Helen’s Night Out


Chapter I

Helen spent three Friday evenings in a elegant little lounge on the east side of town. She wanted to pickup men, she was horny, she craved sex, and this seemed like the most likely place to find horny males. The slightly past middle aged widow was a good looking woman, spending a number of days at the gym, another good place to find males. She was successful the previous Friday, but the guy climaxed, rolled over, fell asleep, and Helen had to call a cab to get back to the bar to retrieve her car. She knew it would be more difficult for an older woman, but not this difficult, she was truly frustrated in her search for a sexual partner.

“There is a better place. A female voice said as the strange woman slid onto the barstool next to Helen. But, not the kind of place a good female would go alone.” The woman said matter-of-factly.

“Do you mean the neighborhood is rough?” Helen replied. The woman was dressed in a nice, but obviously seductive dress, with a scoop neckline. Helen thought the woman should not have worn such a revealing dress, she had a fairly small bust line, and didn’t wear a pushup bra.

“Mmm, not exactly. If you go in alone, you are sure to be the female in the middle of a big group of males, using you for whatever they want, unless that is what you want.” The other woman said as she sipped her drink.

“So, you’re saying that one woman is raped, but two are left alone?” Helen sipped on her wine as she listened to the woman relate how with two or three women, you could select one, maybe two partners for the evening.

After thirty minutes of general talk, female talk, and how they found the males in this bar versus other bars, Helen was growing tired of the males at this lounge. She changed the conversation back to the bar where the women are but sex objects for the males to select from. After another thirty minutes of sexual discussion regarding the other lounge, and two males who seemed a bit too drunk to accomplish anything sexual with, Helen excused herself, and left.

Helen drove the three or four miles to the area where the sensual lounge the woman had described supposedly was located. All Helen could find was a series of motels around an old airport, but no lounge that appeared to be a hot bar. After searching for over thirty minutes, she found a motel that indicated it catered to mature adults only. That was the only indication on the exterior, and the sign made no indication of being much more than a motel. She drove around the motel slowly, noticed a sign that indicated a lounge, and decided to park and watch for awhile.

Helen watched a couple exit their car, and enter the motel lobby. The woman was dressed in a rather licentious outfit, and the man made it clear he liked her outfit by running his hands over her butt, waist and shoulders. Another couple exited the motel from one of the other doors. They hurried across the parking lot to two separate cars, obviously out on an evening away from their respective spouses.

It was nearly midnight, and Helen was becoming sleepy. She watched as two more couples left the motel, both of the women were barely dressed. Then one women came out with four male friends, two of them almost carrying her across the parking lot to a car whose door was opened by another male. The third male closed the door for the woman, made comments to the other males as they walked away, then he got into the drivers side of the car. In a few moments, the couple left. Helen was not sure about what was going on, but she considered that the woman must be the wife or girlfriend of the male driver. She also felt that the woman had been sexually used by the four males that evening.

Helen spent Saturday morning deliberating what she had observed the previous evening, and the events she had witnessed. She considered the various observations of the women, and the men at the motel she had found. Helen called the adult motel at about noon, asked several questions regarding the motel, and was very interested in what the woman told her without being prompted by Helen. The motel had adult movies not only in the rooms and the suites, and twelve channels of various sexual movies, but the lounge located in the motel, also had adult movies on three screens. (Sort of like a sports lounge, ( the woman on the other end of the line commented, and the lounge also had a nice dance floor with a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. Helen inquired about a reserving a room, but was disappointed to hear that all the rooms were reserved for the evening. She decided she would try the place that evening, going to the lounge and see what transpired. All it took was a little bit of guts, and she might find what she needed and wanted, a male to fill her sexual desires.

Helen left for the mall, a little shopping might do her good, she thought. As she wandered the mall, she was drawn into a lingerie shop which carried some very sexy items. Inside there were several other women, and two couples. As Helen strolled casino siteleri around the store looking over the lacy items, she overheard one of the couples discussing an outfit, and how it would be just right for the evening. Then they mentioned the adult motel Helen planned on visiting that evening. Helen listened more carefully, trying not to be obvious. She heard them discuss the motel, how the woman was interested in having her husband and two or three others up to their room for a party. Helen was stirred by the thought of the sexual experience of three to four males making love to her at the sametime; she thought it would be very pleasing sexually to be used by a variety of strange, horny males.

Helen handed her credit card to the clerk, paying for her four hundred dollars of sexy lingerie, a skirt, blouse, and dress. She crossed the mall to a shoe store, and purchased a pair of black paten leather high heels, slightly over four inches in height, easily the tallest in the store, and the tallest she had ever worn. She would have to practice walking in the heels, she decided.

Helen finished her frozen dinner, and went to her bedroom. She laid out the dress, the skirt and blouse, and the other lingerie on her bed. She then went and showered. Helen finished her hair, and returned to her bedroom. She put on the lacy, black, French-cup bra, adjusted the straps and her 38C tits in the lacy material, making sure plenty of her tit flesh showed above the lace and that the top of her nipples was visible, she even left in the little pad on the underside of her breasts, it made them fill out the top of the bra even more. Then she put on the garter belt, and the black-seamed nylons, another first for her, no pantyhose tonight. Then she put on the lacy black panties. She slipped on the black stretch cotton skirt, then her flowered cotton blouse, that only buttoned to the center line of her breasts, the blouse had a large collar and no additional buttons. The collar of the blouse was open much more than she would normally wear, but this was not a normal evening, by any ones imagination. She was out for an evening of sensual pleasure, and sexual activities.

The cool September evening required a light coat, which she was glad of considering that this was the first time she had dressed so seductively. She approached the motel slowly, and drove around the grounds before she decided upon a space near the entrance of the lounge, which had a separate door from the main entrance. Helen watched three nice looking males as they entered the lounge as she finished her parking. She sat quietly in the car for five minutes, watching one couple enter the lounge; she removed her light coat as she exited her car, tossed the coat into the back seat, and headed for the lounge. She walked quickly across the parking lot to the brightly lit entrance of the lounge, she wondered about retrieving her coat, it was a bit chilly, but the chill made her nipples stand up a bit more.

Helen was amazed at what she was witnessing on the three video screens, as she entered the lounge. On one screen a male and female were quite engaged in screwing, the woman on her back, legs raised, and the male humping her with wild abandon. On the second screen two women were totally engaged in a lesbian sixty-nine. On the third a single female sat kneeling on the floor of a room with four males around her, all of whom were masturbating. Trying not to act like she was aghast at what she was witnessing, she strolled around the bar slowly, closely examining what was transpiring in the lounge. Even though she had practiced walking in her new high heels that afternoon, she was still a bit wobbly in them. There were only six single males in the bar at this early hour, and two couples. The males in the lounge shared their gazes between the two couples, and the unknown new female in the room.

Helen slipped onto one of the bar stools, in as ladylike a manner as possible. She did let the skirt slid up her thighs, just high enough to show the slightly darker band of her nylons near the top of the stockings. She ordered a glass of white wine, which the bartender quickly delivered to the elegant, but very sensual, tall brunette.

Helen attempted to not stare at the porno videos, but she could not help but to watch the sexual playing of the people on the big video screens. Watching the sexy videos turned her on; she was getting horny seeing other people have sex, even if they were on a screen. Suddenly, Helen felt the warmth of another person next to her, mostly because the cool draft of the air conditioning suddenly quit blowing against her left side. She did not turn, but felt the person slide onto the bar stool to her left.

“Hi, my name is Dan.” The deep male voice said. Helen turned to see a good looking male in his early fifties, she guessed, neatly dressed, and now sitting next to her. “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you in here before, my dear.”

“Well, no”, she stammered, “this is my first time in this type slot oyna of lounge.”

After nearly ten minutes of general discussion, Helen was a bit more at ease with the strange male. He said he was single, but by now it made little difference to her, married, single divorced, she was having a nice conversation with a man who was working in a slow aggressive manner in seducing her. He did seem to believe that she was single, and available, and not just for sex. She also enjoyed the warmth of his right leg against her left thigh. Now this was more like what she had been looking for in the other lounges, and Helen was quite happy she came here for the evening.

“Only place in town that shows adult videos in a lounge. You seem to be enjoying the videos, honey.” Dan said, as his hand gently slid onto her left knee from his right leg.

“I’ve never seen a place quite like this, especially a lounge.” Her heart throbbed as his hand gently caressed her nylon encased knee. She was actually very pleased she had met Dan. “And in a motel, too.”

“And not just any motel, it’s an adult motel. Are you looking for a private evening, or a little party, sweety?” His hand now softly caressed her thigh at the hem of her skirt which was hiked up to mid-thigh by now. Helen enjoyed the sensuality of his caresses, it had been a number of months since a man had paid this much attention to her, real sensual attention.

“Oh, I’m not really sure of what I want to do this evening. I had not considered the type of party, just that I wanted to meet some new male friends.” She stammered trying to concentrate on the words, and not just his physical attention. His right hand now slid from her thigh, then around her waist. He turned more toward her on his stool, his eyes engaging hers as they spoke. Now his left hand slid onto her left thigh, just where his right had previously been.

“I see you like to wear lacy, sensual lingerie.” He said, his gaze obviously directed at her cleavage, and inside her gaping blouse. Helen made no effort to close the gaping cotton collar, enjoying the thrill of his gaze, knowing he could see the lacy material of her bra as it held her well rounded tits. He never broke his gaze down her partially open blouse, it did not matter to her that this had always been a forbidden thing before, allowing a strange male to stare brazenly into your blouse.

“Frilly and silky things always make me feel more sensual.” She suddenly replied. Now his right hand was on her ass as she sat on the stool. A movement next to her indicated another male had stepped up to the bar on her right side.

“I’d like a Bud Ice.” the man said as the bartender approached. “Hi, Dan. Who’s your new female friend, buddy?” Helen could almost feel his eyes as they traced her figure from shoulder to knees; she knew he could see where Dan’s hand was on her left thigh.

“Les, haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks. “This is Helen, and this is first time here,” Dan said, his left hand now firmly playing with her thigh at the juncture of the little skirt and the nylons, and quite obvious to the gaze of Les.

Helen was not quite sure of what to do; a true and proper lady would not allow a strange male to touch her so intimately and blatantly, in a public place, and especially in front of another unfamiliar male, obviously showing her to be a wanton woman. She was getting hotter by the minute, enjoying the attention of the men as she sat between the two handsome males. At fifty-two, she was more thrilled by the two males at her age than she would have been twenty years ago. She quietly sat there between the two, thinking about whether she should pay more attention to Dan, since he was the first to talk with her, or the new male. But as the minutes passed, it was obvious that the two males wanted her, the two of them and her, and at the same time. Les now sat on the bar stool on her right, playing tenderly with her right leg copying the actions of Dan, who continued to caress her left leg. Helen was mesmerized by the physical attention the two men were giving her, she was still apprehensive about having two males vying for her attention. Again, thought of being a proper woman crossed her mind, but were immediately dismissed by the obvious sexual advances of the two makes.

“Whoa, catch the action on the screen over there!” Les pulled his left hand from her leg, and pointed to the screen on the wall to their left. Helen leaned a bit more forward, exposing more tit flesh. His hand returned to her thigh, gently massaging, but also tugging her legs apart a bit more. Helen was fascinated by the scene on the video; a woman lying on a couch was being covered by the semen of the three males around her simultaneously.

“Wait. She gets more in a few minutes.” Les commented, his hand roaming further between her thighs. “Saw this one when I was here three weeks ago.”

Helen felt Dan remove his hand from her waist, and Les place his on her left ass cheek. Now, Dan slid his right hand canlı casino siteleri up Helens left, inside upper arm, his fingers against the flesh of her torso, then her left breast. She was very aroused by his aggressive behavior, enjoying the tingle as he softly touched her breast held within the lacy bra, with the back of his fingers. Helen continued to lean forward, watching the video of the woman as her face was being covered in the semen of several more ejaculating males. Helen was very aware that neither of the males sitting next to her were watching the video, but making every effort to leer at her breasts and cleavage as much as possible. Helen had never received this much attention from one male, let alone two males in the past twenty-five years, and she was captivated by their touches and groping, and their eyes taking her curves in. She wondered if she would see anyone she knew in here, she would be very embarrassed if anyone she was acquainted with saw her in this type of lounge, she had long ago dropped the idea of being tossed out of the bar for her actions.

“Hot body, honey. You are built really great.” Les whispered in her left ear, the back of his right hand fingers traveled the curves of her left breast as he spoke, pressing lightly against the pliant tit flesh. He delighted in the feel of the warm female breast held in the lacy bra, and she was thrilled by his touching.

“I’m glad you are enjoying my figure,” Helen replied her breaths were slightly shallow as she became hotter from the ministrations of the two appealing males. She slid her left hand onto his right thigh as he stroked her breast, his fingers causing her nipples to become quite hard.

“You sure are a fiery little number, honey,” Dan whispered in her other ear, his right hand now massaging her satiny inner thigh at the top of her black stockings. He gently pushed at her inner thighs telling her to spread her legs a bit more. She was reluctant at first, but he persisted, and she was getting very horny, so, she spread her legs a bit more, putting aside the feelings of embarrassment and thoughts of being pristine. She relished his fingers on her hot flesh, his fingers alternating between the nylon covered and bare part of her thigh. Her thighs were hot to his touch.

Another male walked up, Helen attempted to recover and make herself a little more demure and ladylike, but the trills of the two men’s hands were more than the misgivings. Dan continued to stroke her inner thighs, as Les continued to fondle her left tit and nipple. Helen became more brazen, enjoying the eroticism of having two strange males caress her various sexual parts, as another strange male observed her exhibitionistic behavior. She was not even sure of what they were saying, she was more interested in allowing them to play with her even more brazenly, giving them her implicit approval of their sensual actions. The hot female began playing more with her male friends, massaging their legs as they talked and played with her. Helen was becoming more immersed in the sensuality of the acts they were performing in public, she became more daring as she became hotter with sexual desire, allaying all of her thoughts of modesty, she was genuinely thrilled by she, and her male friends brazen actions.

“Do you need a fresh drink, honey?” Dan asked his right hand massaging her thigh.

“Mmm, just club soda this time,” Helen let her knees part just a bit more as Dan turned to the bartender and ordered another round, club soda for the lady. “Don’t want to get drunk.”

Two males across the bar from the trio smiled at Helen. They could obviously tell that her two friends were toying with her, and Helen became even more aroused. Helen was not quite sure about returning their smile, so she coyly looked away, she was still a bit embarrassed.

“Would you like to go somewhere a bit more private, sweety?” Les asked, his hand pressed her breast firmly as he spoke, intent on making a point of his sexual desires.

“I, … well…, I’ve never been picked up by men like this.” Helen stuttered, but firmly massaged his leg just below his crotch. She knew what she had said was wrong, but what the hell she wanted to get in bed with these two as much as they wanted to do the same.

“We want you to be comfortable, hon, so we can get to know each other a little more intimately here,” Les replied. He now traced the hem of her bra, across her left breast, to her sternum, and to her right breast. His index finger circled her right nipple, then retraced back to her left nipple, he repeated his actions several more times, making her pussy ooze in excitement.

Helen was close to melting as the two males continued to caress her vital sex parts. Helen slid her hand tentatively up to Les crotch. She felt his swelling cock in his pants, knowing she was now giving approval to he and his friend Dan molesting her. She felt Dan’s fingers slowly probe near her pussy, she allowed her creamy thighs to part another couple of inches. Now his fingers touched her center of lust, she enjoyed the gentle probing, she could feel her pussy begin oozing more juices as she became hotter and hotter. She was really thrilled by the advances of her new male friends.

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