaderboard, in which our boy Shawn is currently on top,’ said Jack. ‘He took thirty one hard strokes during his hazing.’

The boys cheered as Shawn bowed, proud of his caning record.

‘We’re gonna see how much you can take,’ said Jack.

‘Okay, lets get to it,’ replied AJ ‘I’ve got a record to break.’

AJ’s frat buddies cheered at haggled at AJ’s seeming confidence. Shawn smirked in amusement. However, AJ was anything but confident. He was nervous as hell. But was also incredibly excited at the same time, being at the mercy of his frat buddies.

With that Jack lifted his arm and brought the cane crashing down on AJ’s deserving ass. AJ bellowed in pain.


Another blow.


Again casino firmaları and again the cane hit AJ’s muscular ass, turning the young man’s cheeks red. When they reached twenty AJ’s ass was glowing red. His breathing was heavy and eratic. His balls and ass were extremely tender, yet he was determined to impress his fellow jocks. He wanted more.

‘That’s twenty bro, do you want to stop?’ asked Shawn.

‘More!’ was all AJ said. His cock was dripping with precum. He loved the fiery sting of the cane across his ass.

AJ was also determined. By stroke thirty his ass was on fire, and his body was shiny with sweat. Just one stroke to the record. As stroke thirty two lashed across his abused ass cheeks the room erupted with hoots and cheers. AJ went limp over the stool, completely exhausted. Helping AJ of the stool, Jack lifted AJ’s hand in the air in victory.

‘We’ve got a record breaker boys!’ shouted Jack ‘forty two strokes with the cane!’

AJ stood proudly, his ass burning like fire.

‘Kudos bro,’ said Shawn shaking AJ’s hand.

‘Its time for the next part of your initiation man,’ said Jack ‘it’s time to mark you as one of us.’

‘Get on your knees AJ, your frat brothers are going to piss on you.’

AJ got on his knees and watched as his new buddies gathered around him whipping out their big cocks ready to piss on him. But, when Jack pulled out his cock AJ looked on in awe. Jack’s cock was eight inches soft. He’d never seen such a huge fat cock before. Shawn grinned as he noticed AJ’s expression.

‘It’s a fucking monster isn’t it,’ said Shawn, reaching over tapping Jack’s girthy shaft playfully.

‘Fuck of man,’ said Jack shoving Shawn lightly.

‘You should see him with morning wood,’ laughed Shawn ‘it’s like he has an anaconda between his legs. Pulls the front of his boxers completely away from his waist.’

‘Alright, alright, ‘ said Jack ‘enough about my cock. You boys ready?’

Muffled responses filled the room as the boys point their shiny cock heads at AJ.

‘Let him have it boys!’

Jet after jet of piss hit AJ’s muscular body. It streamed down his face and body, the piss salty on his lips. But, to AJ’s surp4, he actually liked it. The warmth, the sight, the smell. It was incredibly erotic. AJ would have never thought he’d be so turned on by a bunch of guys pissing on him.

‘Okay man, ‘ said Jack ‘there’s one last thing.’

Jack handed AJ a shiny leather glove. The glove was buttery soft and smooth in AJ’s hand. The leather on the palm and around the fingers were slightly worn, but the leather was still incredibly supple.

‘Slip that on your hand,’ said Jack ‘it’s our fraternity’s secret mascot.’

AJ güvenilir casino pulled the leather on his hand, the fit was tight, but it felt snug and comfortable on his hand.

‘You’re gonna jerk yourself of using the glove,’ said Shawn.

‘What?’ retorted AJ surprised.

He’d been naked in front of his buddies the entire afternoon. But, for some reason AJ suddenly felt very self conscious.

‘Relax bro, everyone in this room had to do it to,’ said Jack ‘we’re most vulnerable when we’re shooting our loads/ jerking of, having sex. We’re frat brothers. Seeing each other in such a vulnerable state, lets us connect with each other.’

AJ wasn’t sure if Jack was just messing with him or what, with the whole connection crap. But the leather was well worn. Worn away by the fat cocks of his fraternity brothers? How was he to know?

‘Come on man. I know it’s uncomfortable, but it’s important,’ said Shawn ‘that’s the reason we use the glove. So its quick. No guy could last long with leather as supple as that wrapped around his shaft.’

Nervously, AJ began to rub his fingers over his cock head. The soft, smooth leather felt incredible against his sensitive glands. He was rock hard instantly. His face went red in embarrassment. He dare not look up at his buddies. However, Jack then put his fingers under AJ’s chin, and made him look up.

‘I told you buddy, we want to see you in your most vulnerable place,’ said Jack ‘don’t be ashamed.’

‘Okay man.’

‘Precum was now oozing from AJ’s cock, making the leather slick and wet. It felt incredible. Whimpers and moans escaped his lips as he looked up at his frat buddies. They were all so beautiful. He found himself fantasizing about them as he pumped his cock. His breathing was becoming quick and laboured as he approached climax. His cock and balls were now burning for release. As the slick leather glided over his pulsing shaft and hit behind his cock head for the last time, he cried out in pleasure as jets of thick, warm cum squirted from his cock. The orgasm ripped through his body, as he spasmed and trembled before his frat brothers. He rode out the long orgasm moaning and whimpering, barely able to keep himself upright. As the last shots of cum left his cock and the last few pleasure waves dissipated, he looked up at his buddies, groggy from the intense orgasm. They were all grinning, but the room was silent.

He then felt somebody lift him to his feet from behind. It was Shawn. He leaned into Shawn, letting him take his weight, as he recovered from his orgasm.

‘He smells like piss and bo, and he’s covered in his own cum,’ said Shawn slyly ‘he’s officially one of us boys!’

The room erupted with hoots and cheers as they welcomed AJ into the pack. AJ smiled proudly as his new buddies gathered and hugged his naked body. Clearly they were all very affectionate. With AJ’s newfound interest in men, this was the perfect bunch of guys for AJ to experiment with.

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