Helping out a new friend part 2


Since my first part got many likes and nice comments, i decided to make a part two to my story involving Steven and Jane.
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I woke up that morning and found that Jane had left before I could wake up.  I was starting to feel my stomach twist, and then I saw it. She left a note on her pillow which read:

“No I did not ditch you, stop worrying so much :P”

I smiled at that

“I left early to go check on my siblings, David has been watching them almost 2 days now and I KNOW that they are a handful, and I would like to relieve him of this for a while.  I don’t know if I’ll be back tonight, or if David will be going home soon, so call me at this number at about 10  and We can talk.

Last night was fun, I really enjoyed that.”

There was small winky face drawn at the very bottom

I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 10:27

I rushed to the phone on the night stand and picked it up.

I dialed the number and it began to ring

After about 5 rings, someone picked up.


It was a little boy.

“Um hi, is Jane there?”

“Yea! Shes here, she’s cooking food for us!”

“That’s nice, do you think I could talk to her please?”

“Mmm, no.”

I haaaaate kids, I didn’t know how to deal with them.

“Why not?”


Now I was a little irritated to say the least.

Then I heard Janes voice in the background

“Joshua! Put that phone down right now!”

I heard a small argument between Jane and her little brother before finally hearing Jane pick up the phone.

“Hello? Steven?”

“Yea I’m here, what was that?”

“I’m sorry! Joshua is the little brat in the family, he’s always messing with everyone, but he’s a little sweetheart most of the time.”

I’m sure

“It’s fine.  So what happened? Is David there?”

“oh my gosh! I totally forgot about David! He’s already on his way home, he left about five minutes ago, so you need to get out of the bedroom and clean up any mess we might have made.”

“Alright no problem, he probably knows what went down anyways, but I’ll get right on it.”

“Yea true, ok thanks.  Hey listen, call me again in a few hours, if that’s ok.  I would love it if we could find a way to spend time together again.”

I heard some fighting in the background, a brother and sister.

“Knock it off you two! I have to go, a few hours k?”

Then she hung up.

I looked around and tidied up as much as I could, leaving no evidence of our little event last night.

I washed some dishes and fixed the couch cushions.  I was just about done and getting ready to leave when David walked up to the door and started unlocking it.

He walked in and put his jacket on a hanger near the door.

“Steven! Hey I talked to Jane, she seemed to have had a great time, thanks a lot. She immediately started fixing breakfast and bathing her little sisters when she got there. Let me tell you, those kids are pretty crazy haha. I couldn’t sleep much so I’m off to take a nap. You’re welcome to anything in the fridge before you go.

“Thanks, I appreciate it”

I went to get a bowl of cereal, and while pouring my milk I see him walk down in only his boxers.

“Were either of you in my bed last night?”

Fuck me. 

“Um, yea, I think Jane slept in there, I took the couch.”

“Ah I see, I guess she must’ve had a little fun “alone” time haha.  I saw some stains on the covers and wondered.  It’s totally fine though, I’ll wash the covers right now.”

I let out a huge sigh of relief
I was so afraid he’d go ballistic.

“To be honest, I am a little disappointed Steven. There was a beautiful girl in my bed pleasuring herself and there you were on the couch.  Haha, kid, you need to work on your game.”

I let out a nervous laugh then watched as he went back up stairs.

I got home and noticed that no one was home, but there was a note on the fridge.

“Steven, me and your mother are going out of town for the week to visit your uncle, we will be back next week.  Be very careful and make sure to fill up your car if you go out.  We left some money for food and other stuff you might need.  
Love, Dad.”

Cool! A whole week without my folks, that could be awesome.

No school, no family, no chores, nothing but freedom.

I sat around watching cartoons all day and realized that it was 5 PM now, and I hadn’t called Jane.

I started dialing her number and hoped that she would be the one to pick up.  


It was either Jane, or one of the older sisters.  

“Hey, is Jane there?”


Thank god it was her.

” I was wondering when youd call.”

“Yea sorry about that, I was a bit busy.”

“Tell me about it, I barely got the kids to calm down, theyre all watching a movie right now.”

She barely ever had time for herself, I can’t imagine how stressful her day to day must be

“So listen Jane, my parents are out of town all week and I was wondering if you would like to come over, or go out somewhere some night.”

It got really quiet and I could feel her thinking of what to say.

“Umm I don’t know, I can’t really leave my siblings alone that long.  I don’t want to bother David again, he seemed really tired from babysitting.”

She got quiet again, then I heard her start her next sentence with a bit of excitement.

“But you could over here! You could cook us dinner and meet everyone! I’m sure they’d loooove you.”

There was so much excitement in her voice, I couldn’t just say no.

So I agreed to go over in about an hour.

I arrived at her house at about 6:30, and it was already getting a bit dark. I was greeted by Jane who was wearing a tank top of shorts/leggings.

“Hey! Come in, have a seat anywhere”

She walked me to the living room, and I could not help but look at her small tight butt in those leggings.  They had ridden up a bit and it looked so hot.

“I’ll be right back”

Jane then walked up stairs, moving her hips side to side, showing off her sexy curves.

I looked to my right and saw about 6 kids all bunched up on the couch, some laying down in front of it.  They all had their eyes glued to the old tv set.  They were all watching toy story 3, enjoying the adventures of woody and buzz.

I sat next to one of the girls who looked up at me.

 “Who are you?”

The other kids then noticed me and all stared at me

“I’m Steven, I’m your sisters friend.”

I said trying to seem as nice as possible.

“Jane has friends?” a little boy asked jokingly.

The other 2 boys laughed while the 3 girls shushed and hit them.

I could only assume that he was Joshua.

Jane came into the room, wearing nice blouse and some tight jeans.  I guess she was trying to look nicer for me, but I honestly liked the other outfit a lot more.

“Steven can you come here a second?”

I followed her into the kitchen were she looked at me like a sad puppy.

“My brothers and sisters have not had a good meal in a long time. And I know you just got here, but can you please-“

“Ofcourse, don’t worry about it Jane. I’ll make you guys the best dinner you’ll ever have.”

I Smiled and gave a wink at her.

“Thank you thank you thaaaaaank you!”

She squealed while hugging me.  She gave me a peck on the lips which felt really nice.

I looked over her shoulder and noticed Joshua standing there watching us.


“What’s the matter Joshua?”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

She looked at me as if wanting me to answer for her

“Umm… No we are just really good friends thats all.”

“Friends kiss?”

He sure had a lot of questions for an eleven year old.

“They do sometimes, it’s normal.”

He looked up at me, then back at Jane.  He ran back to the room and yelled to his brothers and sisters. 

“It IS her boyfriend!”

I could hear laughing and giggling from all of them

Me and Jane were laughing to, then she looked at me and I could see that she was trying to figure out if I wanted to be her boyfriend.  She slowly grabbed my hand and was rubbing it while looking into my eyes.

“I guess I should get dinner started.”

She snapped back into reality and looked at her hand holding mine.

“Oh! Right sorry, need help?”

“No it’ll be fine, you go watch the movie with your siblings.”

She smiled at me, then ran off to join her family.

I hadn’t izmir escort bayan had butterflies in my stomach since my 2nd grade crush, and I didn’t know HOW to deal with them.

I cooked up some chicken and rice, some cut up potato wedges that my dad had taught me to make. 

It wasn’t much, but they didn’t really have much food to begin with.

Jane called her siblings into this kitchen and they all swarmed the food, grabbing plates and cups- trying to see who could get the most. They looked like they hadn’t eaten in days.

Me and Jane sat there laughing at them all, smiling at eachother 

“Wow! This is so much better then what Jane makes us all the time!”

Joshua began to agree with the other boy, “Yea, this doesnt taste like crap”

All three boys laughed, and the girls didn’t seem to hear, they were all into their meals.

Jane just shook her head and looked at me.

“Thanks, they really needed this.”

“No problem”

I said while giving her a warm smile.

It was about 8:30 when all the kids were up in their rooms and left me and Jane to clean up.

We washed all the dishes and then say down on the couch.

“They usually all stay in their rooms at this time, playing games and stuff”

That’s good, now me and Jane had some time together.

She scooted over to get close to me, then finally leaned her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

“I’m so tired, I wanna just fall asleep here.”

I wrapped my arm around her and she adjusted her body to get comfortable while also making a small giggling noise.

She looked up at me now with a serious face

“Your really sweet, you know that? I felt so bad about making you cook all that food.”

“It’s fine, I was glad too.”

She smiled at me, then began to kiss me gently.  She lifted her hand and placed it on my cheek.  

We hadn’t kissed like this before.  Back at David’s house, we kissed like animals who were let out of their cages after being held captive for years.

Now, we were kissing like two lovers who were incredibly in love.

She gently stuck her tongue out and licked my lips, then proceeded to place her tongue inside my mouth, exploring it.

She then stopped and looked at me

“Sorry, I’ve never really kissed a guy before you… Too much tongue?”

I didn’t reply, I just pulled her close and began making out with her. Now we were tongue wrestling, jamming our tongues as far as possible into the others mouth.  

She was biting and sucking on my lips, while I was massaging her breasts.

She began to moan and pant.  She was really easy to turn on.

“Not here… We can’t.”

She gently pushed me off.

“I don’t want them to walk in on us or anything.”

“Its ok.”

Daaaamnit. I had a semi chubby going on here and now I have to call him off.

“it’s pretty late, I think you should go, ill have to tuck them in soon.”

She walked me to door and then outside to my car.

She grabbed my hand and just held it, playing with my fingers

“I’m really glad you came, Steven.”

“Me too.”

“I wish you could stay, but the kids-“

“Yea. I know, it’s ok. Maybe we can get another day to spend alone.”

She smiled with hope in her eyes.

“I’d like that”

We kissed, an then she watched me drive off while waving.

I got home and instantly went to bed, thinking of ways that we could get together again.

I had a dream that night, Jane came to my house wearing sexy lingerie.  She pushed me onto the couch and gave me a lap dance.  Showing off her b-cup sized tits and firm ass.

She grinded her ass on my cock and then she started rubbing her tits on my face while whispering, “How bad you want me?”

She started rubbing my cock through my pants, then she finally unzipped me and took out my fully erect penis
She was about to start sucking me off when suddenly.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!”

Fucking alarm clock? Why the fuck was that on?”

I smacked it, turning it off.  I tried to fall asleep and go back to my wet dream, but it wasn’t happening.  

I woke up frustrated at my stupid clock for ruining an awesome dream. It wasn’t the first time too.

I spent all day cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and trimming the hedges.  Nothing Was on tv, so might as well be productive.

While finishing up some yard work, I saw David come out of his house and look over to me.

“Morning Steven!”

I waved back and smiled 


He walked over and patted my back.

“Need any help?”

“Nah, I’m just finishing up.”

He nodded

“Hey, I noticed you weren’t here last night, I could hear your house phone ringing all night.”

Crap, my parents

“I think someone might have been trying check up on you.”

“Yea I totally forgot, I was helping Jane out with-“

“Jane? You were with her?”

“Yea, I was cooking dinner for her and her siblings”

“That’s really nice of you.”

He smiled and patted my back again. 

“So…  Did you make something happen?”

Was he seriously interested in hearing if we had sex or not?

“Um, no sir.  All we did was eat and watch some tv.”

He looked disappointed

“Well when are you gonna see her again?”

“I don’t know, she’s always busy with her brother and sisters, I can’t really just go over there asking to spend time with just HER, you know?”

He stood there looking up, as of thinking of a plan

He finally looked at me and chuckled.

“Leave that to me Steve.”

He finally patted me one more time and walked back to his house.

I wonder what he was up too?

Later than night, I got a phone call.

I answer it, and it’s my Dad.

“Son! Why didn’t you answer last night?”

“Hey dad, I’m sorry, I was passed out, I was really tired.”

He just gave a small “hmm.”

I think he bought it

“Ok, well I was checking up on you to make sure your ok, make sure you lock up and don’t invite anyone over, got that?”

“Yea Dad”

“Ok, we love you, have a good time.”

He hung up, and as I walked over to the couch, it rang again

I picked up, a little annoyed

“What now Dad? I’ll lock up, promise!”

“Steven? It’s David.”

“Oh, hey David, sorry I thought you were my Dad.”

He chuckled a bit

“It’s ok, listen. I talked to Jane and told her that I could babysit for her more often since my work hours have been shortened.  I can help watch the kids while you show her a nice night out!”

David really cared about this girl, I could tell he was really trying to make her happy. He really was a great guy

He always helped out my dad with bills and even helped me fix my bike when I was younger since my dad couldnt.

“Yea, ok that sounds great”

“Awesome, she will need a reason to go out, so that’s up to you kiddo.  I’m not busy tomorrow, so try scheduling a date with her as early as 5 pm.  I can sleep over her house if needed, but I’d rather not.  Those kids are pretty crazy when Jane is gone.”

We both laughed

“I’ll see what she says, thanks David”

“No problem-o kid.  Goodnight.”

I immediately dialed Jane’s number and almost instantly, she picked up.

“Hey Jane, it’s Steven”

“Oh hi!”

She sounded really excited to hear my voice.  And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t to hear hers.  She always sounded so up beat and girly, it was really cute.

“So hey, are you busy tomorrow night? “

“Well ya silly, I have to take my brothers to their soccer game, and find a babysitter for the girls.”

Well I guess tomorrow wouldn’t work out.

“Oh, ok…”

“Wait, why?”

“I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out tomorrow.”

“Out? Like out-out?”

I smiled, “Yes ‘out-out’.  A date.”

She got quiet, then I heard her tapping on something, trying to figure out a way to make it work.

“Ok! Yea that sounds good, I have an idea. Come over tomorrow at around 5:30, I’ll find a babysitter.”

“You sure?”

“Yea! It’ll be fun!”

“Ok, well I will see you tomorrow.”

“Yep! Night”


I had butterflies again, I was actually going to go on a date.  I never actually went on one before, so I was feeling really nervous.

I hopped in the shower, and headed off to bed.  I was really excited, so it took a while to fall asleep.

I didn’t have a sexy dream that night, but instead a romantic one.  We were holding hands walking down the beach, watching the sun set.  We began to passionately kiss buca escort and and we began to make sweet love on the beach.  We were the only people there, which doesn’t seem really realistic, but it’s a dream do whatever.

I woke up to that alarm clock again, but this time I was glad. I didn’t want to screw this up by oversleeping.

It was about 11 o’ clock when I got a phone call from Jane 

“Hey! We still on right?”

“Yea, definitely.”

“Ok great, because I have a babysitter, we can be out pretty late.”

Sweet, I bet it was David

“Alright well, I’ll see you at 5:30”

“Cool, can’t wait.”

We hung up, and I started thinking of what to do to pass the time.

I got up and decided to go for a jog around the neighborhood, thinking of what might happen on tonight’s date.

I remembered that I hadn’t worn a condom last time, but I had came in her asshole, so there was no problem. But I guess I should go get condoms to be safe.

I jogged to the quickest market, one with a self check out, to avoid any embarrassing confrontations.  

I bought some Trojan condoms and quickly left the store, heading home.
I never had condoms before, weird for an 18 year old guy.  I knew how to use them, sex Ed really doesn’t leave any details out

I took a shower and then began getting ready for my date.  I opened the box of condoms, when I noticed something.  

These condoms were fucking huge!

“What the hell…”

I started questioning my penis size, thinking that I had an unusually small penis.

Then I noticed the title.

Trojan- Magnum.  XL condoms.

“fuck me!”

I threw them off my bed and quickly hopped in my car and drove back to a store closer to my house.

It was 5:10, so I needed to hurry

It was a mini mart, with a section begin the counter for condoms.

Just my luck. A teenage, GIRL, cashier.

“Hello, can I help you find something?”

“Um, yea. Can I get a pack of those… Uh those…”

I was trying to point at the condoms but I think my aim was off.

“Cigarettes? I’ll need to see an I.D. For that.”

“No, no, the condoms…”

“Oh! Ok, which ones?”

She walked over to the area with all the condoms and stared at me

“Um, any are fine.”

She grabbed a pack of Trojan Exctacy condoms and scanned them.

“That’ll be $10.37, would you like a bag?”

I looked over my shoulder and noticed a little old lady staring at my condoms with an evil glare

“Yes please.”

I quickly got in my car and headed to Janes house, I got there at about 5:25, perfect.

Just as I arrived, David and Jane, and all the kids were walking out of the house.

“Thanks so much David, this is really nice of you!”

“Hey it’s no problem, anything to help.”

They saw me getting out of my car and they both smiled and waved

David was getting the kids into the car, and I could see the girls were a little upset.

“Why do WE have to go to their soccer game too?” 

David looked at me, then back at the girls.

He whispered something to them, and they began to laugh

They all got into the car, and they were quickly gone.

I walked up to Jane and there was an awkward silence between us

“You ready to go?”

“Yea” she smiled at me, and I smiled back

“Oh yea, wanna take my car?”

I turned around and saw my crappy station wagon.  I knew it was a girl repellant.

“Sure thing.”

She handed me the keys and smiled

“You want me to drive it?”

“Well yea! I mean I always felt bad that I bought it, even though you really wanted it.”

I chuckled, “Even after my little accident with ‘Joey’?”

She laughed, “Sure, just be careful!”

We drove to a movie theater about 45 minutes away, it was the closest one.  

On the way there we were play arguing about whether we should watch spider man, or batman.

She ended up winning, and we watched spiderman.

I admit, the movie was pretty amazing.  *ba dum TSS*

After the movie, we got some ice cream at a little shop next to the theater.  

We sat a small table and I noticed a couple in the corner, making out like crazy.  

Jane noticed I was looking, so she turned over to see.

She looked back at me and giggled

“Someone’s getting lucky tonight!”

I laughed, “Hope he’s not the only one.”

It got really quiet, I felt so stupid for saying that. She looked at me with a small smile, not knowing if she thought it was funny, or if she had thought the same thing

“Oh- uh I’m sorry.”

“Haha it’s ok, who knows? Maybe someone else WILL get lucky”. She licked the tip of her ice cream very slowly, the put a bit of it in her mouth.

She began moving her tongue wildly around the top of her ice cream, trying to seduce me.  It was actually working too.

I began to laugh, when I saw the guy at the register looking at us with an awkward look on his face.

Me and Jane looked at eachother and started cracking up.  We both got out stuff and left quickly.  

Since batman had just opened up in theaters, there wasn’t much parking, so we had to park down the hill in a secluded area.  

We got to the car and we had both just finished our ice cream.

We sat inside the car, listening to the radio for a while, talking about the movie and what our favorite parts had been.  

She finally made the first move by placing her hand on my thigh, slowly rubbing it

“This was really fun, I’m glad you brought me.”

She looked really hot tonight.  She was wearing a pink blouse, with a tank top underneath and short shorts since it was kind of hot tonight.

She had the first few buttons of her blouse unbuttoned, so a bit of cleavage of was showing

She leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“Your a fun date” she said smiling.

She started moving her hand closer to my crotch and then stopped, looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and I could see the lustfulness in her face.  She wanted to fuck right NOW

We wouldn’t last the 45 minute drive back to her place, we would need to find a motel or something, but I hadn’t brought enough money!

“Let’s get in the back.”

She nudged her head towards the back seats.  

I looked around the area and there weren’t any people  in sight.

We quickly got out and into the back seats of the car when she got on my lap and started making out with me

This was the same kind of kissing we did back at David’s house, animalistic and primal like.  She was jamming her tongue in my mouth squirming all over me.  She started unbuttoning my flannel shirt and kissing my neck.

After taking off my shirt she quickly started going after my neck, sucking on it and gently biting it.  I couldn’t help myself from groaning a bit, it felt really good to have her go at me like that.

She started licking my neck, leading up to my ears.  She gently nibbled on my ear lobe and licked the inside of my ear, giving me an instant boner.

Then she seductively whispered into my ear, “Mmm, someone’s awake down stairs…”
I smiled as she started lifting up my t shirt, gently kissing my neck and playing with my nipples.

She began to go down to my belt, but I quickly stopped her and brought her back up

She looked at me, puzzled

“This time, I’ll go first.”

She giggled 

“I won’t argue”

I began kissing her cleavage and massaging her breasts.  She closed her eyes and tilted her head back.


I started unbuttoning her shirt.  She was only wearing her tank top now, no bra.  

She backed off me a bit and began lowering the straps off her shoulders
It was dark, but I could still make out her tiny pink nipples which were erect and standing tall.

She then grabbed my cheeks and gave me one big passion filled kiss before I started at her tits.

I began making small circles around her right nipple with my tongue while playing with the other with my fingers.

I slowly flicked her nipple with my tongue, teasing her and trying to savor the sweet taste.

I put my entire mouth over her nipple and began sucking and licking furiously.  Her body began squirming and she pulled my head closer

I took my left hand and slid it down the back of her shorts, past her panties and made my way down to her asshole.

I stuck my middle finger in her asshole and started moving it in and out gently

She got a little scared, but the began to enjoy it.

I continued to suck and slurp on her nipple while listening to her sweet moans of pleasure.

“mmm, izmir escort yea like that… Faster…”

I began fingering her asshole harder and licking as fast as I could 

She let out a small squeal of pleasure and opened her mouth really wide.

She slowly pushed me off her tit and began kissing me like crazy again

I took my hand out of her shorts and she began to unbuckle her belt.

She easily pulled down her shorts and revealed the sexiest white panties, which we quickly tossed aside and lost them somewhere in the darkness of the car

She backed up to the door as much as possible and spread her legs as far as she could

I lowered myself and began smelling her sweet warm cunt.

I kissed her inner thigh and looked up to see that her head was turned towards the seat, eyes closed

I slowly began to stick my tongue deep into her juicy wet pussy.  I pushed as far as possible, moving my tongue side to side.  

I began to quickly move my tongue in and out of her pussy. 
He breathing quickly picked up, her moaning suddenly got a lot louder than before

I took my tongue out and began sucking her clit. Now she was really squirming 

I licked her clit fiercely, and I stuck two finger in her pussy, pushing in and out at an incredible speed

She grabbed my head and pulled me closer, Her body unable to hold still

Her pussy began to tighten up again like before, she was about to cum.

I went as fast as possible with my tongue, and fingers.

She tasted so good, I wanted this to last for ever

Finally, i heard a high pitched squeal and her body stopped moving.

A load of lady-cum flew from her pussy and into my mouth.  I stayed there, still licking and sucking- making sure I swallowed each drop of her juices.

She pulled me up and held me close
She had her forehead against mine, panting, trying to regain some energy.

“I… That was…”

She kissed me and began squeezing the bulge in my pants.

She didn’t say another word, she just went down there and whipped out my fully hard cock and quickly jammed it in her mouth.

She quickly went up and down, making no effort to take it slow

She began jerking me and licking my shaft up and down, then again started sucking me off

She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, sucking on it at the same time.

She took It out of her mouth and began licking the very tip of my cock, making me groan in pleasure

God it felt amazing!

I grabbed her hair and she got the picture.

She placed my cock in her wanting mouth again, looked up at me, then winked.

I began moving her head up and down at a steady pace, watching as she took every inch of my hard cock into her warm an wet mouth.

She slurped and sucked like if it were that Ice cream from earlier.

She wouldn’t let any saliva reach my balls, she kept licking it up and sucking it off my shaft before it got to low.

She literally was sucking me dry

I started moving her head up and down fast, sticking my cock all the way in- to the back of her throat

She began to tear up a bit, when I started feeling my balls tighten up.

I was ready to cum when she suddenly took all of me in and stayed at the bottom, gagging and slurping my cock.

I couldn’t hold it, I came inside her mouth- releasing tons of jizz directly into her throat.  She stayed there with her eyes closed, still gagging a bit- but she wanted this.  She held on to my legs while swallowing every last drop, then finally lifted herself off my dick 

She stroked my dick a bit, licking any bit of cum of saliva that was left, and finally gave my cock a nice kiss on the tip of the head.

My body shuddered a bit, and she giggled.

She started licking my balls, and sucking them gently.  She looked up at me and winked.

“Ill wake him up, he still needs to fuck my tight little asshole”

Almost instantly I felt my cock throb a bit.  I was starting to get hard again

She was just surprised as me, looking at it with wide eyes

“Doesn’t it usually take a while?”

I smiled, “sometimes.”

She laughed, and began sucking my half hard cock, trying to get it harder faster

I was finally back to full power when she lifter her body and turned around, facing the front of the car

I slowly lowered her body onto my lap.

I licked my finger and slowly inserted into her asshole, damn it was so tight!

I inserted my dick slowly into her pulsing ass, and watched as she slowly went all the way down.

I could feel her sigh, trying to get comfortable with it.  

After a few minutes of slow anal fucking, she began to speed up, grinding her hips on my dick

She finally started bouncing her nice tight ass up and down on my cock, making loud clapping noises each time

I began moving my hips with her rhythm, and it increased the pleasure for both of us by a shit load ( ba dum tss)

She held onto the front passenger seat as she took every inch of me into her little pink hole.

I could hear her moaning in pleasure now, no more pain

“Oh yea, fuck my ass, fuck it hard!”

Grabbed her waist and started ramming my dick into her furiously

She had to adjust to this speed, she let out a small “Woaaah” and then put her hands on the ceiling of the car

I jammed my cock as far as I could and pounded her tight ass like It would be my last 

I was going so fast, her moans began to vibrate with the rhythm we were going

I was ready to cum when she finally hopped off me and turned to face me

“I want you to fuck my pussy!”

Began sticking my pulsing cock into her, when I stopped her

“Wait, I have a condom-“

“No, please just hurry, fuck me now”

I didn’t want to fuck her without a condom, I was afraid of what might happen.

“No I can’t-“

“I’m on the pill, I started after our first time.”

I couldn’t process what was going on, and I didn’t even answer after that

She finally took my dick and quickly jammed it into her pussy

She had her hands around the headrest of my seat and began bouncing on top of me.  I could feel all her juices flow from her pussy down onto my cock.
She was incredibly wet.

By now I don’t care about a condom, I just wanted to cum.

Got her off me and placed her in doggy style position across the seats

She spread her pussy for me and gasped as I forced my way into her

I was ramming her hard, pushing her up against the car door

She was crying out now, almost yelling from the pleasure

“Oh yes, yes! Faster!”

I reached around and grabbed both her tits, cupping them in my hands.

“squeeze my tits harder baby, uuunh make me yours!”

her pussy exploded juice all over my balls, and some squirted on my chest

She cried out in Exctacy 
“oh my GOD! Oh!”

I didn’t stop, I kept going, more enthusiastic about it then ever

Her wet pussy was making squishing sounds now as I fucked her and it was so sexy

I was ready to cum, so I took out my cock, flipped her over, and came on her chest

I let out about 5 streams of cum all over her tits, and some on her face.

She fell back into the seat, full of sweat.

She lifted herself up a bit, and laid on the side of the seat

“Why didn’t you cum inside?”

I looked at her, afraid to tell her I didn’t believe her about the pill.

“I’ve always just wanted to do that… Ever since I saw it in porn videos.”

She giggled then looked at me seriously

“I lied, about the pill.”

My heart sunk, why would she lie?

“I was just so turned on, I couldn’t help myself.  I didn’t want to wait for you to slip on a condom.  I’m sorry.”

She looked down, disappointed with herself.

“It’s ok, Really.”

I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

I leaned in to kiss her, when she suddenly pulled away when our lips nearly met.

“Wait, I should get cleaned up first.”

I looked at her and saw cum dripping all over her, some getting onto the seats

“Oh, right sorry”

She laughed, “We’d better clean the seats up to.”

After about 10 minutes, we had cleaned up and were on our way home.  She fell asleep with her head placed on the window.

We arrived at we house, and noticed that David’s car was parked in the driveway.

We both got out of the car and kissed goodnight.

“I cant wait for our next date!”

“Me neither.”

We kissed one more time and I headed towards my car, when I heard her whisper something to herself while checking the backseat of her car. 

“Where the HELL are my panties?!”

I looked back at her, and smiled.

The end.

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