Heather is Hot at Our 25th Reunion Ch. 03



I awoke to Heathers soft voice saying breakfast is almost ready, followed by a passionate kiss. What a great way to wake up. I went to the bathroom then joined Heather at the table for breakfast. She had fixed pancakes, sausage and coffee for breakfast. We planned things to do for Saturday and Sunday while we ate. We decided that we would spend the day on the strip so Heather could shop and I could find a sports book to place a Super bowl bet. We would return to the condo to get dressed for the evening and our limo ride to the Red Rock Casino. Once there we would have dinner and spend some time gambling.

Sunday we wanted to take a helicopter or airplane trip to the Grand Canyon and do a little more gambling. We finished breakfast, got dressed and headed out. Heather had on another short skirt and flimsy top. She would attract a lot of attention today. We stopped at the concierge and made arrangements for a small airplane ride to the Grand Canyon for Sunday afternoon and then caught the shuttle to the strip.

We spent the day looking at women things in the shops on the strip. Heather bought a red dress that hugged her body tightly and showed just a little cleavage. I made my super bowl bet and Heather drew a lot of attention with her short skirt and flimsy top on her super hot, tanned body. We returned to the condo about 5 to shower and get ready for the evening. Heather and I showered together again and that led to playing around and soon we were in bed, naked fucking our brains out. We finished fucking, had to take showers again, and were ready for the limo by 7:00. Heather wore her new, red dress and I wore Dockers and a dress shirt, no tie.

Carlos, the limo driver, was ready when we got to the limo parking spot. We had scheduled a return from the Red Rock at 11:00 that night. Carlos gave us a business card with the limo’s car phone number and asked us to call him if there was a change in plans. We arrived at the Red Rock. I gave Carlos a $20.00 tip and said we’ll see you at 11.

We had a good dinner, at the Terra Rossa Restaurant at the casino and about 9:00 we headed to the tables games. Heather wanted to play blackjack and I wanted to play “Let it Ride” so we split up. Heather picked a blackjack table so I could see her from my seat at the Let it Ride table.

The game of let it ride is fairly simple. You make 3 bets for the same amount of money and are dealt 3 cards. There will be 2 more common cards turned face up to give you a five card poker hand. The idea is to get a pair of 10’s or better to win. A pair of tens on better pays 1 to 1. Two pair pays 2 to 1, 3 of a kind pays 6 to 1 and so on. When you look at your 3 cards you have the option of pulling back one of your 3 equal bets. After all players at the table decide to pull back a bet or to let it ride, the first of the 2 common cards is turned over. Everyone get to choose to pull back the second of their 3 bets or to let it ride. The second common card is then revealed. The dealer goes around the table, in order, turning over every hand, one at a time, and paying off the winners or taking the remaining bet, or bets, from the losers. A simple enough game to understand, and easy to win a lot of money if you get a full house, straight, flush or four of a kind.

When I sat down there were 4 other players at the table and the seat to my right was empty. I put $200.00 on the table and got five dollar chips. The minimum bet at this table was $10.00. The first couple of hands I pulled back both of the bets I could and lost the third bet. Then I was dealt a pair of kings. I slipped the 3 cards under the left most of my three bets and when it was my turn told the dealer to let it ride. I didn’t get any help for the pair of kings in the 2 common cards but I still won $30.00. A 1 to 1 payoff on all 3 of my $10.00 bets. I would win a hand, lose a couple of hands then win another one.

I was holding my own for the first hour when a really hot young girl sat down in the empty seat next to me. She was dark haired, medium height, with a great body. She placed $500.00 on the table and asked for $25.00 chips. While the dealer was getting her chips and the pit boss checked out the dealers stacks of chips, I checked out the girl.

I had noticed an accent when she asked for $25.00 chips. I couldn’t help but notice that her blouse fell away from her chest revealing a pair of firm tits being supported by a lacy black bra that was almost see thru. Probably “B” cup size tits sitting high on her chest. She smiled when she saw me looking at her. She was very pretty. I was sitting next to a very hot young lady, with a nice pair of tits and I could see almost all of them. I glanced over at Heather and found her looking at me. She gave me the thumbs up signal.

The young lady smiled again and said, “My name in Sonja and I am from Russia.”

I replied, “My name is Tom, and I live in Ohio.”

That was a pretty lame response, but I was not prepared to meet any one at the gaming tables and she was hot.

Play resumed and I continued winning a hand or 2 and casino siteleri losing some hands. Sonja was making $25.00 bets. Sonja won a couple of hands in a row and increased her bets to $50.00. Between hands we chatted a little, and I looked at her tits. Sonja seemed to appreciate the attention. She was 26 years old and from Minsk, Russia. She had been in the U.S. on vacation for three weeks and it all ended tomorrow. She would catch an airplane at 1 o’clock for New York, change planes and head back to Russia. She was staying at the Red Rock, and had been there for 4 days. She had really enjoyed her vacation in the states. She had learned English in the Russian school system and spoke it almost flawlessly. Her accent was enchanting.

Heather came over to join me. She had lost all of her money at blackjack. I asked her if she wanted me to give her some money but she declined. I introduced her to Sonja. I couldn’t help but notice the two girls were checking each other out. It was 10:30 and Carlos wouldn’t be there until 11:00 so I told Heather I wanted to play some more. She said I’ll bring you good luck. I found out later how true that was.

I hit a losing streak and got down to $60 worth of chips. I placed three $20.00 bets and played the hand blind. I didn’t look at my three cards. I just placed them under the leftmost bet and let it ride. Heather asked why, I told her I didn’t want to see her standing so I would lose the last of my chips and we could get a drink before the limo came. She gave me that huge smile of hers and agreed. Sonja saw that huge smile and lit up like a Christmas tree. She had a great smile, too. I couldn’t help but notice that Heather was checking out Sonja’s tits, too.

The hand played out and the dealer turned over my cards. I had a pair of Jacks and won all three bets. I left the winnings next to my bets and played the next hand blind, with three $40.00 bets. Sonja was still betting $50.00. The second blind hand played out and the dealer turned my cards over. I had a pair of Aces and won $120. Sonja had a winning hand also. I turned to Heather and said this is my last hand, win or lose. I will bet all of my chips and when the hand is over we’ll get that drink. Sonja asked if she could join us and Heather looked at me.

I looked at Sonja’s tits and replied, “Of course.”

Heather and Sonja both had big smiles. I took another look down Sonja’s blouse.

Sonja left her winnings next to her bet also. My bets were $80.00 each and Sonja’s were $100.00 each. I again put my three cards under the leftmost stack of chips without looking at them. Sonja looked at hers and got real excited. She told the dealer to let it ride. The dealers won’t allow you to look at each others cards so I had no idea what Sonja was dealt. The dealer turned over a Jack on the first card. Sonja again told the dealer to let it ride. The second card the dealer turned over was another Jack. Sonja let out a loud yell and started jumping up and down. The dealer started around the table checking hands and collecting losing bets. When he got to Sonja he turned her hand over and we saw 3 nines. With the common cards being a pair of Jacks Sonja had a full house. That pays 11 to 1. Sonja had just won $3,300. The dealer had to call the pit boss over because of the big win. There was a delay as the pit boss got someone to check the video of our table to make sure she hadn’t cheated. Finally they stacked 33 black, $100 dollar chips in front of her. I got a huge hug and felt how firm those tits of hers were.

Now they came to my hand. I knew I had doubled my money because of the pair of Jacks that were common cards. When the dealer turned over my hand we discovered another pair of Jacks. I had 4 of a kind. I let out a loud scream, Heather was jumping up and down and Sonja gasped. Four of a kind pays 50 to 1. I had just won $12,000 dollars. The pit boss hadn’t left yet so he called to have the video checked out and they paid me off with thousand dollar chips. Sonja and I asked to be cashed out. We stood up and exchanged hugs all around with Heather and headed for the cashier.

Heather looked at her watch and said Carlos will be here in a minute. I’ll meet you at the main entrance, and she walked away.

Sonja asked “are you 2 married.”

I replied, “No, are you bi?”

Sonja laughed and replied, “With Heather, yes.”

I said, “Heather thinks you are hot.”

She immediately snuggled up against me and smiled as she said, “Good.”

Sonja then asked who Carlos was. I explained about the limo. Sonja asked if she could come with us. How could I say no to a very hot young lady that had pressed her body up against me like Sonja had?

Sonja said, “I want to make my last night in the U.S.A. a memorable one.”

The casino had sent a security guard with us to the cashier and he said he would accompany us to the limo. We cashed in our chips and headed for the main entrance. I had left the dealer a $100 tip, so I had $12,140. Sonja had $3,900.

Carlos and Heather were waiting when we got to the main entrance. slot oyna They were discussing a place for us to celebrate and how to get back to the condo. Carlos suggested a club in the Venice for celebrating and a taxi back to the condo if he couldn’t get us. He had other guests with promised rides. Heather and I agreed and Sonja went along with us. Heather looked at me funny when Sonja climbed in the limo first.

Once Sonja was in the limo Heather asked me what was up. I said, a threesome, I hope. Heather grinned from ear to ear. I told Heather to kiss her when she got into the limo. Heather flashed that huge smile and climbed into the back seat with Sonja. I sat in the rear facing seat in front of the girls. I wanted them to have lots of room for whatever was going to happen, and I wanted to watch. Carlos closed the door and climbed in behind the steering wheel. I asked him to close the sliding, privacy partition window for us. He did as asked.

When I turned back to the girls they were locked in a very passionate kiss. Sonja was going to have a memorable last night. She had Heather’s big left tit in her hand and her tongue in Heathers mouth. Heather was enjoying the attention and seemed lost in lust. When they finally broke the kiss Sonja left her hand on Heather’s breast.

I asked, “Should we pass on the night club?”

In unison the girls answered yes. I tapped on the partition for Carlos. He opened it up and I told him to take us back to the condo.

Carlos responded, “Yes sir.” I reached over and started to softly caress Sonja’s leg. She was wearing shorts so there was plenty of leg to caress. She gave me a sweet smile then turned back to Heather for another kiss. I continued softly stroking Sonja’s leg while they kissed. I moved up to her firm inner thigh and got a consenting murmur from Sonja. Heather seemed content to let Sonja take the lead in their making out. Sonja let go of Heather’s tit and moved her hand down under Heather’s red dress and slid it up her taut, tanned thighs. Sonja very lightly moved her hand up Heather’s bare thigh as far as she could go. Heather lifted her ass off of the seat and Sonja slipped the red dress up to Heather’s waist and ever so lightly touched Heather’s slit through her thong. Now it was Heather’s turn to moan contentedly. I watched as Heather started to push her pussy towards Sonja’s hand. Heather was getting very turned on, as was Sonja, and I was getting hard watching.

Sonja’s shorts were getting in my way so I asked her to get undressed. She unbuttoned the top button on her shorts and unzipped them without breaking the kiss with Heather. She lifted her body up off of the seat so I could pull her shorts off. Sonja wasn’t wearing panties and was clean shaven. Her lower abdomen was pale white while her legs were tanned a nice dark shade. Heather had reached over and started playing with Sonja’s tits. Sonja had pushed Heathers thong aside and was busy sliding a finger in and out of Heather’s slippery wet hole. My cock was rock hard and I had to unzip my Dockers and make room in my pants for its full, hard length. The girls never noticed and that was fine with me.

I resumed my light caressing of Sonja’s thigh. I traced small circles around her firm thighs working my way further and further up her leg. When I grazed Sonja’s pussy lips with the back of my fingers she shivered and gave me another contented sound. She spread her legs further apart to allow me easier access and I took advantage of the situation. I repositioned my hand so I could finger her slit and stroke her clit. Sonja’s slit was soaking wet and I guessed Heather’s was the same. I was just about to slide a finger into Sonja’s pussy when I realized the limo was turning into the condo building driveway.

I told the girls it was time to get dressed so we could walk through the lobby to the elevators. Sonja seemed disappointed but pulled her shorts back up and fastened them. Heather pulled her now wrinkled dress back down to where it needed to be and I zipped my Dockers. By the time Carlos opened the back door the three of us were presentable. Carlos had to see the wrinkled dress. I gave Carlos another $20.00 tip.

He smiled, nodded his head toward the girls and said, “All right”

The thought crossed my mind that maybe the privacy partition between the driver and the back wasn’t so private after all.

We quickly got on an elevator to get to our room. Sonja looked at me, smiled and leaned in for a passionate kiss. We broke the kiss as the elevator door opened.

“We didn’t mean to leave you out,” she said.

“I was enjoying myself watching you two and playing between your legs,” I replied.

She gave me a huge smile as we headed for our room. I put my hand on Sonja’s cute little ass as we walked down the hall. She responded by unbuttoning her blouse so we could have a good look at her pert, firm tits. Heather was smiling her really big smile in anticipation of things to come. Once inside the room I gave Sonja a deep, French kiss and helped her out of her blouse and bra.

I broke the canlı casino siteleri kiss and told her to take off her shorts and head for the bedroom. I then pulled Heather in close to me and kissed her. I asked if she was all right with this and she giggled and told me she wanted Sonja from the moment she first she saw her walking through the casino.

Heather said. “She exudes sexuality.”

I kissed her and helped her out of her dress and underwear and told her to go take what she wanted. She almost ran into the bedroom.

I headed to the built in safe in the broom closet to stash the $12,000 cash from the casino. After all Sonja was a stranger, even if she had asked to join us before we hit the big payouts. I was wondering why a young woman like her would take up with two 43 year olds.

When I got to the bedroom, fully clothed, the girls were standing in the middle of the room locked in a passionate embrace. Sonja’s hands were continually moving over Heather’s body. From her ass, to her back, to her head then around front to her tits and finally her soppy wet pussy. Heather was moaning and ready to have a big orgasm. She had one hand between Sonja’s legs and the other wrapped around Sonja’s head mashing their lips together. I watched for a couple of minutes and my dick got hard. I slowly removed all of my clothes and sat down in the chair to watch.

Sonja had inserted a finger into Heather’s pussy and was sliding it in and out. She had also dropped her mouth to the nearest tit and was sucking hard on it. What a great sight, two gorgeous girls, naked, and making mad, passionate love while I watched. Heather started to moan loudly and her body started shivering so I knew she was starting to cum. I was afraid she would lose her balance and fall over so I stood behind her and put my hands around her waist. Heather leaned back into me pulling Sonja with her. I wrapped my arms around Heather without interfering with what Sonja was doing. My steel hard cock was pressing against Heather’s fine ass. Heather’s orgasm intensified and her body started to go rigid. I picked her up and carefully laid her on the king sized bed.

Heather’s body stretched out as much as it could and went rigid as she usually did. Sonja was somewhat taken aback by this behavior. I told her it was normal for Heather, and no, most girls in the U.S.A. don’t react to an orgasm that way. I reached for her and kissed her. She could feel my hard cock against her abdomen and moved her body back and forth against it.

Sonja said, “Can I have that?”

I replied, “Of course, bend over the bed and lick Heather’s pussy and I’ll give it to you.”

Heather was starting to come down from her orgasm and slid her body down the bed far enough for Sonja to reach her vagina. Sonja did as instructed and started licking and kissing Heather’s slit and clit. I knelt behind Sonja and did the same to her. She was soaking wet and my tongue was licking up the tasty juices that were running down her legs. I licked her clit with side to side licks that made Sonja squirm. When I slid my tongue into Sonja’s opening she started to shiver. I tongue fucked her pussy and caressed the backs of her legs. I reached up to get my first feel of those tits that looked so good in the casino and found that they were as firm as they looked, with large, hard nipples. All of this time Sonja was continuing to work on Heather’s cunt with her lips and tongue. Heather was building up to another climax.

I had to get my cock into this hot, lusty lady so I stood up and rubbed the head against her pussy lips. Sonja reacted by pushing back at me with her ass, trying to capture my dick in her pussy. I playfully smacked her ass and told her to stand still so I could bury my cock in her. Sonja stood completely still and I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. Her shivering became very pronounced and she was moaning low in her throat. Slowly my cock disappeared into her slippery love tunnel. Sonja had a nice tight pussy, wet and warm, and gripping the full length of my cock. It had been a long time since I had sex with a lady this young and couldn’t remember that tightness. Sonja was ready to cum after all of the time she had spent on Heather and Heather was ready to cum because of Sonja. I was hard and ready to spend a lot of time fucking both girls. I started pumping in and out of that hot Russian girl’s pussy, using a slow deliberate rhythm. When I was pushing in Sonja was forced up against Heather’s hot box. Heather loved it and started to mumble thing that we couldn’t understand. When I pulled back both Sonja and Heather had a chance to recover for a second before the next in stroke.

I reached around Sonja’s body and grabbed a tit in each hand and slammed my cock into her hard. She started crying as her orgasm started. Heathers pussy lips were crushed by the hard force of my movement against Sonja and she went off, too. Both girls were cumming and I had just gotten started. I held Sonja tight with my cock buried as deep as possible inside her while they both rode out their climax. Heather went stiff again which made it hard for Sonja to maintain contact with her. I pulled Sonja upright against me still buried inside her. I kissed the back of her neck and caressed her high, firm breasts to maintain her orgasm longer.

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